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Title: Bound (17/17+E)
Author: Blue Gold
Archive: , Damel, LoM
Pairings: Legolas/Aragorn, Legolas/Boromir, Elladan/Legolas/Elrohir, Thranduil/Elrond, Elladan/Elrohir, *Turin/Laieth
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Mirkwood elves are kept as pleasure slaves. When Aragorn leaves to go on the quest, he takes Legolas with him. When the others discover that Legolas is a slave, they confront Aragorn. To keep them from attacking him, Aragorn gives them permission to play with his elf.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
*Turin & Laieth are the only characters out of my own head and look all they do is have sex hmmm….
Warning: Non-Consensual Sexual Situations, rape, abuse, character death, mild bondage
Authors Note: A response to the plot bunny by Cheysuli. Special thanks to Cheysuli for being my beta as well. More thanks to Sera for betaing for me as well. Tracks by Evanescence used without permission. I also deleted one word in ‘Tourniquet’ . The prologue takes place about 60 years before the Fellowship based on Aragorn’s age in the books.
Now I know elves die if they are raped but of course that wouldn’t work here, who wants a sex slave that dies on you?
Feedback: Please My first LOTR fic…be kind or at least constructive
WARNING: CHARACTER DEATH (you didn’t think I forgot did you?)

Legolas sat with Frodo as the hobbit gained some much deserved rest. He had yet to awaken since the ring had been cast into the fires of Mt. Doom. Legolas had accepted this post so Sam could get some well earned rest, promising to wake the overprotective hobbit if Frodo so much as twitched.

Currently he was humming nonsense syllables as it seemed Frodo was having a disturbing dream. Slowly the tension vanished from his face as he smiled and whispered a single word before he sunk into a deeper sleep.


Legolas smiled and turned as the door opened. His smile remained on his face as he prepared to reprimand a hobbit who should have still been in bed. So he was confused for a moment when he saw a leather clad crotch.

He looked up and his face went blank. Aragorn stood there with a feral grin on his face and a finger to his lips.

“I thought that dwarf would never leave your side,” Aragorn said, advancing on Legolas, who remained seated. “Well, come on; off with your leggings. And you will be extra quiet won’t you? You wouldn’t want to wake dear Frodo.”

Legolas sighed and reached for the fastening to his tunic.

“No, no just push your leggings down; this door has no lock.”


“Samwise, what are you doing out of bed?” Gandalf asked.

“I wanted to check on Mr. Frodo. I just don’t feel right leaving him alone when he hasn’t woken up yet. It was so hard on him.”

“Legolas is with him,” Gandalf pointed out.

“I know. I will just take a small look, then I will go to bed, I swear,” Sam said and Gandalf smiled at the concerned hobbit.

A few minutes later the twins, who had just emerged from their own room, were stunned as Sam barreled past them and went into the room Merry and Pippin were sharing. They stood in the doorway as an equally stunned Merry and Pippin stared from where they were snacking in bed.

“Of all the…with Mr Frodo in the room trying to recover he is!” Sam grabbed a frying pan and started marching down the hall, never noticing the twins or Merry and Pippin. The twins glanced at the hobbits and each took a hobbit in their arms and ran after Sam.

They reached the door just in time to hear the impact of the pan on the side of the of Aragorn’s head. The human slumped forward on top of Legolas who remained still.

“Master Legolas?”

“I’m fine,” Legolas said, sliding out from under Aragorn, standing and pulling his leggings back up as Sam blushed.

“Wow I swear, hobbits are amazing. They are just full of surprises,” Elladan said to Elrohir as he looked down at Pippin in his arms who was beaming.

“Why are you carrying us?” Merry asked.

“You have just left the infirmary, and I don’t know because I wanted to carry a hobbit?” Elladan replied.

Sam turned to the foursome and smiled. He never saw the fist that hit him in the stomach as Aragorn stood. Almost too fast to follow, Aragorn was pinned to the wall by the throat by Legolas. Aragorn stared in shock at Legolas who didn’t blink or otherwise acknowledge Aragorn.

“What is…” a tiny voice rasped and all heads snapped towards the bed where Frodo was attempting to sit up. Merry and Pippin scrambled out of the twins arms.

“Frodo!” They exclaimed in unison as Legolas dropped the wheezing human, barely noticing the fact that he had nearly killed him. Aragorn drew his dagger and advanced on Legolas.

“I’d rethink that laddie, if you like your manly parts,” Gimli said, entering the room with his axe in hand, despite the fact he was wearing no armor. Aragorn growled, sheathed his dagger and stomped out of the room.

“Oh, dear brother,” Elladan called as Elrohir laughed, drawing his fingers together to show something tiny. “You may want to tuck little Aragorn in before you go out in public.” Aragorn fumed as he tucked his himself in and continued to walk.

