Bound pt03

Legolas legs hung down from a high tree as he pondered the fellowship. Boromir had been watching him almost as much as he watched Frodo and the ring. Were all men like Aragorn? Then there was the dwarf… eww. Gandalf just kept casting him strange looks when he thought he didn’t notice. The hobbits just seemed in awe of him.”Would the elf grace us lowly mortals with his high company?” Gimli asks and Legolas notices they had prepared dinner. He ignored Gimli’s crack and gracefully jumped down, highly aware of all eyes being on him. He took his plate and was about to return to his tree when Aragorn spoke.

“Why not join us? There is plenty of room, there beside Boromir. Sit.” Legolas sat aware of every shift Boromir made. He ate his meal in silence. Not that it mattered, the only member of the fellowship that addressed him was Aragorn. Like Gimli’s crack insinuated, he had a feeling they all thought him haughty and pompous and above them. What a joke. The thought caused a bitter smile on his lips.

“Are you alright?” Boromir whispered and Legolas was so startled he didn’t respond. Who would ask a slave such a question was his thought when logic hit him. They didn’t know that, did they? Now it was Aragorn’s turn to smirk as he watched his elf’s confused reaction to Boromir’s concern. This could be fun, especially since he knew why Boromir was asking.

“Legolas, I want to speak to you, alone.” Legolas put his plate down and followed Aragorn deeper into the woods, the last thing he heard of the fellowship being an innocent question from Pippin.

“Gandalf…Legolas can speak, correct?”

“Of course he can, but unlike you, fool of a Took, he saves it for important matters.” Pippin looked struck and he turned to Merry who patted him on the back.

“Legolas, after I was so kind to bring you along and actually treat you like an equal, you are cold and aloof to the fellowship?” Aragorn shook his head like he would were he disappointed in a child. “A reminder of your place perhaps? On your knees and make it good.”

Legolas, as usual, did as he was told. Sinking to his knees in the wooded forest, he swiftly undid Aragorn’s belt buckle and the ties of his trousers and released his already hardening manhood. He closed his eyes as he took it into his mouth, fighting not to gag when Aragorn pushed forward. He wasn’t allowed to touch the man’s hips to stop his thrusts and he couldn’t pull back with Aragorn’s hands tangled in his blond hair. Legolas bobbed up and down, guided by Aragorn’s hands until the man became erratic and came with a grunt. Legolas swallowed the salty essence and pulled away, standing as the man adjusted his trousers.

“I want you to be kind to Boromir,” Aragorn says, a little out of breath. “Answer his questions. Everyone there is above you and it would do you well to remember that. Even a Steward of Gondor who is nothing more than a warmer of my throne. You are not a high elf, you were not high born so do not act such.”


“Are you challenging me? Does this little act truly make you forget your place?” Legolas looked down, he was going mad. He was an elf gone mad. “What?”

“The rest of the fellowship.”

“You may keep your distance or speak to them as you please, it is Boromir I want you to befriend.” Legolas nodded and made the mistake of looking up and was sent flying to the floor with a quick backhand. “Never question me.” Aragorn growls, stalking off.

Legolas silently picked himself up, dusting the dirt off his tunic and dusting off his knees. He smoothed his hair down and touched his cheek lightly. It burned, but he knew there would be no mark. He walked back to the group and saw the hobbits had rolled out their bed rolls and Gimli was getting ready for the first watch, petting his axe and whispering words to it. No doubt about it, dwarves were weird.

Boromir was also rolling out his bedroll and Legolas took his out as well. He heard Aragorn cough and looked up, seeing the ranger indicate he should sleep close to the steward. He unrolls his bedroll and lays it beside Boromir, ignoring Gandalf’s questioning look.

“Do you not want to be on this quest?” Boromir asks as he lays down.

“Why do you ask?” Legolas says, staring at the stars.

“You refuse to speak to any of us except Aragorn.” Legolas sighs, well if he was going to befriend Boromir…

“I am not easy with conversation. I mean no offense by it, it is merely my nature.” To shut up and obey, Legolas thinks bitterly.

