Bound pt13

Bound 12/?

Legolas awoke to pitch-blackness. He stretched out on the bed, noting that the hunger pains had returned. And now he was in a strange castle, in a strange land.

Correction, he was very hungry in a strange castle in a strange land. Where was that woman he had spoken to? He let out a little gasp as his stomach contracted painfully. He climbed out of the bed and the room started spinning. He sunk down to the floor and lay on the cold stone in a fetal position, drawing more comfort from the cold stones then he ever could from a bed.

Aragorn had even taken that from him; beds were just a place for his body to betray him. Besides, once he finished he never failed to shove Legolas off the bed, usually before Legolas had even caught his breath. He heard footsteps approaching his room and two people entered holding candles.

“Where is he?”

“Eyown said he was here, he fell off the bed,” Elrohir said, walking to Legolas.

“Legolas, are you alright?” Gandalf asked.

“Fine,” he whispered, swaying as he stands.

“I want to check your injuries, do they trouble you?”

“No,” Legolas said. “But I have only recently awakened.” Gandalf started removing the bandages and heard a rumbling.

“I see there is something else that ails you,” Gandalf said, smiling as Elrohir left. “You do not have the power of Lorien to help heal you now. You need a good meal after your fast and all the healing you endured in the last weeks. Its no wonder you collapsed.”

Legolas stared at Gandalf, even in the faint light noticing the changes in the wizard he had only glimpsed. He was now the white, and an even more powerful wizard. But was it real? Or was it some strange new madness of his ears?

“Legolas, I assure you it was quite real. You have healed well in the last few days. A good meal and you will be just fine.”

“But the things you said-”

“Maybe another night of proper rest; with what is to come who knows when you will receive it again. Legolas, I will be leaving you again.”

“But I-”

“I know you have questions but there are many tasks a wizard must attend to.”

“What about-”

“They are fine. They are stronger than they look. And the ring bearer continues on his path and the eye is not on him. We must do all we can to keep it that way.”

“He wanted me to go with him,” Legolas said absently. Gandalf smiled.

“It seems even dear Frodo sees what you do not.”

“What is-” Legolas stopped as Elrohir returned with two plates. He bolted into a corner and covered his head.

“Legolas?” Elrohir asked, confused as he places the plate of food and the plate with a candle on it on the bed. Legolas looked up, worried, and slowly moves back to the bed but makes no attempt to get back on it. “Wouldn’t you rather sit on the bed?”

Legolas climbed on instantly and finally took a look at the piled high plate. He took a piece of bread off the top and coughed at the staleness. Elrohir pulled a bottle of wine out from under his arm and grinned, then laughed when he realized he didn’t have a glass. He shrugged and handed Legolas the bottle.

“Just drink it; its just for you anyway,” Elrohir said and Legolas nodded, taking a small sip from the bottle. He devoured the meal and the wine and started to feel lethargic all over again. He says nothing about it as he learns more about the last few days but Gandalf calls it a night for him after a third barely suppressed yawn.

“Seems you truly do need one more night of rest. Sleep well, Legolas.” Gandalf stands and ushers Elrohir out of the room. Legolas waited until the sounds of their feet could no longer be heard then he slid off the
bed and curled up in a fetal position on the floor.

Elrohir walked into the room he shared with his brother sat down on the bed and sighed. “What’s the matter?” Elladan asked sitting up placing a hand on Elrohir’s shoulder. He turned to his brother, usually the sight of a half naked Elladan would do wonders for him but now he was weighed down by guilt.

“I feel terrible; he didn’t even suspect a thing.”

“We did not do it on purpose; we are not Aragorn. This day was madness,” Elladan said, trying to console his brother.

“But to forget him like that? If not for Gandalf, he would have gone hungry.”

“Do not do this to yourself; frowns should never be on your beautiful face.”

“Then we can not be twins for, brother, I swear you wear a scowl for the world. I did not see you smile once today.”

“Nay, Turin and I had a merry time. Aragorn tried to “seduce” him.”

“Seduce Turin? Why not throw himself in Mount Doom if he so devalues his life.”

“He is a fool, but I have finally met a greater fool than Aragorn.”

“Theoden was not that foolish, he is trying to the best he can for his people.”

