A Hail of Green pt03

Title: A Hail of Green 3/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: www.midnightscribbles.com
Pairings: Clark/Lex (eventually)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: More green things landed the day of the meteor shower than rocks.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story
Spoilers: General All Episodes,
Warnings: Angst, AU
Authors Notes: Vague understanding of DCU, good but not crucial. Jor-El and Lara are the S: TAS incarnations with emotions instead of the colder film and SV versions. All will be explained.

[[[I charge this ring with matchless might to banish all of evil's blight. ]]]

“Krypton your planet of origin.” Even on the darkness Lex could see that Clark paled.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

Lex fell silent for a moment his head cocked to one side as if he was listening to a voice only he could hear.

“Clark I’m floating in the air with magical ring on my finger. I think you can tell me the truth, I mean you have to be connected to this somehow seeing as you had the same dream I did right?”

“I guess,” Clark said and sat heavily down on the shore of the lake. “I guess…uh…”

“Let’s start with the beginning,” Lex said touching down and taking a seat next to Clark. “Did I hit you with my car?”

“Oh god,” Clark gasped his shoulders shaking.

“Clark breathe, you’re about to have a panic attack,” Lex said running a hand across Clark’s back.

“Can we get out of here?” Clark whispered once his breathing had calmed.

“Well I don’t really want to have this conversation in the castle until I’m sure about bugs. Is there somewhere you would like to go?”

“We can go to my barn, I sleep there sometimes, so my parents won’t mind.”

“In a barn Clark? Isn’t that a little cold?”

“I don’t really feel cold. I wear jackets and stuff because mom would get real nervous when I ran around in a t shirt in December. I didn’t really get it until later but now I just wear them,” Clark said relaxing more.

“I haven’t been sick a day since the meteor shower, I spent a month in the hospital not because I was ill like my father likes to claim but because he wanted to find a way bring back my hair. My brows and lashes came back but nothing else.”

“Oh,” Clark said looking at Lex and not seeing anything of his friend but the strange new suit. “Can, you get rid of that thing?” Clark said gesturing the outfit and Lex tilted his head to the side before he was once again attired as he had originally been.

“Interesting,” Lex said fingering the ring. “My car is this way.”

Lex drove in silence watching Clark as he drove and saw the emotions warring clearly on his face, even as his ring fed him information about its uses and what was expected from him. It even mentioned there was another Lantern in this sector as the ring was 50 light years away from its original sector. Lex wondered if he should break it to Clark that he was in fact 19 but with his stasis sleep he hadn’t aged and the Kent’s had actually correctly guessed his physical age if not the true one.

Lex turned onto the Kent farm turning off the car and stepping out. He looked over at Clark and saw he was still sitting in the car lost in his own thoughts. Moving to the trunk where he had placed the Lantern he hoped the few extra minutes would be what Clark needed to collect himself.

He was rewarded with a shuffling Clark standing outside the car as he shut the trunk. “I think this would be safer her for the time being.”

“Ok, let’s get inside,” Clark said hugging his arms around himself. If not for his earlier confession he would have assumed that he was cold. Lex followed Clark silently into the barn and into his loft area where a battered couch sat.

Lex took a seat besides Clark and decided to wait to let him begin. After a few minutes when Lex was sure he was going sit in silence for the next hour Clark began to speak.

“I didn’t know I could survive being hit by a car; I know I was stronger than everyone else. I remember that was the way it always was. Mom and dad had me practice with eggs. I remember the first time I didn’t break one just by touching it. They were so happy, so I was happy, I always have to be so careful, blend in, but I never thought hmm lets go get hit by a car.”

“Most sane people wouldn’t,” Lex said trying to imagine the Kent’s raising a boy like Clark whose natural touch could most likely crush him. He wondered how many times the Kent’s suffered injuries while they were still teaching Clark. “Well you have great control Clark, or you wouldn’t have been able to perform CPR with out collapsing my chest. Some human beings can’t do it without breaking a few ribs. I was fine.”

“I was so scared, I was worried it I did it too hard I really would kill you, and too soft and nothing would happen. But when I got home that’s when my parents finally told me. I came with the meteor shower.”

“You didn’t know?” Lex asked.

“How much do you remember from when you were three?” Clark asked and Lex nodded wondering how many years the egg activity continued for Clark to still recall it.

“They just said you’re an alien? And you believed them?”

“No, they showed me my ship and I still didn’t believe them, I ran to Omaha before I calmed down.”


“I can run really fast,” Clark explained.

“Didn’t it worry you that you were not like your classmates?”

“My parents always made it sound like there was nothing wrong with me. I was just different a little more than the other kids. Like Whitney’s parents owning Fordman’s it didn’t make them better just made them different. I had to hide it but…” Clark stopped. “I don’t know, it doesn’t make sense to me now. I guess I was easier to convince at three.”

“Clark I commend your parents, to not make you feel everyday as if you were a monster, a deformity, something to be fixed.”

