The Awakening

The Awakening Part 1
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: NC 17
Content: Foul language, rape, slash, murder, character death
Distribution: just ask
Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own Adam Copeland/Edge, he is property of the WWE I guess himself. Nor do I own any other WWE superstars appearing in this fic or Adam’s ma. Every one else is a figment of my warped imagination.

All hallows eve 1673 . . .
“My Lord its not possible, in all these centuries never . . .”
“Are you saying my queen lies?!”
“No my lord but that would make him the first.”
“My son, prince of all that is pure, the first of the truly pure.”
“And if it is a girl?”
“She shall be a goddess among us.”
“My lord quickly now, it is a boy.”
The king and his advisor rush out of the throne room straight to his and the Queens private chambers. There the midwife was holding the screaming infant out to the king. He took it and sat besides his exhausted wife. She turned to look at her son who had already been cleaned.
“Our son,” She says than gasps. “Look, he has them already.” The king looked at his son and saw what had shocked his wife.

The prince of Pure breeds came of age in a time of war. Even more revered than a normal prince because of the miracle of his birth and his uncanny beauty. He had powers surpassing all the pure breeds and easily surpassing those of the halflings.

Like all pure breed vampires he could walk in day, unlike the others he didn’t feel like a mortal. He had a strength that surpassed all those around him easily, his enchanting of mortal women or men when the fancy suited him was unparallel. Even other vampire’s fell under his power though he was confined to vampire men lest he begot a child before being wedded properly. He had powers that no other vampire pure or half had ever seen. He could see into the minds of others most easily and would so lose himself sometimes as to not remember he and the other were different people.

He was standing at window of the south tower of the castle looking out. The sun was just starting to set and the halfling army would come out of hiding now. The leader of the haflings had been the one to start this war. What his true name was no one knew anymore or cared and he called himself King Strigoi. He had separated halflings from pure breeds, when at first it had been merely a term of identification, claming that halflings were the only true vampires and that they deserved to rule all their kind. There were many haflings that still fought on their side but Strigoi increased his hordes incessantly plucking mortals from their very beds and adding them to his cause.

He also knew they were losing. They could not increase their numbers nearly as fast. Pure breeds were born half vampire and half mortal. They aged as a mortal and at a certain age would be made into full pure vampires by their parents. Except for him of course. Somehow what ever stopped two vampires from creating children had been over ruled in his case. Born of two vampires, he had been born with his fangs which never receded like they did for pure breeds in the day.

He was still in the tower when his mother came to him. As the soul heir there was no way they would allow both him and his father into battle and his mother had no intention of letting her darling into war. And not one she called so foolish.

“My son, we are losing this war. That fool Strigoi has turned the mortals against us and they march against both our armies this night and they will not stop at the coming of day. I fear none will survive.”

“He took too many,” the prince mutters shaking his head.

“Ay, my son you must escape. You were born different; your fate is not in that of this fool and his war.”

“Mother what are you saying?”

“Leave the place, at dawn, I fear it will be taken if not this night the next or the one thereafter. A way has been prepared for you.”

“You take it, I will fight with Father.”

“No my son, that way is doom and as your mother and the queen it is your duty to obey me,” She says as proud and regal as she was when before this war stared.

“Yes mother,” He said smiling and she grabbed his ear. “Mother!”

“Do not think me a paltry halfling, or a mortal woman under your sway,” she said as he sinks to his knees in pain. He had the most sensitive skin of any creature including mortals, add his mother’s near invincible strength and he was in agony. “I am your mother and still your queen you will do as I say.” She says letting go of her sons ear as he climbs back to his feet rubbing his ear. She pushed back his golden locks so like her own and kissed him on said ear. “I love you, I need to know you’re safe. Strigoi hates you more than any other pure vampire.”

“I’m sorry.” They are interrupted then by a messenger.

“My Queen, a letter from the king.” She takes it from his hand dismissing him with a wave as she opens the letter with the king’s seal.

It is as I feared we may not live out the night, the way prepared for our son can hide you both. Flee while you still have a chance. Strigoi has unleashed something he has no hopes of controlling mortals in fear. We spent the day marching back to the palace and were watched. As we walked in day we were left alone but as night falls and our true nature revealed I know not what will happen to our kingdom or the army. If I survive this our son will know as it is his way. Death may have its way with the immortals yet. The mortals know of the ways to put haflings to death, we saw many killed in their sleep of death as we marched. It will not be long until Strigoi reveals our own weakness for his own gain or to bring us down into the pit of death with him. I pray this messenger reaches you before the sun sets.

The Queen turned to her son to share the news when she saw the glazed look in his eyes. She was about to slap him to return his mind to his own body when he staggered backwards blood on his lips. “Father.” He gasped as he nearly blacked out. The queen’s strong hold brought him back to himself.
“My son . . .”

“He’s dead, his body burns as we speak. The haflings are gone, the mortals will kill us all.”

** Alarm bells sound **

“What could that . . .”

** Screams**

“The palace is under attack!”

“Quickly my son,” The queen says taking his hand and leading him through corridors and into the throne room. She pushes him into the passageway . “Run.” He does running blindly under the though the narrow passage at a speed no vampire can match.

He comes out the other end in the hut of some mortal bearers (the mortals that lay with vampires for pure breeds) They were the royal bearers in fact. They rushed him into a cart with their own son covered him hay as they took him into the woods. It was not until he was in a cave being shoved forward by the boy that he realized his mother was not with him. He continues forward blindly trying for the fist time to enter a mind while remaining aware of his own true form.

His mother was still in the throne room and she was fighting for her life but the passage way was closed she did not want them to find him. She was throwing mortal men like rag dolls when one entered with a bow and arrow. He shot an arrow which she caught in her hand easily. But her hand burned.

“It can’t . . .” She gasps as another arrow is fired and pierces her. Pure Quartz, the only weapon that can harm a Pure vampire. The slightest scratch could mean death except if dawn was near, then it would have to be a fatal wound of Quartz to kill them. The prince pitches forward as he falls into rushing water, and his mother dies and he falls into blackness.

When he awakens he is in a strange land that he has never seen and the sun is bearing down on him. He walks blindly and at a pace no mortal eye can follow as he travels into an ice filled wasteland. He crosses frozen seas barely aware of where he’s going. Finally weeks or days later he has no idea his hunger claims him and he collapses on the ice.

Years pass seasons change and the prince is lost in an icy wilderness. The world changes and the word vampire falls into myth and legend. The only truly pure vampire sleeps the change and conquering of the ice realm he dwells in. His mind escaping his body often lives lives as a mental bystander. Sometimes forgetting completely about his life and other times driving people mad with his intrusion.


All hallows eve eve 1973 . . .
“Come on Judy push,” the doctor says to the frazzled Canadian. “We can see the head, just a little more.”
“Oh God!” She shrieks as she pushes her child into the world.
“It’s a boy!” The doctor yells as he spanks the baby to make sure its airways are clear and it starts screaming. “Congratulations. Do you have a name yet?” A Nurse asks as she presents the baby.
“What a lovely name.”

“Adam man I don’t know about this the Ice doesn’t look that strong.”

“Jason its okay it’s the fastest way we just cross over we’ll be fine.”

“This is a stupid bet. If we die we’ll never get that fifty.”

“Its freezing it has to be frozen.” Jason rolls his eyes at his blond haired friend.

“Famous last words.”

The two of them start out on the ice fairing pretty well. They make it safely across and Adam gives his friend a thumbs up. They reach the rest of their friends and collect their winnings.

“How’d you two do it?”

“Just like we said, we crossed the lake.”

“We were waiting for your white asses to fall in.”

“You’re just mad you lost.”

“Hey how do you think you did on William’s test?”

“Aced it,” Adam says cockily “finished it in like a second, I want to get it back though I drew this cool castle on the back.”


“Double or nothing you can’t beat us back.”

