Rain pt11

Title: Rain 11/11
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: www.midnightscribbles.com
Pairings: Clark/Lex , Bruce/Dick
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Smallville is in the middle of a rain patch, and Clark and Lex are kidnapped.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story
Spoilers: General All Episodes,
Warnings: Angst,
Authors Notes: This is not following any cannon comic or for the show. Now a mini cast Batman = Christian Bale, Robin = your choice. For me he looks suspiciously like Nightwing with a hair cut.

Lex had dressed behind the couch and emerged looking ready for war. “I’m scared,” Justin whispered to Chloe. “How can a guy look scary in purple?”

“Because you know what he can do.”

“I know what you can do and it doesn’t scare me,” Justin said. “You have a whole army. I bet if I looked at you funny I’d be a pile of dust on the floor in no time. If Jodie didn’t eat me.”

“I wouldn’t eat you,” Jodie piped up. “You’re too skinny.”

“Oh look at the sunrise,” Alicia said looking out of the barn windows ignoring Justin’s sputtering, looking at the lightening sky. Despite growing up in a farming community most of their families didn’t own farms and those that did rarely bothered trying to get their children up at dawn.

“It’s nice,” Chloe said looking out seeing Kyla lying down on the ground still in her wolf form as Seth sat beside her. They had decided to share the watch Seth pointing out that anyone who wanted to get to the farm would have to do it in a car, leaving Seth able to deal with them quickly. And if they were on foot, Kyla’s nose would find them quickly enough.

And Sasha at the other side of the barn had bees in the corn stalks ready to attack with a thought. They were not sure if Batman would actually come to Smallville to finish off Clark but alien or not, they all seemed to have good stories of encounters with Clark and at least one friend, family member, or friend of a friend, who had been saved from a mutant who hadn’t taken to the change as well.

That and they decided to attribute the many mysterious savings that happened in the town to Clark. Adding Clark’s general kindness meant that even if they weren’t friends they knew if they tried Clark would accept them and defend them and they could do no less.

Lex was ignoring the sunrise as he sat carefully on the edge of Clark’s couch. Most of the others had drifted off at one point or another but all were again awake as Lex got ready to face his so called killer. Clark had not stirred once, his breathing was deep and even and his heartbeat was steady and strong, but he had nothing to compare it to. For a moment he almost wished he was back in cave where he could monitor all aspects of Clark’s physiology.

It worried him more then he was willing to admit. Cyrus’ attempt at healing seemed to have only revered the most recent damage done by Bruce. Clark was as weak as he had been when he had forced Lex to sleep. A sleep he had been drawn out of by Dick of all people right before all hell had broken loose.

“Does he eat?” Ian asked looking at Lex.

Before Lex could respond Chloe laughed. “He’ll even eat the Wednesday surprise.”

“Not to keen on his life then.”

“What were you thinking?” Lex asked Ian as the first rays of light streaked into the barn.

“Cyrus’ healing should have healed him completely. The only other person I’ve seen react like that was Jodie, she needed to eat before she really got better.”

“What happened?”

“Antlers,” Jodie replied with a blush.

“He hasn’t been holding much food down, and with his last exposure he actually vomited blood.”

“Internal damage?” Ian whispered.

“Before he went on his aliens are evil rot, his machines showed that Clark’s organs were degenerating at the cellular level and repairing as well. I think you can tell what side of the process was winning. He was getting better until that last exposure to Meteor rock, though Cyrus’ healing seems to have put him back at the point where the healing was just barely outstripping the regeneration.”

“Protein?” Ian suggested.

“If we can wake him,” Lex said as he looked over at the still sleeping Clark. “Clark, wake up?”

After a few minutes of shoulder shaking that did nothing to wake him Cyrus having woken up again approached. “I could try to heal him again.”

“No,” Ian said quickly. “You fainted, if you try again you might do damage to yourself, permanently. He is not human; it has to be more difficult to heal him.”

“But..” Cyrus stopped as Clark let out a moan.

“God that feels good,” he mumbled still half asleep sitting up head turned towards the open barn window.


Clark either ignored Lex or didn’t hear him as he stood at the window, peeling off his t-shirt as the first few rays of the sun hit him. Oblivious to those around him, he climbed out the window to the roof of the barn than had both Ian and Lex sure that Clark could indeed defy gravity.

