Rain pt03

Title: Rain 3/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: www.midnightscribbles.com
Pairings: Clark/Lex , Bruce/Dick
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Smallville is in the middle of a rain patch, and Clark and Lex are kidnapped.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story
Spoilers: General All Episodes,
Warnings: Angst,
Authors Notes: This is not following any cannon comic or for the show. Now a mini cast Batman = Christian Bale, Robin = your choice. For me he looks suspiciously like Nightwing with a hair cut.

Lex rode silently besides a looming Bruce sweat running down his face. Clark wasn’t running a fever he was impossibly hot. He knew now that it was clearly the best that he had refused a hospital and that Clark had been lying to him all this time. But that could wait until Clark was well.

They drove for quite sometime and when the doors finally opened it in a massive cave. A few bats flittered about and he could see ‘Robin’ pulling in besides them. Together the three of them got Clark out of the car and Batman stared feeling the heat emanating from the boy. Batman carried Clark and they started walking through a stone walkway that gently sloped upwards.

They took a few steps before a series of alarms went off. “You two are contaminated.” He said before a series of hoses appeared out of the stone wall spraying the four of them. Lex watched as the liquid was tinted green then clear. He was surprised to see how much of the gas was still on them.

Clark moaned then and when the second blast hit them and the water ran clear Clark moaned again and blinked weakly.


He vomited, blood, bile and a few streaks of green before fainting as he was carried to a large central chamber and Robin darted ahead to pull forth a sickbed. Batman deposited Clark on it as Lex slipped in between them looking down at the boy.


Lex got no response as he wiped Clark’s mouth and face with a cloth and water that Dick had provided. Batman turned on a series of overhead lights and Lex flinched slightly seeing Clark for the first time. There were lines of green running all over his exposed skin that had him looking something other than human. His skin was turning grey in places and Lex could see that breathing was an effort for the boy.

It wasn’t until he saw steam rising from Clark’s wet clothing he realized how hot his fever really was.

“We have to get his temperature down.”

“The computer is scanning him now. He’s…he’s not human.”

“Meteor Mutant, Smallville is laced with them from the meteor shower. Clark is the first one I’ve known not to go homicidal.”

“No Lex, his DNA. The structure, its not even remotely human.”

“What?” Lex said for the first time looking away from Clark to Bruce who was some distance away looking at a large computer screen.

“I can’t get much more than, it is not a double helix. It is something else entirely. It would take my computer years to even begin to understand it, let alone break it down.”

“We’ll deal with that later what is wrong with him?”

“Whatever contaminated you both has entered his system on the cellular level. For you it just upped your white blood cell count. Again.”

“For him…his body is deteriorating at the cellular level. He is fighting it. His cells are regenerating rather quickly but even not knowing what effect this has on him short of the obvious, he will eventually lose the fight. To make matters worse his system seems to be absorbing rather than expelling like your own.”

“What can we do?”

“We have to find ways to purge his system.”

“Purge how?”

“We could attempt to filter his blood with a dialysis. But it would take some time to find a compound that absorbs this mineral, so the only option for now would be, Hemodialysis.”

“Lets try it, do you have the equipment here?”

Bruce didn’t bother with a response pulling off his cowl and taking a seat as he worked on setting parameters for the filtering. As he wasn’t sure what else the creature’s blood was composed of he set it only to filter the unknown green mineral that had washed off both of them when they had been decontaminated.

Once done, he looked down at Lex and saw that Robin had already begun setting up for the filtering process. Needles, still sealed in their casing as well as the tubing that would be attached to the needles and the machine.

He went to another area of the cave and took what looked like a tarp and placed it on the side for the time being as he and Robin washed their hands and then began the process as Lex tried in vain to lower Clark’s temperature with the wet cloth.

Bruce rolled up Clark’s sleeve and began inserting the needle, finding a vein easily as they were all a dark green color. Then connecting the machine he started up and threw the tarp over the machine as the first line of Clark’s blood was drawn out of his body.

“It emits a low grade radiation, the lead should be enough,” Batman explained.

Lex ran his fingers through Clark’s hair and watched the blood slowly run out of Clark’s body and into the machine only to be returned again.

“Lex it will take upwards of five hours. I need to know who you think did this.”

“Someone to get to my father, my father, someone looking to get rich, a freak that planned ahead.”

Bruce sighed, “I was afraid of that.”

“Watch my father, he’ll have a press conference in the next 12 hours. I’ll see what he says.”

“Will he give himself away that quickly?”

“Only I would be able to tell. And if I’m dead he would relax. Is that the kid you took on?” Lex asked glancing at Robin who was heading up a winding staircase at the far end of the cave.

