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Title: Rain 6/?
Author: Blue Gold E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Beta: Archive: www.midnightscribbles.com Pairings: Clark/Lex , Bruce/Dick
Rating: NC-17 Summary: Smallville is in the middle of a rain patch, and Clark and Lex are kidnapped.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story
Spoilers: General All Episodes, Warnings: Angst,
Authors Notes: This is not following any cannon comic or for the show. Now a mini cast Batman = Christian Bale, Robin = your choice. For me he looks suspiciously like Nightwing with a hair cut.

Clark moaned a hand thrown over his face and he almost didn’t hear the question. Pulling his arm back he looked at Dick.


“Master Dick,” Alfred warned.

“What are you doing with Lex Luthor?”

“You don’t have to say it like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like Lex is his father.”

“So you guys are friends?” Dick asked hovering over Clark.

“Yeah, who are you?”

“Oh yeah you’ve been out a while, Dick, Dick Grayson.”

“Clark Kent. What happened to Lex?”

“He’s working up a sweat.”

“Uh ok…” Clark replied confused.

“I’ll let him explain it. Between him and Bruce I feel like I’m in the third grade.”

“Bruce Wayne? Lex’s friend from boarding school?”

“Yeah, friend just like you and he are friends.”

“Uh okay,” Clark said not sure what Dick could mean unless Lex and Bruce had been unlikely friends but seeing as they were both billionaires it couldn’t be as strange as Lex and Clark being friends.

“You know Bruce is seven years older than Lex?” Clark nodded with a grin.

“Lex told me once about it when I told him about some people commenting on the age difference between us. He said seven years is nothing, the only real difference was that I spent eight hours a day suffering at school and him at work.”

“You sound better; do you want to try to eat again?” Alfred asked approaching with the tray, the scent of food hit Clark and his stomach lurched. With a weak groan Clark shook his head the thought of food bringing back his nausea.

Alfred simply turned and handed the food to Dick. “I think you may be able to handle some broth in a few hours.”

“Maybe, so uh, where’s um, uh, Batman?” Clark asked not able to fully had his grin despite his ill health.

“You’ve never seen him have you?”

“Just some blurry pictures from Chloe.”

“Hmm, just Batman?”

“Well she thinks he has a partner, and some of the pictures have this flash of yellow and red. Is that you?”

“Robin, boy wonder at your service.” Dick said with a slight bow.

“Boy wonder? How old are you?”

“Nineteen but I started when I was 12. The name stuck. I really want to change it but I think Bruce would throw a fit. Do you know how to fix yourself?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well that gas they hit you with did a number on you. We had to filter your blood to get all that green muck out.”

“Where is it?” Clark asked.

“Some lead crate on the far side of the cave.”

Clark frowned, if the meteor rock was incased in lead there was no reason for him to feel half as ill as he did. Sitting up the cave spun and Clark didn’t realize he was falling off his makeshift bed until the strong arms wrapped around him.

“Woah there big guy, just don’t hurl on me ok,” Dick said as he shifted Clark back onto his bed in the cave.

Clark moaned in response his insides churning. Dick felt his face and pulled back. Clark was burning with fever again. Not so hot as when he was first brought in burning Dick through his gloves but still more than could be considered safe for a normal human.

Heading to near where Lex was putting their workout materials to an impressive use sweating extensively on the equipment his expression blank as he worked an elliptical machine; he filled a basin with cold water and gathered a cloth. Glancing at Lex he grinned.

“When you are done beating Bruce’s record there are showers that way. Oh and hit the yellow button and all this stuff will be sterilized.”

A slight tilt of his head was the only indication he received that Lex had heard him. Heading back to Clark he wasn’t happy to see the boy was asleep or had lost consciousness again. Wiping his face with the cold cloth he hoped to bring down the fever. Whatever Clark was he seemed friendly enough and he really wanted to know if he would laugh to Bruce’s face.

“Come on, you haven’t even seen me in costume. And I think Lex will hurt me if you die.”

“Master Dick I hardly think that is the type of encouragement young Master Clark needs at the moment.”

“Well he needs something,” Dick said hand running through his longer hair.

Lex stood in the stream of the shower and took deep calm steadying breaths that hat nothing to do with the fact that he had spent the last hour and a half running to sweat out the last of an alien gas from his system so he would not poison an equally alien Clark.

Here in the shower knowing that Clark was out of immediate danger and now all he could think about was that small blurb of information on the computer. Clark was not human; his DNA was so foreign that they could not even begin to map it. Yet he looked like a human being and he was one of the most open human people Lex had ever met, not looking at those secrets he harbored with such vigor.

“Oh God,” Lex murmured, the way he had pushed had investigated. What if he had drawn his father’s attention to Clark? A secret like that was not safe in the hands of a Luthor. He couldn’t fathom being Clark, and harboring such a secret.

But then the question became why Clark was here? Where are the rest of his kind? What was his reason for being placed on earth, was he a scout of some kind, an advance guard and why send the Meteor rocks as well?

Was Clark some kind of sleeper? He had seen a change in Clark’s personality once that he had attributed to drugs, what if it had been something else. A malfunction, a glimpse of what Clark would become.

His face had been so sad and ashamed when he had returned to the castle to apologize. What if Clark himself did not know what he was? What he was sent here for? What if Clark was just a pawn and one day his very own mind would be turned against him.

“You still do your best brooding in the shower,” Bruce said as he stood against the side of the shower.

Lex looked him over and saw that Bruce was dressed in a crisp white shirt open at the collar and black slacks. Lex stepped out of the shower and onto the cold floor tiles as Bruce held a towel out for him, his eyes giving away nothing.

Lex glanced at the towel before standing in Bruce’s personal space, his hand going to wrap around the man who was just as tall as Clark. Making Lex at six feet somewhat short, his hand was gripped in a tight, but gentle hold.

“No Lex.”

“Why not?”

“One I will not fuck you to take your mind off what is bothering you. Those days are over. Second I highly doubt Dick would appreciate it. He was none to pleased about that little scene in the warehouse.”

“He saw me grab your ass?” Lex asked with a smirk stepping back and taking the towel. “I suppose you brought me clothes then?”

“Yes, we need to discuss your boy. He’s not human Lex.”

“It finally makes sense,” Lex said discarding the underwear Bruce had provided and pulled on the grey slacks.

“What does?”

“I wondered how anyone could live in this world their entire life and still see so much good in it. Be willing to give anyone a chance, to have that level of innocence, I would have thought it to be some small town mentality, but none of his friends share it. The girl of his dreams is a delusional self absorbed, self proclaimed princess, and still he does everything for her while she juggles him and her idiot quarterback boyfriend. You’re right Bruce, he isn’t human, he’s something much better.”

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