Rain pt07

Title: Rain 7/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: www.midnightscribbles.com
Pairings: Clark/Lex , Bruce/Dick
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Smallville is in the middle of a rain patch, and Clark and Lex are kidnapped.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story
Spoilers: General All Episodes,
Warnings: Angst,
Authors Notes: This is not following any cannon comic or for the show. Now a mini cast Batman = Christian Bale, Robin = your choice. For me he looks suspiciously like Nightwing with a hair cut.
After a long pause Bruce let his gaze drift over Lex as he responded. “I’ve never heard you sound so…”

“What? Would you rather me say oh no let’s kill the evil alien that’s done nothing but try to save me life?” Lex asked snidely.

“You don’t usually let things go this easily.”

“Easily? Clark has to live first then we will see where we stand. Having him near death is not something that seems the ideal time to find out if he is part of an invading force. He’s been here since he was a child. If he is they are good.”

“You don’t trust him.”

“I want to, I want to believe he is everything I said. But it could all be a great and wonderful hoax. He could be nothing more than a puppet. But then why try to keep me alive at risk of your own alien life.”

“You are Lex Luthor, your ties in business could be just what they want. Maybe they are that good.”

“And how would they know anyone of use would ever come to Smallville? It’s Smallville Bruce. No if he was planted in Metropolis, Gotham, New York, LA. Hell if they were really that good he would have landed in China. There is more to this Bruce.”

“I think you have gotten soft Lex.”

“And for someone who raised a child you are not nearly soft enough.”

“What Child?” Bruce asked.

“Your ward.”

“Lex do you think the relationship I have with Dick could have been built on a father son dynamic?”

“Alfred,” Lex stated.


“And in the suit?”

“Robin was my student. He did not need a father; he needed someone to show him how to channel that anger.”

“And you needed someone to loosen you up,” Dick said wrapping himself around Bruce almost as if he were part snake before pulling away from the unamused billionaire with a sigh. Lex who had not seen or heard the teen approached watched the dynamic and saw how familiar it was.

Though Dick had backed off where he would have pushed and pushed. Though Lex could read the calmness in Bruce’s eyes that had not been there before. The life bled back into the ice blue and apparently so could Dick because despite his sigh he was smiling.

“How’s Clark?”

“He’s awake again, he doesn’t want to eat. Alfred wants to try broth later.”

“Again?” Lex asked.

“He passed out for a little while but he’s fine now,” Dick said quickly, something about Lex’s expression having him know that his anger would not be the ice coldness of Bruce but something much more destructive.

“Lex.” Bruce warned.

“Yes I know, no shooting the messenger, good messengers are hard to find.”

Bruce grinned and Lex returned it although his body was already twisting back towards the cave.

“Lex, we need to find out who tried to kill you. If they had decided to take you to Metropolis you may have been.”

“Don’t try and distract me on this Bruce, you already have a list and most likely have a better idea on who it is than I do.”

“Six people,” Bruce admitted.

“Just six?”

“With the means and reputation to hire those men and betray them while remaining in the shadows all this time. What kind of enemies have you been making?” Bruce asked.

“The kind that can turn invisible, shape shift, and suck the very heat from your body leaving you a frozen husk. Though only the first two went after me personally. The third simply attacked the castle and those in it.”

“Geez, where do get all that? Even some of the stuff me and Bruce have faced weren’t that odd.”


“I want to sit with Clark as we go over who the six are.”

“Fine,” Bruce said stiffly.

“You don’t trust him.”

“He’s not human.”

“That’s a very narrow mentality Bruce. Whoever tried to kill me was most likely human, it doesn’t make them better,” Lex said turning off.

“Bruce, I’ve never seen you act this way. What’s going on?” Dick asked once Lex was out of ear shot.

Bruce’s only response was his expression fading into that of a grim line and cold empty eyes. Dick watched his, mentor and distant lover walk away and wondered what non human had Bruce met that made him so distrustful on such a minor fact. He knew most of the criminals they fought at least the real dangers were Metahumans. Still human to a degree, Joker, for all the things wrong with him would have a double helix. It would be slightly altered but it would be there.

Dick pulled himself out of his thoughts and followed after Bruce, interested as well in knowing who had attempted to kill Lex and by association Clark.

“Hey Lex,” Clark rasped softly already sitting up on his forearms, not willing to try for fully sitting up as he had nearly fallen off the makeshift bed moments before.

“I saw that Clark, lie down,” Lex reprimanded and a faint blush spread to Clark’s cheek.

“I’ll be fine,” Clark said wanting to reassure Lex even if he didn’t believe it.

“You can at least try to lie convincingly,” Lex said though it worried him that Clark seemed to be at as much of a loss as they were.

Bruce moved into Clark’s line of sight and Lex watched as the smile faded which surprised him. Clark was entirely too trusting and friendly, but he didn’t like Bruce. Clark frowned and looked up and down.

“I thought you’d be bigger,” he finally mumbled to the amusement of Dick whose laughter became silent when Bruce glared but it didn’t stop.


