Bound pt01

Title: Bound Prologue

Author: Blue Gold


Pairings: Legolas/Aragorn, Legolas/Boromir, Elladan/Legolas/Elrohir, Thranduil/Elrond, Elladan/Elrohir, *Turin/Laieth

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Mirkwood elves are kept as pleasure slaves. When Aragorn leaves to go on the quest, he takes Legolas with him. When the others discover that Legolas is a slave, they confront Aragorn. To keep them from attacking him, Aragorn gives them permission to play with his elf.

Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not own any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson. *Turin & Laieth are the only characters out of my own head and look all they do is have sex hmmm..

Warning: Non-Consensual Sexual Situations, Rape, Abuse, Character Death, Incest

Authors Notes:

* A response to the plot bunny by Cheysuli. Special thanks to Cheysuli for being my beta as well.

* Tracks by Evanescence used without permission. I also deleted one word in ‘Tourniquet’ .

* The prologue takes place about 60 years before the Fellowship based on Aragorn’s age in the books.

* Now I know elves die if they are raped but of course that wouldn’t work here, who wants a sex slave that dies on you?

Feedback: Please My first LOTR fic. Be kind or at least constructive.

Elrond looks out from his balcony watching his four children. Arwen is currently talking and her brothers are enraptured at the tale she is telling. One brother though was looking at Arwen in a way no brother should. But could he truly blame Estel? He is after all his foster son and even as a child he loved Arwen, clinging to her skirts all the time. He had thought it cute at the time, but Now¡¦ It was not a road he wanted for his only daughter.

Elrond wonders how he could deter Aragorn. He had tried to present him with a slave a few years ago and Aragon had shown no interest whatsoever. Elrond turned as he saw his own elf enter the chamber with a tray holding his lunch on and set it on the table.

“Go get Legolas, I would like a song to take my mind off my troubles,” Thranduil nods and leaves swiftly to collect his son from his favorite spot in Imladris. He quickly makes his way to the slave gardens. He passes by Elrond’s children silently. Elrond smiles at the way the twins ogle his back side but was further annoyed that Aragorn did not take his eyes off Arwen.

Thranduil finds his son the center of attention as always. He stands to the side as Legolas finishes a song about a man that fell in love with his horse. Legolas holds a barely recognizable elf in his arms; covered in bruises he rocks him as he sings. An elf maiden was weaving some white flowers into his hair and everyone cheered as Legolas ends the song.

The wounded elf stands and after a few whispered words form Legolas, he hugged the elf tightly and then watched as he went off right past Thranduil. Legolas raised an eyebrow at seeing his father and smiled.

“Come to watch me as well, ada?”

“Nay Legolas, Master Elrond would like a song.”

“His call comes early today,” Legolas says as protests start all around him.

“No you can’t go.”

“One more song.”

“Yes just one more.”

“Now you know I will return tomorrow,” Legolas says.

“Until then mellon-nin,” she says adding the last white flower. “I have crowned our prince today,” She says laughing.

“I am no prince, do not call me such,” Legolas says embarrassed.

“Legolas,” Thranduil says, knowing they should get going and glaring at the elf woman angrily. He didn’t care if it was Legolas’ nana’s sister, she had no right.

“Coming, Ada,” Legolas says, walking to him.

They return moments later, passing by Arwen, Aragorn and the twins again. Elrond watches as Aragorn glances at Legolas, then stops to stare at the elf. Elrond looks at one of the most loved elves in Rivendell. Legolas¡¯ voice, a powerful instrument was the reason he had never had a master, but if he had to decide between him and his daughter¡¦ Legolas is a beautiful elf.

“For my daughter, no price is too high.”

“My lord,” Thranduil says, entering with his son.

“What would you have me sing?” Legolas asks happily.

“Nothing,” Elrond turns to the window, “Estel.”

“Yes, Ada?”

“Can you come up here?”

“Alright,” Aragon says, wondering what is going on. Elrond turns back to Legolas who has charmed a small bird onto his finger and is happily chattering to it.

“Legolas, there are going to be some changes around here,” Elrond says and Legolas nods, not the least bit worried.

