Bound pt05

Bound 4/?Caradhras was a disaster. From everyone but Legolas struggling in the snow, to Saruman casting some spell to bring the mountain down on their heads. They were now standing at the gates to the Mines of Moria, waiting for Gandalf to remember the password.

Legolas sat on a boulder and Boromir sat near him. “I never did thank you for breakfast.”

“It was nothing. A welcome distraction.” Boromir smiles at the elf who looks away and incidentally at Aragorn who looks highly amused.

“Nonetheless, many thanks,” Boromir says, placing his hand on Legolas’. He pulls away and walks over to a tree as Aragorn passes him after warning Pippin on disturbing the water. “Be nice,” he hisses as he continues surveying the surroundings.

Boromir walks over to Legolas. He pushes the long blond hair from Legolas’ face, trying to catch the elf’s eye. He took the shyness to mean more than it did.

“Legolas, look at me.” Out of habit and little else, Legolas did so automatically. “Now, was that so hard?” Legolas shook his head as Boromir placed his hand on Legolas’ shoulder, moving closer to Legolas who shrinks back against the tree trunk.

“Why do you fear me?” Legolas doesn’t answer as Boromir gets even closer to him. “Legolas.”

“It is not fear. I just don’t understand what you want from me,” Legolas says, causing Boromir to laugh a deep booming laugh.

“Surly you are not so unknowing of the world.” Legolas’ stares blankly at the man. What was he exactly supposed to do besides speak to Boromir? He didn’t have men for friends. And Aragorn was so different from elves, even after being raised by them. Well, whatever Boromir did, he supposed he could follow. “Maybe an example?” Boromir asked, leaning forward and kissing Legolas on the lips. Boromir swirls his tongue around Legolas’ yielding mouth. “Now do you understand?” he asks, releasing the elf’s mouth.

“Yes,” Legolas says, reversing their positions and sinking to his knees. With his elven speed, Boromir’s trousers are almost off before Boromir speaks. For a moment there, he had thought Boromir different; but all men were the same.

“What are you doing?” Boromir ask, shocked.

“What you want, correct? This is how to be friends?” ‘At least according to you men’ Legolas says, about to resume what he’s doing before he hears a rumble to the side. Legolas stands and walks over to the now open door as Boromir adjusts his trousers. He vaguely heard Gimli prattling on about a mine as he saw the carnage around them.

“This is no mine. It’s a tomb,” Boromir says from beside Legolas and he has to agree. He walks to a body, pulling out an arrow as Gimli cries out his grief. He instantly recognizes the craftsmanship.


“We make for the gap of Rohan. We should have never have come here. Now get out of here! Get out!” Boromir yells when Frodo is attacked by some sea creature and they are forced back into the mine and the doors collapse. They are shrouded in darkness for a moment and then bathed in the light from the crystal atop Gandalf’s staff.

They walk on until they reach a place Gandalf has no memory of and are forced to set up camp as he tries to remember. Legolas is going through his own dilemma. He feels like ripping off his skin and clawing through the walls. The only thing keeping him from breaking down were his years of self restraint.

But he couldn’t understand what was making him feel this way. He felt as if death was coming for him. Aragorn grabbed his arm and he gasped in surprise. Aragorn was the one truly surprised at eliciting a sound from the elf. He sometimes went weeks without hearing his voice outside of his uncontrolled screams in the throws of passion.

He pushed them into a nearby chamber, sure that no one would miss them. He was rewarded by there being a few stone slabs in the room and he tossed Legolas face down across the slab, pulling down off Legolas’ tunic as he relieved himself of his own trousers.

“You are mine to give! You are mine to take! How dare you give yourself to Boromir!” Aragorn yells as he yanks the elf’s leggings down.

He thrust into Legolas in his usual manner and was greeted with a whimper from the elf. Aragorn smiled as he continued to dish out his punishment, feeling that if he beat the elf the wounds or weakened state may cause questions. He pulled out of Legolas and thrust back in savagely and Legolas let out a strangled cry that reverberated off the walls.

“Keep silent!” Aragorn hisses, watching Legolas’ hands grope for anything. Usually the elf held onto him for dear life, panting and crying out. But this time he refused to give the elf even that false pleasure, he wanted him to feel pain and nothing else.