“Alicia check on him,” Chloe said stunned. Clark’s eyes had barely opened when he had jumped out of the window.

Alicia flashed out and appeared again almost instantly giggling. “He’s asleep again, naked,” she added in a whisper.

“Take me to him,” Lex order and Alicia blushed but complied.

“I’ll just be in the barn, yeah,” she squeaked sneaking one last glance at Clark.

Lex looked Clark over once before forcing himself to look at Clark’s face. He was indeed asleep again and even as he watched, color was returned to his cheeks. Lex watched for a few moments before being sure and walking along the roof.

Deciding not to risk his neck he called softly, “Alicia,” who brought him back into the barn. “He was getting better before my eyes,” Lex explained. “Let him sleep.”

“Naked?” Chloe asked looking towards the roof of the barn.

“I’m sure he won’t be bothered,” Lex said casting a cold glare at Alicia and Chloe.

“Got it no one looks at the Clark man,” Justin said with a soft grin.

“Are you going to go now Lex?”

“I doubt Lucas is awake but father should be awake and conducting some overseas business. Its his early morning before breakfast practice.”

“So is the plan still on?”



Lionel sat in Lex’s office working his way through a call with an investor in Cantonese with only half his attention. It disturbed him greatly that Lex’s laptop had vanished. He had not had the chance to hack the system having put it out of his mind for a few moments as he worked to deal with Lex’s sudden death and his discovery of Lucas.

Lucas, he should have had a much tighter hand on the boy’s education and his later life. If he had he may have been able to return to Metropolis already. The fact that he was almost positive Lucas had something to do with Lex’s death did not make him anymore impressed with the boy. As it was the helicopter would be picking him and Lucas up in two hours to get through the reading of Lex’s will.

It had been a messy kidnapping and only sheer luck and betrayal had kept Lucas’ name clear. There was the chance that one of his employees could have escaped or recorded what they were doing at another location.

He had to be proud of his son for what he had done. For the first time in his life Lionel was concerned, he hadn’t been surprised Lex had drafted a new will after the crimes of his wife but what had surprised him had been the secrecy behind it.

Lex had found the most upstanding, Law firm in the country to do his second will. A tiny firm in New York with all things a blind Lawyer and his slightly foppish partner, Lionel had been able to find no weak link and he supposed he would have to contest the will when he heard the reading. Lex had also transferred all his other business to that firm in the last year. Lionel on the other hand was still on of the top clients of Wolf, Ram, & Hart. The one firm he had ever seen that had scruples that matched his own totally.

Lionel heard the doors to the study slam open as he completed his calls but did not bother to look up from the screen of the computer.

“Son, isn’t it quite early for your dramatic entrances?”

“I don’t know dad, the timing seemed right, Pistols at dawn and all that.”

“Lex?” Lionel asked stunned head snapping up as he stood quickly already moving out from behind the desk.

“Lex son,” Lionel said approaching and attempting to embrace Lex who stepped away.

“Now dad, don’t act as if you missed me, less than a week and I’ve already been replaced.”

“Lex please, Lucas is…”

“An idiot who can’t even murder his own brother properly I know, I am here after all.”

“Lucas tried to kill you?”

“Try again dad, a little more sincerity this time,” Lex said moving to the bar to pour himself a drink.

“Lex,” Lionel began and turned as the doors were slammed open again.

Lucas strolled in still pulling on a shirt and did not see Lex right away. “What kind of crap job is this? There are tons of bees in my room!”

“What a pity,” Lionel drawled.

“I could have been allergic.”

“Then you would have died, and where would we have been?” Lex drawled as Lucas finally got his pullover on. His steps faltered as he turned to the side of the room Lex was standing and blanched.

“Lex! It’s great to see you brother! Alive and well.”

“Not for your lack of trying, I would have never been expected to see myself cast in the role of Abel.”

“Dramatic comparison is it not Lex?” Lionel drawled returning to the desk.

“Who’s Abel?” Lucas asked.

“This dad?” Lex asked in disgust.

“He’s a Luthor.”

“Maybe you should make sure his mother wasn’t a Luthor.”

“Lex I am not amused.”

“How did you survive?” Lucas asked.

