Rain pt10

Title: Rain 10/11
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: www.midnightscribbles.com
Pairings: Clark/Lex , Bruce/Dick
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Smallville is in the middle of a rain patch, and Clark and Lex are kidnapped.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story
Spoilers: General All Episodes,
Warnings: Angst,
Authors Notes: This is not following any cannon comic or for the show. Now a mini cast Batman = Christian Bale, Robin = your choice. For me he looks suspiciously like Nightwing with a hair cut.

“Lex I wanted to tell you I found…” Chloe started and Lex held up a hand.

“Not a word in this car,” Lex said coldly glancing in the rearview and looking at the Kents, Jonathan had Martha’s hand in his as she had Clark’s head in her lap, crying quietly. They had already stripped off Clark’s shirt and wiped off the blood and remaining powder. “We just need someone to get rid of this once we get there,” Lex said gesturing the car.

“No problem,” Chloe said with a smile. Pulling out her cell phone she dialed a number. “Its time to enter the matrix, bring pie.” She said simply and hung up.

“Do I want to know what you just did?” Lex asked as he broke another few speed laws as he went another twenty miles faster now that he was out of the city and on the more deserted highway.

“Do I want to know how fast we are going?” Chloe snapped back with a smile.

“We’ll be there soon. Pie?”

“Well we only added it recently. I haven’t found a better code word for it,” Chloe admitted.

“Its fine, not something anyone outside of the town would know.”

“Do you really think he bugged his own car?”

“I am putting nothing past that paranoid bigot right now,” Lex snarled and took out his anger by pushing the car to its limit.

“Don’t make the reckless driver angry love, even I will have problems stopping a car going 180 before it hits a tree.”

“We passed 180,” Chloe whispered and Justin moaned.

The surprisingly safe and short drive pulled to a spinning halt outside the Kent barn and with a wave of his hand the doors opened. “Inside,” Justin said with a pale expression.

Lex pulled in inside and was surprised to see a group of teenagers some he knew by face and some he had never seem inside the Kent barn. They approached the car with some apprehension and Chloe stepped out first.

“Hey everyone, three and seven I need you to destroy this and send it far far away before we can talk.”

The Kents pulled Clark out of the car, streaks of blood still on his body and everyone gasped. “No voices,” Chloe snapped seriously. “Car first.”

Lex stepped back as a blond girl and a brunette boy approached the car. The girl held her thumb and forefinger together and the boy nodded. Lex heard the screech of metal before the car began to bend glass shattering as it was compacted by an invisible force. Lex was surprised the glass didn’t explode outward until he saw Justin staring at the car.

When the car had been compacted to the size of crate the girl touched it and in a flash of green smoke they both vanished.

Lex suddenly realized something and froze. “Not a word,” he said as he began to strip off his clothes patting them down and when it looked like he would strip out of the underwear Justin let out a yelp and the blanket from Clark’s couch hit him. Wrapping it around his waist he pulled off his boxers turning to the Kents he saw that there was a pile of the donated clothes as they used the hose in the barn to quickly clean Clark of any more meteor residue and blood.

Grabbing the clothes he added them to the pile of his own. Chloe nodded and winking at Cyrus pulled out the bug checker she had forgotten about until now. Holding it over the pile of clothing it went wild.

Alicia took that moment to reappear and Chloe pointed to the clothes. With a deep sigh she approached the pile and took it with her.

“Everything?” Chloe asked as Seth shrugged pointed at her bag. Chloe took out her laptop and cell phone. Put them down on the barn floor, everyone catching on added their cell phones and a couple more laptops to the pile.

Alicia appeared again and this time stamped her foot in irritation. “Just far enough for seven then bring them back.”

She held up ten fingers nodded and vanished. Chloe started the count. “One, two, three…ten.”

Lex felt the pulse of magnetic energy in a way he couldn’t describe centering on the boy who crushed the car. Anything they had missed would be destroyed.

“You are frightening,” Lex whispered.

“Cautious, a lot of people would like to get their hands on these guys. I don’t care about the nuts and the killers, let them rot in Belle Reeve but these guys are just different no reason to let them get caught by someone like your dad. Hey Cyrus, this works great by the way, and could you get some clothes for Clark and Lex, Clark’s room is the second one to the left when you go upstairs.”

