Rain pt09

Title: Rain 9/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: www.midnightscribbles.com
Pairings: Clark/Lex , Bruce/Dick
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Smallville is in the middle of a rain patch, and Clark and Lex are kidnapped.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story
Spoilers: General All Episodes,
Warnings: Angst,
Authors Notes: This is not following any cannon comic or for the show. Now a mini cast Batman = Christian Bale, Robin = your choice. For me he looks suspiciously like Nightwing with a hair cut.

“Déjà vu much?” Justin asked as they stood outside the yellow farmhouse. Chloe shrugged adjusting her MacBook under her arm. Justin rang the door bell and waited smiling slightly at his girlfriend as Martha opened the door.

“Hello, have you heard anything new?” Martha asked once Chloe had concluded her daily sweep of the living room and kitchen.

“We’re going to Gotham.”

“We are?” Martha and Justin asked in unison.

“Yes, we are,” Chloe said glaring at her boyfriend who shrugged.

“I’ll get Mr. Kent.”

“He’s in the south pasture mending a fence,” Martha said as the boy strolled out. “What’s this about going to Gotham?

“Lex contacted me. Apparently he and Clark are hiding with Bruce Wayne.”

“Oh I remember Thomas and Martha, we went to their wedding. Father had done some work for them. It was so sad to hear what happened to them.”

“You knew the Waynes?” Chloe asked in shock, though it didn’t stop her from pulling up the email, from the account she had set up for the Kent’s back dated to a year earlier complete with some spam and log in dates. Sometimes she even impressed herself.

“Well I was pretty young then, still in high school, father liked to take me out to dinners and parties when he could.”

“Martha, what’s going on?” Jonathan asked as he went to wash his hands.

“We need to go to Gotham city to see Clark.”

“Why can’t he come home?” Jonathan asked.

“Lex didn’t say, but he wanted you both there. Its been disguised as a contest of some sort just in case anyone wonders why we are all of a sudden taking off to Gotham.”

“Is he any closer to finding out who tried to kill him?”

“If he is, he hasn’t said a word yet,” Chloe said.

“We? Who’s going?”

“Well all of us,” Chloe said biting her lip. “Justin and my things are in my car already. The ride comes tonight.”

“Tonight? What does Luthor think this is? We can’t just disappear in the middle of the night.”

“We can ask Lana to look in on the horses, and Ed can take care of the farm for a couple days. You know the cows really take care of themselves,” Martha said already reaching for the phone.

“Hello? Oh hi Nell. Martha Kent, is Lana around?” Chloe looked at Jonathan glad he was more concerned about what Lex was up to than the fact that she had added herself and Justin to this trip.

“Well that’s done,” Martha said handing Jonathan the phone. “And since I told that insufferable gossip the entire town will know the poor Kent’s won a trip.”

“Be nice,” Jonathan said as his call picked up. “Oh hi Ed!”

“Chloe so why is it you are coming on this trip as well?” Martha asked watching the girl.

“Clark is my friend, I want to know if he’s okay, plus it would be great if I could research that whole Batman thing while there. Wouldn’t that be cool?”

Chloe I don’t want you running around Gotham at night. I know you’re from Metropolis but Gotham is a much more dangerous city.”

“I wouldn’t go out looking for trouble Mrs. Kent,” Chloe said earnestly and ignoring Justin’s snort of disbelief.

“At least not without your neon sign,” Justin added.

“Neon sign?” Martha asked.

“Reporter poking her nose in your business right here.”

Chloe very maturely stuck her tongue out her boyfriend.

“Jonathan let’s go pack. There’s some fried chicken in the fridge, help yourselves.”

“Is there pie?” Justin asked.

“Second cupboard son,” Jonathan replied going up the stairs.

“Awesome,” Justin said already heading to the cupboard. “Chloe, its pecan.”

“One second,” she said unhooking the phone and quickly hitting send on a message to Lex before reattaching the Kent’s phone. “Did you say pecan?”

“So don’t you think it’s about time you let us upstairs?” Lex asked after receiving confirmation from Chloe.

“Why would I let that thing into the manor? How do you even know where we are?”

“One, I don’t think the ‘cave’ upstairs stocks silverware and two, Dick has come down here in his pajamas to train before breakfast. I’m not stupid Bruce. And do you really want the Kent’s to know you identity?”

Bruce let out a huff and Lex knew he had him. “Thanks so much, I’ll have Dick help me with Clark since it affects your delicate sensibilities so.”

“Its fine,” Bruce growls, we can take him to the elevator.

“There’s an elevator?”

“I put it in for Alfred.”