“We’ll take pity on you and give you a five minute head start.” Adam says as the two other teenagers take off.

Jason and Adam take off again over the ice but this time Adam took a bad step and went down into the ice, and Jason freaked as Adam bobbed back up and tried to grab on to ice that crumbled as he reached for it. Jason backed onto land for fear of the rapidly shattering ice. The area Adam was in just got wider and wider as the time he spent above the water got shorter and shorter as all the clothes he was wearing pulled him down.

Jason ran to get help as Adam went under yet again with the shattering ice. Adam slammed into an underwater block of ice. Shattering most of the ice that had been melting for years. The eyes of the prince open as the vampire in him can sense food so close to him. His arm clamps around the meal and sinks his teeth into the drowning boy drawing in his memories, memories he had shared since the boy had been born though he doesn’t understand it then. He is still quite weak and both he and his meal drift and sink.


Adam’s body was never found and his grave merely a marker. Jason was haunted with thoughts of what he could have done to save his friend. He becomes a solemn man known to visit the lake more than the grave.

To Be Continued . . .

Part 2

He opened his eyes feeling the paralyzing weakness in his body. How had he even gotten here he couldn’t remember. He could remember very little except the hunger. That was so strong that was why his eyes had opened when they hadn’t been used in so long and even now peered into complete and utter blackness. He reached his arm up it was so close and he felt a barrier.

He had no strength to lift it but it was rotted away and the blood was getting so much closer. They were coming to him, he could smell it. If only they were there now he was so close the pain was so strong. Closer he prayed as his arm fell back down. Just a little closer and he would be fed. He would have the strength to rise again. They would know him again.

“We’ll just dump them here,” a bearded tattooed man says about the two bodies they were lugging with them. A couple who had had the luck of running out of gas near the thieves hangout. They had had some fun with the couple and now would leave them to drown at the moment unconscious from blows to the head. They are slipped into the water into the realm of the semi conscious prince one of them landing in his arms. His mouth latches automatically to the neck draining the person dry.

Afterwards he finally has the strength to rise out of the water. His clothing long rotted away he walks in a daze unaware of his nakedness, the cold, or even who he really was, let alone what he was. He comes up to the thieves cabin and they are sitting outside.

He stops walking drawn to the scent of blood but in such a weakened state he doesn’t even know what he was drawn to. He looks at the men looking more at Joe wondering what it was about him that made him want to stay. Their words flowed over him with him barely aware of it.

“Well, well Geb, looky at what we go here.”

“Woo wee! Pretty boy you lost?” The prince gives them a completely blank stare though he can understand English as if it was his native language.

“Where you’re clothes? Walking ’round like that, Geb what you think?”

“Well, I’m never one to turn down an invitation, ‘n you says we would have nothing to keep us warm up ‘er in Canada.”

“Shit, Geb he’s getting away.” Geb and Joe jump up and run to the prince who had started to walk again for no other reason than a drive to go forward. “Come on boy, you can’t be walking ’round like that.” His gaze flickers between Joe and Geb and still makes no sign of recognition. Joe who is clean shaven and gangly with a dirty blond ponytail, smiles at the prince and he blinks.

He allows himself to be lead back to the cabin having no idea how easy it would be for him to destroy these two or at the very least learn their intentions. They take him into the room where they had held the couple not so long ago and the faint smell of blood entices the prince though he knows not what to make of the new sensation.

Geb and Joe waste no time in shoving the prince down and handcuffing him to the head board. Still dazed and lost the prince doesn’t put up any fight. An argument ensues on who gets to go first and its finally decided that Joe will since he had to go second with the guy in the couple they had just killed.

He climbs on the prince as he spits on his hand as a quick form of lube. In one sharp thrust he penetrates a body that hadn’t been used that way in countless centuries and the prince lets out a scream that is little more than a whisper. At his full strength the same scream may have shattered their ear drums. Joe doesn’t move for a second just enjoying the tightness feeling that it gets better every time. He pulls out to his head and plunges savagely into the prince who wails silently trying to pull away from the hands holding him in place.

He doesn’t understand this new horrifying sensation, but does try to escape tugging at the handcuffs which refuse to budge. His eyes fill up with tears as all he feels is pain. Tossing his head left and right moans of agony escape him as Joe increases the speed impaling him violently as another empty scream wracks his body. Joe’s nails digging into his oversensitive skin just add more pain. He stops tugging on the handcuff ending one small pain that is attacking his body as he prays for the cold.

When Joe stops he thinks its an end to the pain when he feels another weight on the bed. His legs are tossed on Geb’s muscular shoulders as his larger length in shoved into the prince who shuts his eyes tight as he bites down on his tongue tasting his own blood. A bit of his true nature comes to him then but before he can do anything the door is kicked open.

“Police freeze!” As the cops enter the room and see the scene they all barely hide their disgust as they throw garments at Joe and pull Geb off the prince, who looks dead to the world. They find the keys on the night stand and remove the handcuff on the prince who curls into a ball vaguely remembering a time when it was safe and silent. And he wasn’t a part of this pain.

They end up taking him to the station, though no one can get him to speak. They sit him on a bench as some clothes are found for him from various items mostly confiscated from a shoplifting ring that had been used as evidence and now just took up space in the locker.

“Hey kid take these up to the victim,” the new cop nods taking the clothes, not having been at the scene he thought he was approaching a woman with a long mop of curly blond hair that sent daggers through his heart.

“Uh miss . . .” The face looks up and the princes eyes widen as Jason believes its for other reasons. “I’m sorry I saw your hair and I . . .” he stops as the prince reaches to touch his face waves of memories flooding back to him.

“Ja . . .Jason?” He drops the clothes in his hands. It wasn’t possible, sure, the hair was the same and he had blue eyes too, but he had seen him go down, he hadn’t come back up. They never found the body. But could it really be Adam? It had been so many years, he looked the same but . . . he looked so shriveled and starved.

“It can’t be . . .Adam?” The prince nods and Jason decks him. Before he can start yelling at him ‘Adam’ breaks into soundless sobs turning away from Jason and dropping the blanket in the process. Jason turns a bright shade of scarlet as he sees Adam in his full glory. He picks up the sweat pants and shirt. “Here put these on.” The prince does just that and Jason notices his red wrists, he walks over to one of the cops who went up to the cabin.

“What happened to him?” Jason says pointing back to Adam.

“Disgusting, we were going after those two on some grand theft auto and kidnapping of a missing couple. We walked in on them taking turns with him.”

“Taking turns?” Jason asks hoping it meant anything but what his mind was seeing.

“What do you think? They had him handcuffed to the bed. I didn’t need to see that, give me suicides, homicides, but guy on guy? I thought I was going to retch right there.”

Jason nods and gets a mug of coffee and walks back over to Adam who flinches when he sits beside him. Jason shakes his head. Adam looked like he was under a 100 pounds. How could he have hit him, he looked like he hadn’t eaten in years. And this was the same guy who used to flip him over his head for fun. The entire sight broke his heart, what had happened to Adam? Jason handed him the mug of coffee and he was greeted with the blank empty stare.


Shortly before dawn September 13, 1698 . . .

“Lord Strigoi . . . Father, we are winning even now the pure breeds are falling back by tonight the battle will be ours.”

“I know but I must make some final preparations lead the troop to the caves. You know the pure breeds and their valor will not follow us to our crypts.”

“But father . . .”

I shall return,” he says disappearing in the waning night. His son turns to the third in command and orders them to take the troops to shelter. He then silently tracks his father. He watches as he enters a pub. He is greeted by a peasant farmer and he unwraps something and his son holds back a gasp. The best of the quartz weapons a quiver of arrows and some daggers.

He watches as a shadow draws up on him. “I told you to lead the troops to safety.”

“I did, what is he doing?”