“I’ll help,” Jordan said softly following Cirrus as Alicia reappears with everyone’s computers and cell phones.”

“What’s going on?” Ian asks looking at Lex and down at Clark.

“Once, when everyone is back,” Lex said turning to Clark. “Is he any better?”

“He still hasn’t woken up,” Martha whispered.

“I’m going to kill him; first I’ll leave him penniless. Let’s see his great influence then. Always thinking he knew best. I trusted him.”

“He was your friend?” Jonathan questioned, as they dried off Clark.

“The only one I had in school after… We lost touch for a few years when I was in college and being the spoilt rich, I don’t understand how he could act that way.”

“He’s human right?” Ian asked. “Some are idiots look at what they tried to do in DC a few years ago. What would they do if they found out about us? We’re not even humans born this way. An alien substance gave us these abilities not the next leap in evolution. We’re not Homo Superior. I bet they would kill Tyler on sight if they knew what he could do. I’ve already noticed the disappearances of seemingly random teens when unexplained disasters happened.”

“When this is over I want to talk to you,” Lex said nodding at Ian. “Some of the things you wrote in your paper.”

“Why does he get to be here?” A young Native American teen asked approaching Lex with a growl.

“Guys meet number twelve.”

“And what can he do?” A petite girl with a bee buzzing near asked.

“Heal,” Chloe said ignoring Lex’s glare, “we share Lex.”

“Like Cyrus?”

“No, its internal,” Chloe said. “Maybe with blood transfusions but that’s an experiment for another day.”

“What can you all do?” Lex asked.

“Roll call for the new guy,” Chloe said as Cyrus returned with clothes.

“I got some of Mr. Kent’s stuff for you, he’s smaller than Clark.”

“Thank you,” Lex said stepping off to the side to get dressed as the pair placed the rest of the clothes by Clark and his parents.

Once dressed Lex looked over at them all and names and powers started to be recited.

“Justin, Telekinesis if you couldn’t guess.”

“Cyrus, I can heal with a touch.”

“Heal Clark now,” Lex snapped.

“Lex, that may not work,” Martha warned.

“No reason to not try.”

Cyrus shrugged and approached the Kents kneeling besides Clark and laying hands on him. A gold glow surrounded his hands and he gasped as Clark cried out weakly coming to before Cyrus fainted.

“What’s going on?” Clark rasped.

“We’re finding out now son.” Jonathan said helping him to sit up and pull a shirt on.

“Alicia, teleportation.”

“Jordan, I get visions of the future.”

“So you can tell me what will happen in the next few days?” Lex asked.

“Only if you are going to die. I get visions of people’s future death.”

“Ian, I can split into two completely aware separate versions of myself. Oh and I have above genius level intelligence, but that could be due to the two brains.”

“Seth, I can manipulate anything metal and alter magnetic fields.”

“Kyla, I am a skinwalker of my tribe.”

“Tyler, anything organic and still living I touch becomes ash except for myself.”

“Sasha, I control bees with my mind. Yes just bees.”

“Lex, I heal exceptionally quickly and haven’t been sick since the meteor shower, or grown a single hair. You are missing two people.”

“Byron is with his uncle Richard in St. Louis. He’s I guess a daylight werewolf without the fur. He’s working on his temper when he changes,” Chloe explains. “Where’s Jodie?”

“I think she had a relapse, even with the formula I worked up. Someone broke into the supermarket twenty minutes before this so hopefully it won’t be too bad,” Ian said. “I’m checking it out now. I have some formula so I’ll be fine worse case.”

“I’m Clark, I’m not human.”

“Well duh farm boy weren’t you paying attention?” Ian snapped.

“No. I am not human.”

“Clark no,” Martha started.

“Mom they have a right to know who they are risking their lives for, and if they hate me then they can leave.”


“No, Chloe the reason the bat freak freaked out is because I’m way past meteor mutant. You guys are at least humans with a slightly altered DNA. I was never human. I landed with the Meteors.”

A few snorts and chuckles greeted this response. “Are you sure Cyrus didn’t switch bodies this time?” Ian asked Jordan who was sitting on the barn floor Cyrus’ head in his lap as his gloved hands flicked water in Cyrus’ face.

“You don’t believe me?”

“Sorry Clark you aren’t the first mutant with delusions of Alien origins. We talked Cyrus out of it, we’ll talk when you are better what is your ability?”