“How sweet of you,” Lex teased looking at the still sleeping Clark. He turned back to the computer and performed one last scan. Clark was getting better but at such a slow pace it worried him.

“So would you like to focus on what’s important now?”

“I am,” Lex said as he sent the files to his encrypted email not sure if once he left the cave he would ever return.

“I’m talking about the fact that everyone thinks you’re dead Lex. The fact that someone nearly succeeded in killing you.”

“We’ll get to that, I’m sure you have some ideas already. I bet that list of six is down to about three.”

“Only the Hardwick’s and Thorne have been eliminated.”

“I’m sure you will explain in due time but I would drop the Smallville angle as well. They are more homicidal than practical enough to kidnap me for ransom and get double crossed. Let alone hire big city thugs. I am already the devil; they would not sully themselves with consorting with his minions. I would have never left Smallville.”

“How do you explain the chemicals in the gas then? They are only found in Smallville.”

“There’s your answer, you said they were stupid thugs, I bet anything if you go to the army surplus store in Smallville some out of towners brought some gas the day we were kidnapped. And I bet that like everything else in Smallville it was home grown. They are zealots about keeping things in Smallville if they can help it.”

“You have no proof of this,” Bruce pointed out.

Lex smiled, “I have better,” he said beginning to type out another email to Chloe. “If I wasn’t worried about what she would turn up I would gift wrap her and send her to the Daily Planet. As it is I might, and just point her in the direction of my father. That would keep her busy for a few summer internships and she may be the first high schooler to win a Pulitzer.”

“You have very high beliefs in this high schooler.”

“Well you have an irrational hatred of this high schooler so I guess that makes us even,” Lex snapped.

“He is not a high schooler Lex.”

“Oh sorry, world conquer. How could I forget so easily?”

“Joke if you want but he’s dangerous.”

“Yeah your right, last time he came over he attacked me, knocked me out with some green gas, and then almost got me blown up. How could I forget?”

“He may have not been responsible for the current accident but how do you know those who have attacked you in Smallville are not variations of his kind?”

“Because they are mutants.”

“Are you sure? You thought this one was a mutant.”

“Minor miscalculation, the fact that he didn’t try to murder me should have given it away clearly he is not a mutant.”

“No, I’m not but I have to pee,” Clark said actually able to sit up.

“Well we are going to go up to rooms now so we don’t have to stay in a cave.”

“Oh, where?” Clark asked looking around.

Lex pointed and Clark looked up and his vision flickered into X-ray for a moment before failing and grinning at Lex who still had a finger in the air.


“You ever watch a tv show called Roswell?”

“No, I would have thought the subject a little to close to home for you.”

“It was when I was in like the seventh grade; I don’t even think I believed in aliens, besides Chloe made me. But one of the characters, Max was like an alien prince/king/clone thing. Anyway when one of the characters asked him where he was from he just sort of pointed up.”

“And she guessed alien?”

“Well Canada first or something like that then he just pointed higher.”

“Interesting, what did you say this show was called?”


“And you watched with Chloe?”

“Yes and I had to help her ship dozens of boxes of Tabasco sauce when they tried to cancel it.”


Clark waved his hand dismissing it as unimportant, “So it looked like there was a mansion up there. Does this mean I can stop sleeping on a metal table?”

“Yes it does, are you up for walking?”

Clark stood up a little wobbly and Lex approached to help. Slipping an arm around Clark’s waist and Clark draping an arm around Lex’s shoulder the looked at Bruce expectantly. With a scowl he led them to the elevator.

“So does this mean you can look through walls?”

“Yeah, but it fizzled out, before I saw much.”

“And have you ever used these powers for evil? Maybe looking in on the girls locker room?” Lex asked with a grin, already noticing Clark’s blush as they entered the elevator. “Clark?”

“It was just once, I was in gym class when the power first came online, I actually saw through Pete first, muscles than bone, when I fell off the rope I was looking at the wall where the girls room was. It’s not like I meant to. I haven’t done it again,” Clark added.

Lex just smiled. “Wait was this around the time that shape shifter robbed the bank as me?” Lex asked not noticing the arch of Bruce’s brow.

“Yeah, when she knocked me into the store it came online again but x-ray style instead of see through. That was one of the ways I knew it wasn’t you.”


“Lex why would you need to rob a bank? Why not just take the money out of one of your accounts?”

“She actually tried that, I later saw that she had attempted to forge my signature, very badly, and being Smallville the teller knew better than to just believe what he saw.”

“How many things can your vision do?” Bruce asked in a neutral tone.