“I’m not sure, wait,” He says watching from the dirt encrusted window. It was then he saw the peasant hiding a wooden stake by making it appear to be part of the table leg. They watch horrified as their father is staked. The blood pooling from his mouth and the wound. But the farmer missed the heart and he grabbed the peasant by the neck. Not noticing the patrons of the pub drawing on him.

His children flee not believing there is any hope for their father or his army as they enter the woods and bury themselves in the soft earth away from prying eyes and marching armies. When they rise the stench of death is livid in the air. They reach the cave and they both stare wide eyed at the mass carnage. Whoever had done this had done it by the light of day when they would have completely at the mercy of whoever stumbled upon them.

They travel in secret and reach the realm of the pure breeds where the same carnage awaits them the stench of burnt flesh was everywhere. Not only had they killed all the pure breeds they had burned them as well. They quickly leave the area as they wonder what is to become of their lives without their father.


It was there so close. The meal he had centuries for. He cared not why these fool mortals dared to tread here all he knew was that it was time to show his strength. They were already drawn to him. Free me. The barrier was lifted as a thin neck was just above his head and he jumped up and snatched the life whole with out so much as seeing the persons face. He heard the scream of the other and enjoyed the short chase that sent blood pumping through his body again. He takes this one down also relishing in the screams.

Yes scream for me.

He throws both empty husks into his grave tossing the rotting wood over them. He adjust his rotting garments like they are Armani and smiles as he steps out into the night leaving a path of gluttonous death behind him. Remerging from the town with a smile on his face.

The world will tremble at my feet, for I am Lord Strigoi the last vampire!

To Be Continued . . .

Part 3

“Yeah and this used to be your room. Your mom left it exactly the way it was. With all your pictures up, she’s still at work and I haven’t told her anything.” The prince nods as Jason opens the door.

Adam’s room was covered in poster sized drawings and paintings of a fantasy world. They had all come out of his mind. The prince looks around at all of these and the room starts spinning. Everything is swirling and the colors are blurring as he knows this was no figment of his – no Adam’s imagination.

He blinks, something about the current situation is wrong. He opens his eyes and realizes he’s in Jason’s arms and they are both on the floor. “What . . .”

“You fainted,” He says as they both hear a car.

“We have to leave! We must . . .I . . .am . . .She . . .can’t.”
“Adam calm down its just your mother.” The frantic look in his eyes silences Jason. Adam didn’t get scared. He had courage up to the point where it took his life. “Do you really not want to do this?” Adam nods as they both stand. Jason quickly leads him out the back as Judy pulls into the front of her house. Since his car was out back she never even knows the two men were there.

Jason drives Adam to his disheveled apartment and watches as Adam stands in the corner looking out the window not so much as acknowledging Jason. He peers at Jason confused as his eyes suddenly darken. He had seen an image of Adam and while it was true they bared a slight resemblance in features and it was plausible that he could have grown to look like this and Jason’s foolish mortal hope had banished any differences.

But a mother would know. Mother’s always knew, how many times had he tried to fool his mother appearing as his father or a servant and had just been told to try again, but if another vampire played servant at his behest she barely noticed. No number of years would change that no matter how many memories he had.

Now how was he to tell this fool mortal that not only was he not his fool Adam, he had eaten him. True he had been moments from death and his intervention had meant little to the slowing heart but would Jason see it that way. Why was he even still here? He was weak but no where near helpless. He looked at his sore wrist and let out a moan. He may as well be helpless allowing two mortals their way with him. He should have killed them, taken their strength to aid him.

He must be extremely weak for his skin to have not healed and he knew it was true he could still feel the pain of his assault and was sure his movements were strange. Jason was still looking at him and he went back to the window. The officer had no view just that of some homeless person searching the trash in the alley way. His blood thirst flared as he knew a victim far from the brink of death was what he really needed.

And looking at his hands a look of horror covered his face. He was a sack of bones on flesh. Not as horrifying as it could have been if he didn’t eat at all but enough to disturb him. How had this mortal not run screaming? What had happened to him how long had he been where he was.

“Adam . . .”

“What year is it? The date?” The prince is sorry he asked when he sees the look of pure grief that crosses Jason’s face. “No . . . its just that everything is so . . .”

“I understand, I think, a little confused?” The prince nods. “Its 1998, September 13th.”

The prince has to use every ounce of self control not to sink to the floor. It was 300 years to the day . . . of all that horror. All those people were long dead. His mother, oh dear God his mother. He let out a low moan as he finally slumped to the floor. They were all dead friends, family, subjects, he wasn’t a prince of anything he really was the only one of his kind. He should be dead, he wanted to be dead.

He closed his eyes wrapping his arms around his legs. There was one thing that had been nagging him for a while. He couldn’t remember his first name. His mother called him my son and his father did the same. Everyone else called him Prince. His mind was so confused. Lives swirled before his eyes, men women, but it was Adam that stood out. It was like he was the only person he ever was. Even being the prince felt like a far fetched dream. Why couldn’t he remember his name? A hand touched his knee and he jerked away from the touch looking up at Jason.

“So are you hungry?” Jason whispers and the prince knows he can’t go any further without telling Jason.

“Yes but, I’m . . . I’m not human I . . .”

“Adam I’m not even going to pretend I understand what those monsters did to you. But you’re still human you just need to eat and get some rest then you’ll feel much better. Adam shakes his head and pours out everything he can remember. Jason listens silently and the prince finally looks at him and he chuckles.

“Sure you’re a 300 year old blood sucker. Did I tell you I’m a werewolf? Though I have to give you credit I’ve never heard of that kind of vampire before and that is a freaky weakness. Quartz, now what do you want to eat?”

The prince didn’t believe this he had just revealed himself to this mortal and he didn’t believe him! The prince stood with purpose and lead Jason to the homeless woman that was still rummaging through the trash. He stroked her hair as she stared at him and went slack. He bit into her neck and Jason stared wide eyed. He made short work of the woman licking away the wounds and placing her ever so carefully at the side of the trash. His vision was already sharpening beyond the normal human sight and he was starting to see faint traces of Jason’s aura.

He hadn’t scared him, Jason actually seemed fascinated, and it was then the Prince realized he had just gotten what he needed a full meal of vibrant living flesh, soon enough he wouldn’t have to kill to sate his hunger. Killing didn’t bother him but he saw humans as so fragile, and weak, there was no fun in it. He felt it would be the human equivalent of killing a cow after milking it for no other reason then you had gotten the milk.

He could feel his skin tingling and burning. He looked at his wrist and watched the injuries fade. He looked human again. He looked at his hands, it had been so long since he had seen them. But why did he feel they looked so strange. They were his hands, it was his body it had been for so long. Maybe his mind still wasn’t clear he had never heard of a vampire doing what he had. Who knew what the side effects would be.

Jason was still staring at him, the blood was rushing over him and gave him a delicious tingle all over his body. He watched as Jason’s eyes widened and he followed his gaze. The blood really had rushed everywhere. The bulge was quite noticeable in the ill fitting sweats. Before Jason could open his mouth the prince jumped and was rewarded with his strength returning. He easily reached Jason’s window and climbed inside.

It took Jason a few minutes to get upstairs. He opened the door and was greeted by a sight that went straight to his groin. Adam had discarded the clothes he had given him and was laying lazily on the couch his arm behind his head and the other lazily dragging back and forth along the floor. He couldn’t have been more turned on if Adam had been touching himself.

The prince glanced at the mortal and saw the purplish hue emanating from him. ‘Lust’ he smiled and waved his so called best friend over. Jason moved over slowly and with a slight tremble in his hand touched the prince’s hair he had so many questions like how was it possible he looked exactly like Adam and where Adam was . . . but that could be done later.

He kneeled down beside the prince and planted a kiss on his cheek. The prince smiled and took his face in his hand and gave him a deep kiss, invading Jason’s mouth with his tongue. Jason lightly ran his fingers over his chest never letting go of the kiss and his body responded intensely. He was writhing with passion from the light touch, coupled with the sensations of his body rejuvenating, he was undone when Jason twisted a nipple in his hand. He came their lips still locked together and Jason pulled back shocked.

