Regret and False Pretense pt07


Mercy entered the penthouse bags of takeout in hand to a sound that had become somewhat common place as of late; laughter. She still wasn’t sure how she felt about this new found relationship and the changes she could see in Lex but the changes in Clark seemed to be all for the better.

She nodded to Hope as she answered and the newer guard grinned and came over to take a bag. She still couldn’t believe the change that had come over her the last couple of weeks thanks mostly due to Carla.

Mercy had been quite surprised when the woman had pulled her aside for a one on one when Hope had been sent on another food run.

“Mercy can I speak to you for a moment?” Carla asked softly.

Mercy had shrugged, glanced over at Lex who was running his fingers through Clark’s hair as he watched CNN as the man slept not that she blamed Clark CNN bored her to tears too. It was a scene she had walked in on quite often now that Lex had returned from his two week world tour of sorts.

“Yes Carla? Is there a problem?”

“Yes, it’s Hope.”

“What do you mean? What has she done?” Mercy asked.

“The way you and Lex treat her. I know she is new in her position but Mr. Luthor does not seem the kind to hire talent that is lacking.”

“He wouldn’t what’s your point?”

“You and Mr. Luthor treat her like the slow child. She rarely escorts him anywhere; she feels as if she is nothing but extra space and in her words could be replaced by a cardboard cutout. The only people who pay any true attention to her are Clark and I.”

“I pay attention to Hope.”

“Only to order or degrade her. You show more consideration for me,” Carla pointed out.

“What do you expect me to do? She is reckless and I will not put Lex’s life in her hands unsupervised.”

“I will not tell you how to do your job, I am not nor have I ever been a bodyguard. But I do deal with people in situations where they feel foolish enough without my making it worse. Treat her better, talk to her, ask her opinion even if you do not take it, tell her why kindly. Stop making her your takeout man.”

“For security purposes we can’t have delivery men…”

“There is only one person whose legs are broken in this penthouse,” Carla said looking at Mercy pointedly.

“But I…”

“Who went on these runs before Hope was hired? That’s what I thought,” Carla said with a smirk at the expression on Mercy’s face before returning to her article about implementing yoga into physical training.

“I’ll get the boys,” Mercy said as she settled the food on the counter and left Hope to sort it out. Pausing at the door to the media room hearing what could only be a bizarre conversation.

“Yeah, afterwards you can beat up the hooker and get your money back, and some extra,” coming from all places Clark Kent.

“I’m not sure this game is a good influence on you Clark,” Lex said as Mercy entered the room to see controllers in each of their hands. Clark having been freed earlier this week from his arm cast wasted no time in starting to play somehow managing to drag Lex down with him.

“What game is this?” Mercy asked.

“Grand Theft Auto,” Clark said with a smile. “If you can wrestle the controller from Lex we can play.

“I’m fine thanks, but the food is here.”

“Thanks Mercy, can you send in Carla?” Lex asked.

“I can do it Lex,” Clark said irritated.

“Clark you have had your arm for less than a week, and it’s been weeks since you used it to heft anything let alone your bulk.”

“Are you calling me fat?” Clark asked in a high pitched shriek.

“I’m calling you a farm boy who likes his pie,” Lex replied with an eye roll.

“I’m starting to see where the murder attempts came in,” Clark muttered as Lex moved around him to start putting away the game and its parts.

“Ha ha,” Lex said as Carla entered and moved the wheelchair closer to the couch and locked it into place before helping Clark back into the chair.

“You need to eat more, you’re getting lighter,” Carla warned yet again. “No need for the both of you to look half starved.”

“Lex is a bit skinny isn’t he,” Clark stage whispered.

“A bit? I’ve seen larger supermodels.”

“Well let’s go fill him up,” Clark said carefully turning in the direction of the kitchen and slowly rolling himself there. Carla followed at his side watching his progress and Lex took up the lead glad he did when he saw Hope sorting through the bags on the counter that was much too high for Clark and would cause a bout of anger.

Quickly moving into the kitchen he grabbed two bags and placed them on the table as Mercy watched catching on she gathered the half open containers and moved them as well and Hope slid off the counter with the last container.

Clark rolled into the kitchen just as Lex moved to the refrigerator to get drinks and Hope went to gather more utensils and glasses. Clark grabbed the nearest box and opened it taking out what he thought was chicken until he tasted it.

“Who got tofu?” He asked swallowing the bit of bean curd.

