Bound pt07

Bound 6/?Legolas blinks; had he fallen asleep? The warmth of the sun had woke him as it rose over the Golden Wood. He looked around him, Gimli is snoring loudly and Boromir is nowhere to be seen. He lifts his tunic and looks at the bandages he is wearing. He hadn’t said a word, allowing Gimli and Boromir to do what they wanted to him. He vaguely wonders where they got the healing salve when a roar interrupts his thoughts.

“Legolas!” Aragorn exclaims as Gimli jumps to attention, clutching his ax. Legolas followed the bellow, wondering what the man wanted before he remembered. He just had to sing that stupid song for Haldir loud enough for Aragorn to hear.

He walked over to the man and stood staring at the floor. Aragorn pulled his head up and pushed back his hair. ‘What now?’ He calmly unbuttons Legolas’ tunic and touches the bandages.

“What did you do? Wait until Boromir and I were asleep to steal from me?” Legolas looked at him, confused, and was taken by surprise by the blow between his legs. Legolas howls as the sleepy dwarf finally reaches the area where Aragorn and the hobbits spent the night.

“Aragorn?” Gimli says looking at Legolas, who is clutching his injured elfhood, tears in his eyes.

“My salve is for the injured, it is not to be wasted on the likes of you,” Aragorn yells, kicking Legolas savagely as he curls into a fetal position.


“Not now, Gimli,” Aragorn says, kicking Legolas again as the elf whimpers in pain.

“What are you doing?” Boromir exclaims, his wet hair slapping him in the face.

“He stole from me! He had the nerve to take my healing salve.”

“I took it!” Boromir yells.

“What? Why?” Aragorn asks.

“Do you know how annoying it is to try to enjoy yourself with him crying and moaning about his ribs?” Boromir says, thinking it sounds completely dumb but Aragorn seems to buy it.

“Oh! Boromir you know, I forgot to show you his best part.” Aragorn says like a child with a toy. “Oh get up you big baby.”

Legolas stands slowly, feeling each and every one of his new bruises and his old ones all over again. Aragorn stepped forward and placed a hand on each of Legolas’ shoulders, then nibbled a pointed ear. Legolas moaned as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he went weak in the knees.

Aragorn sank down with Legolas while Boromir and Gimli watched in disbelief as Legolas quickly discarded Aragorn of his shirt. He wriggled out of his leggings and pulled at the bindings to Aragorn’s.

“I don’t-” Boromir starts.

“Understand? Legolas likes to act like he doesn’t want it.” Aragorn is cut off by a fervent kiss from the highly aroused elf. “But as you can see mmm,” Aragorn says as Legolas kisses his neck, “he wants this more than ah!” Aragorn exclaims as Legolas frees his straining manhood and starts to stroke it with his long slender fingers. Boromir storms off in disgust.

Legolas, the elf that would no more kiss Aragorn then move into Moria, felt odd. Instead of the usual fog he felt that had one drive and one drive only, his release, he felt like an observer. As if he was in two places. His second form, if he could call it that, was standing and watching through his eyes when he heard a voice.

“Is this what you want?”

“Gandalf?!” Legolas exclaims, shocked. Not only is the wizard supposed to be dead, he knew he was in his own mind

“Legolas, you know Mirkwood elves were once free.”

“I’ve heard stories.”

“So you know it was at the end of the second age after Oropher foolishly dashed into battle during the Last Alliance.” Legolas shakes his head, he had never heard such.

“He was killed, leaving his son, Thranduil as king of all Mirkwood.”

“Ada king?!” Legolas exclaims and Gandalf continues.

“But the elves of Rivendell and Lorien did not take it well. Oropher’s rush cost all sides dearly. None more than Mirkwood itself but it was decided that your people would be in servitude to the other elven realms as a form of reparation. Sometime in this they found your unique talents and the nature of your service changed drastically and became permanent.”

Legolas blinks, his ada was a King? It couldn’t be true. Legolas’ mind started to swirl as he started to be pulled back to his body. He opened his eyes as Aragorn pulled out of him and he stood, knowing there was water nearby. He didn’t bother putting his clothes back on as carried them to the water.

Aragorn watched the elf go in disbelief. Usually he was too exhausted to even move; now he was acting as if nothing had just happened, not even that strange withdrawal he went through for a few moments. Legolas dropped his clothes on the grassy ground and stepped into the cool water.

He closes his eyes for a moment standing in the water up to his waist to keep his bandages dry as he tried to understand what his vision of Gandalf meant. It was clear the wizard hadn’t finished what he had to say but what was his point? The past was the past, they were trapped now. But more importantly, how had the wizard contacted him at all? How had he entered his mind?

Legolas started to peel off his bandages, having a need to dive into the water and just swim. He places the bandages on top of his clothes. His ribs were still injured but not as severely as they had been. Where they had been broken they were now bruised and where they had been bruised they were healed.

He lowers his head, dousing his hair as it clung to him. He stood swiftly, bending over wasn’t the smartest thought he had had today, as he clutched his ribs, greeted by throbbing pain. He leans back and floats in the water, drifting closer to shore. He closes his eyes, his arms dangling, waiting for the pain to subside.

He’s taken completely off guard when a pair of strong arms pull him the short distance to shore and tosses him to the grass. What on earth did Aragorn want now? He turned to the man and blinks in surprise.

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