“You came?!”

“Yes, my skin is very sensitive, even more so after I’ve eaten.”

“Wow, well we really need to get you some clothes.”

“It may be better for now my stamina may hurt you.”

“I think I’d enjoy that kind of hurt,” Jason says kissing the prince. “You really aren’t Adam. But you’re one hell of a double.”

“No,” the prince says looking away.

“Come on I need to get some sleep.” The prince follows and wonders how true Jason’s statement was. He’d find out soon enough. They climbed into Jason’s bed together and the prince fell into a deep sleep.


Jason stopped in the flower shop and got his usual bouquet yellow, orange, and red carnations. He had left the prince sound asleep and naked in his bed. Around one he had woken up and the sight of someone who looked exactly like Adam naked in his bed had done nothing to help him get back to sleep.

He walked to the lake barely watching where he was going but there was no need for him to. He had mad this trek so many times. Funny how he had never gone to the cemetery. But he felt no closeness to it, it was just an empty plot of earth.

Who remembered there were two bodies? Who remembered that the heart could slow to the rate of almost death in freezing temperatures. That barely any oxygen would be needed as the brain shut down its functions one by one in the hopes of survival. And that the human body was the most uncanny adaptive thing in the world. Some one should have, Jason shouldn’t have pushed his luck but we all learn don’t we?

He sat on the shore tossing the flowers in one by one as much more interesting things happened below. Clear blue eyes opened. The slow but steady beating of a heart was interrupting his peace. He saw easily to the bodies in the murky water. One was dead already starting to bloat. The other how amazing was still alive. Just barely clinging to the shreds of life in the eternal murk and cold. He took it into his arms the blood still warm. It livened his flesh as he tore at some sea plants that were covering him. He was alive again. It was about time he left this murky pool. He touched something a tiny symbol of the sun. he loved these. He gathered more as they floated down to him. When what seemed like the last passed he willed himself up.

Jason watched as the water rippled what on earth could this be? The ripples were moving towards him, he watched intrigued. Then he saw it, the top of a blond head. Followed in quick succession the most beautiful and whitest man he had ever seen. If that wasn’t enough to stop Jason’s heart the fact that he was holding the flowers he had cast into the water just too much for him.

“Ah Jason hello,” the man frowned as Jason fainted.

To Be Continued . . .

Part 4

Jason was in his bed. Adam was beside him, had it been a dream? It had felt so real. He really had believed he saw whatever it was that he had seen. The sun was gone from the sky yet Adam still slept clearly it was exhaustion and not some vampire thing that kept him asleep.

Jason jumped out of bed silently. He knew someone was in his apartment. He silently cursed his cop salary, he lived in the dregs of Toronto. He grabbed his gun and silently stalked into his living room and blanched. It wasn’t possible, he couldn’t possibly have two gorgeous blond men sprawled out naked on his couch on the same night. But while Adam-the prince- whoever it was that was in his bed looked fresh out of high school this was a grown man.

He was lying in the exact same position Adam had. They had the same curls though he had no idea if he had blue eyes too though he had the feeling he did. He was buff, buff was an understatement, Jason sure as hell wouldn’t want to take him on. How was this even possible and he was so white. Too white it wasn’t natural.

He could open his eyes, he could invite this Jason over but what fun would that be? It would be more fun to tease the mortal. But the real fun would be from the fledgling sleeping so soundly. He should say something, he knew Jason was holding a guy and he wasn’t in the mood for pain.

“Those were lovely flowers.” Jason’s mouth opened in a O of surprise.

“I wasn’t dreaming?”

“Far from it, would you like an introduction? But you already know who I am.”

“I have no idea,” Jason says.

“You had good reason not to believe your friend in there.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well it seems he’s a little confused. He is your Adam.”

“So that would make you . . .”

“Prince Edge at your service.” Jason falls in a dead faint yet again and the prince rolls his eyes. “Mortals.”

Adam wakes and comes into the living room as the prince walks over to him. They are both standing over Jason when his eyes open. He blinks rapidly and hopes he isn’t drooling. He takes Adam’s helping hand and is pulled shakily to his feet.

“We need to get the both of you clothes.” Jason says. “Now. You can wear some of my stuff for now.” The prince snickers as Adam shrugs. He knew his mere presence had knocked the last of the confusion from Adam and he knew who he was.

The Prince studied his fledgling as they dressed. He was too young first of all, and much too small he disliked it instantly. He should have been older, but then again the Prince wasn’t even sure how he had made him. He recalled drinking his blood but there had not been an infusion of his own. Not that he could recall. Adam suddenly stopped and doubled over in agony.

“We need to feed you,” The prince says feeling a twinge of the same pain.

“Its not that,” Adam gasps climbing onto the bed. The prince watched in awe as his hair grew longer, his face older, even his body even grew longer. If he was mortal he would have fainted then. Twins didn’t describe the resemblance. Was it how he created fledglings? He had never done it before so he had no idea. Would they all come to look like him? If he made others . . .

“Do you feel better now?”
“I think so.

He already felt like he and Adam were one that they were two sides of the same coin now everyone would see it. Well if he had to share the world with one other vampire one as good looking as him didn’t hurt. Even the Jason person was growing on him.


Oh the horrors he could reap on this new mortal world. These city dwellers looked at him and moved on. They turned their noses up at him like the villagers used to do lepers and such. His clothes were what his last victim was wearing and he looked quite out of order. He walked into a shop and saw the suites and easily imitated the organization though he still didn’t have the best of the best. And that was what he was the best of the best.

He needed to establish himself again build his army. How would he fall into this new world? He would need a fledgling just the right type, intelligent yet so fearful as to never betray him. He walked the streets looking. One who would worship him for his power. He saw it in two men, they were ahead in age older then he would prefer but he would find his great warriors soon enough.

“Pat, why would you want to go Transylvania for vacation?”

“For the last time we’re not in Transylvania! Gerald we’re in . . . where the hell are we again?”

“I don’t remember, maybe we can ask him.”

“He looks a little shifty.”
Their lack of major intelligence causes them to follow Strigoi into the alley and not flee as he took one then the other. He didn’t make them vampires but binded them to his blood and made them his slaves. They took him across the seas, in an iron beast with him resting in the luggage hold in an ornate crate. He had taken his surviving treasures and had entrusted some to them to procure him a home. He rose as the sun set, and found he was still in the crate. With his superhuman hearing which to his surprise had gotten even stronger in the last three centuries he knew he was in a house.

He rose and saw his servants were waiting. “What is this land called?”

“Greenwich, Connecticut in the good old U S of A.” Patt says quite happy with himself. Strigoi shrugs, what did he care where he began his empire he would rule the world soon enough. He left to feed being much more discreet then he had been on the other side of the world.


The brothers sat hunched in front of their computers. Their family had been watching for years ever since they had helped him flee. They had survived by doing the same. Now on two different sides of globe their worst fears had been confirmed. The war was soon to be upon them and they had yet to find their warrior. 300 years and he was still lost.

**Confidential E-mail transmissions**
Subject: Risen!

A small mountain side village has been massacred, in central Europe. The cause of death is believed to be a pack of wolves or other animals. Neighboring villagers claim of the Strigoi an old term that can be translated into vampire or witch has been dismissed as local superstition. Most of the bodies were mauled beyond identification and with the lack of dental care it may be months before all the bodies are accounted for. . .

There was more but that is all that matters, we know what could have caused such a thing. After all these years do you think it could be? What should we do?

Subject: Re: Risen!

Even if it is, no one knows about us. Besides we are safe in the new world either way! We have ruled the America’s for 300 years nothing not even that blasted prince can stop us now. We are just a few small steps away from our goal. The pieces are all in play do not lose your patience now dear sister.