“What your atrocious attempt at kidnapping or your horrible attempt at betrayal of a group of idiots?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Lucas denied blandly.

“If I wads blind deaf and dumb I would not be convinced. You could attempt to lie with some conviction.”

“I don’t need to lie. I’m telling the truth.”

Lex turned once again to his father. “Dad, there’s desperation and then there’s senility.”

“Lex, while I admit Lucas isn’t the best there is you have to understand I did not raise him. Yet he already thinks like a Luthor. He didn’t have a chance. He can still be molded.”

“Into what? A more sophisticated drunk with a million dollar gambling habit? I can’t believe you actually thought this thing was capable of killing me.”

“Lex that is your brother.”

“I only ever had one brother and he died. That is nothing to me short of a new inmate.”

“You can’t do anything to me. There’s no proof.”

“But I have, means, motive, opportunity, the list goes on and on, brother,” Lex snarled. Lionel’s phone rang and looking at the boys he answered and began speaking a clipped Mandarin statements. Know that his son’s would soon be shouting and Lucas would soon foolishly admit something he walked out of the room quietly closing the door behind him.

Lucas watched as their father left then turned on his brother. “You should have stayed dead.” Lucas snapped pulling a gun from the waistband on his jeans.

“A gun,” Lex mocked. “So what you think you can shoot me and just get rid of the body?”

“I don’t think it I know it.”

“Do you really think you are good enough to be here? A drunk with a gambling debt, who was dumb enough to think one he could get rid of me and two that he would suddenly be made the Luthor heir apparent? How does it feel to still not have any access to the money?”

“How do you…”

“Sorry I forget you are new to the family. Do you really think dad would give you access to anything but a small allowance to squander? Do you know anything?”

“I got here didn’t I? I’m heir aren’t I? Once I get rid of you and the old man I will be the only Luthor left standing.”

“You? Get rid of Lionel Luthor,” Lex shook his head at his deluded younger brother.

“Its as simple as this,” Lucas said drawing up the gun.

“Now,” Lex hissed as he dodged the first bullet as it hovered in the air undeterred Lucas shot again.

Adrenaline spurned Lex as he watched Lucas starring at the bullets float in the air. As he raised the gun one more time aiming for Lex, Lex felt something latched around him. And he felt a displacement of air much more different from what he felt with Alicia.

Opening his eyes he saw that he was at the south end of the mansion grounds. “Alicia this isn’t where we said…”

“Lex,” Clark whispered stumbling.

“Clark?” Lex eyes drifted over the teen still as naked as when he left him on the roof of the barn but seemingly unaware. His skin tone had further improved but from the yawn Clark was trying to suppress he knew Clark was not back to his best.

“Lex are you okay?” Clark asked checking him over looking for wounds.

“I’m fine, how did you find me?”

“I was listening to your heartbeat, while you were in the barn, its how I knew I could sleep. It got harder to hear for bit but then I found it again. When it started to race and then I heard the gunshot and I had to get you out of there. What happened?”

“My brother tried to kill me again this time with a gun,” Lex said as he saw Clark sway again. “Clark sit down,” Lex said pulling him towards a small rock formation. “Are you alright?”

“A little dizzy,” Clark admitted pulling Lex down beside him.

“Is that why you stopped running?” Lex asked and Clark blushed.

“No my speed went out,” Clark admitted leaning against Lex yawning again.

“Relax Clark, Lucas probably doesn’t know what hit him right about now. You didn’t have to come I would have been fine.”

“I have to keep you safe,” Clark mumbled and Lex could tell he was drifting off again. “Love you.”

Lex eyes widened at Clark’s revelation, before telling himself not to read too much into the comment. Lex was Clark’s best friend he most obviously loved him like a brother. And Clark was much more open with his feelings; even more so now that this last secret had come out. Clark would likely make the same statement about Pete Ross or Chloe.

Lex pulled out his cell phone and called Chloe who berated him for going against the plan. He explained about Clark and said they would return to the barn in the afternoon though if Alicia could drop off some clothing for Clark he would not be upset.

Lex took a deep breath and called his attorney knowing his father might keep his resurfacing quiet long enough to learn what Lex had changed his will to and why all the secrecy.

“Hello, yes Matt Murdock please.”