Clark looked nervous all of a sudden and glanced at Lex who nodded. “Well you saw the heat vision, and I can x-ray a person or walls or whatever, and I can see through things. That’s it so far.”

“So far?” Bruce and Lex asked.

“When you hit me all I could do was run real fast and lift the tractor with one hand,” Clark admitted.

“So all these changes in your vision are new?” Lex asked.


“It makes sense, and I think you are right about it not being everything,” Lex stated after a moments thought.

“Why?” Clark asked.

“I think you have reached your equivalent of puberty, I would expect more changes in your body maybe concentrated on your senses since you eyes seemed to be the focus now. Hearing, smell, touch, we already know you could eat enough to feed a small country.”

“Hey! I’m a growing boy. Do you think there’s a way to figure out what will happen next? I really wouldn’t want to set another class movie on fire.”

The elevator’s doors slide silently open and they emerged in a hidden room in Bruce’s study. Walking to the wall Bruce touched a sequence of points and the wall opened out to a fake hidden chamber with a few ‘valuables’ on display before opening out to the office.

“Paranoid much?” Clark mumbled looking at the series of rooms.

Bruce ignored him and led Clark and Lex to the stairs. “Here are some rooms, the are conjoined suites and share a bath. Which is also what connects the rooms. The entrance to the other room is on the other side of this hall.”

“Thanks,” Clark said politely.

“Your parents should be arriving around seven,” Bruce added before departing.

“Ten bucks says Chloe’s here too.”

“I would expect nothing less,” Lex said aiding Clark into the bed.

“Clark, how are you feeling really?”

“Still really tired, I think I have to take a nap to be able to go to dinner. Lex, why aren’t you freaking out?”

“I’m more curious than inclined to freak out,” Lex said sitting at his beside.

“You…never mind, you don’t look all that fresh either Lex, every time I wake up you’re awake. Nap,” Clark demanded pointing to side of the impossibly large bed. He felt as if his entire family could fit in it and maybe some members of the football team and still not touch.

“And I have to do that here because?” Lex asked though he did begin to remove his shoes.

“Because if I let you leave, broody back there will nag you about me or you will pace, or drink, but you won’t sleep. You don’t want to be sleep deprived in front of my dad.”

“No I suppose not,” Lex said removing his cufflinks and untucking his shirt, before sitting at the headboard looking down at Clark.

“That doesn’t look like sleeping,” Clark said with a yawn. Eyeing Lex he laid his head in his lap as he started to drift again. He hadn’t been kidding when he told Lex he would need a nap just to be able to go to dinner.

“What are you doing Clark?”

“No sneaking away,” Clark mumbled drifting off. “I’ll know.”

Lex sighed but was not about to keep Clark from his rest. It took Lex about fifteen minutes to fall asleep himself and neither was awake for the arrival of the Kent’s, Justin, and Chloe.


Justin was having a blast in the back of the limo. Using his powers he pressed buttons, opened latches and compartments and laughed when the lights dimmed and strobes that reminded him of disco balls lit up the back of the limo.

Martha and Jonathan watched him with amusement and Chloe couldn’t help but grin peering up from her laptop. “How about some water, oh master of all buttons?”

“Sure, it was in one of these parts,” Justin said focusing on the left side of the limo before pulling out a blue bottle of water. “What are you doing anyway?”

“Some research for Lex, via an extra set of legs and a sidekick. Those are pretty handy phones. And this limo has wireless.”

“Uh huh, who’s doing your dirty work this time?”

“Number 6.”

Justin rolled his eyes and with a yawn reached an arm over Chloe’s shoulder, which sent Martha into giggles. Chloe looked up at her and over at Justin.

“Oh no he’s really going to sleep, the first time he did that I started laughing, we were on my couch alone.”

“I was so confused, we were watching a tragedy.”

“Shadow of the Vampire is not a tragedy.”

“That is two hours of my life that I will never get back. I could have been doing homework or something.”

“Go to sleep, we’ll be there in a hour or so.”

“He’s a very nice boy,” Martha said after a few moments when she was sure Justin was asleep. At least she assumed so with the way his mouth was slightly open. “Can’t they do anything for his hands?”

“His mother found another doctor, but he costs almost three times as much as the last one. As it is now Justin’s not sure he will be able to go to college without a lot of loans even if he stays home to cut the cost of dorms.”

“But you still have a couple years for that right?” Jonathan said knowing he and Martha had the same worries about Clark.

“Yeah, he’s trying to sell a comic he started about the weirdness in Smallville. It’s called Meteorville.”

“Oh,” Martha said nodded.