“Not him; the woman Eowyn. She believes Aragorn to be a great man. She would give him her heart if he would take it.”

“She’d be better off marrying a troll.”

“Or a dwarf.”

“Maybe Gimli, he seems to have taken a liking to her.”

“I say, a dwarf and a shield maiden.”

“Think of the children.”

“Think of the beards!”

The twins erupted in a fit of laugher and Aragorn smirked from outside the door. The twins always stayed up taking late into the night. Well if the twins were both there, it meant that their elves would be sharing a room close by. Most likely next door.

Eowyn was at the moment unreachable as she was tending to the king and he had completely lost track of her. Legolas was off limits according to Gandalf. And a newly risen wizard did not seem like someone to upset. That just left Turin. He quietly pushed open the door to the room and saw a mass of tangled limbs, and naked flesh, barely covered by the sheet.

Aragorn grinned as he got his fill of both elves. Turin stirred and Aragorn slunk into the shadows, and sighed as the elf just tangled himself more with his lover. Aragorn realized this posed an interesting dilemma, how would he get one elf without the other.

But wait, maybe he could make them do what he wanted. Elladan hadn’t been willing to share with him; his brother. He doubts his brother would then share with some low class Mirkwood elf. This would be perfect! With this information, he could have them anytime he wanted. He looked at Laieth again and decided the elf wasn’t half bad. And he must be an amazing lay, as Turin looked exhausted; he had to be to not know the man was in the room.

Aragorn slowly moved closer to the pair and wondered if he could overpower two elves. Well, he didn’t need to for long. Just long enough to show them that going along with it would be in their best interest. He
Grasped them both by the throat and didn’t know when the tables turned. His head thudded on the headboard and one of them had him by the neck and held him down with a painful knee in the small of his back.

“Hand me my axe.”

“Laieth, I swear,” Turin said, standing. Aragorn foolishly tried to look at him and a hand like an iron vice closed on his throat.

“Are you looking at MY elf, mortal?” Laieth snarled as Aragorn choked.

Turin ignored the both of them and walked over to the twins’ room, slipping in unnoticed. A naked Elladan was straddling Elrohir, pulling at the ties to his leggings and muttering, annoyed.

“Why do you always tie them so tight?”

“Now I wouldn’t want you thinking I was easy.”

“No, you just want to make it impossible for me to get into your leggings.”

“Is that not the definition of not being easy?”

“If you weren’t so beautiful-”

“Uh, brother turn around.” Elladan whirled and saw Turin standing over the bed, grinning.

“You may want to go save your worthless human brother’s life.”

“What did he do now?”

“Seems no isn’t a good enough answer for him. I left him with Laieth.”

“By the Valar-” Elrohir exclaimed tossing his poor brother onto the castles stone floor.

“Elrohir!” Elladan exclaimed, rubbing his sore bottom. Turin helped him up and he grabbed a sheet, a lot less willing to go prancing around naked than Turin. They follow Elrohir out to the other room.

They walked in and Aragorn was lying on the bed while Laieth was standing a corner, holding his nose and a sword. The twins and Turin were perplexed and walked closer to Aragorn, turning away at the overwhelming stench of urine.

“Yes, he wet himself. Can we share?”

“What on earth did you say?” Elrohir asked.

“Nothing much.”

“Well, Aragorn, you made your bed, now lie in it,” Elrohir says as Turin quickly gathered Laieth’s and his clothes while Laieth took the weapons. Elladan moved closer to his brother, starting to wonder if he was still alive. Aragorn’s eyes were closed but there was the steady up and down motion of his chest, just barely perceptible with him on his stomach.

“Did you knock him out?” Elladan asks as they exit the room.

“Well, I wasn’t going to stay near that stench and I trust him as far as I can fling a troll,” Laieth said as he
stuck a small dagger in the door, jamming the lock and effectively trapping Aragorn inside.

The four elves walk into the twins’ room and look at the bed. Turin and Laieth dropped what they were carrying and Elrohir hands his brother his pants, frowning as he swats them away. Elrohir holds them out again, annoyed, and Elladan grinned evilly. He grabbed his pants and spun his brother around, quickly tying his hands together before Elrohir realized what was going on.

“What are you doing?! Untie me!”