“One of his clients, Lex Luthor, yes, yes, greatly exaggerated,” Lex said with a roll of his eyes. “Yes just cancel the reading. I will be needing something else as well, schedule an appointment, yes I know what he said about the will being a one time thing since he is a criminal lawyer. But even he needs to eat. Tell him the same terms apply,” Lex said and hung up. He supposed it was wrong to blackmail a lawyer who moonlighted as a vigilante with exposure if he didn’t do what he wanted but if he was right he would need a trustworthy lawyer quite soon.

Lex looked at Clark still asleep against his shoulder and felt for a moment he was back in the cave. The closeness, the two of them being the only people that mattered, he thought he would never another moment to be this close to Clark.

Sliding his fingers through Clark’s hair he was surprised when the boy mumbled something incoherent softly against his neck and slid his arms around Lex a smile ghosting against his lips.

“Clark?” Lex whispered in question and the arms around him tightened as Clark smiled against his neck. When nothing else seemed to be happening Lex relaxed into Clark’s hold. The occasional mumbles continuing to escape.


“Chloe! Chloe!” Alicia shrieked appearing in the barn nearly bouncing off the wall.

“What is something wrong? Are Lex and Clark okay?”

“They are better than okay! They are snuggling! Snuggling! Lex didn’t even notice I was there when I dropped off the clothes. They are so cute!”

“Clark’s gay?” Justin asked raising an eyebrow exchanging a look with Ian.

“Well he was doing most of the snuggling and it looked like he was really enjoying it,” she said with a giggle and a raised eye brow.

“Really!” Chloe said grinning widely.

“Well he is still naked,” Alicia wolf whistled. “Now if Lex was naked too, well I might be a puddle in the woods now. I wonder if he has any hair,” Alicia said as a laughing Chloe hooked her arm.

“Let’s go help Mrs. Kent, no talking about her son like he’s meat in front of the mom. I’m sure this isn’t what she expected spring break to be. Feeding a mini army.”


Lex blinked surprised looking around. He had no idea he had drifted off but both he and Clark were lying against the granite formation arms wrapped around each other. The last thing he had remembered was the sound of sirens approaching the mansion. Sure that Lucas was taken care of he had decided to relax. And apparently wrap himself around Clark like a pretzel, Lex attempted to extract himself from Clark and failed.

“Clark wake up,” Lex said gently. Clark stirred slightly rolling over and on top of Lex. “Oh god Clark, wake up,” he said attempting to push the boy off of him but Clark was much too heavy.

“Mmm, Lex,” Clark murmured his entire body nuzzling against him. Lex gasped and froze. Clark was hard and pressed against his thigh.

“Clark, you’re dreaming. You need to wake up.”

“Mmm,” Clark whispered nuzzling into Lex’s neck.

“Teenagers,” Lex sighed. “Probably dreaming about that pink prancing air head.”

A kiss to his shoulder caused Lex to gasp and wondered in light of what happened in the barn if he would be able to wake Clark before this situation got out of hand. Maybe Clark would lose his fairy princess if he started speaking.

Lex raked his mind for a recent conversation with him a Clark and settled for one that had helped Clark on a history paper as he had done most of the talking as Clark took notes and asked questions that had Lex wondering just why Clark needed help on the assignment in the first place.

“It all depends on if you want to look at the Trojan war from the standpoint of myth or the compelling evidence that continues to be gathered that showed it in fact happened. You must realize this war destroyed an entire nation but there are names that can be traced back to various real people and a few years ago archeologist were sure they had finally pinpointed the location of the legendary city state.

“And even if you look at it in the realm of complete myth it still gives what is one of the most devious war strategies ever employed…”

Lex froze as green eyes stared into his. “I’m gonna have to shut you up,” Clark said with and easy smile and leaned down and kissed a stunned Lex.

“Clark, we can’t do this.”

“Mmm hmm, too young, men, dad with shot gun, anything else?” Clark whispered kissing along Lex’s jaw.

“We’re in the middle of the woods.”

“Mmm, no distractions,” Clark said attempting to rid Lex of his shirt.

“Clark you are still recovering from meteor rock poisoning.”

“Hmm?” Clark asked latching onto a nipple causing Lex to groan. “Too much clothes,” Clark murmured snapping Lex’s belt in two as he pulled it off though the pants were still in one piece.

“What are you doing Clark?”