“Ada?” Aragorn asks, stepping into the room and ducking as a small bird flies past, casting an annoyed glance at Legolas who’s too busy playing with Thranduil’s hair to notice. He swats at his son¡¯s hands and Legolas giggles.

“Estel, come in. It¡¯s about time you had a slave of your own. You are of age and I would treat you no different from my own children, your brothers and sister. I would give you Legolas.”

“What?!” Thranduil exclaims in shock.

Legolas on the other hand is not instantly aware of what this means and walks over to stand in front of Aragorn and with a slight bow says, “It would be my pleasure to sing for you.”

“I have no love of song,” Aragorn says, annoyed, turning to his father. “I have no interest in a singing elf.”

“I did not give him to you for his singing,” Elrond says at the same level of annoyance. Legolas opens his mouth and shuts it again like a fish. He couldn’t mean it! He wouldn’t give him to someone, not after all these years. And not a smelly, hairy MAN!

“NO!” Legolas yells running out.

“Apparently he’s had too much freedom,” Elrond says, turning back to the balcony. “Elladan, Elrohir bring Legolas back here.” The twins barely have a chance to register the request when Legolas comes flying past them and is stopped by Arwen. Legolas has no intention of hitting her and in his momentary indecision, is grabbed by her brothers.

Legolas puts up the fight of his life, knocking Elrohir to the floor and tossing Elladan on top of him. Aragorn is watching, trying not to laugh at Elladan and Elrohir being battered by the elf that spent his days singing with maidens. When he realizes that Arwen was the only thing in the way of the elf now, he ran out to protect the only elf he wants.

When he reached them the twins were staggering to their feet and Arwen was petting the hair of a sobbing Legolas as he clung to her skirts. Her brothers glared at the crying elf and she sent them away with a wave of her hand.

“What did you-”

“I asked him where he would go. What happened? He’s always so happy.”

“Ada gave him to me.”

“Really? I did not know you have a love of song.”

“I don’t, its for his other use.”

“Oh, so that’s why he ran.”

“Yes and there was no need, I don’t want him.”

“Estel, Ada loves Legolas’ singing as if it were the very spring. He would not do something like this lightly. He must want to show you he cares. Just take him, he can be a companion when you play ranger if nothing else.” Aragorn just stares at Arwen, what would this boy do besides get him killed?

“Well, we must take him back to ada,” Arwen kneels, “Come on, it’ll be alright and you’ll still be able to sing to all your friends,” she says pulling him to his feet and leading Legolas, Aragorn close behind.

Elrond slaps Legolas the moment he enters the room sending him sprawling to the floor fresh tears springing to his eyes.

“My lord.” Thranduil starts and Elrond raises a hand to silence him.

“Your son must learn his place,” Elrond says walking over to a trunk and removing a belt. Thranduil glances at Legolas who’s on the floor tears running freely gingerly touching his cheek. ‘He would never survive this.’

“I will take Legolas’ punishment.”

“Your son attacked two of my children and disobeyed me.”

“I will take his punishment,” Thranduil says never taking his eyes off Legolas.

“Fine,” Elrond says, still having a soft spot for Legolas, “Remove your tunic and kneel.” Thranduil does as he’s told, keeping his eyes on his distraught son the entire time. “Legolas, this is what happens when you disobey me.”

He slams the belt across Thranduil’s back and the elf winces though he remains silent. Legolas turns away in horror covering his face. Aragorn watches as Arwen leaves the room and returns with a small vial from the smaller chamber next door.

“Watch or he receives more.” Legolas turns watching his father until he bleeds and Elrond finally stops. “Take him out of here,” Elrond says to Aragorn who barely has to look at Legolas to get him to follow. His sniffling is all Aragorn needs to know he’s still being followed.

“I’ll miss his singing,” Arwen says handing her father the healing salve, knowing that he hadn’t enjoyed that.

“That was a foolish request,” Elrond says, kneeling next to Thranduil and carefully pushing aside a few hairs that were on his back and starting to apply the healing salve.

Aragorn enters his chambers with Legolas close behind. He looks around wondering where to put the elf when his growling stomach distracts him. “Oh, just stay here and don’t touch anything!” Aragorn says annoyed and walks out to get some lunch, slamming the door and leaving Legolas alone.