“No wonder my dad hates yours so much. If he heard you he would probably get out his shotgun.”

“I highly doubt that Clark.”

“Well Mom would, she already likes you.” Clark amended. “Fiery redhead temper dad likes to call it.”

“I used to be a redhead. Though not that nice shade your mother has, it was a clownish orange red; if I still had it I would have dyed it darker.”

“I can’t imagine you with hair,” Clark said and with a slight thought Lex had a head full of green hair. “Green Lex?”

“Give me a second,” Lex focused and sweat broke out on his brow as the construct slowly faded into a red color resembling his original hair color.

“That was bright,” Clark said as the construct collapsed and Lex panted. “Are you ok?”

“Seems the ring like’s things to be green. Not that much of a fan of it myself. I’ll see what I can do.”

“You’re gonna turn that ring purple aren’t you?”

“Or blue, but not green,” Lex said completely ignoring the ring’s protestations that it couldn’t be done.

“How does it work?”

“Will power and imagination, it has a twenty-four hour life span and the ring is something of a computer. The green lanterns seem to be a universe wide police or protection force. The ring is programmed to find a new wielder once the old dies. But this one is actually a little off course, seems a baby snatched it into his hand right before being placed in a ship heading to Earth.”

“Oh, it knows where I’m from? You said something before Crypt…”

“Kryptonian, you are from the planet Krypton, your planet orbited a red sun.”

“Like this one will be?”

“In a few billion years, it would explain your strength if you were from an atmosphere that had a denser gravity. Can you jump extremely high?”

“Never tried to, I don’t really like heights,” Clark murmured.

“Neither do I, they used to give me asthma attacks.”

“How’d you stop it?” Clark asked.

“I didn’t I just didn’t have any attacks after I lost my hair.”

“Oh,” Clark said looking at the ground. “I’ve never told anyone any of this before. It feels…”


“No, well yes but…it just feels…good,” Clark said surprised.

“Why does that surprise you? I know we’ve only known each other a few weeks Clark but you strike me as a decent honest person. Lying doesn’t suit you. Let’s not even discuss the fact that you don’t do it well.”

“What do you mean?”

“Even before I got the ring I could tell when you were lying. I couldn’t guess what the truth was. I would have never guessed something like this but Clark you are not a good liar.”

“Oh, you think…”

“If you are worried about the rest of the citizens of this little hamlet I think they are all completely oblivious to the world around them.”

Lex glanced at his watched and shook his head. “We can continue this talk tomorrow; some of us have work and school in two hours.”

“Oh Dad will be getting up soon. Didn’t you have that conference to go to?” Clark asked.

“I’ll send someone in my place. I’d much rather have the weekend to deal with this,” Lex said gesturing to the lantern he placed at the foot of the bed. I’m still the evil Luthor so you spending the weekend officially is out of the question but I’ll come get you after school. You can ask me questions this time.”

Clark nodded. “Thanks, thanks for not freaking out.”

“Clark I already know you are an amazing person. So your genetic humanity is under question. You are still very human. Now I’m going to go before your father gets up and shoots me.” Lex said with a wry grin standing.

He glanced at the Lantern and smiled at Clark. “If your parents managed to hide a spaceship for the last 12 years I think this will be no problem,” he said leaving the lantern on the floor as he made his way down the stairs and out of the barn as Clark watched.

Clark picked up the Lantern and placed it behind the couch amazed that Lex trusted him with it. He looked around the barn and wondered where he could put it permanently without his parents noticing. He was the only one who ever moved the couch as far as he knew but he did not want Lex’s secret in danger because of him.

Lex pulled off the side of the road a few miles from the Kent, farm hoping Clark hadn’t left out eagle eye vision in his list of powers. Looking at his now ringed finger before he thought of what he wanted. The false lantern construct flared slightly though Clark didn’t notice as it became surveillance equipment only Lex could see or use.

He watched as Clark went through the barn shaking his head at various locations obviously looking for a better hiding place for the lantern.

“Come on Clark, Lex trusted you with this, how hard can it be. Just hide the Lantern,” Clark said before looking back at the couch. “Oh!” he suddenly said looking at a small bedside drawer that was beside the couch.

He opened the drawers and blushed as he pulled out some wads of tissue paper and some hand lotion, stuffing them under the couch he destroyed the inside of the drawers and carefully pulled out the broken wood before lifting the lantern and placing it inside the drawer.

Lex watched and sighed feeling a slight pang of guilt for lying to Clark and getting him to believe that was actually his lantern instead of a created construct. Though he had to admit the hiding place was ingenious. He watched as Clark nailed the drawers shut with just his fingers and a few nails.

“Maybe Lex can figure something better out,” he whispered to himself before heading out of the barn to get an extra early start on his chores. Lex put his car back into drive and wondered about receiving the ring. He would nave never considered himself good enough for something of the kind.

But here he was. Chosen as a bearer of something considered the most powerful weapon in the universe. And if that didn’t make Lex extremely happy. He was almost looking forward to the next attempt on his life.

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