Bound pt11

Bound 10/?

The twins, Turin and Laieth walked in the woods of Lorien, sneaking up on a surprisingly distracted Haldir. The only thing that stops them from getting too close is the arrow of Haldir’s brother, Rumil.

“Do you think grandmother would approve?” Elladan asked, grinning, and Haldir blinked, noticing them for the first time.

“Haldir, are you alright?” Elrohir asked.

“I’m fine,” Haldir replied. “You aren’t expected.”

“Well no, we aren’t actually here to see them; we wanted to join up with baby brother.”

“Baby brother?” Haldir asked perplexed.

“Aragorn,” Elrohir said and Haldir snapped his bow without noticing. Elladan raised his eyebrow but said nothing.

“Well they all left yesterday, and good riddance I say,” Rumil said.

“Aragorn was that annoying?” Elrohir asked.

“The man? I barely saw him; it was that stupid elf. He was a bad influence on our pets.” Turin and Laieth exchanged a look. While Rivendell was far from a paradise for a Mirkwood elf, Lorien had to be hell. This was where they had done the breeding. Where they had first ‘discovered’ their ears.

“Yes. Can you take us to our grandparents then? We have something to discuss with them.”

“Follow me,” Haldir said, leaving his brother to lead the border patrol. They had barely entered Lothlorien when Galadriel walked over to the group. “Come with me. Return to your post, Haldir.”

If Haldir was surprised at being dismissed so quickly he didn’t show it. Instead, he bowed to the lady and turned, heading back the way that he came.

“Grandmother, we-”

“I know why you came, Elladan, and there is something you both must see.”

They followed their grandmother, knowing exactly what she was going to show them; a vision of the future from her mirror. The four of them stood around the pool as she pours the water. They watch the scene develop in horror and fascination. Boromir necking with Legolas against a tree, a single whispered word falling from Legolas’ lips. ‘Orcs.’ Boromir seeing Frodo in the distance and going after the hobbit as the orcs came.

They watched as Boromir fell defending Merry and Pippin. They watched Aragorn kill the orc that had done in Boromir. They watched as the Ring-bearer escaped and the Dwarf fought on, but they were all afraid to ask; What had happened to Legolas?

He appeared then, clutching his knives and looking like he had taken a bath in blood. Aragorn listened to Boromir’s last words then turned on Legolas. Legolas sank to his knees and Aragorn drew his sword. Turin buried his face in Laieth’s chest and even the twins turned away.

“They are half a day ahead of you. If you do not catch them-”

“We will go now. How did they leave?” Elrohir asked.

“Boat, of course,” Galadriel said, leading them to the spot the fellowship had departed not long before. “You and your pets can pair up in the boats. They are already prepared with supplies.”

“Where’s Grandfather?” Elladan asked as Turin and Laieth shove the boats into the water. Galadriel waved her had dismissively.

Come on, brother,” Elrohir said. “We don’t have time for this.”

They climbed into the boats and speed off, chasing after the fellowship. Further down the river, the fellowship’s boats are lazily drifting as they search for a suitable place to set up camp.

Legolas didn’t understand how a suitable place could be found. They were surrounded on both sides by the enemy and the smartest thing to do would be to travel as far as the water would take them and continue on foot for longer. They couldn’t stop here; they shouldn’t.

“We’ll stop here,” Aragorn said, motioning to the shore as all three boats turn. Legolas grimaced as he turns his boat in. The Orcs were still some ways off, if they did not tarry long they may be safe. “We cross the lake at nightfall, hide the boats, and continue on foot. We approach Mordor from the north.”

“Oh, yes? Just a simple matter of finding our way through Emyn Muil? An impassable labyrinth of razor-sharp rocks? And after that, it gets even better! Festering, stinking marshlands, as far as the eye can see!” Gimli exclaims, glaring at the man that he grew to hate as he grew to like the elf.

“That is our road. I suggest you take some rest and recover your strength, Master Dwarf,” Aragorn said calmly.

“Recover my…”

Legolas ignored the dwarf’s grunt. He was too busy mustering up his courage, for what he was going to say next. He turned to Aragorn. “We should leave now.” He mentally braces himself for the blow. But it never came.

“No, I don’t have time for your stupid elf senses. Evil this and evil that. Go and gather some wood or something.”

Legolas walked off quickly, knowing Aragorn’s eyes are on him the entire time. He’s so distracted that he doesn’t notice the disappearance of the ring bearer or Boromir. A slightly more keen mind does notice.