Frodo neither noticed nor cared as he was hugged by the fellowship. Frodo did however notice the twins, who stepped to either side of the door as the last member of the fellowship entered.

“Gandalf,” Frodo whispered, looking up at the wizard as Sam supported him.


Aragorn found himself in the healing wing of the castle in a private section for Faramir and Eowyn. Merry and Eowyn had healed well, and Eowyn was sitting on her sick bed with Eomer who were both watching Faramir sleep.

“How is he?” Aragorn asked.

“He just ate; he is simply still weak,” Eowyn whispered.

“What happened to your neck?” Eomer asked, never having taken a liking to Aragorn after their first introduction, despite his sister’s praise. “Looks like someone decided to end your life.”

“Nothing,” Aragorn growled, turning to leave.

“Eomer!” Eowyn exclaimed, striking his arm.

“I told you I do not trust him, anyone who treats a wounded ally like that is…”

“That elf was terrible, you should have heard how he spoke of Boromir’s death. Was Boromir not your friend?”

“Yes, but I knew his weakness’ as well.”

“Aragorn is a good man, brother.”

“Faramir is a good man. I fear that one may make us all wish for the days of Denethor again.”

“No one could be that bad,” Eowyn replied.

“We shall see, sister. We shall see.”


Thranduil stretched lazily as Elrond stirred. They were every bit the newly married couple; sneaking off in the middle of the day, kissing in public and staying up every night, enjoying each other as if it was the first time.

“You awake?” Thranduil whispered, tracing small circles on Elrond’s chest.

“Mmmm,” Elrond muttered.

“You know, I never asked. Was Legolas surprised when you told him?”

“Told him?” Elrond asked, confused.

“About his freedom?”

“Well, I didn’t actually see him.”

“How did Aragorn take it then?”

“Um…” Elrond started, trying to look anywhere but at his husband.

“Did you tell anyone?”


“Oh, I don’t believe this,” Thranduil exclaimed, getting out bed.

“Calm down! It’s just a few more days; I didn’t even see my own children.”

“Why not? Why were you in such a rush?” Thranduil asked and Elrond blushed.

“I wanted to come back,” Elrond whispered. Thranduil turned to his saddened, guilty looking husband and frowned. He wanted to stay angry, at least for a few minutes. He sighed and slipped back into bed.


Aragorn quickly gathered his belongings and marched into the room where Frodo was recovering. He pulled Legolas by the hair none to gently.

“We’re leaving,” he growled, glaring at those who were gathered in the room.

“And where are you going Kingy?”

“My wedding,” Aragorn snarled at his brother.

“Did you hear that? We’re all going to a wedding,” Elrohir said calmly, glaring daggers at Aragorn.

“Fine,” he muttered.

Hours later, four hobbits, three elves, a dwarf, an istar and a very annoyed king of Men began their travels back to Rivendell. They had been given horses as gifts and even the hobbits had ponies to ride as the people of Gondor were eager to see their king return with his beautiful queen.

Through Gimli’s constant watch along with that of the twins, Aragorn never had a chance to go near Legolas on the road. But now that the quest was over, Legolas seemed to be shutting down. Not fading exactly, but he seemed like the elf that had been there the first few days of the quest.

This time the other’s realized that it was not elven haughtiness but a defeated acceptance of the hand he had been dealt by fate. The closer he got to Rivendell, the harder they had to work to get him to even react to all those around him.

When they finally did arrive at the elven haven, the twins looked around, perplexed.

“What in Arda?” Elladan whispered, noticing the lack of elves about. They had left a large lively kingdom behind them months ago and now this. It looked as if no one was left. He shrugged and continued to the private stables as Elrohir pulled up beside him.

“Seems they didn’t have much faith in the success of this quest.”

“With Aragorn in charge can you blame them?” Elladan asked. They dismounted and waited for the others. Elladan snarled when Aragorn gave Legolas every one of his packs to carry to his room.

The shabby fellowship made it into the great hall and found many of the *missing* elves. The Mirkwood elves were all dressed for travel and the Imladris elves looked ready for a celebration.

Thranduil moved quickly from Elrond’s side and approached his son, ignoring Aragorn. He tossed the packs to the floor and embraced his son.

“Ada,” Legolas whispered, burying his face in his father’s neck.

“Son, I have much to tell you. Most importantly is that we are free and going to live our lives in Mirkwood,” he said, starting to lead him away but stopped as Aragorn tugged Legolas by the hair.

“The elf is mine,” the man snarled.

“This elf, is my son and crown prince of Mirkwood, you disgusting oaf.”

“All you are is Elrond’s bed warmer; now unhand my elf,” Aragorn said yet again. Elrond raised his hands to stop his son’s approach and stood before Aragorn. He placed his hand on the one that was wrapped in Legolas’ long blond hair and got a blow to the face for his trouble.