Legolas felt this was the first time he had been attached to his body. This place, Aragorn, he wanted to die. His detachment this time felt different. The room in the mine started to spin. He had no idea of when Aragorn pulled out. Without the man holding him up his knees gave way and he slides off the slab to the ground. Try as he might he couldn’t move, not even when Aragon sent the sharp blows into his ribs.

He heard sounds around him that weren’t Aragorn. He had a feeling that he was being moved but it was like he had been drugged. Something splashed on his face. Water. He sputtered, finally coming to life and seeing Boromir holding a dagger to Aragorn’s throat.

“What-” Legolas asked, sitting up and wincing at the pain in his ribs. He suspected a couple were broken.

“We heard your cries and found this… this… this THING attacking you. What would you have us do with him?”

“Legolas,” Aragorn growled. Legolas stood and took slow measured steps towards the men, the hobbits watched in silent confusion and Gimli just looked at him with what might be pity but he wasn’t really sure. He took the knife from Boromir and tossed it aside as Aragorn stood and everyone stared in disbelief as Gandalf only lowered his head in sadness.

“Legolas, why? After what he did, you should want to see him dead.” Aragon laughed long and hard, from deep within his belly, a laugh Legolas thought was more suited to Boromir. Boromir glared at Aragorn and drew his sword. “You may be willing to let him live, but I am not.”

“Stop it,” Legolas whispers.

“Yes there is no reason for us to fight,” Aragon says smiling. “I feel we can come to an easy agreement.”

“My sword running you through is the only agreement I can see.” Boromir says, not backing down.

“I can give you what you want,” Aragorn says, raising an eyebrow when Boromir advanced. “Something that would give you much more pleasure than running me through,” Aragorn decided to stop beating around the bush when he saw his words had no effect on the Steward. “I can give you Legolas.”

“What right do you have to give him to me?” Boromir growls. “Is he not a prince?” Legolas stared in utter disbelief.

“A what?!” He gasped.

“Boromir, Boromir, I was just jesting. Legolas is mine to do with as I please. He is only here because I allow it.”

“Allow how.” Boromir says and Aragorn is glad he has lowered the sword for the moment, but he is still aware that it is unsheathed.

“Legolas was a gift to me when I came of age. I do with him as I please as Lord Elrond does with his father, I am his master. Mirkwood elves are for our amusement, whatever that amusement might be. The only reason Legolas is worth anything on this quest at all is because I had him trained in archery as a hunting companion in my youth. Before I found more interesting things to do with him.”

Realization hit Boromir than rage. He lifted the sword and aimed it in Legolas’ chest. “Is this true? Are you nothing more than a plaything?” Legolas said nothing, which was all the truth Boromir needed as he slammed Legolas with the blunt end of his sword. Legolas tasted his own blood but for the moment was back to the unfeeling mute.

“You dare! A slave dare to treat himself as an equal among us? Even the little hobbits are your betters.” Boromir raged as Aragon saw his much fabled pride firsthand. “You lead me to believe that you were worthy of my attention when it was you who should have been lucky to walk in my shadow!” Boromir rants some more as Legolas remains silent knowing if he was anything like Aragorn, actually answering would be much worse.

He sneaked a glance at the rest of the fellowship and Gimli was looking at him smugly, the hobbits seemed to all be in different stages of grief for him. Gandalf stood aside, silent refusing to look in the direction of what was happening, not that he{Legolas} had really expected anyone to help him. He was many things, but a fool was not one of them. Gandalf drew the hobbits to him as the elf was taken back into the other chamber.

“Noooo!” Frodo’s small voice cried, tears in his eyes.

He was pulled up by the hair and he exhaled sharply as the pain from his ribs was compounded with thousands of hairs ripping from his head. Boromir exchanged a glance with Aragorn and roughly started to remove his tunic eager to get to the naked elf.

“Gimli, you’re welcome to my elf as well,” he called out to the other chamber.

“I’d rather save my strength for the Orcs.”

Boromir shoves Legolas down on the stairs and releases himself from his own trousers. Just looking at Legolas exposed pale body sent spasms of heat to his groin. He slid his hands across his skin, marveling at the silken feel, annoyed at Legolas’ unresponsiveness.

“No response from the pleasure I give you, maybe a better one from the pain,” Boromir growls, slamming his hands down on Legolas’ injured ribs and capturing the elf’s lips in a searing kiss, eliciting a whimper from the prone elf. He lifted Legolas’ legs onto his shoulders and slowly pushed forward.

