Bound pt02

Bound 1/?

“Havo dad, Legolas.” The phrase rang through his head, he didn’t even want to think of what would be happening to him soon enough. Legolas sat down, waiting for Aragorn to enter his chamber. He must be an idiot. His father had told him a million times to remember his place. But was it his fault he had been his whole life up to this point without a ‘master’. That he couldn’t accept the fact that it was supposed to be like this?

But his idiocy didn’t stop there. No, he had to open his mouth as if he would have had a real choice on coming on the quest or not. “And you have my bow.” Sure and any other part of me as long as you ask my master’s permission. Legolas rolled his eyes and actually didn’t know Aragorn entered until the ranger was standing before him.

“Legolas, what am I going to do with you?” Aragorn asked, tossing aside some of Legolas’ blond locks before placing a kiss on his cheek. “Though you did make me proud, standing there defending me so hotly. And I would have never guessed you wouldn’t want to be separated from me.”

“Stand up.” Legolas did so automatically, what would be the point in refusing? At least Aragorn liked to play ‘nice’ at least, most of the time. He had heard enough horror stories and seen enough to know he had it ‘good’ most days. But at the same time there were the ones who had it so much better than him. Turin and Laieth where only slaves in name and even his father was loved. He, on the other hand, belonged to a smelly, stupid man. “You’ve been so good I think you deserve a gift.” Legolas rolled his eyes as Aragorn knelt down, taking Legolas’ leggings with him.

“Just like honey,” Aragorn whispered as he stroked the elf into hardness. Not a sound escaped Legolas, not a sigh, moan, whimper, or gasp. It was the last thing under his control. He stared out into the sky, watching the sun travel through the skies. What Aragorn was doing was almost an afterthought as he glided through the sky.

Aragorn sucked greedily as the elf came, his body jerking forward. Aragorn stood and walked away from Legolas, leaving him surprised. That was all he wanted? Did he actually mean to thank him?

“Now since you’re going on this quest, there are a few things.” Aragorn said, turning to Legolas, who hadn’t moved. “First, we’ll have to get you some weapons. Don’t get any ideas now. They are for the enemy and enemy alone and should harm come to me, it is your father who will be the one to pay. And the hobbits and that blasted wizard wouldn’t understand, so from here on out you are just Legolas. We are just old friends. Nothing else.”

Legolas wanted to ask how they would explain why friends would want to have sex but thought better of it. Aragorn did not like to be questioned.

“Now then, on to more interesting distractions,” Aragorn says, shoving Legolas down onto the bed. He reached down and nibbled on the elf’s ear, pulling away just in time to see the elf’s eyes go black. Legolas was his, gifted with the Mirkwood ears. So tied to their sensuality that they had no control over who or what they did, the only thing on their mind was pleasure.

Legolas writhed under him as somewhere inside him, he was aware of how his body betrayed him. How it responded to a touch he wanted no more than he wanted to kiss a dwarf. On the outside, it would be hard to believe as Legolas pulled Aragorn down to him for a kiss.

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