A Hail of Green pt04

Title: A Hail of Green 4/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: www.midnightscribbles.com
Pairings: Clark/Lex (eventually)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: More green things landed the day of the meteor shower than rocks.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story
Spoilers: General All Episodes,
Warnings: Angst, AU
Authors Notes: Vague understanding of DCU, good but not crucial. Jor-El and Lara are the S: TAS incarnations with emotions instead of the colder film and SV versions. All will be explained.

{{{ The cosmos through, in every part, one thing endures: a loving heart.}}}

When Clark arrived at the Castle after chores and breakfast on Saturday morning he sensed something different though he could not figure out what it was. Heading for the servants entrance in the kitchen as he usually did when he had deliveries he finally figured out what it was. There was no one in the castle.

Careful not to jostle his backpack he wondered where Lex was than decided if he was trying out his ring he would be outside. Most likely where the castle was even more isolated by the woods.

Exiting the castle he sped off to where he assumed the man would be and was pleased when he found out he was right. Though Lex wasn’t moving; he was sitting cross legged in the shade though the outfit from the night before had not made a reappearance. Lex was in a plain long sleeved t-shirt and something Clark had assumed Lex didn’t own, a pair of jeans.

Jogging to stand in front of Lex he grinned.

“Hello Clark.”

“Hey Lex, there’s no on in the mansion?”

“I had given the staff the weekend off. I was supposed to be at a conference. I actually just sent Gabe Sullivan in my place, he took your friend Chloe with him. This works out well now there is no one to see me or you.”

Clark nodded. “It wasn’t too important?”

“No just one of many conferences in Metropolis, Gabe is actually very competent and it is about fertilizer, I gave him the speech I have prepared, he should do fine.”

“Cool, I brought your uh…well your thing,” Clark said with a slight blush.

“Oh,” Lex said biting his lip having a sudden urge to tell Clark the truth. But what would be the purpose of that. He could switch the two out once he needed to charge and now that he thought about it more he
would feel better if the source of his power wasn’t at the mansion where his father or his lackey’s could “accidentally” discover it.

“Later we can look at your hiding place. I would rather not have it here.”

“Oh wow. I guess we can put it with the ship. No one has ever found that. Not even me and I lived there.”

“And your parents would be fine with me going there all hours of the day and night?”

“Oh. No, they don’t know I told you. They never want me to tell anyone. And I just met you a little while ago. They won’t be happy.”

“And then there are your father’s feelings towards my father and in turn myself.”

“He just needs to get to know you and then he’ll see he’s not your dad. I haven’t even met him and I don’t like him.”

“Let’s hope you never have the pleasure.”

“So what were you doing? You were just sitting there.”

“I was actually scanning the area. Interesting skill the ring has, do you know you approached the Castle at 120 miles per hour?”

“Yeah, I didn’t want to go too fast. I wasn’t sure if it would hurt your uh lamp?”

“Lantern Clark and it would be fine it can handle deep space.”

“Oh, yeah right,” Clark said feeling a little silly for not realizing that. “So you can tell what’s coming?”

“Yeah, my goal is to be able to be constantly scanning my area as a unconscious event.”

“You mean like breathing? Always doing it, but you don’t have to think about it unless you want to?”

“Exactly like that, but we can look at some of the more interesting applications of this ring.”

“You mean like breathing? Always doing it, but you don’t have to think about it unless you want to?”

“Exactly like that, but we can look at some of the more interesting applications of this ring.”

“Like what?” Clark asked wondering what Lex could mean as Lex gracefully rose to his feet brushing away non existent dirt and debris from his pants.

“One thing first,” Lex said creating a construct of his Porsche. “Can you show me what happened once we were in the water?”

Clark shuffled, looking nervously around as if his parents would jump out of the trees at him.

“There is not a single human heartbeat for five miles in any direction.”

Clark nodded and looked at Lex and could see just beneath the calm exterior the need to know, understand, before he could put it past him.

“For a few seconds I was just there in the water, stunned, I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me I mean how could I be okay you know? It didn’t even really hurt, maybe like bumping into a door but it was a car.”

Clark approached the construct and peeled the roof back jerking slightly when he noticed there was a Lex construct inside. Reaching around the construct he jerked the seatbelt loose and pulled the construct out from the top of the car. Not sure what to do next he glanced at Lex who made both constructs vanish with a thought.

“Thank you, Clark,” Lex stated his expression distant.

Clark waited a few moments before Lex’s silence began to unnerve him. “Lex?”

“Sorry Clark, I was a million miles away.”

“Its okay,” Clark said softly wondering what the man was thinking about after watching him rip apart his Porsche. Even if it had only been a bright green fake.

“I notice its still green,” Clark said with a grin.

“Yes, anything else goes against the very nature of the ring and upsets the AI greatly.


“Yes for a limited monotonous device it can express its displeasure
rather well.”


“So its like having a library on your finger?”

“Of the universe.”

“What can it tell me about my…I…uh…”

Lex frowned he had, gotten a synopsis on the type of alien Clark was. His planet had apparently been destroyed, and the previous owner of the ring destroyed by a being that the Kryptonians had created.

