Everybody’s Fool

Title: Everybody’s Fool
Author: Blue Gold E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: www.midnightscribbles.com
Rating: PG
Summary: He Muses
Spoilers: Promise, mentions of Zod and Reckoning
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by DC/WB.

She’s coming down the aisle and everyone turns, ever http://blue-gold.livejournal.com/68770.htmlyone stares and it is the passing of a queen, not just a bride. Can no one see the lie? The pretence, false smile, false calm? She’s breaking inside.

The shark smiles and yet again I know something has been done. His betrayal is expected as she walks like the lamb to the slaughter I wonder and I know. There is no love, and never will be, she could not even hold on to this lie. She has lost it all and I am all that is left.

Vows come, I would have expected him to arrive sooner; no man should be that beautiful in his agony. No tie, this is the one wedding where I wasn’t there to prepare you, in all these years you haven’t learned.

Your eyes are lost, you were betrayed, now I wonder what was the true cause of the delay? A final sacrifice to keep you away? Or a truth turned to lie. The smile comes to me and again I see the lie as we bind.

We catch eyes and he knows he’s forever denied, his eyes stay with me, leaving her behind. A glance to her she sees and how the mask crumbles, tears of loss come to her eyes as she looks to him, he is gone, she doesn’t even realize as she steps to him, one last goodbye.

A smile, for there are many sharks in this sea. I turn her again to me, not everyone is the puppet of his lord, self appointed majesty, of corn stalks and meteor influenced lunacy. We play with her, and soon she will join the slaughter.

She does not realize her part in the game done, but his is forever, a king, a pawn, a knight, he has been all this night. The queen sacrificed to save the king, a pawn to his most foolish vain majesty, a knight to save the day, she believes in forever, with all lost all she has is pretense, false happiness and true misery.

She believes I don’t see, have no eyes, and an even more faulty memory. My memory is strong, it does not alter, I remember Zod, I remember her death, time returned back to me. Silence is my strength, until it has the greatest power.

The game begins anew; she has lost her crown, a pawn to be passed around and discarded. He is still a king, knight, but not often a pawn. One less lay of control stripped away. We will find another way to force his play.

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