“Where’s Frodo?” Merry asked. It’s then the ‘astute’ ranger notices the disappearance of Boromir and Frodo and goes in search of them, leaving Gimli with the hobbits.

Legolas looked up as a twig snapped and he sees Frodo approaching him. “We need to talk,” Frodo whispered and Legolas quickly pulls him up into a tree as Boromir passed under them. Legolas holds Frodo to his chest and almost laughed at the slithery voice that whispered to him of power.

“What is it?” Legolas asked, looking down at the hobbit in his arms.

“We’re leaving, tonight. We wanted you to come with us.”


“We’re not warriors but even we can see Aragorn and Boromir are no good for this quest. Boromir wants my… the ring. Aragorn, he’s… he-”

“…Would come stomping into Mordor like the fool he is to reclaim me. Gimli may be willing.”

“You won’t come?”

“If you leave, he may follow; he is a ranger and does have some skill. If we leave, Aragorn will follow, raging and bellowing the entire way. We would fail, the dark lord will rise again and all of Middle Earth would suffer.”

“I see.”

“All is not lost, you may find your guide yet. But we are surrounded by orcs. When you see your chance take it. No matter what happens, you must continue.”

“You sound like Gandalf.”

“That wizard haunts me, truly he does. Now down you go, Aragorn approaches.” Legolas dropped out of the tree, holding Frodo close. “Walk in that direction, it is safer there. But return to camp soon.”

“I will,” Frodo says, taking off as Legolas gathers a stack of wood and wonders if Aragorn would chase the hobbits to the black gate or leave them to death.

“Hello, elf,” Boromir said. Legolas turns to the man, watching him lean lazily against a beech tree. He continues to gather twigs as Boromir speaks. “You know Aragorn refuses to tell me.” He paused but Legolas asked no questions. “He won’t tell me how to make you scream for me, make you beg for me to take you. So I will find it for myself.”

With that Boromir grabbed Legolas, who dropped the twigs to the floor as Boromir pins his hands behind his back with one of his own. Boromir started his exploration on Legolas’ neck, kissing and sucking, stopping every few moments to gauge the elf’s reactions. He releaseed Legolas, knowing he won’t move, and opens his tunic, teasing his nipples into tight peaks. Legolas continued to have the Same dead expression on his face and turns to the direction the camp.

“Do I bore you, elf?” Boromir said, slightly angered. “Do you think yourself beautiful? Better than us men even as the cheap whore you are? Are you so special because your hair is softer then the fairest maiden?” Boromir asked pushing the hair aside and lightly touching the point of Legolas’ ear as Legolas’ mouth opens in an O and he inhales sharply.

“Is it these ears then, elf?” Boromir asked, smiling as he touches them again. A blush covers Legolas’ pale cheeks as Boromir’s touches were still light and not enough to make him lose all reason. Boromir reached down then and licks Legolas’ ear from lobe to pointed tip.

Legolas’ moan echoes through the trees as his knees buckled; Boromir keeps the elf on his feet as Legolas licked his lips. He forcefully pulled Boromir closer to him and the man grunted, surprised at the elf’s strength and rock hard erection.

“You want this don’t you? Aragorn and I are the best lovers you’ve ever had.”

“I’d much rather love orcs,” the inner Legolas muttersed. Gandalf had not appeared in his mental prison this time and he was free to watch or ignore what his body was doing and wondered absently why he had never cut his ears off. The hair on the back of his neck stands on end as a feeling of dread overtakes him. He looked back to where he can see Boromir and himself. His true eyes were half closed but he could still see better than any man and he saw the orcs coming maybe half a mile away.

“Not now, not now. No no no NO!” Legolas moans, this would be the death of him and the fall of the fellowship; Boromir on the other hand is having the time of his life. “YOU FOOLISH SMELLY DIRTY HUMAN.” Boromir chose that moment to kiss him or he would have heard Legolas’ whisper.

“You’ve never had a better lover have you?” Boromir asked breathlessly. “Can you name a better lover?”

“ORCS YOU FOUL MAN.ORCS!” Legolas screamed and his body jerked violently, he blinked as he realizes and recovers himself. He’s slipping back into the void when he remembered what he was trying to do. “Orcs,” Legolas whispered before he fell completely back under the influence of his ears.

“Orcs? ORCS?” Boromir roared slapping Legolas so that he falls to the floor but nowhere near painful enough to bring him out of his aroused state. He stood again reaching for the man who raised an arm to strike Legolas again when he sees Frodo and hears the hissing voice of the ring.