Subject: Re: Re: Risen!

I am no fool but something about this disturbs me. I feel it in the marrow of my bones and I’ve been having dreams of Father. I am worried that we will not succeed. I fear that something we have not anticipated will be in our way. I want to move now.

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Risen!

Patience is a virtue my dear. A virtue until now I did not believe you lacked. We have waited 300 years what is a few more days and have you thought you are having those dreams due to the time of the year? It is 300 years to the day of his death, even if your mind tries to forget it your heart will not.

Be strong we are almost at hand!

**End of Email Transmissions**

To Be Continued . . .

Part 5

Adam had recovered after an hour and Jason had to go to work. He had left the two of them in the apartment and promised to bring them some clothes on his work break. The prince paced the room for about five minutes then got bored. He shook Adam awake.

“Huh what . . .”

“We’re going out.”

“But Jason said to . . .”
“And why would I follow some mortal’s orders? I want to go to the mall.”

“How do you . . .”
“All your memories and much more, I would like to shop.”

“Do you even have any cash? Cause I’ve been dead for a few years.” The prince kissed Adam on the cheek.
“We have no need. Let’s go.”

They pull on Jason’s ill fitting clothes and head out into the night. They turn quite a few heads of both genders and Adam blushes as the prince grins glad that 300 years had done nothing to dull his attraction, though his gaze was so powerful it took a concentrated effort to not enchant mortals. They passed a glasses store and the prince easily talked the worker into giving him a free pair of sunglasses.

“Did I not tell you we had no need for money?” He says grinning as Adam still looks uncomfortable. They arrive at the mall and the prince gets the guard to let them in even though its closing. The prince has to force Adam into a men’s clothing store about to close as the prince goes straight for black and leather. Adam is more casual in dark blue jeans and a burgundy button down short sleeved shirt. They leave the store and mall after filling bags with clothes.

They head back to Jason’s apartment after a quick meal that left a poor unsuspecting blond asleep on a park bench dreaming of twin angels. They are barely in the door when the Prince that starts groping Adam. While he has infinitely more control but it ‘had’ been three hundred years and he wasn’t built for celibacy.

“Time we shed these new clothes don’t you agree?” Adam was about to respond when a kiss was placed on the back of his neck and what little argument he had went out the window. By the time they reached Jason’s room both men were topless. Adam vaguely wondered when he was stripped of his shirt when he was turned to face the prince who’s blue eyes were clouded with lust, as he leaned forward tracing his tongue around Adam’s lips. A sigh escapes his lips as the kisses moved down.

This time Adam was not in complete oblivion and helped the prince out of his leather pants as his jeans were yanked off. The prince shoved Adam onto the bed and lavished kisses on his face and neck. At the same time grinding their erections together and loving the moans coming from the younger vampire. He moved lower capturing a nipple in his mouth, his tongue flicking slowly over the nipple as it becomes a hardened nub as he moves to provide the same attention to the other as Adam is a mess of gasps and moans as he arches into the teasing sensation tangling his fingers in the princes golden hair.

The prince runs his fingers over Adam’s lips as Adam takes them into his mouth sucking on the digit. He removes it with an audible pop as his kisses teased Adam’s belly button. He placed his finger at Adam’s entrance and his entire body stiffened. He rubbed a hand over his belly and whispered calming words.

“I’ve never . . .”

“Its alright, trust me just relax . . .” The prince breaks his course and gives Adam as searing kiss and as he feels his body relax in the embrace he pushes past the first tight ring of muscles and waits a moment before proceeding. He nudges Adam’s prostate and is greeted with a shriek of pure and intense pleasure. He moves his finger around stroking the prostate every now and again as he reached down to engulf Adam’s cock in his mouth. He looks up at Adam’s eyes which were shut tight his hands holding on to the sheets for dear life as all he felt was ecstasy.

The prince sensed the other presence in the room but did nothing to acknowledge it as he pressed two fingers into Adam’s prostate and teased a nipple all the while bobbing up and down Adam’s throbbing shaft. Adam’s body rocked with the force of his orgasm as the Prince swallowed all he could give. He wiped a slight bit of semen from his chin and kissed Adam’s belly button as he withdrew his fingers and Adam groaned as he still tried to catch his breath.

“You know staring is impolite.” Jason blinked it was all he was capable of doing after what he had just walked in on. He knew he must be beet red but still no words could surface. “We would much rather you join us, wouldn’t we little one.” Adam nodded but otherwise didn’t move from his position on the bed.

It was the prince that moved to Jason and started working on removing his uniform. Jason didn’t stop him or help him though he wondered how was it the Princes hands were on his trousers hadn’t moved from his trousers yet his shirt had fallen off. He wasn’t doing it and Adam hadn’t moved, he was staring at him but he hadn’t moved when it dawned on him. Adam was telepathic.

“He won’t break if you touch him,” the prince says pulling Jason to the bed as he was now fully naked and fully aroused. He lay on top of Adam who pulled him into a kiss. The prince used the distraction to position Jason at Adam’s entrance. When Jason looked back at him concerned he replied, “He’s ready for you, be his first.”

“Fff . . .First?” Jason stammers completely unsure now. The prince ends his indecision with a simple trick. He shoves a finger into Jason who pulls away in surprise burying himself up to the hilt in Adam who screams at the surprisingly quick and deep intrusion. Jason is at a loss as to what to do. The feeling that was surrounded him now bordered on bliss but he never wanted to hurt Adam. It had been his fault he had lost him all those years ago cause he had looked out for number one instead of Adam.

“I’m . . . .I’m . . . are you . . .”

“Again!” Adam growls his blue eyes darkening as Jason pulls out almost completely and slams in yet again. Somehow forgetting about the prince’s fingers as he adds another purposely avoiding Jason’s prostate as he prepares him. He pulls out his fingers and enters Jason who slams into Adam with even more force then he had before causing his friend to scream again but Jason knows that its not one of pain as he bites back a scream as the Prince hits his prostate for the first time.

Jason didn’t believe this feeling could be intensified as he felt so filled as he filled another when the prince reached down and sucked on his neck and bit down drawing blood just a taste but the feeling sent electricity through him and when Adam came again moments later his muscles clenching around Jason lost himself in the most powerful orgasm he had ever had as the prince was the last to come pouring his seed out into Jason.

Jason was nestled between his two lovers, so close to the fog of sleep but he knew he had to fight it. He had just come here on his lunch break, well dinner and this had been the last thing he had expected not in his widest dreams, well maybe his wildest, especially after his whole couch encounters with the two of them. He had to get back up, shower get dressed. He moved to get up and was pinned by Adam or the prince he couldn’t tell in the semi darkness his room was in.

“And where are you going?” ‘Ah the prince’ he thought Adam wasn’t that cocky sounding.

“Look Prince . . .” Jason stopped he could barely see his face but he could tell he was annoyed.

“Is it too much to ask that after fucking me senseless you know its me?” A chuckle was heard from his left.

“Adam I’m sorry it’s just that its dark and you sounded like him for a second.”

“Really now? Or just a wish for me to be on top again?” Jason rolled his eyes no one could be ‘that’ cocky sounding but the genuine article.

“Adam I’m sorry but I have to get back to work.” Adam sighs getting off his friend.

“Why are you a cop? You never wanted to be one before.”

“Things change,” Jason says sitting up only to be pinned again. “Oh get off.”

“One kiss,” the Prince whispered and Jason knew he had no chance of throwing the prince off so he agreed with a nod. He was surprised when the prince moved lower when it finally occurred to him what he was going to kiss.

“Wa . . .no . . .sto . . .” his protest was cut off by Adam’s lips on his own. Much later Jason left already very late for work leaving two men who could be twins to enjoy the rest of the night with each other. Jason had never thought his bedroom could be so inviting. He closed the door on the prince flipping Adam under him as his best friend laughed.