He looks around everything blurry from his tears and notices Aragorn had one of the only mostly closed off rooms. He walks to the balcony and notices it is mostly untouched. He curls up on the floor next to one of Aragorn’s plants and starts to sob.

He was so distraught and depressed he cried himself to sleep even though it was midday.

A few days later the entire family was gathered for Breakfast. Aragorn was devouring his food in a rush to get away from the table and back to what had been keeping him occupied for the last few days. Elrond smiles at how well his plan was working.

“Estel, how goes it with Legolas?” Elrond asks and Aragorn looks at him perplexed.

“Yes, little brother we haven’t seen him frolicking with the maidens for days. Too exhausted?” Elladan asks, grinning.


“You can tell us, we’re family,” Elrohir adds.

“Maybe he doesn’t kiss and tell,” Arwen says.

“What in all of Middle Earth are you talking about?” Aragorn says, finally stopping his meal.

“Hello, its not everyday ada grants someone the prettiest Mirkwood elf since his own,” Elladan says.

“Don’t you all have him?” Aragorn asks.

Elrond roars, “Thranduil!”

The elf enters, surprised to be called so harshly.

“Where is your son?”

“I wouldn’t know, I haven’t seen him in days,” Thranduil says, bitterly annoyed that his son wouldn’t have a word to say to him after what transpired.

“Has anyone seen Legolas in the past three days?” Elrond asks and gets a ‘no ada’ around the table.

“Has anyone checked the slave garden? Legolas usually spends every moment there. I think he sleeps there as well at times,” Arwen says. Elrond glances at Thranduil who nods.

He walks out to the garden and sees the same slave Legolas had been singing to before complete with fresh bruises. He’s looking around the empty area sadly as his eyes locked on Legolas’ usual sitting area.

“So you haven’t seen him today?”

“No, not for three days. I don’t think he’s ever been gone this long.”

“Thank you,” Thranduil says turning as the elf nods sitting down on Legolas’ usual place. “Oh, Legolas, what have you done now.” He returns and Elrond is not happy with his response.

“I want the area searched and I want to speak to the sentries on duty the past three days NOW!” Aragorn, on the other hand, is trying to slither out of the room, but no matter how long he’s there he won’t be an elf. “Estel!” He freezes a few feet from the door.

“For your sake and his, I better find him fast,” Aragorn says, annoyed, as Thranduil helps him pack for the search for Legolas. Thranduil says nothing, wondering how anyone would be able to put up with him for long.

Legolas is drifting in a sea of semi-consciousness, he had stopped wanting to get up and now found it nearly impossible to do so. But now he knew his ada was near he had to call to him. He opened his mouth to call him and didn’t so much as whisper.

“Yeah that’s it. Let’s go find your stupid daughter,” Aragorn says and Thranduil grits his teeth, clenching and unclenching his fists, as Legolas musters up a sigh. Thranduil turns back but an annoyed Aragorn hurries him along.

The scouts and Aragorn are gone a week and can’t find head’s or tails of Legolas. They return and no one is more aggravated then Aragorn who had been getting some intensive sword training. No one any where had seen any sign of an elf and Aragorn refused to believe Legolas could have such skill.

He didn’t bother to come see his ada, knowing the scouts would give him a full report. He enters his room and lays down on his bed and hears chirping. He looks up and there is a flock of small red birds on his balcony. He threw one of his many pillows at them and they just chirp louder. He holds another pillow over his face instead.

He doesn’t hear when his door opened and only moved when he was touched on the arm. Thranduil was standing over him looking at him, confused.

“Master Elrond requests your presence.”

“Can’t it wait until morning?”

“He said now,” Thranduil says calmly as Aragorn begrudgingly gets out of bed and leaves the room. Thranduil is about to follow but the chirping caught his attention and he looked back at the birds.

“Get rid of them,” Aragorn orders as his door swings shut behind him.

Thranduil walks over to the balcony shooing the birds with his hands. “Come on now, you wouldn’t want him to try using his knives on you. Go.” Thranduil waves more birds away and almost trips on something. He looks down at the curled up form and didn’t believe his eyes.