“I did,” Carla said taking the box. Opening the next he found Lex’s dumplings. Snagging one with a chopstick he grinned.

“Clark, I know I asked if you wanted your own dumplings.”

“But yours taste better,” Clark said as Lex stood In front of his chair. Eating the dumpling he grabbed another and held it out to Lex.

Leaning forward with a roll of his eyes Lex took the dumpling in one swift bite. Clark grinned at Lex who moved to take his dumplings back; Clark held the food away from Lex wheeling himself backwards.

“Clark, my dumplings,” Lex said placing and hand on each of the arm rests of the chair to keep him in place. Clark grins up at Lex and pulls him closer by his tie and places a kiss on his lips. Clark’s world narrows to Lex’s lips and can’t believe how good it feels. But of course this is Lex and he wouldn’t be anything but perfect.

Clark pulled Lex down onto his lap to deepen the kiss and let loose a moan. “Clark-”

“Lex,” Clark whispered against his throat.


“Wha-” Clark gasped blinking to see Lex leaning over him, bottle of water in his hands.

“Good dream?” Lex asked with smirk and Clark blushed trying not to think about the dream or about Lex’s lips. “I thought video games would be more engaging.”

“I fell asleep?” Clark asked blinking.

“Just for a couple of minutes, I was wondering what was taking you so long,” Lex said easily and began to push Clark towards the kitchen.

“And what were you two doing?” Hope asked with a smirk. “Look at him blush!” She added with a grin.

“I fell asleep,” Clark said annoyed.

“Sleep? Hmm-”

“Interesting as that is, I would like to eat before my dumplings get cold.”

“Dumplings?” Clark squeaked.

“Oh no you don’t Clark, I got you your own,” Lex said popping open a plastic lid and with a nod handing it over to Clark. “Pouting will not work.”

“I’m not pouting.”

Mercy snorted and Clark looked at her wide eyed. “Mercy!”

“Geez those are some puppy dog eyes,” Hope said even as Carla awed.

“Leave the poor boy alone, they do not flaunt their affection, of course he’s going to be a little embarrassed,” Carla said with a soft smile at Clark. And despite the glaring differences between the two women, Clark was reminded of his mother and he grinned at her.


“Nothing,” Victor said sinking into a chair in Oliver’s office. “I’ve been there over a month and the only thing I’ve learned is how green most of these people are.”

“Well, we’ve been watching your video, and we aren’t picking anything up. Though, three people have approached us feeling that you are asking too many questions and may have an ulterior motive in coming here.”

Victor snorted. “StarGirl?”

“No, interestingly enough.”

“Has there been any progress on Clark?”

“Nothing new, we know they are in New York, but that is all. We are still trying to get to the nurse he’s hired but a first name isn’t a lot to go on. She is most likely employed by LuthorCorp but we are hoping to find out more.”

“We know what Lex is like. What he will do to Clark and we’ve left him there for a month.”

“Our hands are tied, unless we want the names of everyone who has gone through here posted on the web, all over the news, and the like we can’t go near them.”

“Can’t we send someone else? Chloe?”

“She has mysteriously gotten high profile assignments, which are keeping her busy. Assignments that run into each other and because Clark emails her every few days, she thinks we are crazy. That and the weekly calls to Martha Kent, which are varied enough to not be recordings of some kind.”

“So he’s alright?”

“No, the one thing we have confirmed is that there is something wrong with his memory. We asked Chloe to ask him a few pointed questions, about their time in Smallville and he had no idea about the role he played in some things.”


“It gets better, he only remembers me as the guy that dated Lois for a while,” Oliver said with a grin.

Victor laughed outright at that. “Well I suppose that is something unforgettable.”

“Thanks, she was perfectly fine as a girlfriend.”

“Sure, so does this mean that I’m not going back?”

“You have one week to finish your training, do that then we’re done. No reason to make anyone wonder about you any more than they already are.”

“But we’re no closer to getting Clark,” Victor said with a sigh.

“No we just have to accept the fact that he isn’t being harmed. What Lex is trying to pull; I have no idea. But for now Clark is safer than we are.”

Victor nodded wondering of Bart had had the right idea until A.C. had talked him out of it. Rushing in and simply grabbing Clark. The hope being that once he was out of the sphere of influence of Lex his memory and powers would return.

“Fine but the second we can get him out of there I’m ready,” Victor said standing.

“Thanks Victor, let’s hope it’s soon.”

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