Aragorn reached for his dagger to finish who he thought one of the twins once and for all; but before Aragorn even realized who it was he struck, there was a sword at his throat. He followed the elven blade and stared in shock at his wife to be. “How dare you,” she snarled and behind him Aragorn could hear the twins exclaim ‘finally’.

“Arwen, I…” he started, releasing Legolas’ hair as Elrond stood.

“You insult my new father then strike our ada? And did you think I would share my bed with Legolas?”

“He is my slave, nothing more; and you are my wife, you will do as I say!” The jaws of Elrond and the twins dropped. Arwen sheathed her sword and just shook her head. “Good. Now we’ll take my elf and go to Gondor and…”

Aragorn never finished his statement as Thranduil shoved him. “You will not take my son anywhere you lowly mortal. He is a prince of a realm that was old before the start of your line was a thought in the minds of the Valar. My son can do as he pleases.”

“Fine, whatever. I’ll have a real elf anyway. Come, Arwen.”

“Are you mad? You drew a weapon on my father, a man who took you in and loved you as his own. I think I finally see you with my brothers’ eyes.”

“I didn’t know it was him, I thought it was one of the twins.”

”So you would have killed my sibling? Just go…” Arwen whispered, wondering how she could have been blind for so long. She wanted to curl up in her bed and cry.

“You heard the lady, laddie,” Gimli said, advancing on the man and placing a hand on the small of Legolas’ back, standing on his left as his father stood on his right. Thranduil glanced down at the dwarf but said nothing, glad that Legolas had a protector on his journey. The rest of the Fellowship quickly took up positions behind Legolas as the twins stood next to Arwen and Elrond.

“Fine! I know one woman who would be happy to be my queen,” Aragorn said, sending an icy glare to Legolas who was leaning against his father, ignoring everything around him. “I’m tired of all you stupid elves!” Aragorn said, turning back to the stables.

“Bye, we’ll miss you.” Elladan said with a wave and Aragorn turned with the grace of an elf and Elladan actually did not realize what happened until Elrohir screamed; he turned to his brother, searching for an injury but saw nothing. Then he felt it as he took a step towards Elrohir. Blinding agony in his leg. He sunk down to his knees and saw the dagger buried nearly to the hilt in his leg.

“Elladan!” Elrohir exclaimed, dropping to the floor beside his brother. Without a word Elladan turned away, his hands clawing into the earth as Elrohir pulled out the dagger. A tiny hand handed him some rags that looked mysteriously like a hobbit shirt and he quickly turned back to his brother, the human for the most part forgotten. Aragorn wasn’t done though.

He drew another dagger and turned towards Legolas. If Gandalf hadn’t decided to aid the half-elf, or if Thranduil had ever been trained in the use of weapons, he may have done something different.

“Legolas, this is for you,” Aragorn snarled and threw the dagger before running back to the stables.

Legolas was blind to the fact that Aragorn had left, he was blind to everything; he was also deaf to the screaming coming from his own mouth as he fell to his knees.

“Ada,” he cried as the pair was surrounded. It was no minor wound to the leg, all who saw it knew. Not even an elf could survive a dagger in the heart.

“My son,” Thranduil whispered with tears in his eyes.

“Nonononononononononononononono,” Elrond moaned losing what little composure he had left.

“Lead them well, my son.”

“You can not leave me!” Legolas begged as Thranduil turned weakly to Elrond.

“I’m sorry,” he said softly as he started to cough blood grimacing in pain.

A scream that would have sent fear into the heart of a Nazgul was renched from Legolas as his father took his last breath. The usually beautiful voice warped and twisted, the sound stopping just as suddenly as it had begun as a hand touched his own.

“We will avenge him, my king.”

Aragorn, not knowing what that shriek was and not in any mood to find out, spurred Brego to go faster.



“There is something I need to ask you, my fair shield maiden…” he stammered, holding Eowyn’s hand. She blushed, already knowing what it was.

They were sitting in the restored courtyard of Minas Tirith and were oblivious to all that was going around them. Eowyn waited patiently for him to ask and wondered how long Eomer would gloat about her choosing Faramir instead of waiting for Aragorn.

“Yes, my lord?”

“It’s that…I… what I want to say is…” The rest of Faramir’s words were cut off as a horse reared its front legs barely a foot from the stunned pair.

“Eowyn, my fair queen, did you not think I was coming back?”

“What?” She asked, standing as Faramir did the same. Aragorn pulled her onto the horse and rode into the open doors.

“You’re invited to the wedding too, Fannymir,” Aragorn called as he and his soon to be wife disappeared. Faramir just stared, not sure what to make of what just happened.


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