“Legolas!” The form didn’t stir, “by the Valar! Legolas!” He lifts Legolas’ limp body into his arms and is distraught at the fact his son’s eyes are closed. He runs to the one person who can help his son, interrupting Aragorn’s scolding.

“My Lord.”

“Thranduil, I told you I.” Elrond stops when he sees what he’s holding. “Where?”

“Aragorn’s balcony,” Thranduil says, disgusted with the man.

“He thinks this act can fool us?” Aragorn says yanking Legolas away from Thranduil and dropping the elf on the floor. The only sound is Thranduil’s gasp of shock and Legolas hitting the stone floor.

“Estel stop,” Elrond says when Aragorn reaches a leg back to kick Legolas.

“You don’t believe him do you?”

“Look at his hair, I remember those flowers, do you think if Legolas had escaped Rivendell, eluded my best trackers and returned to your balcony, he wouldn’t have found a moment to discard dead flowers from his hair?¡±


“How often do elves close their eyes?”

“Almost never.” Aragorn says as Thranduil rocks his nearly lifeless son.

“Lastly, what can kill an elf?”

“A mortal wound or grief.”

“Alright, will you excuse us?” Elrond says to his adopted son, who’s more than happy to comply. “Be assured, we will discuss how it is you didn’t notice an elf in your room.” Aragorn grumbles to himself as he leaves the room.

“Can you do something for him?”

“Yes, it’s exhaustion and starvation.”


“Remember, Legolas was depressed as well. He’ll be fine with a little lembas and a small amount of-” Elrond starts looking through his various bottles, “this.”

They go into the healing wing and place Legolas on one of the cots in the empty wing. He pours part of the bottle into the elf’s mouth and breaks off a small piece of lembas and slips into his mouth. He then leaves Thranduil to care for Legolas while he went to deal with Aragorn. He leaves a pitcher of water and kisses Thranduil on the forehead before walking out.

Elrond walks directly to Aragorn’s room and found him in silent council with Arwen. He is leaning his head in her lap and she is stroking his hair as he spoke. He hadn’t done such a thing since he had become a grown man. He had planned on scolding Aragorn but changed his mind instantly, he didn’t want Estel in need of comfort.

“Estel.” He sits up abruptly and Arwen stands, planning to leave and Elrond raises his hand, indicating she can stay. “We have quite a problem. I sent out a party of my best elves to find someone who had never left this room.”


“Do you think a bell will help?” Aragorn stares and Arwen giggles. “Well, he didn’t move much how about if we put some perfume on him? He is always called more feminine then other elves.” Arwen laughs outright as Aragorn is still a little nervous.

“What will we tell-”

“The scouts? Hmm, now there’s a dilemma, we could tell them they wasted their time. Don’t worry about it, I will deal with them and really, Aragorn, don’t lose him again. See you two at dinner.” Elrond says, smiling and walking out. Aragorn breathes a sigh of relief.

“See, I told you Ada wouldn’t be too upset.”

“Its strange. I expected more.”

“Be happy; ada’s wrath is not to be toyed with.”

Elrond stands at the door to the healing wing, surprised that Legolas had already awoken. He listened to the elf and wondered vaguely if Legolas knew who he could have been if not for Oropher’s foolishness.

“I don’t want to do this, ada, I won’t,” Legolas says proudly and defiantly. Elrond is surprised when Thranduil slapped his son. Elrond was quite sure he had never lifted a hand to him before.

“You will! You think yourself better than your own father?! Know your place, boy! You belong to Aragorn, you will do anything and everything he asks of you, understand?” Legolas nods, still cupping his face and Thranduil pulls him into his arms. “It is not all bad. Aragorn seems nice enough; he was raised by Elrond after all.”

“I don’t know if I can.”

“You are strong. Now go.”


“Aragorn’s chamber. You can’t come and go as you please, you know this.” Legolas slowly shuffles up and walks out of the room. He walks past Elrond without seeing him and makes it a few more steps before he starts to feel dizzy. His moan catches Elrond’s attention and he catches Legolas as he falls. When he sees who’s holding him he tries to stand again.