“I can run really fast.”

“Not that weird.”

“I’m not done,” Clark said softly. “I’m really strong.”

“Like Byron?” Ian asked.

“Stronger, I can shoot fire from my eyes.”

“Naman,” Kyla said with a gasp.

“Someone hit the power jackpot,” Chloe said with a grin. “That’s it?”


“No?!” Justin exclaimed.

“I have X-ray vision and sometimes in my sleep I float.”

“Float? Defy gravity float?” Ian asked.


“Why do you think you’re an alien?”

“My parents showed me the ship I landed in the day Lex hit me with his car.”

“Hit you with his car? Were you hurt?” Ian asked.

“I had a bruise for a couple hours.”

“A bruise? That’s it? You really are an alien?”


“Why do you look human?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why are you here? Alone?”

“Well that’s easy to figure out. Wherever I’m from they didn’t want me.”

“Clark!” Martha exclaimed hugging their son.

“Mom, I was sent here surrounded by something that can kill me. That doesn’t sound like something you do to someone you want around. I’m just glad you guys found me.”

“Well aliens exist and seems the ones from Clark’s planet are jerks,” Alicia said giving Clark a small smile.

“Okay Chloe, since you just found this out with the rest of us why are we here?” Ian asked.

“Well does any of you watch the news?”

“I turned off the TV, all the channels were replaying Lex’s memorial…Hey! You’re supposed to be dead,” Alicia exclaimed.

“Yes that’s one of our problems.”

“One?” Kyla questioned.

“What’s the other?” Ian asked.


“Batman? Batman!”

“The guy from Gotham?” Cyrus asked finally coming to and wiping his soaked face.

“He’s the one that did this to Clark,” Justin explained.

“So do you want us to shake hands?” Tyler asked.

“No, what’s with the death,” Justin mumbled. “Geez.”

“We protect our own,” Kyla stated and the rest nodded.

“Okay, but touch of death can be a last resort, just maybe?” Justin asked.

“Chloe, let me borrow your computer, I sent myself all the files he had and who he thought was behind the kidnapping. I need to know who is trying to kill me now, so I can be in a position to help Clark.

“Lex, what about your will? They are supposed to read it in the morning,” Alicia pointed out.

“That won’t be a problem, after Desire I left everything to Clark.”

Clark let out a squeak from between his parents. “Me?”

“I know you don’t want it. And I refuse to give it to a wife if that should ever happen again. I trust you.”

“But that’s a lot of money.”

“Yeah, the Luthors are billionaires,” Sasha stated.

“No, my father is the billionaire last I checked my personal fortune was nearing half a billion,” Lex said calmly.

“Half a…I need to lie down,” Justin muttered as the Kents stood and led Clark up the stairs to the fortress. The entire group followed them up short of Kyla.

“I will make sure we are not interrupted,” she said moments before a wolf slinked out of the barn. Justin waved the door shut though the upper level windows remained open.

Ian brought his computer forward and sat down in the other chair at the desk with Lex. “So what do we know about the people trying to kill you?”

Lex laid out Bruce’s notes including his own thoughts and the people that Bruce had eliminated. As well as mentioning how badly the kidnappers seemed to be organized and informed despite their initial success with the kidnapping. They looked over the screens being joined by Chloe.

Martha after Clark claimed he was fine yet again, prepared snacks for their small army. Lemonade, cookies and what was left of the pecan pie vanished quickly. Chloe then ushered the Kents to bed, pointing out that Clark was okay just asleep and they would call them if his condition changed.

Most of the teens seemed to relax much more when the Kents were gone. Lex assumed it was a lingering distrust of authority. Even parents clearly as kind and trusting as the Kents were still parents.

It was a few hours later that Ian entered the barn with a small blond girl that Lex vaguely remembered as dating Pete.

“All clear,” Ian said looking around Kyla at his heels before heading back out of the barn. “All right there Jodie?” The other Ian asked from his laptop.

“Yes, I did what you said, but I needed more lard than I had at home. But just two more tubs.”

“Join up?” The Ian with Jodie asked.

“Just for a bit we could use a forth head on this.”

Lex watched as the Ian’s went to stand behind the couch where they stripped before becoming one person again. Breathing deeply as the memories joined Ian smiled and split again before getting dressed.