Toronto international Airport . . .

They stepped off the plane. There was a power here they couldn’t place. And if they were drawn to it . . . it could be. They were walking side by side and people glanced over at them again and again. He looked at his brother and wondered what Jeff thought the word discreet meant.

His hair was blue and purple, he was wearing leopard print pants a white shirt and a brown leather jacket and boots that should only be on a woman.

“Were you not in a small village in America?”

“A hole in the wall, Cameron. I traveled.”

“And you forgot our rules? Our way of life our true path?”

“Matthew Matthew, haven’t you learned it is best to hide in plain sight?”

“Plain sight?! There’s plain sight and holding up a ‘look at me’ sign! You are . . . I don’t even know. Where are we to go?”

“Shhh . . .look.” They looked up and at first Matt didn’t understand then he saw then he saw what his brother meant. Their aura’s were tainted, they were servants of a powerful vampire.

“Which one?”

“I can not tell there is something odd about this . . . almost like . . . dear God I think they are for him.”

“But . . .he shouldn’t have the strength . . .”

“Matthew he shouldn’t have had the strength to survive the stake 300 years ago. One guess why he’s here.”

“The same reason we are. Let us hope his servants are fools. And by the way they are bumbling about I would say yes.”

They watched for a few minutes as the two moved about confused as to what they were to do now. They bumped into Matt and Jeff but thought nothing of it as they continued on their way. Matt and Jeff left the airport in a black rented jeep and drove letting their skills guide them. Even if this vampire wasn’t the prince they were powerful and seem no way connected to the Strigoi line.

“But why isn’t he disguising or shielding his aura. He is a magnet for anyone who looks.”

“Only the two know about us, even Strigoi doesn’t know what he caused that day.”

Pat and Gerald also rented a car that broke down five miles outside the Airport after colliding with another vehicle. Jason responded to the incident where it was found no one was hurt as both Gerald and Pat could sense something about Jason. It took them a while . . .long enough for everyone else to leave before they figured it out. Gerald snuck up on Jason and beamed him on the back of the head as they placed him in the police car and drove off.

“The master will be pleased.”

“Yes we found the vampire so quickly.” The two are still discussing their praises as another set of two reach a slummy neighborhood. Most of the aura’s were a dull color, but they easily felt the vibrancy from a vampire and were surprised to realize it was not one but two.


“Come on its now or never.”

“But they are . . .”

“They’re vampires, they may not stop until dawn if even then.” Jeff raised his arm to knock on the door as it was pulled open by the prince who had yanked on his leather pants. The two stared in undisguised awe at him and bowed reverently as he merely grinned.

To Be Continued . . .

Part 6

“So let me get this straight,” he says pacing the room as the sun slowly creped its way into the sky. “You’re descendants of the royal bearers who had recently conceived a hafling? And your entire goal is to find me to fight the coming war against Strigoi’s children?”

“In a nut shell yes,” Matt says pushing back his curly black hair.

“I see and . . .”

“Hey is Jason back yet?” Adam asks waking into the room yawning in a pair of boxers. Matt and Jeff did a double take.

“Not yet, he should return shortly, Adam meet Matt and Jeff. They’re like family.” Adam smiles shyly and waves.

“Hello, hey you don’t have any . . .”

“Long tale, I’ll explain it to you later.”

“Alright,” Adam says looking at the door.

“He’ll return, I thought you were sleeping.”

“I was then I woke up cause I had a strange feeling about Jason in the pit of my stomach like something is wrong,” Adam says and the prince smacks his head.

“How long ago?” He says shaking his fledgling a little.

“I don’t know why? Is something really wrong?”

“Maybe maybe not,” Matt replies. “Pure breeds can usually sense when a family member is in danger, in the case of our prince he could feel it as his own if he willed it. Is Jason family?”

“He’s like a brother to me . . .”

“He’s a police officer I’m sure he’s fine,” the prince says. Matt and Jeff exchange worried glances before speaking up.

“There is more we need to tell you,” Matt starts again.

“Strigoi is alive,” the princes hands balled into fists, “we saw two of his servants but they were both bunglers and it is not if Jason is connected to you in any . . .” Jeff stopped when he realized that Adam looked about ready to cry and the prince looked ready to kill.

“I’ll call the station,” the prince says walking over to the phone. His grimace does nothing to calm Adam who looks about ready to bawl. “He never returned from the scene of a collision. Though for now he is suspected to be in pursuit of the causers of the collision or some other police jargon.”

“Can he be traced to you?” Matt asks as the prince turns to Adam.

“Did he shower before he left?”

“No we had made him extremely late he just pulled on his uniform and ran.”

“He would have been a beacon for anyone with the eyes to see.”

“And those fools would have taken anything even if it was just the remains of your meal,” Jeff says annoyed and Matt knows that he wished he had done something to them.

“At least we can track them brother.”

“Don’t worry,” Jeff says speaking directly to Adam, “we will find your Jason.”


Jason opened his eyes again, this was the first time he was standing, or more correctly hanging. He was slumping he didn’t have the strength to stand much longer. How many times had he been bashed on the head? He must have a concussion. He thought he was about to pass out again and that was why the room was darkening when he realized that the only light in the place was the sun which was going down. Jason wondered how many days had passed and he guessed one on his hunger factor.

He looked about the darkening area and guessed he was in a basement. The stairs were the farthest thing from him, and he thought for about the billionth time that he should have never left the warm safety of his bedroom. He could have been there right now. That was when he started hearing the voices at the stairs.

“It was easy sir, just one knock on the head and a couple more on the road.”

“Excellent, I almost doubted my power when I sensed him, alive after all these years.” The one monstrosity he wanted destroyed. The one creature that didn’t deserve the name Vampire.

“He’s in here,” Pat says opening the door to the basement and Strigoi stops.

“Idiots! It’s a human that’s in there! Completely living mortal.” He says throwing Gerald and Pat head first into the wall. He shoves the door open intent on disposing of the mortal when he sees the faint traces of vampire on him. And the places the traces were . . . Strigoi smiled. This might be much more fun, so the prince had taken a lover. The traces were all over his aura and enough to fool his servants.

“Patterson Brisco!” He heard them moan and slammed the door on them not caring much. He walked over to Jason who was watching him with cold eyes. “So the prince has a lover? You are dear to him are you not?”

“Who the fuck are you?”

“Were are my manners? I am Lord Strigoi king of all vampires. You may bow.”

‘Did all vampires have an ego the size of the freaking moon?’ “No thanks.”

Strigoi caught the stray thought and realized maybe this mortal didn’t love the prince as much as he thought. This could be really interesting indeed. Maybe he didn’t favor being taken, made to submit. “So our prince has given himself to you.”

Jason rolled his eyes he doubted ‘the prince’ would give himself to anyone. He was a bossy little bastard. And this was all his fault. Everything was just fine with him and Adam . . .

“And who is this Adam?” Jason blanched of course they could read minds. He was just that Lucky. “Its not him I want, just give me the prince and I’ll let you all be I promise.”

“Yeah right,” Jason gasped as Strigoi’s cold hand touched his face. He had hit two nerves where his heart belonged and his distain for the prince. But he was not a fool he would never willingly give up the prince. He hoped he was hard to break because the night was long and he was up for some fun.

“Spirited aren’t you? Its always more fun when they’re spirited.” Strigoi whispers centimeters from Jason’s face. At the same time he’s whispering to part of his mind. This is all the prince’s fault. I should have never trusted him. I hate him. Strigoi is surprised when Jason’s eyes widen and he shakes his head throwing the thoughts off. ‘That’s crazy, I don’t hate the prince. He might be really, Really annoying but he’s not all bad. He’s the reason Adam’s alive. He would have drowned. Think Jason how did he save Adam. Is he a savior or a killer? Jason starts to think back on his first night with the Prince and the homeless lady. But that . . . no he had to stop thinking about that this freak could read minds. . . “Fool do you think you have the power to fight me?”