Again Legolas lost control moaning and whimpering as the man claimed him. His vision danced and he saw bright streaks of red. He tried to look to the sky to detach himself from the scene and looked at the ceiling and swore it was falling in on him, causing a scream as Boromir came.

“Stop this horror,” Gandalf says, finally coming in.

“This is none of your concern,” Boromir says as Aragorn is whispering something to the man that has him raise an eyebrow and come closer to the panting elf.

“Why not care for the hobbits?” Aragorn says.

“How does this aid the fellowship?” Gandalf says annoyed.

“It was Legolas’ own choice to come on this quest.”

“And what good will he be dead?” Gandalf demands as Boromir strokes the unresponsive elf.

“He may be of no use now, his eyes are closed,” Aragorn says coldly. Gandalf rushes over and pushes the men aside, placing the light of his staff directly over Legolas’ face. His eyes slowly open, responding to the magic light but he remains unconscious.

“Come, bring his clothes,” Gandalf says to the hobbits who give the men a wide berth.

They help Gandalf dress Legolas and the hobbits carry Legolas as the wizard leads the way. Not a one of them acknowledges the men or dwarf. They are in a grand chamber when Boromir breaks the silence with a loud bellow.

“He deserved it! Would you let your servant be on an equal level as you?”

“Anyone with a good heart should be treated no different from any other, be they hobbit, elf, dwarf, or man,” Frodo says, glancing at a smiling Sam.

Gandalf, on the other hand, checks on the elf who the hobbits have carefully laid down. His eyes were open and empty but he knew the elf’s spirit was still there, hiding, cowering from the darkness of the mine and the pain in his broken body. But despite what he said, he knew the elf was far from death and would most likely rouse when he saw the sky again.

“Legolas, I fear you may be left in this mine if you do not rouse. Aragorn does not feel the smallest bit of love for you. And would only count the moments until he could get another elf. The hobbits can not carry you farther. I will take the burden upon myself, but this body is old. Even your slight form will be too much for me before long. I’ve given you all that I can, you must live.”

“We must keep moving,” Aragon says as he’s glared at. Gandalf nods in agreement and that seems to be the only reason the hobbits follow. Gandalf takes Legolas in his arms and is surprised to find he’s even lighter than he assumed, but not light enough.

They are soon being chased by orcs and a troll and Gandalf reluctantly places the elf down as Aragorn and Boromir barricade the door. They are all fighting for their lives and no one is there to protect Frodo when the troll runs him through. The screams of horror from Sam are finally enough to draw Legolas out of his self induced stupor. Feeling as if he’s in a dream, he kills the troll.

“Oh no.” The tone of remorse startles Legolas and he turns to Aragorn, who turns Frodo over as the hobbit starts to cough.

“I’m alright.”

“You should be dead.”

“I think there’s more to this hobbit then meets the eye,” Gandalf says.

Legolas’ head spins as Gimli also exclaims his wonder, even with his muddled senses the danger coming towards them was all too real.

“To the bridge of Khazad-dum.” The entire fellowship runs but is soon surrounded by orcs. But just as quickly as they appeared they ran.

“What’s this new devilry?”

“A balrog.” Legolas blinked, he had not just heard that. “A demon of the ancient world, this foe is beyond any of you, run!”

Boromir was in the lead followed by Legolas. Legolas watched as he ran towards a broken part of the stairs, somewhere in his mind as he watched Boromir struggle to keep his balance that no one would blame him but he couldn’t do it anymore than he could kill Aragorn. He grabbed Boromir and fell backwards, keeping them both from dying.

The next thing he knew, they were all running for the bridge. He had n interest in what Boromir may have thought as they reached a break in the stairs. Legolas easily jumped and called to the only person he cared about in this fellowship besides the hobbits.

“Gandalf!” The wizard jumped into his arms. Followed by Boromir, a hobbit under each arm, Sam being tossed, then that fool dwarf attempting to make the leap only to be saved by Legolas, who pulled him by the beard a little rougher than needed. They all watched in horror as the stairs collapsed trapping Aragorn and Frodo on the other side.

Legolas had to admit he was impressed by the fact that Aragorn was able to save them both, but what little respect he had for the man vanished when he caught the man and Aragorn took the life threatening moment to grind into him.

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