“What if one day you want to permanently separate?” Lex asked.

“Not a problem yet, but I’ve set up a duplicate life for us, we’re twins separated at birth, it will also come in handy if we are both ever spotted, by some strange coincidence we are both named Ian.”

“Won’t your parents contest such a story?”

“Oh the doctor never realized my mother was having twins, etc… its an elaborate setup. But mostly we wouldn’t do it until we were out of Smallville. MetU might be a good time if it comes to that. I will have my BA when I graduate High School anyway. So if it happens one of us can go to college with the extra credits and the other can bypass it completely for Graduate school.”

“Now let’s see about this,” One of the Ian’s said looking over at a sleeping Clark. “Jordan.”

“I really don’t want to,” the teen said hiding in a corner.

“We need to know.”

“But he’s sick its never good when they’re sick.”

“It might not work,” Ian said trying to calm the boy.

“Cyrus worked on him.”

“Come on, its freaking Lex out and we need him to be able to deal with his killers and the Batman thing.”

“At least his parents are gone again,” Jordan said with a sign removing his glove, touching Clark’s cheek, shaking and pulling away quickly.

“What did you see?”

“Just light nothing but white. I don’t know what that means,” Jordan whispered.

“Could it mean his death is too far in the future for you to see?”

“No, I accidentally touched a baby once, it died an old man, I can see your entire life span. He was just blank.”

“Maybe something to do with being an alien we’ll figure it out later,” Ian said joining his other self who was in the middle of a discussion with Lex.

“Drop the crime bosses then. Hiring stupid thugs who don’t even know what Bruce Wayne looks like is an easy way to get them and you caught. Even if you are planning to double cross them, if just one of the idiots survives you are going down. Besides what’s the pay off for them for killing you?”

“He said Edge has a history with my father.”

“Even if that’s true they spent the last twenty years avoiding each other at least. That leaves, oh that makes sense.”

“What?” Lex asked peering at his partner as the other Ian did as well.

“That’s just dumb but it makes sense, especially with the stuff Chloe dug up.”

Chloe who had fallen asleep leaning against the couch in Justin’s arms popped up. “Is my hour up?”

“No you have a few more minutes,” Lex lied as Chloe fell asleep again. Alicia had popped into the castle and grabbed Lex’s laptop as well. The second Ian took a seat at the Mac and looked over Chloe’s files once more.

“Yeah that is a pretty dumb reason to do it. But he doesn’t seem too smart now does he. Not with the thugs he hired. It does make an amount of sick twisted sense.”

“About as much as dating that air head Lana,” Ian muttered.

“She’s cute,” the other snapped.

“Chloe’s smart and cute.”

“And taken,” the Ian’s said together. “Maybe Sasha?”

“If she tones down the whole rule the school thing sure.”

Lex looked at the both of them and they shrugged. “Its like talking to yourself.”

“Or thinking aloud.”

“Except there’s someone to answer.”

“So you both think its Lucas?” Lex asked. “I had dismissed him.”

“You don’t know him as well as your father, your reasons for dismissing him were sound, and none of this seemed as neat and efficient as what your father would have done, especially since he gets none of your holdings. He seems like the type that would want it just to be stubborn.”

“Not stubborn, to win. Nothing else is acceptable to a Luthor.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I just need to know if both my father and brother are at the castle.”

“He’s been staying there all week, my dad’s said,” Jodie who had finally joined them in the loft sputtered out.


“Are you going to call the police?”

“Why? There is no evidence.”

“I will simply confront him with my father present. Lucas will disappear; Lionel does not appreciate public failure. Lucas forced him to reveal his hand before he was ready. This entire plot is unbecoming of a Luthor, thugs explosions, blackmail.”

“Your family is freaking weird,” Ian stated.

“But I know how it works. I know the rules, Lucas has broken them all. It was truly desperation or Lucas would have never made it into the public as heir apparent.”

“Why does it sound like you’re discussing war?”

“Because that is what life as a Luthor is, choosing your battles, weighing the costs, the losses, the damages, and the gains, and if you are willing to pay that price.”

“When will this siege happen?” Ian asked.

“When else but dawn?” Lex asked. “Alicia I can’t go to the manor dressed like this. Here,” he said pulling up plans of the castle again. “This is my bedroom.” Lex wrote out a list of items he would need and Alicia nodded.