“Those reports Chloe shows me makes me think you are some kind of I don’t know something. You’re just normal.”

“Bruce as much as I want to see you face off with Clark he’s ill and until we can find and deal with who tried to kill me we can’t get him the proper medical care.”

“Deal with?” Bruce asked.

“They tried to kill us Bruce,” Lex said placing a hand on Clark’s shoulder eyes watching for his reaction. When Clark did not even seem to notice him he took a seat on Clark’s makeshift bed and helped him to sit up properly.

“Don’t you want to know who it is first?” Bruce asked.

“Fine, give me names.”

“Lionel Luthor, I know what you said, he may not have intended to kill you but someone may have betrayed him. He may lead us to the answers we need even indirectly.”

“Ok fine.”

“Morgan Edge.”

“The crime boss?” Lex asked perplexed.

“Yes, he has a history with your father, it may have been a message. Rupert Thorne.”

“I don’t know the name.”

“He’s local, I just find it strange that you were taken here and not to some remote location in Metropolis. The Hardwicks.”

“They are not smart enough for this.”

“Lex, these kidnappers were goons at best. It was luck that they were not caught before this. They were not even smart enough to boot up a computer to see if Clark was me. They called the manor directly, having no idea who they were speaking to, who was listening and demanding a ransom. Who ever hired them wanted it done quick and cheap.”

“Victoria,” Lex said and Bruce noticed the way Clark’s expression turned dark at the mention of the woman. “You said six.”

“An of as yet undetermined source originating from Smallville, due to the localized nature of the gas” Bruce explained.

“A lot of people use Meteor rock in things. I can’t go near, Ms. Mayfield’s house; she uses pieces for wind chimes in her windows, doors, and sells them too. Most people don’t believe it’s dangerous, except us and we’re just dumb kids.”

“So someone could have simply made meteor laced knock out gas?” Bruce asked skeptically.

“As far as I know my parents were the only ones who went out of their way to clear their land of meteor fragments. And that was just cause dad said he didn’t believe what anyone said, a glowing green rock was not safe. But there wasn’t much that landed near the farm so it was just a few days of extra work or so Dad said.”

“Where were you during this?” Lex asked.

“I don’t know, with mom I guess. It wasn’t like I had chores at three,” Clark said with a shrug. “You said it was six,” Clark said turning to Bruce.

“He did say six people,” Dick pointed out.

“Nah, he counted the Hardwicks as one person. Victoria and her Dad. So who’s left?” Clark asked.

“Lucas Donleavy Luthor.”

“My new public brother?”

“You have a brother?”

“I had a brother, Lucas is my father’s bastard,” Lex said coldly and Clark was confused but before he could question about the fact that Lex had two brothers Bruce interrupted.

“He had the most to gain.”

“I don’t know, Lucas is knee deep in gambling debt. I was going to use that as a way to approach him. See where his loyalties were. He didn’t have enough to pay for a hotel room, let alone a gang of kidnappers. Not to mention that unless my father told him he had no way of being sure he would be welcomed into the family.”

“Something perfectly reasonable for someone with a gambling problem all or nothing,” Bruce stated.

Alfred approached with a tray of chicken broth and a glass of water for Clark. Dick noticed him first and took the tray.

“Thanks Al,” he said approaching Clark slowly. “Any urge to upchuck big guy?”

“No,” Clark said and realized that along with the lack of nausea he didn’t feel the least bit hungry. He would try the broth though. Dick settled the tray in his lap and with Lex’s warm side pressed into his back he actually just wanted to go back to sleep.

“Clark is something wrong?”

“Just tired I guess,” he said brining the first spoon of broth to his mouth. He didn’t notice the silence that descended on the as he had another mouthful of the broth before reaching for the glass and having a sip of water.

Clark couldn’t seem to muster the energy to take another sip of the broth. Instead he leaned more into Lex realizing that Lex was fast becoming the most important person in his life next to his parents. He rested the top of his head on Lex’s shoulder’s and allowed himself to drift off dimly hearing a crash as he fell asleep and the glass that still had been in his hand shattered to the cave floor.

“What was in that broth?” Lex asked eyes narrowed.

“Chicken stock,” Alfred replied not the least bit intimidated.

“That all?” Lex asked as he shifted slightly so he was a more comfortable pillow for Clark and he could run his fingers through the black hair.

“Al wouldn’t do that Lex,” Dick said taking the tray, “but you can check if you want.”

“I want to bring the Kents here.”

“What?” Bruce asked.

“I’m not going to let Clark die because I wanted to keep myself safe. Find a way to bring them here or I’m going back to Smallville with Clark.”

“You would risk your life for him?”

“He would do the same, he’s done the same.”

“Are you sure?” Bruce asked.

“What do you mean; I think I know if someone has saved my life.”

“But was his life ever at risk?” Bruce said removing a bent syringe from his pocket. “I wanted to get a blood sample to know what was keeping Mr. Kent so ill after the dialysis. This last needle was diamond tipped.”

Lex stared at the needle, and ran his fingers against Clark’s soft skin.

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