“Be still,” Elrond says entering the room, “Thranduil, it’s a little soon, he collapsed in the hall. One night will make no difference.” Elrond puts Legolas down and pulls a thin sheet over him, for comfort more than warmth. “Sleep, little one.” Legolas sighs and soon his eyes get the vacant look of sleep.

“Thank you.”

“Thranduil, please. I bear Legolas no ill will. Sometimes he acts so young; you would think he’s under a 100.”

“I know,” Thranduil says sighing and leaning his head back on Elrond’s stomach as the elf lord remains standing and starts to stroke the golden hair so like Legolas’. Thranduil shakes his head, he could barely control his own son, he would have led his people to death. He could never be Oropher, Legolas was more defiant then he ever was.

The next morning, Legolas, while not fully recovered, is seen as fit enough to leave the healing wing. He is about to enter Aragorn’s chamber when the man comes rushing out laden with gear. He looks at Legolas, annoyed, then looks at the gear then back at Legolas.

“You have to do anything I ask?”


“Carry this and follow me,” Aragorn says dumping all the gear on the elf. Legolas does as he’s told, following Aragorn to his sword training. “Stay out of the way,” Aragorn says as they arrive. He watches Aragorn train, thinking it doesn’t look that difficult.

“Here,” Aragorn says handing Legolas a sword. The elf stares in amazement until a rag is handed to him as well. “Polish it, you idiot.” For weeks Legolas’ only duty is to polish, wash, and carry. He started calming, and while Aragorn only addressed him to give him orders, it was not as horrid as he had imagined.

After a month, Aragorn began archery training and Legolas was much more interested in what happened. The teacher noticed this and saw no reason, even though Legolas was a slave, that he shouldn’t learn. And he had heard many a tale of Aragorn’s arrogance for he was close friends with the sword trainer.

“A man will never be able to shoot better than an elf, but I will teach you to the best of your limited ability.”

“Please, I could shoot 10 times better than him and he’s an elf.”

“And you can walk a hundred times faster than a newborn. Let’s have a fun challenge to keep your wits about you. I propose I teach you both, you to improve and Legolas to learn. We’ll see who the better student is.

“Ha! Legolas get your girly behind over here.” Legolas does and takes the bow he is handed, confused. ‘Did you polish wood?’ He shrugs and starts to walk away having been lost in thought he had not heard the discussion. “Where are you going?”

“To polish it?”

“No, stupid, I want you to shoot that tree,” Aragorn says handing Legolas an arrow. Legolas takes it, he knew how they were supposed to work, you pulled back and fired. He does just that and doesn’t see where his arrow went. He had been aiming for the tree, had it gone so fast even his elven eyes couldn’t track it? Aragorn’s laughter cuts off his thoughts and he turns to the man, confused. The teacher on the other hand points down. His arrow had gone as far as his feet. He turns bright red all the way to the tips of his ears.

“I love a challenge,” the teacher says, watching Aragorn hit the tree easily.

Two months later Aragorn was glaring at Legolas who hits the bulls eye of every target on the field. What made Aragorn even angrier is that it is the day his brothers and Arwen had come to watch to see how his training went. Aragorn snatches the bow from Legolas.

“Go get us lunch,” Aragorn growls and the elf runs off back to the house.

“Baby brother how is it after a month, Legolas can best you in archery? You, who have been training for years?” Elladan jokes and Arwen whacks him in the arm.

Legolas returns shortly with a picnic for them. He carefully opens a blanket and starts spreading out the plates of food. He takes a small roll for himself, turns and almost collides with Aragorn who snatches the roll away and takes a bite. Legolas lowers his head, not sure what he did wrong, not realizing it was the archery, and goes to sit behind a tree.

“Aragorn, be nice,” Arwen says gathering a little of everything and bringing the plate to Legolas.

“Thank you, my lady.” She nods then goes back to her family. She sits besides Aragorn and in an effort to alleviate his dark mood, starts playing with his hair. Elladan and Elrohir both shift uncomfortably, having been drawn in by their father to keep the two apart as well.

The lunch is more awkward as time passes, not because of Aragorn’s original foul mood but because of the open and flirtatious nature of Arwen and Aragorn’s interactions.