“I wonder if she likes diamonds,” Lex said aloud absently.

“Pearls I think,” Ian responded. “I like cars by the way,” he added with a wink.

“Oh I am doing much more than getting you a car. But we can discuss that later,” Lex said wondering how long it would take Alicia to return with his clothes. He was simply not thinking about the fact that he was wearing Jonathan Kent’s clothing.

Alicia appeared then with Lex’s clothing in one hand neatly folded his shoes in another. “I think someone raided your closet. A lot of your things were just thrown around.”

“Oh that was me before I left,” Clark came over soaked and I was trying to find the clothes I had bought for his birthday.”

“Oh okay.” Alicia said glancing once more at the sleeping Clark before taking a seat on the stairs.


“Is he awake yet?”

“Not yet, that was quite a shot to the head then he took the gas in,” Dick whispered to Alfred. “Do you think we should have stopped them?”

“No Master Dick, this time Master Bruce completely and totally acted outrageously. I would never have expected such behavior from him.”

“I looked at the files he was reading about Clark. He hadn’t looked at Chloe’s take on the events; the police reports were missing so much information. The people Clark stopped were all killers; some of the murders never even got tied to them except by Chloe. Looking at it from the outside I guess I could see why he thought Clark was a danger when he didn’t know for example that Tina girl killed her own mother and tried to kill her only friend.”

“Oh dear.”

“It gets worse, Smallville is filled with people with strange abilities that tend to go insane. Not Joker crazy but they would have their own space at Arkham.”

“But Bruce’s behavior…”

“Seems even worse when you look at just Lex since he’s gotten to Smallville. Clark has saved him from bullets, homicidal wives, drowning, burning, and that is just what Chloe and the police know about. When you put it all together, Clark is a hero.”

“You don’t understand!” Bruce exclaimed sitting up. “The meteors cause mental instability and odd reactions in human DNA. He brought them to earth knowing what they would do.”

“At three years old Bruce?”

“He manipulated the minds of those in Smallville, why else would no one clean up the meteor shower.”

“I found the classified government reports on that as well. And I quote “while the meteor does glow at times, it releases a weak amount of radiation that has no adverse effect on organic life and the cost of removing such a spill is unnecessary.” That’s why no one thinks its dangerous, I bet a young Clark got sick near one and that’s why his parents cleaned up their farm even if they never told him.”

“There is no way Lex would act like that without being influenced.”

“Its been years since you talked to him! People change you idiot!”

“Not these things, these are fundamental aspects of Lex’s personality, drilled into him for better or worse by his father.”

“So instead of thinking it’s a good think Lex is trying to work off his dad’s brainwashing in a small town you decide alien mind control? Bruce are you still in love with Lex?”


“At least then you would be a jealous idiot as it is now I don’t think I can trust your judgment in anything. Did Clark come off as the world conquering kind? He was a nice kid, easy to blush and thought Lex was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Or was that it? Were you upset that Lex’s new best friend was an alien that was in love with Lex? Guess what? He has no idea.

“He just thinks of Lex as his best friend and a misunderstood guy people should stop judging for his money and who was a sperm donor. Did you ever stop reading files and making judgments long enough to hear what was going on? Did you use your eyes? The both of them were touchy feely with each other like it was the most normal thing. I bet that kid would’ve hugged me if he got the chance, not really the makings of a monster.”

“You forget I’ve seen the same things as you, the same monsters, that wasn’t one. And if those are the changes he caused in Lex I’m all for it. Maybe if I was more like Clark you wouldn’t have done any of this. I’m going to Smallville in the morning, don’t you dare follow me, you’ve caused more than enough damage.” Dick’s parting words though staggered Bruce like a blow. “I’m not sure if I’m coming back.”

Bruce lay back in his bed suddenly much too large. “Are you going to have a go at me too?”

“I think Master Dick did admirably. The only question I have is how you could assault the boy’s father. He knew who you were, he knew his father would not have a chance defeating you.”

“I didn’t assault him, I took his arm.”

“You meant to stop him, and to a teen that usually means violence. His father clearly would not have been stopped short of being knocked unconscious. He reached that conclusion and did what he needed to protect his family. I’m deeply disappointed in you,” Alfred finished walking out of the room and leaving Bruce to his thoughts.

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