Bound pt14

Bound (13/?)

Thranduil, Elrond, Erestor and Maleth; Thranduil’s former chief advisor, all sat at a small round table looking at a piece of parchment that lay on the table. They had all signed it along with the perfect copy. Thranduil looked down at the parchment then back at Elrond. The advisors both had the same nervous feeling and Elrond addressed it.

“That old witch is going to have to deal with it. I’ve listened to her for far too long,” Elrond said, annoyed.

“Do you truly think she would risk open war?” Erestor asked.

“I don’t know. I hope that if it comes to that, Celeborn would finally stand up to her. He knows of this.” Elrond shook his head; his father in law was sometimes harder to understand than Galadriel. “You may leave us,” Elrond added.

“Yes, my lord,” Erestor said, standing. Maleth did not move. Elrond poked Thranduil and he looked up.


“I was waiting for leave from my king.”

Thranduil sighed. “Go.” Maleth grinned as he hooked arms with Erestor and walked out of the library.

“Old friend, do you think this will work?”

“Erestor, I have a bad feeling about this whole thing,” Maleth replied.

In the library, Elrond had gone to a cabinet and had just returned to the table with a box. He placed it in front of Thranduil’s questioning gaze. He opened the box and there were two identical circlets, though one
was smaller then the other. They were both made of Mithril and had green strands woven into the pattern along with a few emeralds.

“I remember what happened that day the declaration was read. You broke them both rather then gave them to Galadriel.”

“Elrond, you…”

“This farce has stood for far too long. You are my equal; not my slave.”

“Some equal. I let…”

“You let nothing. Galadriel was a monster, I was little better, and you were…”

“Can we not discuss this?” asked Thranduil as he stood and walked away from the circlets. Elrond closed the box and poured two glasses of wine.

“Fine, a toast then.”

“To what?”

“To freedom of course.”

“To freedom,” Thranduil replied half-heartedly.


Legolas stared over the edge of the cliff. He hadn’t believed the Orc when he said it, even when he held the Evenstar, but now… Was it really possible? Could it be as the Orc stated, ‘he took a little tumble off the cliff.’ And like an echo, traveling from Rivendell to him the word comes out of his lips.

“Freedom,” he whispered when Theoden approached him while calling to leave the dead; Legolas looked at him, perplexed.


“He fell into step with Gimli as they both searched for the twins. And they found them. In the midst of what seemed to be the largest pile of Orc carcasses. They walked over to Legolas and Gimli and sniffed the air.

“Dwarf, you need a bath,” Elladan said with a smirk.

“Well, not all of us can be pretty little elves smelling of flowers.”

“I think we should take offense to that comment,” Elrohir said, wiping a spot of dirt off his brother’s cheek.

“Where’s the warg spawn?” Elladan asked as he looked around.

“Gone,” Legolas whispered.

“He ran?”

“No gone,” he repeated, handing the Evenstar to Elladan.

“Oh,” Elladan says, pocketing the jewel. “I hope ‘Wren does nothing foolish when she hears of this.”

“Like fade for that thing?”

“I hope not. Well let’s go, they are continuing to the Deep.” Legolas and Gimli followed silently behind the twins.


Turin and Laieth arrived at the borders of Lorien and Haldir approached them, recognizing them instantly. “Were you not with Elladan and Elrohir?”

“We are to make haste and deliver a message to Lord Elrond. We come to claim our horses.”

“I see.” Haldir signaled his men and leads them both to the stables. While they are moving things from one horse to another Haldir speaks. “What is happening there?”

“Those poor mortals go to their deaths. I fear for our prince.”

“What of my Grandsons?” Celeborn asked, startling them both and drawing the wrong conclusion from Laieth’s statement as he returned from a rare ride with his wife.

“The people of Edoras ride to Helm’s Deep and the army of Saruman rides on them. Not even a thousand good men; and this number includes children and the aged. Their king refused any other council,” Turin said as both he and Laieth mounted their horses as Galadriel entered a few moments behind her husband.

“Ai,” Celeborn says, shaking his head. He turned to help his wife off the horse and she smiled at the kind gesture, though it vanished when she saw the distress in his face. “We need to talk.” She nodded as they walked together to their talan.

“I would send the Mirkwood warriors,” Galadriel said when Celeborn finished explaining the situation.

“They have no will to fight. And who will lead them?”

“What do you propose?”

“Some sort of mixture, under the leadership of Haldir.”

“But he has been distracted as of late.”

“He is interested in Legolas.”

“Ah, more Mirkwood elves should be like him.”

“I agree.”

“Yes he is quite docile, though I sense there is more to him. Haldir can have him; Estel will not have a Mirkwood whore while married to my granddaughter. ” Galadriel sighed. “Sometimes I wish I forced Thranduil into service here. Then I could have fostered that skill. That song struck my very core.”

“It did; why did you save him?”

“He is tied to something that will reshape all of Arda. Without him my departure…it seems impossible.” Celeborn nodded; he knew of their impending separation and though he did love the land, he couldn’t understand how he could choose it over her. They may not always agree but that was to be expected.

“We should go now; it will take time for the warriors to arrive.”

“Let us go.”

The party from Lorien departed within the hour to join the battle at Helms Deep. Celeborn and Galadriel were still together when the messenger from Rivendell arrived.

“An urgent message from Lord Elrond.”

Galadriel stood. “I need to consult my mirror, I will discuss whatever this is on my return.” Celeborn nodded and took the parcel, breaking the seal open as Galadriel swept out of the room. He
read the note, shocked.