“Frodo! You of all of us shouldn’t be walking alone, Boromir said, the lure of the ring so powerful that he forgets Legolas completely.

Legolas, on the other hand, whimpered at the loss of contact and turned to the first warm form he feels and starts rubbing against the beech tree. Legolas’ inner self was almost dancing. He had actually regained control of his body and been able to warn Boromir, who was on his way to warn the rest of the fellowship. Legolas’ joy shatters when he realizes that Boromir is gone and he… he is… humping a tree. He has to return to himself again. The orcs are just a few heartbeats away. He screams he wails, but nothing happened. Legolas is near despair as he screams out his frustration and is soon back in his body, still screaming.

He drew his bow and knotched an arrow and shot the nearest Orc, who had been fixing an arrow in its own bow. He didn’t know when he was at last joined by, Aragorn and Gimli but he shot until his quiver was empty and he was alone again. He drew his knives, fighting as he’s surrounded.

He heard the horn blowing but couldn’t do anything about it when he hears a Voice unlike any orc or member of the fellowship. “The horn of Gondor! Hurry!” Legolas watched in awe as the elven arrows flew. He never saw the orc as its arrow pierced him in the back. His mouth opened in a silent O of surprise, but he didn’t not fall. Instead, he turned and threw one of the knives, killing the orc instantly.

The orcs started to retreat as they cower at the very sight of the elven warriors that are approaching. Warriors that had been slaughtering orcs for what seemed to be eternity to the foul beasts. Elladan went after Legolas while Elrohir, Turin, and Laieth, chased down the small group of orcs that they saw.

Legolas and Gimli reached the clearing at the same time from two different directions and saw Aragorn hovering over the body of Boromir.

“Be at peace, son of Gondor,” Aragorn said, kissing Boromir on the forehead. Legolas completely ignored the tender moment, watching as Frodo pushes a boat into the water. But where were the rest of the hobbits? It’s then that he saw Sam; at least Frodo wouldn’t be alone. He smiles slightly and that is the moment Aragon chooses to look at him.

“You dare?” Aragorn asked, drawing his sword as Legolas swoons and falls to his knees. Aragorn raised his sword but is stopped by another and looks into the eyes of his brother. “Elro- Elladan.”

“What do you think you are doing?” Elladan asked.

“He has the nerve to laugh at Boromir’s death.”

“And why should he weep?” Gimli roared. “Just another attacker dead.”

“Of course, dear baby brother loves to share,” Elladan muttered as Elrohir, Turin, and Laieth entered the clearing.

“I can do what I want; he’s mine,” Aragorn roared as Legolas fell over completely and Gimli noticed the two arrows sticking out of his back and his tunic stained with all the blood he’s lost. Elladan and Aragorn are too busy arguing to notice until Gimli slams his axe between the two as Elrohir kneels beside Legolas and starts cutting off his tunic.

“Elladan!” Elrohir exclaims when his brother continued to stare at Aragorn. He turned and is startled to see the condition Legolas was in. Turin had started a fire and was placing a knife into it.

“Are you going to gather some athelas or do I have to send you off with Boromir?” Elladan asked. Aragorn muttered something about self-righteous elves as he stomped off to find the plant. When he returned, the twins have removed the arrows. They take the plant from him and dress the wounds.

“He’s not even conscious; he’s going to die,” Aragorn said feeling they are wasting time.

“He is not some weak mortal; it will take more than two arrows to kill him. Does the term healing sleep escape you?” Elladan asked.

“Isn’t that the ringbearer?” Laieth asked, looking towards the eastern shore.

“Yes. The orcs took Merry and Pippin,” Aragorn replied casually.

“Who are we going after?” Turin asked.

“Merry and Pippin. Frodo could have stayed; he’s chosen his path, let him live with it. Besides they were always nicer.” The twins stared at Aragorn but are willing to go along with it because the road to Mordor is no road for a healing elf.

“Fine, let’s go,” Gimli grunted.

“And how do you expect to catch them with that dead weight?” Aragorn asked, indicating Legolas.

“Why don’t you worry about keeping up?”

“Should we-” Turin started, indicating going the way they came.

“Wait until he wakes, this is not the kind of news he needs,” Elladan says, standing and placing Legolas on his back in a mock piggyback ride. Elrohir shook his head and takes the elf, using his cloak as a sling to carry Legolas.

