A Hail of Green pt01

Title: A Hail of Green 1/?
Author: Blue Gold E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Beta: Archive: www.midnightscribbles.com Pairings: Clark/Lex (eventually)
Rating: NC-17 Summary: More green things landed the day of the meteor shower than rocks.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story
Spoilers: General All Episodes, Warnings: Angst,
Authors Notes: Vague understanding of DCU, good but not crucial. Jor-El and Lara are the S: TAS incarnations with emotions instead of the colder film and SV versions. All will be explained.


The planet Krypton 50 million light years from Earth…
00:03:00:00 until destruction
House of El

“Lara! We must, I thought we had more time. But the AI’s have been completed, he will not be alone.”

“Just a few more moments,” she whispered holding the child tightly to her. At the moment Kal-El was asleep a finger in his mouth. A stuffed toy dog under his arm.

He could see the sorrow in her eyes and with his calculations and the current adjustment they had some hours yet.

The last remaining moon of the planet Krypton 50 million light years from Earth…
00:02:58:14 until destruction
In an abandoned science station

Data collection from planet Krypton complete.
Analysis Complete.
Planetary destruction eminent

Continuing to download information from the BRAINIAC system the green lantern for that sector was unconcerned sure his fully charged power ring would be able to defend him from any danger that may present itself from the explosion.

There was no way to stop the explosion and no way to save the planet, so instead he had decided to do what he could to save the history of a noble race. The Kryptonians would not be forgotten.

The artificial construct known as BRAINIAC reactivated and began a scan of the home world of his creators, like the Lantern intent on gathering data before the planet and all its inhabitants were lost.

Duplicating himself in the process he began the task of preparing to save himself as well glad for the destruction of the planet that had created than imprisoned him her abandoned on the moon.

“Phantom Zone? Wait…this could save the planet. I’d just need to find them a new home. Why didn’t they…”

The green lantern was then pacing around the room as more information about the Phantom Zone comes up. Learning that it was a prison dimension did nothing to deter his plan.

The planet Krypton 50 million light years from Earth…
00:02:10:29 until destruction
House of El

Kal-El had woken in his mother’s arm and was currently giggling as he was tickled by his mother, the puppy tossed on the floor as Jor-El joined in blowing raspberries on his son’s belly a stern departure on what most saw of the council leader.

He hoped there was at least a chance his son may recall these last few moments with them but it was not likely. It was nearly impossible to program proper emotions into an AI so he would not even attempt to try. This would sadly be the only warmth his son ever experienced from him.

Noticing Lara’s glance he forced a smile and returned to Kal-El’s belly who remained oblivious to what was going on around him short of some extra attention from his parents.

The last remaining moon of the planet Krypton 50 million light years from Earth…
00:01:56:22 until destruction
In an abandoned science station

Sure now that he had a feasible plan the Green Lantern smiled as he prepared to leave with his ring putting up generators in major locations he would be able to evacuate the population with about 20 minutes to spare.

Heading to the door he was grabbed from behind, by what looked like a stream of liquid silver that quickly took on a yellow hue. Before the Lantern could even think of retaliation a yellow spear worked its way through his chest then spread into five separate pieces destroying each of his hearts.

With the last burst of will, the green lantern encased the moon in his rings power, it would fade soon but he hoped it would keep this creature long enough to be destroyed with the planet and not unleashed on others. And hopefully the creature would neglect the yellow color he could already see fading.

The planet Krypton 50 million light years from Earth…
00:01:32:09 until destruction
House of El

“Lara, we must begin to prepare.”

The song she was singing to Kal-El ended abruptly as she walked towards the lab on their property her voice picking up again as Kal-El peered over her shoulder to Jor-El and gave him a beaming smile which his father returned.

Looking at the prototype rocket he wished he had had time to build one that could at least transport Lara and his son if not him as well. This had been built and would have been tested on a small robot when he had once believed he had months to test the warp drive. Not mere days.

He did not even realize he was picking up his wife’s singing as he hummed and checked the safety of all the tools he was using to send his son millions of light years away to such a precise location. It would be nothing if he was simply trying to reach the planet Earth. He would reach that family, in Kansas, they were the types of humans he would want to expose Kal-El to.

