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Bound 11/?

They are riding into Rohan to see King Theoden. Legolas, still unconscious, rode in front of Gandalf. His body refused to go further without proper rest. Nothing would rouse him, not Gandalf’s beard tickling him, not the gallop of Shadowfax, and not the hunger he was feeling. He was oblivious to it all.

Aragon looked up as they enter the gates. Standing just outside the palace is a beautiful woman with long blond hair. When he turns to look again she is gone. He turns to Turin and Laieth who are sharing a horse. They are to gather provisions before making their way back to Rivendell.

Aragorn smirked; apparently he was starting to take a liking to blonds. Turin, to him, was especially the more beautiful of the two and looked more docile as well. He carried only a bow and quiver of arrows while Laieth is armed with a bow and arrows, sword, and small axe. He especially liked Turin’s hair which was almost white while Laieth’s hair looked like Legolas’.

He watched Turin on the horse, his arms wrapped around Laieth’s waist. He was slender, like all Elves, but he wasn’t the bony twig riding with Gandalf. Of course, the fact that Aragorn kept Legolas on the brink of starvation never occurred to him as the reason ‘his’ elf was impossibly small. He looked at Elrohir riding with Gimli then, Elladan who was riding alone, and then he came to a realization that made him smile. He had no idea which of his brother’s Turin belonged to. But that didn’t really matter, brother’s shared didn’t they?

They dismounted and Gandalf handed Legolas to Turin who had walked over to the wizard. Determined, they walked up the steps and were stopped at the door.

“We can’t allow you to see the king so armed.”

Everyone gives up their weapons a little hesitantly, Gimli whispering to his ax that everything would be okay. The guard looked at Gandalf’s staff.

“You would not deny an old man his walking staff?” The guard nodded, looking a little worried but what could an old man with a stick do?

Aragorn watched Gandalf work his magic with little interest. The only good thing was that he had to keep the pretty blond from interfering. He looked at the king and watched as he seemed to loose years from his face.


Eowyn looked at the angelic being lying on the bed. They had explained to her about the open eyed sleep, and asked if anyone could keep an eye on him while everything was happening. She had happily decided to do it; if nothing else, it gave her a chance to look at an elf up close, and if he woke he could tell her about him, that handsome man he had ridden in with.

The door is pushed open and another elf enters, carrying a bow and quiver and some knives. “These are his,” he whispered, stepping back into the hall. He turns a corner and walks into Aragorn.

“Turin, right?” The elf took a step back, undisguised disgust on his face. “You and that other elf are good warriors; all things considered.”

“You have never so much as seen me raise a hand in battle,” Turin says looking around. Aragorn raised an arm to slap him and he stopped it. “Don’t touch me, *man*.”

Aragorn growled. “You go on one little adventure and you think you are my better?!”

“I am your better,” Turin said shoving him aside. Aragorn held a dagger to his neck in swift move of rage.

“Your little bow won’t help you now,” Aragorn said, leaning in for what he wants as Turin’s hand goes into a small satchel at his side.

“Aragorn!” Elladan roared. “Why are you touching MY ELF?” Aragorn froze. ‘Not Elladan!,’ he thought. ‘I was so close.’ He turned to his brother and smiles.

“Come now brother, don’t we share?”

“I share NOTHING with the likes of you. ESPECIALLY not TURIN.”

“But we’re family,” Aragorn says, trying to lighten the situation. There was a time when it would have worked but now all it did was further enrage the half-elf.

“Get out of my sight before I show you how I treat family like you!” Aragorn slunk away into the nearest room on the other side of the corridor. Once gone Elladan grinned at Turin. “My elf, just rolls off the tongue don’t you think?”

“Some master,” Turin muttered, as well smiling as he removed his hand from the satchel.

“He didn’t touch you did he?”

“No, he surprised me with the knife. But I would have been fine,” he said, patting the satchel.

“Well if he steps out of line again.”

“I think I’ll just tell Laieth,” Turin said, smiling darkly.

“They wouldn’t find enough of Aragorn to fill Gandalf’s pipe,” Elladan said, slipping an arm around Turin. “Are you sure he’s all elf?”

“Quite sure.”

“Savage that one is,” Elladan whisperd, walking into the dining hall with Turin.

“But in such a good way,” Turin whispered back happily, taking the empty seat next to his partner as Elladan sat beside his brother as they all eat.

Aragorn watched Eowyn fight an invisible enemy with a short blade before coming up behind her, she whirled swiftly and they have a short duel where he disarmed her.

“You have great skill my lady.”

Eowyn flushes. “Our women learned long ago that those who can’t wield a sword can still die by one.”

“Women should have every right to defend themselves. What is there that should stop them? A woman’s great beauty will not be enough to defend herself from attack. Combine that with skill and that will be a more fierce foe than any man,” Aragorn said and smiled when Eowyn blushed again.

“Many believe the place of women is in the home.”

