Bound pt10

Bound 9/?

Legolas drapes his tunic over a branch and waits. Aragorn approaches him and is so close to Legolas he’s breathing down his neck. Aragorn runs his fingers along the bandages and smiles. Haldir had used a special sap to attach the bandages instead of mummifying Legolas.

There was a way to remove them without pain; just a little water and they would just slide off. ‘But that wouldn’t be any fun.’ Aragorn turns at a sound and watches Gimli leave. He turns back to Legolas and rips the bandages off. Legolas screams and grabs hold to the tree as Aragorn continues ripping and Legolas swallows his pain and endures the rest in silence.

“Aw, come on. You know how much I love to hear you scream,” Aragorn says, smiling. He runs his hand along the mostly smooth back. There were red marks where he had removed the bandages and a few lash marks that remained flawing the otherwise perfect back.

“So, first Boromir and now Haldir? Isn’t my bed enough to satisfy you? I guess I need to give you more of me. Turn around.”

Legolas turns as Aragorn lifts a few strips of his bandages off the Forest floor. “Raise your arms over your head.” Legolas does so and his arms are tied so that any slight movement of his arms is painful as they are stretched on either side of him slightly higher then his head forming a ‘Y’.

He pulls Legolas leggings down and takes a moment to savor the sight Legolas made. His hair was still unbraided from his bath so many hours ago and was in wild disarray. He strokes the hair that felt like spun silk and pulled Legolas into a deep kiss.

“But you know you must be punished, in the only way you seem to understand.”

‘Another beating.’ He was surprised he had healed from the last one, but here is another. Legolas tries to turn but the pain in his arms stops him.

“No, no, I’ll return for you in a hour or so,” Aragorn says as Legolas watches perplexed as he reaches down to kiss him. ‘Hanging from a tree wasn’t that horrid’ is Legolas’ last coherent thought as Aragorn nibbles on his ear. He arches into Aragorn trying to get some contact as Aragorn pulls away more. “An hour.”

The elf moans, not really understanding the words in this state but he understands the loss of the touch he so desperately needs. So much so that hips thrust into empty air searching in vain for some contact. Aragorn watches for a few minutes but quickly leaves when his leggings start to constrict and he starts to lose his resolve to make the elf suffer in this new torment. Just looking at the way Legolas is making himself sweaty was getting him harder.

He would go find Boromir and talk about the stupid history of Gondor; that would dull his craving. And if not he could take the elf when the hour was up. Yes, that was what he would do.

Inwardly Legolas is confused, he is with Gandalf again but this time the wizard refuses to stop screaming. What was wrong with the Istar? Wasn’t it enough that he had given Legolas a physical form inside his own mind and his eyes were like a window to reality? That while he knew he was strapped to a tree his arms bound over his head here he had full use of all his limbs? But did the wizard want to finally explain this? No all he wanted to do was scream, like some mad man.

Legolas sank to his knees as the sound seems to echo around him. It was just one word over and over again.

“Fight! Fight! Fight!” Legolas moans, wanting to be anywhere but in his mind. He starts moving to where he recently could watch what is happening to him. He is surprised to not see Aragorn and to see his body thrusting into air. His hands still on his ears, his physical body senses something and turns.

“Not them… it can’t be them… shut up you blasted wizard!” Legolas roars and his actual body whispers wizard.

“… borders secure. But that is not what I wanted to discuss,” Haldir says, looking at Celeborn so he doesn’t understand why his lords eyes suddenly widen in shock. He turns and gasps.

He can’t help but gape at Legolas naked and bound to the tree. He Rushes over and shakes Legolas a little. The elf whimpers as he tries to rub into Haldir. Legolas watches his body react to Haldir’s concern in despair. He just felt more anger at Gandalf for causing him to see what his traitorous body was doing from the outside. And the wizard still refused to shut up.

“Fight what damn you!” Legolas yells again and again the last word of his phrase is said by the body he could not seem to control. ‘Maybe he could… but would that even work? If that blasted Istar would silence himself maybe he could think straight.’

“Legolas listen to me-”

“Haldir don’t waste your breath; there are only two things he will understand in this condition. Pleasure and pain.”

“I won’t take him like that,” Haldir says quickly and slaps Legolas.

“No, Haldir. The pain I speak of is more severe. A better term for it would be agony.”

“We can’t hurt him like that,” Haldir says, fear in his eyes. “Aragorn beats him enough.”

“My granddaughter,” Celeborn mutters, shaking his head. “No, there is a simple enough way.”

“He can pleasure himself,” Haldir says, proud of his brilliance as he draws his elven dagger to free Legolas.

“Wait. Legolas craves contact; he will get nothing from trying to pleasure himself in this state. This was once something shared only by the closest of lovers. But you can…”


“Won’t take him, I understand that. I’m not asking you to. Stand behind him and stroke him. Make sure you press into him. Accept his reactions.”

“Do I-”

“Who would Legolas be more mortified at finding granting him release? A friend or the lord of the golden wood?”

Legolas sighs as Haldir reluctantly stands behind him. Haldir clearly didn’t want anything to do with him. He hadn’t realized he disgusted the March Warden so much.

“I’m sorry,” Legolas whispers.

“Can he speak?” Haldir whispers.