“Why were you so shocked by my question?”

“I saw no reason for you to care. I’m just-” Legolas stopped just in time. There was a reason he rarely spoke, his mind and mouth ran at two different speeds.

“You’re just what?”

“Nothing. Good night, Boromir.” Legolas says, not liking this conversation one bit. He wanted to scream I’m just a slave, leave me alone! Now he understood Aragorn. A new way to torture him, knowing that whatever friendship forms would be shattered by the truth. Well, he could do this without throwing his heart into it. His eyes glazed over as he entered elven sleep.

Boromir sat up and glanced at Legolas, the open eyed sleep unnerving him a little. But once he got past it he took in the elf’s features. Such delicate features on such pale creamy skin.

“Ah, Boromir.” He turns sharply, looking at Aragorn.

“I. He. I was.”

“Boromir, you need not preach to me the beauty of elves. It is just that he can sense being watched. You may not want to explain such things to him.”

“Oh,” Boromir says, laying back down.

“Aragorn, how did you meet Legolas?”

“He was introduced to me by Lord Elrond.” Aragorn says, glad Gandalf was sleeping. He had a feeling the wizard suspected that Legolas was a Mirkwood elf. Well, what did he care if the wizard didn’t approve? “Prince Legolas of Mirkwood,” Aragon says, noting the smile as Boromir was realized Legolas was of a high birth. Prince of Mirkwood, ha! “Boromir, you must swear not to repeat what I said, Legolas would have my head. As the youngest, he has no hopes of ever claming the throne and prefers to be as normal as possible, ignoring his wealth.” Yes, Boromir was salivating now, rich as well with no true ties to his people so he would easily go with him to Gondor. He could almost hear the wheels turning in his head.

” I understand. Do you know…” Boromir blushed, he couldn’t ask Aragorn that.

“What? You can ask me.”

“Its just that… does Legolas… I mean, does he have a lover?”

“No, no man holds his heart… no elf either.”

“Thank you.” Aragorn nods as Boromir goes to sleep and smiles as he follows suit. Its not long before Gimli wakes him for his watch and he waits until the dwarf is asleep before kicking Legolas, who wakes with a start but still making no sound. “Take my watch and your own afterwards.” Legolas nods as Aragorn goes back to his bedroll.

“Why not make breakfast as well?” Legolas was no fool. It was not a request. He is glad when he hears Aragorn’s even breathing, indicating the ranger was asleep. He was aware of his surroundings for miles around, they were safe for now, he thought as he walked away from the camp to gather fruits and berries for breakfast.

By the time the sun rose, his bedroll was covered with fruits and he had even caught a couple fish in a nearby stream. The hobbits, he had noticed, enjoyed eating and hoped this would satisfy them. He walked the perimeter of the camp, gathering wood to cook the fish. The hobbits were the first to wake to the smell of breakfast.

Merry and Pippin were in awe of the fruits. “Make sure to leave some for the others,” Legolas said calmly. Boromir awoke to a pleasant scent beside him, like a myriad of fruits. Elves surprised him at every turn. He turned and was surprised to find it really was fruit and little Pippin was crouching near him, picking fruits of his choice.

“Look at what Legolas did.” He says, smiling at the man.

“Thank you,” Frodo says, picking a single apple and a handful of raspberries as he waited for the fish to be ready.

“Where’s the meat.” Legolas sighed, Gimli was awake.

“There are fish in the fire, master dwarf,” Legolas says icily.

“Good job, Legolas,” Aragorn says as he places his hand sternly on the elf’s shoulder and Legolas stiffens, the small smile from his interaction with the hobbits gone as he loses what little appetite he had. Friends with Aragorn, ha. Why not feed him to orcs?

“Eat well, we will need our strength to cross Caradhras. It is amazing you were able to gather all this during your brief watch.” Gandalf says and Legolas falls silent, feeling Aragorn’s hand squeeze tighter on his shoulder.

“It was a simple enough task for an elf.” Legolas replies, not looking once at the wizard.

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