“Estel,” Elladan starts, for once calling Aragorn something other than baby brother. “We will be going on a Orc raid, there are talks of them being seen by a nearby settlement of men. You can put all this new training to some good use.”

“When will you be leaving?”

“A fortnight, maybe sooner,” Elrohir responds as Elladan takes a long drought of his wine.

“My lady!” A messenger says, running up to them.


¡°You have a visitor arriving form Lorien, she wishes for your company.” Arwen grins from ear to ear.

“Finally! I haven’t see her in almost 60 years. Oh Estel, I’m so happy!” Aragorn nods as she throws her arms around him and kissing him before running off.

“Will you bring the little archer as well?” Elladan asks acting as if the interruption hadn’t happened. Aragorn grunts in response.

“Well, if you showed him his place, I doubt he’d be shooting arrows.”

“And shaming you in front of your brothers and sister,” Elrohir adds straining the word sister as they all stand and walk over to Legolas, who had finished his lunch and was curled up on the grass, content to play with some blades of grass between his fingers. He looks up at the three and stands immediately. They just stare at him and he realizes he should be leaning up the remains of the lunch. He goes over to it and Elrohir laughs.

“Look at that, such a good little servant,” Legolas bends over to lift a side of the blanket he had brought and both twins ogle.

“How haven’t you-”

“Legolas, come here,” Elladan says and he stops what he’s doing and walks over. “Bring the blanket.” Legolas carefully takes everything off the blanket, shakes it clean and walks, over folding it.

“Follow us.” Both Aragorn and Legolas follow the twins, equally in the dark on their destination. They reach a secluded garden after passing over an almost invisible path. “Open the blanket then sit.” Legolas unrolls it then sits on the ground near the blanket. “On the blanket in the center.”

“Oh,” Legolas says, sitting on the blanket perfectly in the center. The twins plop down on opposites sides of Legolas. Aragorn moves to sit as well and his brothers shake their heads, pointing to a bench across from them. He sits down and wonders what his brothers were up to. He learns quickly when Elrohir kisses Legolas on the cheek as Elladan loosens the first few bindings of Legolas’ tunic.

Legolas freezes as Elrohir’s kisses move down his neck to his exposed collar. His terror is apparent as Aragorn holds back a laugh. “I don’t think he wants to do this,” Elrohir says, stopping.

“You know, brother, I’d have to agree,” Elladan says, wiping away a single tear from Legolas’ cheek.

“That’s it?” Aragorn asks annoyed.

“Shh, baby brother,” Elladan says in a commanding tone. “Let’s ask him, why don’t we?” Elladan turned Legolas’ face to him. “Do you want to do this?”

“No,” Legolas whispers, shaking his head

“There you have it.” The twins start to stand when they both sit back down. “Almost forgot.” Each twin takes a pointed ear in their mouth and Legolas moans loudly as they pull away.

Legolas blinks; at least that is what he wanted to do. His entire body tingles. As a breeze blew past one of his ears he starts panting, he was extremely hot and his tunic was suffocating him. He practically tore it off as he pants. Every feeling was delicious. But he still felt as if he were on fire. Ignoring the fact that his vision was a little more than a blur, he tried to pull off his leggings when strong arms stopped him.

He heard the voice, or was it voices, as if through a fog. “What do you want?”

“Release,” he gasps, his voice husky. He was just so hot, the leggings had to come off, they were like chains. The twins changed positions, both aware of how Aragorn stared. Elladan sat behind Legolas and Elrohir sat near his feet. Both twins making sure Aragorn had a perfect view of Legolas’ pale wanton body.

Elladan starts kissing Legolas’ neck and the elf twisted pulling him into a kiss that left both elves gasping for air.

“Demanding, isn’t he,” Elrohir says casually, removing a boot and running his fingers along the insides of Legolas’ legs as the elf writhed in pleasure and let out another moan.

Aragorn watches in disbelief as his brothers kiss and touch Legolas. The elf is clearly enjoying himself as the bulge in his leggings show, but had he not been crying earlier? Had he not been terrified of the same touch? Now he was demanding it with vigor, leaving Elladan breathless and Having Elrohir move back up after removing both shoes to kiss Legolas, who was ever demanding for a touch.