“Brother, I hope I am never injured in your presence.”

“I would have secured him,” Elladan said indignantly.

“Come, what do you want to do with him?” Laieth said, nudging Boromir with his foot.

“Send him over the falls,” Aragorn said.

Once the Boromir had been properly sent, they took up the chase for Merry and Pippin, Elladan and Elrohir set a grueling pace to catch the orcs.

Three days later, they are still searching when Legolas finally starts to wake as they pause and Aragorn finds one of the hobbit’s clasps. Turin, who was now holding Legolas since he was rotated between the elves daily, is startled to feel him start moving.


“Turin? Where am. Why-”

“We’re trying to track the hobbits that were captured by orcs because you were too stupid to send out a warning. What kind of “eyes” are you?” Aragorn says.

“Aragorn, be useful and track the orcs’ path, and Laieth keep an eye out,” said Elladan, going towards Legolas. “Here, eat some of this,” Elladan says, handing Legolas some lembas.

“Thank you,” Legolas whispered, trying to get out of Turin’s hold.

“Legolas, stay, you are too weak for this pace,” Turin says holding him tightly.

“Then leave me.”

Gimli grunted angrily at this comment but doesn’t get to speak.

“You heard him,” Aragorn said, returning. “They are heading for Saruman,” he said before Elladan can ask.

“Horses, lots of them. Men of the mark I believe,” Laieth says.

“Why couldn’t I get him?” Aragorn muttered. “He’s useful,” he added as they get out of the direct path of the horses.

They came back as the horse-lords surrounded them drawing spears. Their leader addresses them and they have an unlikely spokes person in Gimli.

“What do four elves, a dwarf, a man, and a woman seek in the mark?”

“Woman?!” Gimli roared, “Where do your foolish eyes see a woman?” Eomer points to Legolas and Aragorn chuckles. Legolas’ head is turned towards Turin and all that was visible was long blond hair and a very slight form.

“That is no woman!” Gimli roared yet again.

“We are searching for a band of orcs that passed here not more than a day ago,” Elrohir said.

“And why would you search for such foul creatures?”

“They took two of our number captive-” Aragorn started.

“Hobbits-” Gimli added.


“We surprised a band in the night; we left none alive.”

“But did you see two hobbits? They would look like children to you,” Gimli said.

“I’m sorry, we left none alive. We stacked the carcasses and burned-” Gimli’s moan cut out the rest of Eomer’s explanation. Eomer whistles and four riders, each leading a horse, approach them. “May these serve you well.”

“Thank you,” Elladan said.

“Uh, maybe…” Eomer started as his men start to turn off. Elladan raises his arm for silence.

“Turin, Laieth, you will take a horse back to Rivendell, after we check for the hobbits. Elrohir and I shall share one. Legolas, you can ride with Gimli; if you feel you can.”

“I can,” Legolas whispers, standing with one fluid motion. Laieth hands him his quiver and bow and Elrohir hands him his bone knives, one of which he was sure he would never see again as Eomer stared in shock.

“Twins should never be separated,” Elrohir whispered.

“I must apologize, I did not realize. But why-”

“He was shot by two arrows in the back, he needed to heal.”

“You should have left me, then maybe Merry and Pippin…”

“Haven’t I been saying that all along?” Aragorn said, slapping Legolas on the back. “At best you are just a distraction. No better than a woman.” Legolas winces but says nothing, walking over to the horses. Eomer shakes his head, not understanding everything but seeing that Aragorn is a cruel individual as he turns his horse to catch up with his men.

“Come on, we have to see if there is anything left to save,” Elladan said.

They travel in an eerie silence to the site and Gimli was the first to attack the pile of orcs. He’s sifting through the charred remains when he finds one of the hobbits tiny scabbards and holds it up to the group.

“Well that’s it then, they’re dead,” Aragorn says, kicking around some dirt, as Elrohir looks at him oddly.

“I can’t believe I have to take credit for your training.”

“What?” Aragorn asks, annoyed.

“They went into the woods,” Laieth said.

“I knew that,” Aragorn said as they ran into the woods.

Elladan and Elrohir froze at the exact same moment, sensing the near presence. They draw their swords and the rest of the group do the same and launch into the attack but are deflected by a brilliant white light. They are all floored by the sight, one more than the others.

“Gandalf?!” Aragorn asked stunned.

“Yes, and can someone help Legolas? He seems to have fainted,” Gandalf said calmly.

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