“Yes, who is he? It’s not everyday I receive a ransom request for myself.”

“My, friend, Clark Kent.”

“And I’m assuming you didn’t know about his less than human origins?”

“I had an idea he was different just not that different. God and I tried so hard to make him tell me or find out myself. If he was a mutant…why not just share it. We had seen so many. Why …”

“Lex anyone ever tell you, you are intensely stubborn?”

“Yeah an old classmate. He adopted me as a little brother of sorts since I was younger than even the youngest in the normal levels. At least I know why now you weren’t as ahead as I was.” Lex said looking around the cave. “These were the notes and plans you were always tinkering with.”

“You saw that?”

“Bruce I wasn’t kidding when I said obsessed, if you switched from strawberry to grape jam I knew about it.”

“And you had all that energy focused on this one?”

“Clark is…good,” Lex sighed. “Clark is so pure, you have trouble believing it could be real. And
still he wants to be my friend. My best friend, a 16 year old alien farm boy.”

“Sixteen Lex?”

“I have a thing for six year age gaps?” Lex responded with a smile to Bruce before turning back to Clark.

“The legal repercussions, your father, the people in that little hole you are currently trapped in?”

“We are just friends.”

“Can you at least look at me when you lie to me?” Bruce asked

“I’m not lying Bruce, he’s sixteen and in love with the girl next door.”

“Hmm,” Bruce replied as he moved to take a seat at the computer, which was constantly scanning Clark’s vitals. It was currently listing the percentage of blood that had been filtered and recording the speed of deterioration.

He hit a few buttons and two large progress bars appeared on the screen before he pulled his chair to where Lex was standing knowing his friend wasn’t about to move. Lex sat staring at Clark wondering what was happening to him.

“The data is all there,” Bruce said indicating the large monitors. “Lex glanced up and frowned. Clark’s deterioration progress was much further along than his blood filtering process. His eyes flicked constantly from one to the other never noticing when Robin returned until the plate of food was nearly under his nose.

“You have to eat.”

Lex barely poked the food as he watched the slow rise of the distillation bar and the slightly faster rise of the deterioration bar. And just as suddenly the distillation bar surged to twelve percent from three and Clark finally opened his eyes.

“Clark?” Lex whispered ever so softly.

“Lex,” Clark whimpered with a pain filled moan. “Wha….”

“The gas they used on us, it seems to react violently…”


“Yes, do you know a way to stop it?”

“Take…away…box…lead…” Clark added having trouble breathing.

“Don’t try to talk,” Bruce said coming up to stand beside Clark. “I only need you to answer one question. This rock, have you ever had constant exposure?”

“No…hurts.” Clark’s entire body hurt, it felt like he was being burned alive from the inside. And it was getting harder and harder to stay conscious. “Hot,” he added and almost sighed in relief when what felt like an ice chip passed between his lips but his relief was short lived as he started to choke.

Bruce was quick to help Clark sit up tilting his head forward as the chip and some water dribbled out of his mouth the boy already unconscious again. Bruce lowered him down again and looked at Lex.

“Why did you ask him that?”

“I was hoping I was wrong. He isn’t human; I am running the computer on a lot of assumptions. But it looks like the longer he is exposed the longer lasting the damage. Even if his system is cleared…I’m sorry Lex…A human would already…”

Lex stared at Clark’s greenish skin and shook his head. “I can’t accept that, I want to see what your computer is running.” Lex said standing and looking away from Clark for the longest period of time since entering the cave.

Robin smirked as Lex made his way to the computer and began clicking. Not even slowed by the request for a password. Robin’s smirk became slack jawed shock. He turned to Bruce who reached and pulled his mask off gently.

“I think its about time you took that off,” Bruce said in resignation.

“Aren’t you surprised he knew your password?”

“Not really he chose it. It means little to me, his own is something I chose.”


“My parents’ anniversary.”

“So what are those numbers?” Dick asked rubbing bits of glue off his face.

“His little brother’s birthday.”

“I don’t remember him having a brother.”

“He died,” Bruce whispered as he watched Lex pull up the Torch’s database, pausing slightly as he tried to hack Chloe’s system. Then remembering something Clark said typed in the famous quote. ‘thetruthisoutthere’ and gained access adding Chloe’s database adding information about Smallville’s population to Batman’s database and some information gathered about the meteor rock and the shower in Smallville.

He typed in everything he knew about Clark so far and the things he guessed and started to work from there, files and folders appearing and disappearing almost impossibly fast.

“And I thought you were scary,” Dick said with a smile removing the Robin suit and pulling on the outfit he had had on before beginning this strange whirl wind night. He hoped together Lex and Bruce could find a way to save Clark, whatever he was.

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