Bound pt04

Bound 3/?There was about another day’s march before they reached the mountain and Aragorn seemed intent on making it an hour. Legolas had dropped behind to aid the hobbits who were behind barely able to keep up. Boromir joined him and Legolas was about to hold a hobbit under each arm when Boromir spoke up.

“Aragorn! The hobbits can not keep this pace much longer.”

“Would you rather they die?” Aragorn asks, annoyed.

“They will be of no use if they are exhausted by mid day,” Boromir adds and is glared at by Aragorn. There was no love lost between the two. Boromir looks towards Legolas who suddenly had to give his full attention to a spot in the opposite direction.

“Yes, Aragorn, we can slow down, no one is asking to stop,” Gandalf says calmly.

“Fine,” Aragorn says, annoyed though he does slow the pace.

“You could have said something,” Boromir says, annoyed. Legolas just looks down at the ground. Boromir was about to order the elf to look at him when he realized a prince may not take it so well. He had never needed to actually court someone.

What did you say to an elf? Not only an elf but an elf prince? But how hard could it be if Aragorn could get an elf to want to marry him? And he had seen them together in Rivendell. To think she would never grow old… Boromir looked at Legolas, the same was true for him.

“It’s a nice day, is it not?” Boromir tried.

“A nice day?!” Merry exclaims. “Pip, do you hear him? A nice day?”

“Ai, I hear him, Merry. But my toes say different. Just because we hobbits have furry feet…”

“Maybe it’s a little cold,” Boromir says. “What do you think, Legolas?”

“Elves don’t feel the cold,” Legolas mutters.

“What?” Boromir says rather loudly.

“Elves don’t feel the cold,” Legolas says, his voice raising up to a whisper.


“He said elves don’t feel the cold,” Aragorn says, falling back to the rest of the group, leaving Gimli, Frodo, Sam, and Gandalf in the lead.

“That must be nice for you, but us hobbits do and its cold,” Pippin says.

“Come on, Legolas, you have no need to be shy, speak up.” Legolas nods quickly and Aragorn gives his shoulder a quick squeeze, then takes up the lead again.

Boromir looks over at Aragorn and wonders what the man was up to. Was one elf not enough for him? Boromir wanted Legolas and he would have him.

“Legolas?” The elf turned to Boromir, who was entranced by those endless blue orbs. Every time he had eye contact with the elf, he felt like a maid. “Do you like Aragorn?”

“We are friends,” Legolas says, looking away.

“How long?”

“Sixty years,” Legolas says, feeling it was 600 at the very least. Boromir nodded.

“So, that’s a long time.”

“Feels like an eternity,” Legolas muttered and Boromir catches a tone that lifted his spirits. He moves closer to the elf and whispers to him.

“So I would not be the only one not to shed a tear if he fell off the side of the mountain,” Boromir says laughing. Legolas barely cracks a smile and Boromir thinks he was imagining the dislike. You did not remain friends with someone for longer than he may live out of dislike. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t-”

“Why not? I’ve thought many a time he’d make a lovely quiver.” Boromir is confused for a moment then laughs.

“A more suitable target, I think.”

“I could hit that stench alone.”

Boromir nodded, though he was little worried. He didn’t think Aragorn smelled that bad, he didn’t think he smelled at all. He now had to be sure to bathe the first chance he got.

“Clearly you bathe…you would think being raised by elves Aragorn would.” Boromir smiled, Legolas thought he smelled nice. He was about to speak when a frown crossed Legolas’ features. He looked out towards the wilderness, sensing something but even elves could be fooled by the white wizard. He ignored the feeling as it faded and they continued their march. And he spent more and more time talking to Boromir.

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