He has to admit Legolas has a beautiful body for a male. He has always thought him to be thin but muscles were what his body was made of. He absently wondered how strong Legolas was when Elladan pulled Legolas’ leggings off and the elf arched into a kiss. He stood then, wanting nothing more than to have the elf arch for him.

“I would like my elf back now,” Aragorn says, finding himself walking quite awkwardly with his own erection constrained by his leggings.

“He will be more than happy to oblige,” Elladan says as both he and Elrohir slip away from the elf. Legolas whimpers at the lack of contact when Aragorn presses his lips to Legolas’ and the elf opens his mouth invitingly. Aragorn pulls away to remove his shirt and Legolas whimpers again. He shoves the elf down into a laying position and Legolas starts grinding into his pants, making them all the more tight.

He starts pulling at the bindings to his leggings, never breaking the contact with Legolas, not that he would have been able too since the elf had wrapped his legs around him. He tried to lift out of the hold but Legolas was strong and not letting go. It was his brothers who came to his rescue, prying the legs off him and allowing him to remove his leggings.

“He’s strong,” Aragorn mutters.

“He is an elf, you might want to remember that,” Elladan says, annoyed, as Aragorn lays back down, tossing Legolas’ legs over his shoulders and starting to push himself forward. “Aren’t you-” Elladan starts as Legolas’ scream of agony cuts off the rest of the question as Aragorn impales himself fully on the elf.

Legolas blinks. He felt a fire burning him and tried to pull away from the pain, the blissful fog he had been in ripped harshly away. His eyes finally focus on Aragon and he didn’t understand. Where had the man come from and where had his clothes gone? Legolas realizes he is naked at the same time he realized what was causing him such pain.

“Get off me!” He screams, not believing he ever needed to serve someone like that.

“By the Valar, Aragorn are all you men so violent?” Elrohir asks.

“Get off him! Now!” Elladan exclaims when he doesn’t move right away. Elrohir pulled Legolas into his arms, stroking the shivering elf’s hair. “Talk to him. I’ll deal with Legolas.”

Elladan drags Aragorn in all his naked glory a little farther away. “Do you want to your elf to die? In record time?”


“What does Arwen see in you?” Elladan says knocking Aragorn on the head. “Pain will drive Legolas back to reality where he would rather kill you than lay with you.”

“So what? I can make-”

“What fun is it to fight the entire way? Besides, I can tell you who would win.”

“Are all elves sensitive in their ears?”

“Not in the level of Mirkwood elves. Its just a delight, nothing that blanks the senses.”


“Now listen and listen carefully.”

“It’ll be better if you accept it,” Elrohir whispers to Legolas.

“Would you?”

“I don’t have to.”

“But you have slaves of your own, don’t you?” Elrohir is silent as Elladan and Aragorn return.

“Sorry,” Elrohir says and Legolas looks at him confused as he reaches down to whisper to him or so Legolas thinks as Elrohir sends him spiraling down in a blanket of blissful fog.

“Now, do it right or I¡¯ll make father take him back,” Elladan says as Legolas kisses his twin.

“Fine,” Aragon says, gently pulling Legolas to him and the elf is more than happy to oblige. He pushes the elf down as Elrohir goes to stand next to his brother, ignoring the false couple.

“You think this will work?”

“No, but ada will try anything.”

“Poor little guy, he gets to be a puppet for a plan that will in all likelihood fail; all for Arwen.”

They turn to see Aragorn thrusting into Legolas and the elf pushing back in time with the man. Legolas cried out as his seed spilled out all over his belly and Aragorn followed soon after pouring out into the elf. He pulled out and Legolas curled up onto his side. The elf twins watched as the tears fell from his eyes.

“Great, just great. There goes another one,” Elrohir says, stepping towards Legolas as Elladan takes his arm. Elrohir watches as Legolas wipes his eyes and sits up looking around him and grabs his clothes. He pulls his leggings on slowly wiping his soiled hands on a tree.

“Maybe not, I want him to meet them,” Elrohir says.

“What about baby brother?”