Lex had seen through the power of the ring the end of Krypton and the Brainaic and the fact that it had survived. It had been hurled in the opposite direction of Earth but there was nothing to say that it hadn’t turned around and would be catching up with the lantern and Clark in the next few years.

Lex had been disturbed to learn that most Kryptonians used genetic modification to produce the perfect offspring and Clark had been no different, his people were perfection and perfection was simply ordinary. How no one else saw Clark was a mystery to Lex but he would enjoy the fact that the town shunned someone who could have posed for Michelangelo.

Lex looked at Clark and decided to share what had to be the least distressing. While it might do well for Clark to know that he was sent here to be saved not abandoned it would also put forth the fact that he was the last survivor of an entire planet.

“They were highly advanced in the sciences, physics and genetics especially.”

Clark frowned, “I’m not that good at that stuff.”

It was Lex’s turn to frown. When the ring had initially scanned Clark it had also listed the customary modifications done. His parents had both been brilliant, so they had made sure that trait passed on. They had also not modified his emotional expressiveness something that had started when they were children and was the norm by the time Clark was born.

Clark could be read like a book and Lex did not want to imagine the boy without such an expressive self. Not to mention the level of power the boy was sure to possess. In an emotionless creature that would be terrifying to behold.

“I’m sure we can being smart, noble, a leader, its built into your DNA. Because it was built into you by parents. Its nature versus nurture at the genetic level. I’m sure your parents would be horrified at the education you are receiving. Clark are you sure you don’t understand it or are you bored?”

“Everyone says its hard. I get B’s mostly.”

“Well I have some theoretical books that might interest you. I noticed a telescope in your loft. We can start with physics and astronomy.”

“Okay, but this wasn’t supposed to be about me. You said you wanted to try some things out with this ring?”

“Indeed I did Clark.”

“What did you mean?”

“Would you like to test your limits against mine?”


Lex stepped a few yards away from Clark. And materialized a wall between them.

“Destroy it.”

Clark looked at the wall that appeared to be green brick and drew back a fist holding back much of his strength he hit it and cracks began to appear in wall.

Lex shook his head and the wall smoothed out not a single ripple to be found.

Clark flicked a finger at it and it let off a soft ping. “Metal.”

Again with a single blow the wall was showing signs of strain. Lex smoothed the wall again thinking titanium in his mind instead of steel. The wall buckled and Lex frowned.

Clark watched as the wall became crystalline and he assumed diamond finally letting loose with half his strength. Lex cursed under his breath and then grinned dangerously at Clark.

The wall smoothed out once more. “Didn’t we do metals already Lex?” Clark asked with a grin.

“Go ahead Clark.”

“Make your day?”

The first blow did nothing, and Clark shrugged using the amount of strength he used for the diamond wall and yet still nothing happened. His frown deepening he looked over at Lex who was smirking now.

It was Clark’s turn to frown, as he hit it with his full strength. Lex gasped feeling the impact through his connection though it wasn’t physical. He took a step back, but the wall held. Clark tried once again and saw there was not even a dent on the wall.

“That was everything. What is that?”


“From X-men? The stuff the Hulk and Thor couldn’t even dent?”

“Careful Clark your inner nerd is showing.”

“Adamantium, cool, hmm, I wonder if this means I could take the Hulk.”

“He gets stronger as he gets angrier, ignoring the problems with that, it theoretically means he has no ceiling, you have an end to your strength or you would have kept at it. You would be able to get in a few good shots but once he got pissed off all bets would be off.”

Clark grinned. “Now who’s letting their geek show?”

“I have no idea what you mean.”

“But that’s cool, so you can make anything?”

“I suppose at the moment my thoughts are too linear. I could have simply envisioned a wall that is indestructible instead of working my way through the natural order.”

“I might have done it that way. Oh or make a wall that acts like blob, just sucks in your blows.”

Lex looked up at Clark and the absurdity of the statement and laughed. Clark chuckled as well as he approached Lex. Suddenly a thought occurred to him.

“You said the Green Lanterns are like a police force?”


“So do you need to like patrol?”

“No, the ring explained, I’m 50 light years out of my sector and this ring hasn’t been active in 12 years. The original wielder had died and its actually listed as an inactive ring. They replaced the ring in the sector it used to be in and there is already one in this sector. If some alien force, heads to earth than Abin Sur has some back up. Besides I think Smallville could use a second hero. Unless you and your father have cornered the market. What is with Kent’s and cars?”

Clark shrugged. “Well yeah not like any supervillians are planning to pop in.”

“If my father shows up I blame you,” Lex said with a smirk.

“Huh? Oh, the rules. At least I didn’t say what’s the wor…”


The boy grinned but stopped. “You want to keep trying things? I’ve never been able to use my full strength before. It was interesting.”

“Let’s see what you can do then.”

{{{ Against the knaves who’d quell this song Green Lanterns stand, to right the wrong}}}

Chloe after spending an afternoon shopping in Metropolis wondered if it was possible to hallucinate in broad daylight. There was a ‘thing’ clinging to her father wearing nearly nothing. It was disturbing. Very disturbing.

“Sorry I’m late honey. I want you to meet Desire Atkins. We’re engaged.”

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