How long had he wanted to do this but never had the courage? He wanted to
Sign it and send it back right away but he had to discuss this with his wife.


Legolas was the first to know. The smirk he had as he teased Gimli vanished and his heart sank. The dead expression was back in his eyes before the man was off his horse. The twins knew it next and they greeted Aragorn together.

“You’re late.”

“You look terrible.” Aragorn grinned at them both and Legolas noticed that when Elladan reached for the Evenstar, Elrohir stopped his hand.

“So what happened?” Elrohir asked.

“I took a ride off the side of a cliff. I saw Arwen.” Aragorn mused.

“Where? In the water?”

“Some kind of dream I think, she told me to keep going. Legolas.” Legolas walked to Aragorn and was punched in the stomach. “You call that watching my back? I could have died. I’d have a better chance of survival being defended by a little girl. I swear if you’re this horrible at the battle, you’ll be sorry.” Aragorn raised his arm to punch Legolas again and was shoved to the floor by Gimli. Aragorn stared in shock
at the dwarf.

“You are the dumbest man I have ever met. We are going into battle and you mean to beat one of the few warriors we have! Touch him again and you will become well acquainted with my axe!”

“How dare you!” Aragorn exclaimed as he stood.

“I will feel no grief as I feed you to my axe, though the blood of an orc would be less foul.”

“I am of the line of kings.”

“You are of the line of asses!”

“I…you…” Aragorn started as Elrohir, tired of the argument, spun Aragorn around and Elladan shoved him forward.

“For the mercy of our senses, go and bathe,” Elladan whines. Once the man was gone Gimli started laughing, slapping his knee.

“What’s so funny?” Legolas asked.

“Me! Defending an elf! Ha!”

“I see,” Elrohir grinned as he reached for Gimli’s shoulder. He jumped back when he was nearly sliced in half by Gimli’s axe.

“What are you doing!” Elladan exclaimed, clutching his brother as if his life depended on it.

“You two would allow Aragorn to do anything he wanted to Legolas. You two are cowards.”

“We…” Elladan started, stunned.

“Come Legolas, I want to see what kind of mail these humans have for a dwarf.”

“I don’t see armour for a man fitting a dwarf well. Unless they produce mail for their children.” Gimli looked at Legolas and burst into laughter slapping Legolas on the back. Legolas smiled faintly in response and
spent the rest of the day with Gimli. They were still together when he heard it. “That is no horn of men.” Legolas said, wondering what on earth elves were doing there. He went outside and met Haldir, who winked at him.

He stood beside Haldir and nodded minutely when Haldir asked to meet him in the armoury.

Legolas stood in the armoury wondering what Haldir wanted. He hoped Aragorn wouldn’t choose this moment to come looking for him. Haldir entered the room and hugged Legolas, who was surprised. Why would Haldir want to touch him?

“I want to take you away from that monster.”


“That beast that claims to own you.”

“You would have me?” Legolas asked, disbelieving.

“I would be honored; you deserve better than this half life.”

“You would take me to Lorien?” Legolas asked, not willing to leave his father even if it meant freedom from Aragorn.

“Yes, you will love it there. It is truly a beautiful land. Would you have me?”

“It is you that would have me. But what of Aragorn?”

“Galadriel will not allow you to remain in his…hold once he marries Arwen. And if he tries to stop me I will cut him down with no remorse.”

“You sound like Gimli.” Legolas flinched at the anger in Haldir’s expression. “He also threatened Aragorn for me.”

“Ah, so there is some good in the dwarf. I must return to my men.” Haldir looked at Legolas and blushed slightly. “May I kiss you?” Legolas stared at Haldir.

“You do not have to ask.” Haldir smiled and lightly pressed his lips to Legolas’ and growing bolder when Legolas parted his lips and his teeth. His tongue invaded Legolas’ mouth and he pulled Legolas against him, wrapping his fingers in his hair. He pulled away, kissing Legolas’ jaw before he released him, panting slightly. “Thank you.”

Legolas’ eyes widened as Haldir left the room. He sat down on the floor and wondered what this meant. Haldir seemed kind enough and he did ask first, but Aragorn had also seemed tolerable at first. He knew so much better now. But should he even worry about that? What if Aragorn refused or Haldir changed his mind? Who would truly want a thing like him, even for a slave.

The door opened and Legolas stood up. Aragorn looked at him and shoved him against the wall. “And what just happened here; you think Haldir loves you? Is that why you are so eager to spread your legs for him?” Legolas shook his head. There was only one person who loved him and it wasn’t Haldir. Haldir wanted the same thing Aragorn wanted; to claim him. The only difference was that Haldir seemed to prefer gentleness.

“Has it been so long since you had me inside you?” Aragorn turned Legolas around, pressing into his backside. “If only we had more time… hmm, Legolas?” Aragorn slapped Legolas’ ass then walked out. A moment later he returned.

“Well maybe we do.”

Legolas choked when the man forcefully shoved three fingers into his mouth. When he didn’t start sucking automatically Aragorn smirked.

‘This is for you not me; I will do it either way.” Legolas started sucking on the digits, his eyes closed in shame. He didn’t want to do this but he didn’t want it to hurt again. He had been hurting for so long. His body was enjoying this respite from the pain. “Good boy.”

Aragorn quickly pulled Legolas’ leggings down and prepared him, leaving Legolas with a dull throbbing sensation. Aragorn nipped on his ear and then he spiraled out of reality. When Legolas finally returned to
himself, his leg was thrown over a small stack of crates and Aragorn was walking out of the room.

Legolas pulled his leggings back up and looked up towards the small window. The sun was setting the battle would begin soon.

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