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Bound 5/?They had made it through the mines at a very great price. Gandalf the Grey had fallen, the balrog claiming him as his own. Legolas is confused and it is not because of Gandalf’s death. That he understood all too well despite his immortality; Mirkwood elves didn’t always last as long as they should, be it beatings or simply giving up.

What is confusing him was his new found vigor. Although his ribs still burned, he felt as if a weight had been lifted off him; as if he had started a new life. The only thing that made sense to him was that he couldn’t take the darkness of the mine, but he felt a change in his body he could not place. When Aragorn ordered for them to keep moving, he knew he was right and followed the order, urging the hobbits to listen to the man.

They are making their way to Lorien and he knew it was because Aragorn was lost on what to do without the wizard. Why Elrond trusted this in Aragorn’s hands he would never know. They practically ran the entire way to the Golden Wood. Legolas sensed the elves and drew his bow, knowing he would never have the good fortune to be shot.

It was then he saw him. The elf smirked at him in a haughty manner. No doubt about it now, he was back to slave.

“Legolas, the rumors of the elf granted to Elrond’s foster son pale to the truth. Aragorn of the Dundain,” Haldir says, turning to the man.

“Haldir o Lorien We come here for help. We need your protection.”

“You bring great evil here, you can not continue.” Aragorn leads Haldir to the side. Legolas stood a few feet away as Aragorn started arguing with the March Warden in Elvish. Legolas wasn’t really listening until he heard his name hinted at by Haldir. In seconds he is traded for the fellowship’s entrance.

Galadriel received them with some thinly veiled comments towards Boromir and Sam and he knew the lady could read minds. When she invited them to rest, who knew what she really said into Frodo’s mind that had the hobbit so startled. Despite his station, they gave Legolas beautiful clothes and he saw other slaves around him all wearing the same filmy pink material around their waist over their tunics. It was the haunted look in their eyes that had him know for sure what they were.

He heard the lament for Gandalf and grief seemed to seized his heart as he remembered the wizard and the ways he tried to help him. He didn’t have long to grieve when he was approached by Aragorn.

“You heard my discussion with Haldir. You will please him and prove your worth to the fellowship in the only way you really can.” With a spank on his bottom, he is sent off as he felt eyes boring into him. He turns to see Boromir and Gimli huddled close together, talking and looking in his direction.

‘No doubt planning how next to torment me.’ He walks and is pointed to where Haldir resides. He climbs the ladder slowly, very aware that he hadn’t started healing. He enters the darkened chamber.


“Beautiful little leaf.” Haldir said huskily and despite the darkness, Legolas could make out the other elf easily. He started unbuttoning his tunic. “Stop.” His hands froze in place. “Quite obedient, aren’t you? I want you to sing. I can still remember the last time Elrond sent you to the Golden Wood. You were a beautiful child.”

Legolas stared, if there was one thing Aragorn had made clear was that he never wanted to hear the elf sing again. But at the same time he had been ordered to make Haldir happy. He tried to start singing one of those happy songs he used to makeup in the spur of the moment and the first word caught is throat and came out a gargle.

“What was that? You better sing or I’ll have Aragorn deal with you.” Legolas froze his ribs were already broken how much more could he take? How much more could he take at all? Haldir was bringing back memories from a past he was starting to believe belonged to another elf. “You’re trying my patience.”

Legolas’ mind raced and the words came pouring out along with the raw pain that bared his very soul.

“I tried to kill the pain

But only brought more

I lay dying

And I’m pouring crimson regret and betrayal

I’m dying Praying Bleeding and Screaming

Am I too lost to be saved

Am I too lost?

My God my tourniquet

Return to me salvation

My God my tourniquet

Return to me salvation

Do you remember me

Lost for so long

Will you be on the other side

Or will you forget me

I’m dying Praying Bleeding and Screaming

Am I too lost to be saved

Am I too lost?

My God my tourniquet

Return to me salvation

My God my tourniquet

Return to me salvation

(Legolas broke the song for a moment so lost in himself as he truly screams the next line)


My God my tourniquet

Return to me salvation

My God my tourniquet

Return to me salvation

My wounds cry for the grave

My soul cries for deliverance

Will I be denied


My suicide

Legolas stops he was panting. He was acutely aware of the silence. Where had those words come from? Even the lament for Gandalf had stopped. How loud had he been singing? He turns to Haldir who was shrouded in shadow refusing to look at Legolas. “Get out,” he whispered.

Legolas climbed down the ladder and his feet had barely touched the floor when he is grabbed by the hair and slammed into the tree. He would have fought back but he could smell the stench of Aragorn for miles.

“Your request can be granted,” he growls in Legolas’ ear.

“Aragorn!” The man turned, holding Legolas in front of him like a shield, a hand clamped on his throat. The elf wheezed; as Boromir approached Aragorn relaxed, though he didn’t allow Legolas to breathe and he was fading fast.

“Yes, Boromir?”

“Um, are elves supposed to be blue?” Boromir asks, raising an eyebrow at Legolas.

“Oh.” Aragorn says, letting go of Legolas. The elf falls to the floor and rolls over onto his back, gasping for air. “Is there a reason you followed me?”

“I figured you were coming for him. I couldn’t sleep.”

“So…oh, you want him again.” Boromir grins.

“Gimli too, he keeps saying something about his axe.”

“Alright, I think I’ll go to sleep. I’ll deal with him in the morning.”

Boromir lifts Legolas into his arms, cradling the elf like a baby. Legolas just stares ahead as Boromir walks to another part of the Golden Wood. He placed Legolas carefully down and started removing the elf’s tunic. Boromir was silent yet careful, nothing like the man he had been in the mine. Legolas could care less if he wanted to play nice now, it would end the same.

“Gimli, finally. Do you have it?” Legolas didn’t bother to look at the dwarf as he sat beside the man.

“Of course. I had to wait for him to fall asleep.” Gimli looks over Legolas’ ribs. “It’s even worse than I thought.”

Legolas shivered as a cold substance is carefully rubbed on his aching ribs. He stared at the dwarf and man in shock as they carefully bandaged his injuries. Boromir didn’t say a word and Gimli just grunted now and then as they finished their work.

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