Rain pt04

Title: Rain 4/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Beta: Archive: www.midnightscribbles.com Pairings: Clark/Lex , Bruce/Dick
Rating: NC-17 Summary: Smallville is in the middle of a rain patch, and Clark and Lex are kidnapped.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story
Spoilers: General All Episodes, Warnings: Angst,
Authors Notes: This is not following any cannon comic or for the show. Now a mini cast Batman = Christian Bale, Robin = your choice. For me he looks suspiciously like Nightwing with a hair cut.

Lex watched as the distillation bar reached 100%. The deterioration bar had slowed at 30% and now constantly hovered between 30 and 35% rising and dropping at some unknown pattern. Bruce had walked over to Clark and was removing the apparatus wile keeping the lead shielding in place.

Despite the fact that it had taken nearly seven hours for the progress to complete Lex had neither slept nor eaten working his way through the files on the computer and Chloe’s taken files. Her wall of weird had been an enlightening experience though he wondered how she could have thought Clark was normal being so close to him.

A window to a news channel popped up and Lex was about to minimize the window much more interested in the case of Greg Arkin than whatever, news prompts Bruce had programmed in when he saw the flash of his father’s mane.

Glancing down he quickly took the screen off mute to hear the report, his eyes watching every move and nuance of his father, he hit a few keys to record it as well.

“…and CEO of Luthorcorp, Lionel Luthor. Wait Pat I think we are about to find out what this conference is about.”

Lionel’s face would be seen as impassive to the casual observer, but Lex could tell already, he had had quite a few drinks and was slightly unnerved. Lex felt the presence of Bruce behind him.

“He’s off kilter. He didn’t plan this, or it didn’t go according to plan.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the associated press, at approximately 9:15 pm last night I received a ransom call for my son Lex. I was told to bring two million dollars, to a location in Gotham city for the safe return of my son. I do not negotiate with terrorists, the Gotham police arrived on the scene a mere 15 minutes later, to find the building had exploded. Killing everyone inside, including the kidnappers, and my son Lex.”

With that bombshell dropped dozens of reporters started shooting questions.

“What does this mean for Luthorcorp?” A particularly cut throat reporter asked louder than the rest.

Lionel glanced at the reporter a dark expression in his eyes. “Luthorcorp will continue to run its daily operations. There will be a memorial service for Lex, in two days, right here at his home city of Metropolis. There is some joy to be found this day, but it is bittersweet.” Lionel motion to the crowd of who Lex had assumed was his many peons and one male stepped forward. He looked younger than Lex, and Lex immediately recognized the brother he had found just a few days before.

He had not let go of that brother fiasco that the Dunleavy woman had brought forth sure there was a grain of truth in her madness.

“This is Lucas, Lucas Luthor. It had just recently come to my attention that I had another son from a failed relationship. I have just found one son only to lose another.”

Lex crossed his arms in irritation but continued to watch his father until he was sure. “It wasn’t Lionel.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“He’s known about Lucas for years. Most likely since his birth, he was dad’s secret weapon. To actually admit him as a Luthor means he really thinks I’m gone and that he’s scrambling to cover his bases. He doesn’t like being taken by surprise. He didn’t get much sleep and he was drinking. He’s not sure about presenting Lucas but he feels he has to show a strong front and show there is no concern about the company.”

“Why is that?”

“A lot of people expected him to step down when he went blind. Or at least become more of a figure head. Being blind and lacking an heir, is a level of weakness Lionel can’t abide. He knows this is a dangerous move, so he must have a powerful controlling factor for Lucas. Most likely money, from what I saw when I was researching him he had quite the gambling problem. So he’s a much easier puppet to control.”

“So he’s not on your list of suspects?” Bruce said watching the man who had turned the announcement of his son’s death into a presentation of a new one. He didn’t show any feeling at the loss of Lex, short of the supposed lack of control he was showing.

Bruce watched the screen more closely and started picking up small signs as Lionel fielded questions. “When did he get his vision back?”

“He’s been lying about still being blind for at least a week so I am not sure. Blindness is no longer an asset. But we have bigger problems; one repeated exposure is the most common cause of mutation, but as I am already a mutant my chance is slimmer. With Clark I don’t even know what it is doing to his system beyond attacking it. Two, we have to somehow get word to the Kents.”