“Now, dear brother, don’t make me gag you as well.”

“This looks interesting,” Turin said as he leaned against a wall, pulling Laieth against him and nibbling on his neck. They both watched as Elladan shoved his struggling brother down on the bed and straddled him.

Elrohir was mostly silent and after a particular violent buck where Elladan glared at him angrily, he finally spoke. “Why are you doing this?”

Elladan shrugged. “Just enjoy it.”

“How?” Elrohir asked, annoyed. Elladan took that moment to plunder his brother’s mouth. Elladan pulled away and grinned when Elrohir arched into him.

“See, just like that,” Elladan said and Elrohir blushed. “Its okay; I know how you feel,” he added, gripping his brother’s erection and stroking it through his leggings.

“Elladan,” Elrohir moaned, writhing under his older brother. This was pure torment; he wanted to touch his brother, to kiss him, pull him close but he had to wait for Elladan to make all the moves. Not to mention that this position was highly uncomfortable; he was losing the feeling in his arms.

Elladan had pulled Elrohir’s leggings off and pulled his brother’s legs over his shoulder. Elrohir watched him with wide eyes; ‘but he hadn’t…’ Elrohir tried to pull away but it was nearly impossible in this position. He screamed when his brother entered him without preparation.

“Stop… please… Elladan! It hurts.”

“Elrohir!” Elrohir snapped his eyes opened and stared at Laieth. “You were crying out. I’m surprised you didn’t wake him.” Elrohir lifted Elladan’s arm off him and stood. Turin and Laieth were both dressed as the sun started its trek into the sky. He looked down at Elladan; he had a small smile on his face.

Elrohir didn’t understand this about his brother. Was he the only one who ever felt any guilt about this? Was he the only one who thought that what they did was wrong? That it wasn’t natural? He loved his
Brother; as a child he had practically worshiped him.

“What are you thinking about, little one?” Laieth asked.

“Nothing really, do you remember when we met?”

“Of course. Elladan threatened my life.” Laieth said and Elrohir laughed.


“I would like to do this as logically as possible,” Elrond said. “Would all the warriors go stand to the left, artisans to the right according to craft, families remain in the center; and if you are a warrior or an artisan with a family remain with your family.” Elrond sighed as the people of Mirkwood arranged themselves. Thranduil stood with his pregnant wife off to the side, refusing to look at his people.

Celebrian was exhausted, her six-year-old twins were highly energetic and she sat down in her chair. In a few moments, she was fast asleep and Elrohir pulled Elladan out of the room. He wanted to see the new Elves. They raced to the courtyard and Elrohir started walking towards the group standing to the left, as these were the elves farthest from their ada. Elladan walked close behind him.

An elf near the front of the line saw the twin children and poked his friend beside him. He looked at the children and growled, bearing his teeth. Elrohir ran behind his brother and started crying. One elf smacked the other and he shrugged. Elladan sat his brother down right there, kissed him on the cheek and stomped over to the elves.

“I’m going to kill you,” Elladan growled at Laieth then proceeded to kick him in the shin.

“Ow!” The warrior exclaimed as he was kicked again. Turin just laughed at his friend. He walked over to Elrohir and sat down beside him.

“He’s your big brother, huh?” Elrohir nodded wiping his runny nose on his sleeve. “Come on. Laieth isn’t that scary.” He led Elrohir over to Laieth who had some how changed Elladan’s thoughts from killing him to how to kick better.

“Just like OW,” he exclaimed when Elrohir kicked him. This exclamation finally got Elrond’s attention; he
handed the parchment he was using to record all the names and trades of the artisans to Erestor and walked over. Both twins hid behind the older elves.

“What is going on here? Explain yourselves.” Turin and Laieth exchanged a glance but before they could answer, a tiny voice spoke up.

“He made Elrohir cry, so I was gonna kill him just like Glorfinny did the balgog but I didn’t have a sword so I kicked him.”

“And you?” Elrond asked, trying to make eye contact with Elrohir, who keeps hiding behind Turin.

“He said he wasn’t scary, so I kicked him too. He’s mean.”

“Where’s your mother?”

Elrond’s question is answered when Celebrian, Lindir, and Glorfindel all come out from different directions searching for the twins.