“I can try.” Jason says standing stronger and as brave as he can hanging to a ceiling.

“Do you know how sensitive the human body is? How weak? Our prince knows this all to well. You want to defend him with your life would he do the same for you?”

“Of course!” Jason exclaims but inwardly he had no real idea. The guy didn’t even listen to him, would anyone but Adam care to see him gone?

“Tell me where the prince is little one . . . and you can go back to this precious Adam you are trying so hard to shield from me.” Why didn’t the prince protect you? He knew what attention his ‘activities’ would draw. He knew it would be like bathing you in blood and sending you to the sharks. Why didn’t he warn you? ”You know vampires can share their strength without making you a vampire?”

Jason stares.

“It’s a common practice among vampires who take mortal consorts. For their own safety for vampires leave traces of themselves in the most interesting places.” He says placing one hand on Jason’s ass and when he tries to pull away he ends up having Strigoi’s clammy hand on his cock and he yelps.

“Don’t be scared . . . I won’t hurt you yet . . .” He says lightly stroking Jason through his pants. He continues until Jason can’t help but feel aroused despite the danger of the situation. He’s popping out of his uniform when Strigoi stops shaking his head disgustingly. “Do you actually think I would want that bastard’s sloppy seconds? You’re not fit enough to kiss my ass.” His head turns sharply. How was it even possible? Who cares about this tart?!

Jason flushes red with embarrassment at letting it get that far. And then burns with shame for what had happened in his room. Had it really been just yesterday? He felt dirty and a little shocked that Strigoi didn’t want him. Wasn’t he good enough? It was all that stupid princes fault . . .

Jason blinked he was alone again. . . He didn’t know whether to be calm or be even more afraid Strigoi wasn’t going to give up. He could see it in his eyes. Cold and dead just like the rest of him. He didn’t even notice that his previous thoughts were completely warped.


Adam was sitting on the bed eyes closed legs crossed in a half lotus. The prince had been talking to him for half an hour now trying to train him to find Jason. He had said that the feeling he had received was on the money. He wished they could go back to disguising his aura. That had been easy and kind of fun, plus when the prince had shown up like that a lot of things had flown right out of his head. Like what all the colors meant.

“I can’t do it,” Adam says feeling like he’s let down the two most important people in his life.

“Yes you can,” The prince says.
“Why don’t you do it?”

“Adam, I can’t I have no link with Jason and it just won’t work.” The prince didn’t want to mention that Jason was one of the few mortals that he was rarely aware of without focus. He had partially snuck up on him twice. While he had heard the Hardy brothers coming a mile away literally. “Now concentrate. Jason’s heart. Picture the color of his aura.”

“Sunny yellow,” Adam whispers.

“Now the color enveloped and controlled by the beating of his heart. Two aura and hearts will never be the same you will find him.”

“How are Matt and Jeff doing?”


“I’m trying, could you go check you make me nervous.” The prince smiles and enters the living room which had become a command center. They were having major problems with a normally flawless tracking device. It was quite upsetting to the brothers who tossed things to each other without a word as the prince watched.

“Wait . . . I think I have a match,” Matt starts then turns to another screen. “Damn! It’s the kids! They’re moving.”

To be continued . . .

Part 7

She walks to the door of the house not truly sure what to expect. She had been having the dreams seeing the visions. As she had gotten older she had felt stronger and stronger. Even now she had more time where she could withstand the sun. She felt she was gaining the powers of a pure breed and wondered if it wasn’t where they came from. Could this be what the original pure breeds were?

She was getting ahead of herself, pure breeds were just as much of a mystery as Haflings and then there was the prince. A faint smile touched her lips as she pushed the thought out of her mind. But maybe . . . she knocked who knew who exactly would answer.

A fat man with sandy white hair and his balding friend was the last thing she expected. She ignored the drooling stares she was receiving and pushed pass them into the house. One actually tried to touch her and he landed sprawled out on the floor from a slap in the face. That was all the confirmation he needed.

“Princess!” He says revealing himself and embracing her quickly.

“Daddy!” She exclaims returning the warm embrace. They pull apart and Strigoi notices that he’s stepping on Pat or was it Gerald. He didn’t care he really needed to get . . . who cared his princess was alive! Daddy’s little girl. She had his same heart, she would love . . .

“Come I have a present for you.” She claps her hands together like an excited child as she follows her father downstairs. She sees the man hanging from the ceiling and smiles evilly. She loved this kind of ‘gift’ but what was he doing here and what was . . .

Strigoi watched as his daughter’s smile turned to a look of confusion. He saw where her eyes were lingering, and felt the need to explain. . . “Darling your eyes do not deceive you he was the plaything of the prince before my servants brought him to . . .” The rest of his sentence was drowned out as the slap Stephanie gave Jason echoed in the basement. His head snapped up and then fell lifelessly on his shoulder as Stephanie smiled proudly and the blood that trickled from Jason’s unconscious lips.

“Now now, we want to keep him alive, he has to give us the prince.”

“Daddy? Can I have him for a while?”

“Anything for you my pet, and I’ve been playing with his mind. He is close to betraying his fair prince.” Stephanie smiles and lifts Jason’s head by the hair. His eyes open and Stephanie lightly strokes his cheek.

Jason was confused, where had this girl come from. She was pretty and he didn’t understand how she could be involved in a place like this. Her shrill laughter caused him to flinch and he wondered if he even half of what he was thinking made any real sense.

Stephanie pulled up a chair and sat looking up at Jason who was perplexed at this attention. Should he be happy or fear for his life . . . what a thing not to know. Where were his cop instincts when he needed them. Think Jason think . . . beautiful girl who has the laugh from hell and left here alone with you. ‘I’m going to die.’ He thinks and she starts laughing. Didn’t anybody not read minds? Wasn’t there a single normal person in his life?

“Want to hear a song?” Jason looked down, the girl was twirling her brown hair between her fingers and still looked completely innocent. Why did that scare him all the more?

Jason was screaming he didn’t know when he had started but he just couldn’t take the sound coming out of that things mouth. He had heard bad singing but she had to be a banshee or something. His voice was going horse when he realized she had stopped. He almost wished that guy would come back. His clammy hands were heaven compared to this. In the back of his mind the same nagging thought remained it was all the stupid princes fault.

He hadn’t even asked if he had wanted to . . . he was hanging to a wall being tormented right and left by psychos because of a 300 year old horndog. Where was this bastard? If they could find him why could he find him?
“I think its story time. You know I knew your prince when he was young for a vampire at least. You should know the man you’re fighting so hard to defend is a cold blooded killer and an undiscriminating slut. Vampires are naturally more amorous then humans but that was an understatement when it came to your prince. His parents limited him to males but he would sneak in a woman here and there.”

“So what . . .”

“So? He wouldn’t stop there, he took mortals, immortals, haflings, pure breeds and some say a few sheep.”

“Sheep?!” Jason says disgusted at the prince even more.
“He didn’t take no for an answer. He felt as a prince it was his right to have it all.” Jason’s mind flashed to Adam and how he had been found. The sobbing mess that had been afraid to be touched. Anyone who did that to a person didn’t deserve to live. Was it the prince? He had left Adam alone with that monster. . . Jason stopped there was a flaw there something wasn’t right in his thought process but he had no idea what it was. It was the prince the stupid . . . What kind of person was this prince? He wasn’t a person! That was the problem. “He takes what he wants and leaves the person to rot, trust me I know.” She says bitterly and Jason raises an eyebrow.

“Excuse me? How old are you?”

“What woman tells her age?” Jason smiled and nodded. Was he actually starting to like her?

“What did he do?”

“I was young and foolish, I gave him my purity and he left me there to find a new bed.”