“Clark’s parents, he told them he would be spending the night. He doesn’t have chores but they will expect him maybe around lunch. And if they saw my father’s press conference, they know he was with me. And I don’t want them involved in this or knowing how ill Clark is.”

“I’ll take care of it,” Bruce said.

“No I will, and I know the best way to do it,” Lex said opening a internet window and connecting to one of his many hidden secret servers. He titled the email ‘The Truth is Out There’ and in it he typed a message.

Alive and Mutating. He hit send and wished he could say he was surprised at the almost instant reply. It was a link. Clicking on it even Bruce whistled at the level of security on the forum.

“Who is this? They are very good.”

“Chole Sullivan she’s an interesting one. Her boyfriend at the moment is a telekinetic artist. He’s one of the less violent mutants. Well or the smarter ones.”

He wasn’t the least bit surprised when he saw the first message from Chole was a test.

Admin: What makes you worthy?

Lex began typing and hoped he was good enough to convince a paranoid Chloe.

Neo12: When the Fire fell from the sky I believed a man could fly.

Admin: Did you grow wings?

Neo12: No I just lost my hair.

Admin: LEX?!

Neo12: Very good Miss. Sullivan, I must commend you on the security of this site. My companion and I are impressed. Though there is a back door to your wall of weird data base. This computer is very advanced but, in another year any idiot might be able to hack it.

Admin: I’ll get to it. How are you alive and do you know where Clark is?

Neo12: Well that’s something I will keep to myself for the time being. Clark is here, we are in hiding. The world should keep on thinking I’m dead at least. Let the Kents know Clark is fine but insists on staying with me to keep me safe. They can field any probing well enough I suppose.

Admin: That is some posh hiding place. Your IP has changed 12 times since we started.

Neo12: What do you know about the meteor rock that you haven’t placed on the site?

Admin: It tends to give explosives and other things an extra punch, I found that out last week, you really hacked the entire thing?

Neo12: Yes, why Neo 12?

Admin: 12th mutant to contact me. The Neo thing its Justin’s favorite movie.

Neo12: what makes you think I’m a mutant?

Admin: One you told me in the email and bruises do not heal in a day. I don’t care how rich you are. And before you try to lie I touched you, no makeup no flinch they were gone.

Neo12: when did you…

Admin: I was standing next to Clark aka invisible. Any way what does meteor rock have to do with this?

Neo12: The kidnappers…they used a green tinted gas, it absorbed into our skin to knock us out.

Admin: Meteor knock out gas? Lex, this is just a theory but if you got such a strong exposure…Neo6 he’s brilliant and even though part of it is due to meteor exposure. We think it may cause cancer as well as a level of mental instability. Ok the mental instability we are sure about after freaks like Tina and Greg, but you can control it, Jodi is a good example. If she was really unstable she would have just eaten Pete. But the cancer, if you have long term exposure he’s trying to work on getting a skin sample from Lana. She’s the only non mutant we know who’s had constant exposure for years because of that stupid necklace.

Neo12: Thank you; have him send any reports to me via the previous email I sent you.

Admin: Is Clark ok? Lex why are you…what’s wrong with Clark?

Neo12: As I said he’s fine, being a paranoid body guard and hovering but otherwise fine. He’s eating enough to feed a small country at the moment and if you think I am letting him near this computer with food…

Admin: Ok I have to walk go can I tell the Kents about you?

Neo12: They need to know why Clark isn’t coming home. Is your little boyfriend telepathic as well?

Admin: How do you? No.

Neo12: then he need not know either.

Admin: Administrator has logged off

Lex sat back and looked at the conversation. He wondered who Neo6 was but it seemed as if you passed Chloe’s test and were proved to be a non homicidal mutant she removed all identifying information from your profile.

Neo on her wall of weird was obviously Justin but the names she had mentioned were all on the database Neo6 apparently had the ability to split himself into two completely independent and aware pieces.

Chloe sat back and looked at Justin who wrapped his arms around her. “I don’t think Clark is fine,” She whispered a tremble in her voice. “I think that meteor gas did something, and Lex is trying to fix it while trying to stay away from the people who tried to kill him.”

“I thought you said you already thought Clark might be a mutant?”

“I’m not sure, but if he wasn’t before he might be now.”

“Don’t do this, you have to tell the Kents he’s okay. If you don’t believe it how will they?”
Chloe kissed Justin on the cheek and took a deep breath. “God I hope I can do this.”

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