“My babies!” Celebrian exclaimed, grabbing Elladan and Elrohir and crushing them close. “Don’t ever do that again.”

“I’m sorry, nana,” Elrohir said.

“Me too. But guess what?” Elladan started getting out of his mother’s hold.

“What is it?”

“I can kick like a warrior now; look.” Elladan looked around and saw his father tilt his head towards Glorfindel. He walked over and kicked Glorfindel and he yelped. “See! I even hurt Glorfinny.”

“I wanna kick too,” Elrohir says, pulling out of his mother’s hold and pulling on Laieth’s arm.

“Hey, he was showing me first!”

“Now its my turn.”

“Nuh uh!”

“Uh huh!”





Elrond stared at his children; had he and Elros been this bad? No, they had been good children he was sure. Elladan and Elrohir were two little devils. He looked at Glorfindel.

“No more Balrog stories, please. Sort out the warriors, Erestor has parchment; Lindir do the same for the families.”

“What’s sort?” Elrohir asked. “Ada,” he whined, pulling on Elrond’s robes. “What’s sort?”

“It means put in different groups,” Celebrian explained as Elrond rubbed his temples. “See, those are all the
warriors and those people make things, like swords and robes.”

“Oh, why?”

“Because they are uh… going to be working for us and we need to know what they will be doing.”

“Oh! Hey can he work for me? I’ll give you some sweet cakes,” Elrohir asked and Laieth smiled.

“Hey! I want one too.” Elladan looked around him and his eyes settled on Turin. “What’s your name?”

“Turin.” He stopped as Elrond stared at him, along with his wife. “My father was an interesting man,” he
said, knowing they wouldn’t expect anyone to have that name.

“Ok, I’ll give Turin more sweet cakes,” Elladan said.

“Nuh uh!”

“Uh huh!”

“Nuh uh!”


“I don’t even know why ada gave in.”

“I think he was fearing for his sanity.”

“So how will you two travel back?”

“We will stop in Lorien and take our old horses back so we will not have to stop as much. We hope to reach Rivendell in a fortnight.”

“That will take some speed,” Elrohir said. “Be careful.”

“We will,” Turin replied joining the conversation, smiling as he draped an arm around Laieth.

“Now go back to bed, Elladan is looking for you.” Elrohir turned and sure enough, Elladan’s hand was moving around on the bed though he was still asleep.

“He’ll sleep through anything won’t he?”

“At times,” Elrohir said as he climbed back into the bed and Elladan curled up against him.

Laieth and Turin walk out, leaving the brothers to a few more hours of sleep. They walked over to Legolas’ room and had the same moment of confusion that Elrohir and Gandalf experienced the night before. Laieth found Legolas and it took some quite violent shakes to wake him.

“Legolas are you alright?” Legolas nodded yawning. “Is there a reason you are on the floor?” he asked Legolas, who shrugged

“What’s going on? Are we leaving?” Legolas asked blinking.

“No, we are going back to Rivendell. Your father feared for you and we will
tell him all is well. Any message you would like us to add?”

“Tell him… I love him and… he… he… willalwaysbemyking.”

“What was that?”

“Yes, slower this time,” Turin added.

“You were adults when you reached Rivendell?”

“Yes… why?”

“Tell him he will always be my king.” Turin and Laieth just stared at Legolas. “Would you have ever taken orders from the likes of me?”

“It would have been a pleasure,” Turin said quickly and Laieth nodded.

“Is that all?” Laieth asked. “Maybe you would like to write him a note.”


“I have some parchment here in my bag.”


“But wouldn’t you…” Turin stopped Laieth from continuing to speak by covering his mouth. He looked at his lover, confused.

“I know how to write, Elrond showed me when I was young. You don’t have enough parchment for all I need to say. That will be all.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…”

“It’s alright; it was almost an accident that I learned. Elrond was writing in his private journal and I asked him what those shapes were. He fell off his chair.”

“How old were you?”

“One hundred and forty-two.”

“Amazing. We will tell your father what you said.”

“Thank you,” Legolas replied as the both of them left the room. He watched as the two elven warriors rode out of the city of men back to the realm of the elves and he continued to watch though he could no longer see them. That was how Gandalf found him when he came to tell him that they were to make their way to Helms Deep.

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