After a few more moments of silence Chloe returned to her laptop typing away as they drove through Gotham City and towards the more isolated Wayne Manor. As the limo pulled up the winding drive, Chloe who had already packed away her computer shut down and shook Justin awake. He grinned at her and tried to lean in for a kiss when Jonathan cleared his throat reminding Justin of their presence.

Jumping, Justin smiled sheepishly as the driver opened the door closer to him and Chloe. They emerged first and Bruce frowned.

“Kinda young to be his parents don’t you think?” Dick joked, “but, she is cute.”


“Sorry, sorry, oh look there they are.”

Bruce watched as a tanned blond emerged from the limo reaching in for a pale red head. Both look over at the mansion and the trio standing at the base of the steps.

“Hello and welcome to Wayne Manor,” Bruce began.

“Where is my son?” Was Jonathan’s gruff reply not the least bit interested or impressed.

“I don’t recall inviting any one but the Kent’s,” Bruce added looking at Chloe who smirked.

“Tough, where’s Clark.”

“You are guests in my home,” Bruce tried again.

“No, we are only here because you have our son. Now. Where. Is. He.”

“He is not even human,” Bruce snapped which was the wrong answer as Jonathan grabbed the man by the collar and shoving him against the door.

“Oh wrong answer,” Justin said easily holding Dick in place when he saw the boy tried to help Bruce.

Alfred shook his head and looked at the rapidly dissolving scene. “He is in an upstairs bedroom, I believe he was taking a nap until you arrived for dinner.”

“Jonathan,” Martha said placing a calming arm on her husband who stepped away from Bruce.

“Thank you,” he said to Martha who glared coldly at him.

“I don’t have time to waste on you. Where is my son? And believe me he is my son in every way that matters. You keep him from me and you will be very sorry.”

Chloe and Justin grinned. Bruce nodded, “follow me.”

As they all marched into the house Justin released Dick without a backwards glance. The boy nearly falling over as he had been attempting to thwart the telekinesis.

“Oh oops,” Justin said without remorse having noticed the way he had been eyeing Chloe before turning and following behind his girlfriend. They climbed a winding stair case, and Bruce opened the door to a bedroom pouring in.

Lex was sitting against the headboard sound asleep with Clark’s head in his lap.

“Aww,” Chloe exclaimed her camera in her hand so quickly one would have thought it a meteor power. Giggling as she approached the bed to get better shots and the sound woke Clark.

“Go ‘way Chloe.”

“No way Clark this is a Kodak moment at its best.”

It took the groggy Clark a few seconds to realize what this meant and he jumped sitting up staring at Chloe. “Chloe!” He exclaimed embracing the girl.

“Hey, hey watch those hands Kent,” Justin said with a smile drawing Clark’s attention to him and the rest of the people in the room. His grin was beaming as he saw his parents but he pulled Chloe towards the door.

“Come on, I think that’s the first time Lex has really slept in days, and I had to practically sit on him to get it done, Let’s go to the hallway,” Clark said his arm around Chloe not realizing how much he was actually leaning on her.

Once in the hall he was quickly embraced by both his parents. “Mom, dad, what are you doing here?”

“Lex sent Chloe a message, about coming here.”

“Isn’t it dangerous? I mean won’t people wonder where you went?”

“Oh no, everyone thinks it’s a contest of some sort we won. A few days in Gotham,” Martha explained. “Clark are you alright?”

“I’m fine mom,” Clark said avoiding her gaze.

“Clark Jerome Kent.”

“I’m just tired,” Clark mumbled leaning against a wall.

“Son, are you sure, you are looking a little green,” Jonathan said carefully.

“I’m fine dad, I was sick but I got better, you know me,” Clark said just as carefully.

“Are you sure son? Chloe said there was gas.”

“I’m just not at my best.”

“Any one else feel like they didn’t get the decoder ring?” Chloe asked no one in particular. Dick raised his hand and Justin rolled his eyes.

“It was rhetorical you loser,” Justin snapped and Chloe glanced at him, taking his good hand in hers with a small smile and a shake of her head.

“Be nice,” Chloe said.

“He’s not on the ceiling now is he?”

“You’ve seen him now I want some answers, like how you think its okay to harbor such a thing in your homes?” Bruce snapped turning on the Kents.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Jonathan asked.

“He’s not human.”

“That’s the second time you have said something like that about my son and I do not appreciate your tone,” Martha snapped.

“You parade him around like he’s a normal human boy, putting everyone in danger. Hiding him in plain sight.”

Clark expected his father to explode but it his mother who jumped in. “How Dare You! Clark is MY son! No one else’s, he’s not some monster! He’s a teenager! What’s the worst he’s ever done? Stay out past curfew? Throw a party when we were out of town?!”