“Who cares,” Elrohir responds, “We’ll be taking Legolas now. He’ll be back sometime.”

Legolas is led by the twins to their chambers and is greeted by the sight of two elves in the throws of passion. He recognized them as a pair who usually sat together when he sang. The names escaped him at the moment. Wasn’t one named after a great human warrior?

“Turin, Laieth aren’t you two supposed to belong to us?” Elladan asks, smiling when neither elf responds. He exchanges a look with his brother. “Seems they are putting those ears to their best use.”

“They are yours?” Legolas asks confused.

“I guess so,” Elladan says removing his robe and tossing it on a chair. “Turin is mine I think, isn’t he?” He says, turning to Elrohir.

“Uh, yeah,” Elrohir says, removing his own robe as he watches the two. He pulls Elladan to him and kisses him full on the lips.

“Mmm Later, well they aren’t going to be chatting much now, why not go to the gardens, they miss you there.”

Legolas is just staring at the twins trying to understand everything he just saw. Their uh… were together, quite to their masters joy apparently, and the twins had just kissed each other? But they were brothers.

“Hello?” Elladan says waving a hand in front of Legolas’ face.

“Oh the kiss? Well it’s our little secret, they help us keep it. Now go on,” Elladan says shoving him to the door.

Legolas walks to the garden, his disgust at himself growing larger and larger. He is about to turn around when some elves saw him and led him the rest of the way, so eager to see him that they never noticed his reluctance. They sat him down and waited. After a moment, his nana’s sister spoke.

“Does something trouble you, Legolas?”

“Nay, its has just been a while.”

“We are all glad to see you again, when we heard word of¡¦ well we were all worried.”

“Oh,” Legolas say, looking up and seeing Arwen with an elf he has never seen dressed in silver and white. He knew the dress, it was of Lorien. For whatever reason the sight of Arwen produces Legolas’ first sorrowful song of his own making.

“Come! His singing is amazing,” Arwen says, pulling her friend. Legolas couldn’t believe she was coming near him. Everything would be fine? He’d still be allowed to sing? Here he was a puppet his life changed for her? He had heard the twins, how he wasn’t sure but he had. What he didn’t understand was why Arwen wanted him given to Aragorn.

“Perfect by nature,” All the elves clapped and cheered as Legolas started his first song in months. They died down and he started again.

“Perfect by nature

Icons of self indulgence

Just what we all need

More lies about a world that

Never was and Never will be

Have you no shame

Don’t you see me

You know you’ve got everybody fooled

All the elves exchanged glances not understanding what Legolas was singing. Arwen lead her friend closer to the group as Legolas looked up at her. For a reason she couldn’t name, his stare unnerved her and she broke the look. Hands went over mouths in shock at the next verse.

Look here she comes now

Bow down and stare in wonder

Oh how we love you

No flaws when you’re pretending

But I know

She never was and never will be

You don’t know how you’ve betrayed me

And somehow you’ve got everybody fooled

Arwen stared in disbelief at Legolas, why was he doing this? She wondered with tears in her eyes as she ran out of the clearing and directly into Aragorn, who could also hear the song.

Without the mask

Where will you hide

Can’t find yourself

Lost in your lie

I know the truth now

I know who you are

And I don’t love you anymore

Aragorn looks back at the garden and Legolas singing and put two and two together. He put Arwen into her friend’s arms and walks to the elf as he finishes his song.

It never was and never will be

You’re not real and you can’t save me

Some how you’re-

The last words of the song were cut off by Aragorn’s fist impacting on Legolas’ jaw, breaking it on impact. Legolas howls in pain until the next blow knocks the wind out of him and he doubles up on his bolder seat. Aragorn beats Legolas savagely until the elf starts to black out.

“You’ll kill him!” One elf woman screamed kneeling besides Legolas. The only thing that stopped him was Elladan’s warning; the last thing he needed was to be on Elrond’s bad side. He lifted Legolas by the hair.

“You ever sing again and no one will save you,” he says, throwing Legolas’ head back to the ground and stomping off to see where Arwen has gone. Legolas stays on the ground, wanting to cry but at the same time thinking he should get used to his life. He closes his eyes and let the blackness take him.

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