“To bear children and cook the meat? While that is true.” Eowyn looked enraged. “In the sense that I cannot have children, and the only cooking I do is only fit for the wild, until such a time a woman should do as she wishes.”

“I wish others shared your view,” Eowyn said, sighing and sitting on the chair. Aragorn sat on the bed and stroked Legolas’ hair.

“I see he is in good hands, dreadful what orcs can do.”

“What happened?” Aragorn turns Legolas onto his back opening his tunic and sliding it off his limp form. He turns the elf over, and she sees the bandages.

“An arrow here and here,” Aragorn said as he touched the injured parts of Leoglas’ back.

“Should we not cover him?”

“Elves do not feel the cold like we do. He will be fine and I do not want to disturb his sleep. Elves are a good example of what I mean.”

“How so?”

“Do you find him beautiful?”

“I… well yes.”

“Now elves can be most deadly, but he is an exception; weaker line, and not as skilled, but we don’t hold it against him. I allow him to do battle and in my kingdom I will allow anyone regardless of um, disadvantages, you may say, to train.”

“What do you mean ‘Kingdom’?”

“I spoke too rashly, but you are someone that I see can be trusted.” Aragorn grabbed Eowyn’s hands. “What I say now can not leave these quarters.” Eowyn nods, proud to be trusted. “If all goes well, when this war is over and Saruron destroyed, I will take my place as king of Gondor. It is not something I ever wanted to do, if I could I would give the stewards the throne, but as Boromir, the steward, fell in this quest, I feel I must keep his wish to do good for our people.”

“I knew of Boromir; he was a brave man, and Denethor is getting along in the years.”

`Denethor? Whatever.’ “Yes, now because of a fellow member’s failure, he’s gone. I will fulfill his wish to see the greatness of Gondor restored.”

“It was him wasn’t it?” she said, glancing at the unconscious elf.

“Yes, but do not blame him for his weakness. He did not warn Boromir in time, and that was his downfall as we were accosted by orcs. But, please, when he wakes do not speak to him of such. Elves can die of grief; blaming himself will do him no good.”

“Yes, of course.”

“He will wake soon. I’ll bring some food for you both as soon as I can, but Theoden, Gandalf and I must discuss the fate of you all. A war is upon us,” Aragorn said then smiled. “Talking to you has lightened my heart and I do not even know your name.”

“Eowyn, my lord.”

“Until we meet again, my lady,” Aragorn said as he left grinning. But how can he sneak Eowyn right under the twins collective noses? And he still had to find a way to show Turin who was boss. He went to eat, mostly observing what Elladan, Elrohir, Gandalf, and Theoden discussed.


Elrohir enters the room then with two plates. “Legolas, I am happy to see you awake.”

“Thank you, Elrohir,” Legolas said as he slowly manages to sit.

“How do you feel?”

“Tired. What news of Merry and Pippin?”

“They were eaten alive by the Orcs. This is all that is left!” He says pouring both plates over Legolas’ head as he screams.


“But don’t worry, I have some good news. Seems Aragorn is more elf than man. He’s immortal, you two are going to be together forever.”

Legolas returned to awareness covered in sweat, and being shaken by a woman he’s never seen. He sat up and stares at her, wondering where he is. He didn’t even realize he was crying. When she reached for him he flinched back.

“I’ll get Aragorn for you, yes?” Eowyn says, smiling.

“No!” Legolas whisperede hoarsely.

Eowyn pours him a glass of water from a pitcher as he sat up. “Drink slowly.”

Legolas dis as he was told before he looked at her. “You are in the care of Theoden King,” Eowyn said. “Your party arrived earlier today and aided our King in freeing himself from Saruman. Aragorn said he would bring you food in a while.”

“Why?” Legolas muttered.

“Are you not friends?” Legolas let out a bitter laugh.

“What did he tell you?” Legolas asked.

“Nothing really, it was the others that brought you here and brought your weapons.”

“So everyone is alright? Did they find the hobbits?”

“I do not know what a hobbit is. Is it an animal of some sort?”

“Halflings; were there any?”

“No just a dwarf.”

“One stupid arrow.”

“You were shot twice, I was shown the injuries.”

“Twice?” Legolas thinks back to the battle. He would have known if he was shot again. Of course! When he came out of his stupor it hadn’t been by his own power it had been the pain of being shot. He must have been a fool to believe that he had the power to free himself. “A fool indeed.”

“Don’t say that! You tried your best.”

“My best got two people I was trying to protect kidnapped.”

“What of Boromir?”

“What of him?” Legolas asked.

“He died.”

“That was his own doing,” Legolas said and Eowyn stared.

“Do you feel no remorse over a death you could have avoided?”

“I did not shoot Boromir. I told him the orcs were coming and he should have heeded my warning.”

“If you’ll excuse me,” Eowyn said coldly. Legolas watched as she left the room then laid back down, not sure where he should go, and decided to ignore his hunger as he has done so many times in the past.

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