“So he’s never laid a finger on anyone? Never put someone in the hospital? Started any fires? Assaulted a teacher? Been there when someone mysteriously dies from injuries no human can cause? The trail of raving madmen, the accidents, explosions.”

“Wow you’re an idiot, with a capital I.”

“Chloe,” Clark said with a smile that was dark his father’s eyes for a moment looked for red K. “Is that anyway to talk to your favorite superhero?”

“No way Clark this guy is an idiot, man slut. You think he would do better when his parents died.”

“I would have though his parents would have taught him respect. They were decent folk. I can’t believe this is what he is doing with his life,” Martha added.

“What do you expect Martha, he has money, never worked a day in his life, he expects everything to go his way,” Jonathan snarled his disgust evident. “We are not your servants to do with as you wish, we are taking our son and Lex and getting out of here.”

Clark was surprised to hear Lex added to the list by none other than his father but said nothing. None noticed as Dick slipped back into the bedroom.

“You are not going anywhere,” Bruce snapped grabbing Jonathan’s arm as he headed towards the bedroom.

“Young man, get your hands off me.”

Clark eyes widened knowing Bruce was Batman and knowing his father didn’t stand a chance. Moving in a blur of speed he slammed Bruce against the far wall. “Don’t ever touch my dad,” Clark snarled not noticing Bruce reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small metal ball.

Clark screamed as meteor powder extracted from his very blood touched his skin. He had never felt such agony; all the other exposures to meteor rock had never felt so painful. He felt as if he could hear distant screaming of his name as his insides burned. He dropped Bruce as he fell to the floor.

He felt someone approaching and wrapping arms around him. Something was coming out of his mouth and he thought he saw Bruce fly for a moment but that was silly, Clark thought before blacking out.

“Justin no!” Chloe yelled watching as her boyfriend hovered Bruce over his winding staircase preparing to drop him head first down to the ground level.

“Why not? Clark is throwing up blood because of what he did,” Justin snapped. He saw Dick approaching and smiled. “Go ahead pretty boy, I get knocked out or distracted and down he goes anyway.”

“Bring him here,” Lex said releasing Clark into his parents’ arms. Justin nodded and none too gently slammed Bruce into a wall.

“Clark will be fine, or you will die,” Lex said his voice cold. “I don’t care what you think or who you think you are but the only reason you are not dead right now is because Clark wouldn’t want that. He might even forgive you when he’s better. Clark’s kind like that, me I was raised by the devil I will destroy you.”

“You wouldn’t…”

“Wouldn’t what? I’ve killed once to protect Clark, I’ve made people cease to exist and that was before I knew there was a such a secret to protect. I don’t have your stupid no kill mindset.”

“You’ll have help,” Chloe said coldly, “I think the public has a right to know what you are up to at night.”

Bruce flashed her a cold glare. “What you get half the story from police reports and decided Clark was a menace to society? You ever think maybe just maybe he was at the scene saving people? That every cross you lunatic mind. God!” Chloe snarled and swung her laptop bag at Bruce making direct contact with his groin.

Justin winced and looked around. “What happened to the old guy and jr.”

With those words gas began to spread inside the manor, Justin growled and with a hiss of power shoved the gas away from them.

“You can do that?” Chloe asked in awe.

“Not for long and hold him,” Justin panted small streaks of gas leaking towards them as sweat broke out.

“Let’s get the Kents,” Lex said after a vicious blow to Bruce’s head knocking him out. “You can let him go.”

“Wait,” Chloe said lifting a statue and slamming against Bruce’s hand and when his ‘unconscious’ features hitched in pain she slammed it against his head. “Now he’s out.”

“I love you,” Justin said dropping Bruce and throwing extra force into keeping the gas away as they reached the Kents, Jonathan had an unconscious Clark in his arms and Martha was sobbing softly.

“This way,” Lex snapped, leading them directly to the garage and Bruce’s cars. For the first time he was glad Bruce had an affinity for the British luxury models, much more room than his German and Italian.

“Everyone in, we will be in Smallville in a couple hours,” Lex said as the Kents worked together to get themselves and Clark in the back seat.

“But Lex everyone thinks you’re dead!” Chloe snapped.

“And if we don’t get away from that lunatic Clark might die. There will always be someone after me and I don’t care,” Lex snapped. “Both of you in the front.”

Lex entered the car and after a few moment of wire pulling started the car and Justin settling Chloe on his lap as she pulled the seatbelt in place Lex tore out of Wayne manor heading for Smallville as the sun sank beneath the sky.

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