Lara had begun to cry, saddening Kal-El who was trying to wipe her tears away and return her to joy, a few endearments slipping from his lips. He was much more emotionally expressive then most, something that might have later been considered reason for a genetic modification. Neither he nor Lara had had the modification, simply learn to hide the feelings Kal-El forced then to express by his very nature.

He began preparing the warp drive that would take Kal-El to about three light years instead of fifty. Opening a test hole he was surprised to meet with resistance. Tracking it he was shocked to see it came from an abandoned station on the moon that was attempting the same.

“Jor-El isn’t that the station that…” Lara said seeing the screen the scientist in her coming to the forefront as Kal-El burrowed in her shoulder.

“Yes, I had hoped that abomination would remain sequestered on our moon. No matter Kal-El is equipped with the information necessary to defeat him should he be followed. I do not know where that abomination is trying to flee to but the is even a phantom zone projector.”

“Can you believe them? They will not subject noble, law abiding kryptonians to the harshness of the phantom zone. This is our planet and we will not be defeated by it. Then the nerve to actually destroy all the negative zone generators to trap everyone on this planet,” Lara sighed.

“It would only take a few small modifications to be able to send you with Kal-El.”

“And throw off the warp drive by 27% we could end up in another solar system. We could end up light years off course. It is already dangerous sending Kal-El. If he was even a few ounces heavier we would be risking him falling off course. This was never supposed to carry any living being, it was simply to be our first step in returning to space travel.”

Let’s begin to put Kal-El in the stasis I do not like the fact that the warp drive is already being compromised. It may take longer to be established now.”

The last remaining moon of the planet Krypton 50 million light years from Earth…
00:00:34:24 until destruction
In an abandoned science station

Brainiac downloaded what would was the last meeting of the leaders of Krypton and watched in something that could have been amusement as they destroyed the phantom zone generators and what was likely the last means of freeing them from the planet that they were to be killed on.

Duplicating his programming he had an aspect building a ship that’s design was part of the now forbidden knowledge of Krypton some of it even forgotten. The sleek black ship would be what would carry him away from the destruction of the planet as well as this trapped existence on this abandoned moon.

Ignoring the body of the green lantern and the fading green glow he continued with his preparations knowing it was minutes until the planet exploded. He never noticed as the last of the barrier around the moon fell or the ring vanished from the Lantern’s finger heading for the doomed planet.

The planet Krypton 50 million light years from Earth…
00:00:18:11 until destruction
House of El

Lara didn’t see the streak of green that Clark grasped as she set him down in the ship the stasis field causing him to fall asleep almost immediately both tiny hands clenched in fists.

“Is the warp drive ready?”

“Yes, I want to open it once he as entered orbit and close it just as quickly. I do not want him followed,” Jor-El said as he hit a few more keys.

The clear encasing darkened and an additional layer of shielding covered the ship to keep Kal-El safe during space travel.

Turning to his wife, together they walked out of the lab as the sky light opened. The ship preparing itself for takeoff starting its engines and propulsion system. The ship suddenly stopped and Jor-El and Lara both frowned reentering the lab.

Together the best scientific minds on Krypton worked to find the problem in their long abandoned science of space travel.

00:00:08:51 until destruction

“This will be dangerous, it will take nearly six minutes to reach the drive,” Jor-El said as both he and Lara made their way out of the lab yet again. This time the small ship carried their hearts and all that would be left of Krypton into space.

00:00:01:51 until destruction

Brainaic was no longer stationed on the moon hovering behind it a mere 3.6 seconds from where he had seen the warp drive open. The tiny ship can hurtling out of the atmosphere just as the first tremors rocked the planet enough to rock it off its axis and in turn juggling the moon just enough to rock Braianic out of his trajectory and towards Krypton dragging the black ship into its orbit.

Brainaic was activating his ships thrusters when the first explosion rocked the planet apart hurtling his black vessel into crashing into the moon. The intelligence could only watch as another section of the planet exploded and propelled the small ship forward into the warp drive, parts of the still exploding planet going with him.

The warp drive shut just as the largest explosion destroyed the planet and its remaining moon knocking Brainiaic and his ship free.

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