Clark looked over at Lex with a dreamy smile. “Gonna blow you.”

For a few moments that Lex would forever deny, he lost all higher brain functions and some lower including the ability to breathe. Clark did not just say that, in the middle of the woods with such a dazed debauched expression.

“Clark,” Lex said trying to ignore where Clark’s hands were and what he had planned to do with the mouth that was currently mapping his chest. “Are you sure you’re awake?”

Clark shook his head. “This is my favorite dream; it makes me float higher than the Lana dreams I used to have.”

“You’re not dreaming, Clark.”

“Uh huh, we’re naked in the middle of the woods, and I get to suck your cock, stuff like this doesn’t happen to me. Dream.”

“I thought you were in love with Lana.”

“You don’t usually talk this much,” Clark said pausing to talk to Lex. “If mom wakes me I’m going to be mad. Lana’s normal,” he said as if it explained everything.


Clark let out a deep suffering sigh, glanced at Lex’s half opened pants and shook his head. Shifting so he was looking down at Lex their bodies pressed tightly together. “Normal. Girl next door. Cheerleader. Perfect for the big alien freak.”

“You are not a freak, you are my best friend.”

Clark shut his eyes and sighed burrowing into Lex’s shoulder. Lex waited and for a moment thought Clark had fallen asleep when he peered up at Lex.


“Awake now?”

“Huh, oh yeah, I was dreaming,” Clark stopped and blushed.

“Take a look around Clark.”

Clark realized first that he was on top of Lex and jumped up noticing then he was naked. Noticing a neat pile near by he sprang to it to get dressed blushing all the while. Lex calmly sat up looking at Clark.

“That blush travels far.”

“Oh God,” Clark whispered pulling on the jeans. “This is where I was in…I was dreaming right?”

“Clark you are still recovering, you were a little delirious.”

“I didn’t…”

“Kiss me? Attempt to get into my pants while naked? No of course you didn’t nor did you offer to blow me.” Clark looked panicked and ready to bolt. “You are not leaving me here,” Lex said approaching Clark who backed away from the billionaire but didn’t use any of his powers.

“We have quite a few things to discuss. The least of which is you hearing my heartbeat at the mansion from your barn.”

“The least of which?”

“Yes this is much more important,” Lex said grabbing the back of Clark’s head before he could flee or pull away and kissed him.

Clark gasped into Lex’s mouth and Lex deepened the kiss ignoring the fact that Clark was rubbing against his leg. Never breaking the kiss Lex slipped a hand into Clark’s pants enjoying the way Clark moaned into his mouth.

Lex felt Clark’s legs buckle slightly as he slumped against the tree and Lex knew it was the only thing keeping him up. Slipping his other hand to remove Clark’s newly acquired jeans and boxers.

“What are you doing?” Clark gasped as he pulled away.

“I’m gonna blow you,” Lex whispered into his ears. With that Clark’s legs truly did buckle as he came with no further assistance from Lex, who arched a brow but said nothing at the development.

“Lex I…” Clark stammered.

“I’m flattered Clark,” Lex said with an easy smile. “But we have a barn full of mutants waiting for answers. I think they would like them sometime this year. We can pick this up again tonight.”


“Well yes, eventually I will blow you, possibly fuck you but that might be a while,” Lex said casually grinning at the way Clark seemed to lose his footing as his softening erection twitched.

Sighing Lex sank to his knees causing another moan from Clark. Lex raised an eyebrow before pulling Clark’s boxers and jeans back on.

“Making assumptions Clark?” Lex asked zipping Clark up with almost a clinical detachment. “I said we should get back to the barn.”

“Can we drive?” Clark asked knowing the tree was still the only thing keeping him upright at the moment.

Lex laughed but took Clark’s hand and started to lead him towards the garage of the mansion.


They arrived at the barn to find a mad house. Kyla was pacing in a circle snarling, there was a swarm of bees hovering, Tyler was grinning and pulling off his gloves.

“Uh, what’s going on?” Clark asked as Lex stepped in beside him.

“Well you were right to be worried Lex. We didn’t get a bat, though but our early warning system did catch bird boy,” Chloe said stepping aside to where, Justin had Dick pinned to the floor spread eagled.

“Are you serious?” Lex asked pacing around the boy.

“Guys let him go,” Clark said alarmed.