“If he does it will be along the lines of ‘harder’, ‘faster’, ‘yes’, ‘more’, and so forth,” Celeborn says in a somewhat tired tone.

Haldir starts carefully stroking the elf, trying to ignore the way Legolas was grinding into him and moaning in his pleasure. He turns his head as Legolas tries to kiss him.

“Accept him, it will be faster,” Celeborn says. Haldir looks up, he had almost forgotten his lord was there. Legolas tries again and they lock lips and Haldir is reluctant to open his mouth but finally succumbs to the elf as their tongues fight a duel for domination. Legolas moans again as Haldir wins the battle and he is hurtling closer and closer to his release.

Legolas feels his detachment slipping as he comes closer to his climax. He cries out in Haldir’s mouth as his seed coats the March Wardens hand. Legolas slumps for a moment as Celeborn finally steps forward to cut Legolas’ bindings. The elf’s arms fall lifelessly to his side as he sinks more into Haldir.

“Sit. He will need a moment.” Celeborn instructs and with a sweep of his robe joins the elves on the forest floor. A few moments later, Legolas groans, holding his head and then dropping his arms as more pain surges through his body. It takes a few more seconds to orient him as he recalled what had just happened.

He moves away from Haldir quickly, looking around for his tunic and leggings. His leggings were in a pile on the floor and his tunic was exactly were he left it. He dresses quickly and is pulling on his soft boots when Celeborn speaks.

“Legolas?” He looks over at Celeborn who cocks his head towards Haldir.

“I’m sorry, I won’t bother you again.” Legolas quickly walks away, leaving both Haldir and Celeborn slightly stunned. Legolas walks unknowing of his destination and nearly trips over Aragorn and Boromir. Aragorn is stunned to see the elf but quickly recovers.

“Did I tell you you could leave? How did you even… who was it?”

“I don’t know-” Legolas says, right before he’s backhanded by Aragorn. The ring on his hand cuts the elf’s cheek.

“Liar! Who was it?!”

“They were gone when I-” Legolas doesn’t get to finish as Aragorn slaps him again and he falls into Boromir’s lap. The man laughs and shoves him off.

“I’ve have a much more important appetite to satisfy. I’ll try to save you dinner,” Boromir says before walking off.

“I can’t leave you alone for a minute. Rutting on a tree with a random elf. You were all too happy to bend over for them. Weren’t you?” Legolas doesn’t look up from his position on the floor. Aragorn would blame him for anything.

“Come here,” Aragorn growls and Legolas stands and walks over.


“Do you want to go after him?”

“Why?” Haldir asks.

“After what you told me-”

“What good does it do me?” Haldir jumps as they hear a heart-wrenching scream. “What was that?” Celeborn stands, believing he has a good idea.


Legolas is clawing at the earth, his body burning where Aragorn had entered him without preparation. The man stops for a moment realizing that Legolas was much too tight for someone who had just been taken.

“So they didn’t have you? You took someone?!” Aragorn says with mirth in his voice. “Now there is a sight I would have liked to see. Don’t cry,” he whispers to Legolas, almost sounding tender. “You know you can enjoy it.”

Legolas refuses to believe such a thing. There was no way anyone could enjoy such a thing with a clear head. All he felt was pain. Aragorn, he already knew, derived pleasure from pain but this could not be enjoyed by those with a heart. Aragorn expended himself quickly and pulls out of the elf, noticing blood.

“You’re bleeding; you may want to take care of that before coming back to civilized company.”

Legolas tries to stand and doubles over in agony. He starts to crawl to a tree and collapses against it as he pulls his leggings back up. Celeborn and Haldir arrive in the clearing and see Legolas leaning his head against a tree and besides a slight trickle of blood on his cheek, he looks uninjured.

“Legolas?” He looks up at the two elves. “Did you scream?”

“It was nothing,” Legolas says, wishing he could melt into the tree. As if he hadn’t debased himself in front of these two enough. “I would like to be alone.”

“Legolas, let me look at your cheek and bandage it for you,” Haldir says.

“I will be fine, I have disturbed you enough.”

“Legolas, come here,” Celeborn says in a tone that doesn’t leave much room for discussion. Legolas stands slowly and the pain he felt sitting intensified. He takes a step, ignoring the pain shooting from his lower body. How could he possibly enjoy such a thing in any state of mind? He doesn’t even realize he’s falling until Haldir’s strong arms wrap around him.

“Legolas?!” He looks at Haldir with pain-tinted eyes. “What happened?”

“Aragorn. he… there was no preparation.”

“Disgusting! Weak!” Haldir yells and Legolas shrinks away. Haldir doesn’t understand why Legolas starts to fidget and tightens his hold.

“Legolas, he means Aragorn. Calm down,” Celeborn says and Haldir looks at Legolas surprised.

“Why would I say such a thing to you?”

“It’s clear I disgust you, you didn’t even want to touch me.”

“But, Legolas-”

“It’s alright. You’re the kindest elf I’ve met in a long time. There are times when I disgust myself.”

Haldir didn’t have words for that revelation. He didn’t have words for this Legolas at all. An elf who didn’t believe in love, who did not believe anyone could look at him in anything but disdain. Haldir decides right there and then that it would not continue. He would show Legolas what it was to love if it was the last thing he did.

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