“Clark you seem to be forgetting his boss tried to kill you.”

“Yeah, Bruce did…”

“Hold on,” Ian said holding up four hands. “Hold it! Bruce Wayne is Batman?! That idiot?”

“Idiot thing is an act,” Lex stated.

“He’s good,” Ian admitted his double nodding in agreement.

“Guys! Bruce wouldn’t let him near me, when he was there in the safety of the batcave with guns and batman right there. Do you guys see batman?” Clark asked sarcastically. “How did you catch him anyway?”

“Bee warning system then well Justin and Seth were a little enthusiastic, his bike is totaled,” Chloe said with a shrug as Dick winced.

“Can you let him go now?” Clark asked.

“No,” Lex said, “Clark step out of the barn for a moment. I’m going to make sure he doesn’t have any presents on him. Then maybe we’ll let him up if I’m feeling generous. He can’t talk?”

“It’s amazing what telekinesis can do with practice,” Justin said easily and Lex realized something.

“How did you keep the gas away from us and not the air?”

“The gas was heavier than oxygen, you probably got some pure oxygen worse case but it was better than the alternative.”

“Chloe?” Lex asked.

“Oh no, training with me led to making out. That was all Ian and Cyrus.”

“Let him speak,” Lex asked peering down at Dick. “Any meteor rock on you?”

“No, I wanted to apologize for the way Bruce was acting. He was a total jerkoff for no reason. I mean really, can a person get nicer than Clark? He’s like a boy scout incarnation, the worst thing he did the entire time was throw up in the cave.”

“Does Bruce know you’re here?”

“Yes, when he woke up I told him I was coming in the morning.” Dick shut his eyes and took a deep breath. “I told him I might not come back.”

“You can let him up, Clark come back in.”

Once Dick was standing he looked around and his eyes settled on Tyler. “Do I want to know why you wanted to touch me?”

“Touch of death,” Justin sighed, “he’s been itching to touch you guys since Clark got here. We really don’t like you guys.”

“Justin it isn’t his fault,” Clark said reentering the barn and moving to stand at Lex’s side watching as Dick brushed himself off. “Bruce is a bastard.”

“Wow, Clark used a swear word,” Chloe said. “What else did that little prick do? I am so starting some web rumors about him.”

“Like what?” Lex asked interested.

“Some STDs, hmm…maybe dating that actress doing all the drugs right now.”

“Is she legal?” Justin asked.

“Yeah I think so, I’ll double check,” Chloe said with a mean grin.

“Its just the internet,” Dick said not thinking she could do much damage.

Justin doubled over with laughter. “You’re kidding right, you’re lucky Chloe’s just interested in ruining his reputation. My girl with a computer is worst than a nuke in the hands of North Korea.”

“So hi I’m Alicia,” she said extending a hand which Dick looked at warily. “Oh no, I just teleport.”

“Is that how the Martin ended up in New Mexico?”

“Maybe,” Alicia said with a blush. “How old are you?”


“Oh, are you in college?”

“As much as I hate to break this up, will rat boy be following you?” Chloe asked.

“He won’t,” Lex said. “One, he knows what I would do to him, two, he would like to get back into Dick’s good graces, withholding sex can do wonders.”

“Why are the hot guys gay?!” Alicia wailed glaring at Dick, Clark and Lex, Clark being the only one who blushed.

“Woah woah, you guys are official?” Dick asked with a grin. “I knew it, way to much snuggling in that cave.

“Yeah, they were snuggling naked in the woods earlier,” Alicia conspired seemingly forgetting her outburst.


“Well Clark was naked, no tan lines,” Alicia said fanning herself. “Too bad Lex wasn’t,” she said not noticing the look she received from Lex.

“So this mean all is right in the world? Good I’m going home,” Tyler said annoyed.

“Dude, can you be any more anti social?” Justin asked with a sigh.

“Fine, I’ll stay, but only because Mrs. Kent is making sandwiches,” Tyler added.

“Oh, I should explain to mom and dad before they see you,” Clark said wandering out of the barn.

Looking at Justin Dick finally asked the question that had been truly bothering him.

“Is my bike really totaled?”

“Don’t look at me, take it up with Magneto over there,” Justin said indicating Seth. “Me I’m just here for pie.”


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