“A one night stand?”
“One night? Try one hour, he was leaving my bed before I caught my breath.” Jason was shocked that was beyond cold. “What makes you think you are any different? A false declaration of his love?”

Jason stopped why was he doing this all they wanted was the prince and it wasn’t exactly like he could hurt them. Why was he being so loyal to the prince? For a quickie? Something that according to . . .


Stephanie he did cause he felt like it. They probably would let him go then he could get back to Adam. At least the prince hadn’t been his first time. “If I tell you will you just leave us alone?”

“We have no quarrel with you. We just want him.”

“What if I bring him to you?”

“Do you truly believe you can fool one with the ability to read the minds of others? To sense treachery in their auras?”

“There has to be a way to block it . . .”

“Father!” Jason cringed at the return of the high pitched squeaky voice. And flinched when Strigoi returned. “He wants to share.”

“Princess you amaze me everyday! First I find you alive after all this time now . . .”

Jason is rubbing his sore wrists a few minutes later and ignoring the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. All he wanted was Adam. “What do you want me to do?”

“Well . . .”


“Are you sure?” Matt asks Adam for about the tenth time.

“Yes!” Adam swore that Jason wasn’t in Canada and was with some people who had ‘funny’ lights. The prince didn’t even bother to explain about other vampires. They were already in Matt’s car driving to the airport.

“Have you figured out where yet?”

“East coast . . . not too far down . . .”

“Are you sure one of Strigoi’s children are with him?” The prince asks Jeff.

“Yeah, his favorite.”

“Which one was that?”

“You should know, it was the underlying reason he started the war . . .”
“How do you even . . .”
“Servants hear a lot.” The prince rolls his eyes.

“He started a war cause I screwed his kid?”

“Against their will yes. Probably the last straw in his mind with his hate of Pure Breeds.”

“What?!” The prince roars. “I don’t need to make anyone do anything! That is the most disgusting horrible thing and I would never be part of such a sick act! What would be the point? I would not wish to be killed, even the weakest vampire wouldn’t allow such a thing.” The prince doesn’t notice Adam staring out the window tears in his eyes as he starts to shake. The prince follows Jeff’s confused look and pulls Adam into his arms figuring he was thinking about Jason and is shocked when the vampire starts fighting for his life. He lets go and only then realizes Adam is in a trance.

“Adam!” He snaps his fingers in front of his eyes and he blinks looking lost. “What was that?”

“Nothing,” Adam whispers and goes back to his seat.

“Adam . . . ”

“It was nothing ok! Lets just find Jason.”


“Are you sure this will work father?”

“If it fails the prince will kill him but he would have already exposed the prince. If he succeeds he will become one of us after I kill the prince. He will make a nice pet, much better then those other two.”

Jason pulled out a phone and dialed his house. Luckily Jeff had rerouted all the calls to his cell phone.


“Hello?! Adam! Thank god I think I’m somewhere in Connecticut they want the prince and . . .” A loud crash is heard and Strigoi’s voice.

“Fools!” Then the line goes dead.

To be continued . . .

Part 8

They had been bouncing from dirty motel to dirty motel for days. They had their car stolen once though the only thing that was lost were Adam’s change of clothes and the rental van. It had been a brief delay and little else. As it was now the only way you could tell the Prince and Adam apart was that the prince wore sunglasses and because the prince was a horrid flirt and seem to be trying to get Matt and/or Jeff into bed despite the situation at hand.

Matt was stern in turning the prince down though Jeff was more calm about it and he wanted to get the younger Hardy brother alone. The thought brought a smile to his face as Adam shook his head. “What?”

“We have to find Jason . . . I know what your thinking.”

“But they’re cute . . .”

“Keep your pants on.”

“Just because you went all celibate on me . . .” The prince stops when he sees Adam flinch. “Why won’t you tell me what it is?”

“I’m going for a walk . . .” he pokes the prince in the chest “No Orgies.”

“Fine I give you my word.” Adam is suspicious but needs to be alone at least for a little while. How could he tell the prince? He needed to talk to Jason. Jason knew Jason wouldn’t blame him or think he was weak. Every time he closed his eyes that horror came back to him, no matter what he did it wouldn’t go away and being touched ‘like that’ wasn’t what he needed. The prince brought new meaning to one track mind.

“You agreed to Adam’s demand easily,” Matt says thinking maybe he had finally given up.
“There are only three of us so it would be a threesome at best, he’d have to comeback for it to come close to being an orgy.” Matt blushed furiously and Jeff just smiled.

“Are they sure this is one of the smallest states?!” Matt says looking at the map of Connecticut and the area they had covered to get as far away from the previous topic as possible.

“Matt can you imagine if we had to look in New York?”

“Whatever well we are in Greenwich.”

“And we’ve been through Fairfield, Norwalk, and Stamford yesterday . . .” The prince says easily rattling out the major places they’ve been.

“So we’re going to turn back around and try along the river?”

“Adam is sure he’s near water,” The prince says looking out the back window at the docks. “I’ll be right back he says spotting a blond waking alone.


Jason walked out of the warehouse that the ‘operation’ had been moved to and now had been so brainwashed as to think that he was doing a great thing. He was to leave for Canada and lure the prince on the idea of revenge. The guy was dumb it sounded like it could work easily.

Jason walked into someone and didn’t believe his eyes. This was too easy. He watched as the Princes eyes widened in surprise then became that cocky grin and he suppressed his gag instinct. Jason didn’t bother to explain pulling the prince with him into the nearby warehouse.

Once inside he ‘accidentally’ shoves the prince down the stairs right at the door. “Oh my God prince are you okay?”

“I’m . . .” Jason hears a metallic clang and Strigoi’s new servant picks up the unconscious prince with one hand and his sledge hammer with the other. Jason follows behind again ignoring that nagging feeling of guilt and betrayal.


Back at the motel Jeff looked up as Adam returned. He looked again and was greeted by a lack of glasses so yes it was Adam. Good thing to, that prince was way to tempting. If Matt wasn’t around he might have just said yes. He wouldn’t mind finding out if all the stories of vampire stamina were true.

Adam was looking at him and looking away, was the vampire blushing? He wasn’t nearly as forward the Prince, he barely said anything unless asked even the Prince had to force words out of him. Jeff was curious so he followed Adam a few minutes later when he went into the other part of the motel room.

“Hi,” Jeff said and Adam smiled as he sits down on the only seat in the motel 6 room the bed. Jeff stood leaning against the wall trying to play it cool.

“You can sit down . . .” Adam says quietly.

“Thanks,” Jeff says and sits down. “So you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Adam says turning to Jeff , “What do you want?”

“Well . . . the Prince is a little on the pushy side and I didn’t want to . . .”

“You want to have sex?” Jeff was actually taken aback for a second there he would have been ok with making out but hell why not. He nodded. “Ok,” Adam said calmly.

“That’s it?” Adam nodded and turned to the door. “Matt? He’s a dried up old prude. I love my brother dearly but soooo boring.”

Adam didn’t say anything instead leaned forward and kiss Jeff tracing his fingers along the design shaved into his facial hair. When he pulled away for the mortal to breath he used his vampiric skills to remove his shirt and Jeff’s in a matter of seconds. Jeff takes over then shoving Adam down to the bed and straddling him.

“Eager are we?” Jeff ignores the comment and seizes his lips in a kiss as their bodies grind together despite the confines of leather and denim. Jeff kisses his way down Adam’s chest. Stopping long enough to grip a sensitive nipple in his mouth as Adam writhes uncontrollably at the feeling.

“You like that?” Adam’s response is a moan as he goes to the other nipple. Jeff takes his time on the vampire until their positions are reversed so quickly Jeff doesn’t know when it happened. He is not about to complain when Adam starts kissing his jaw followed by sucking on the flesh by his neck, not drawing blood but most likely leaving a major hicky for later. Jeff is the one no longer in control of his body as he murmurs out his passion.

When Adam stops Jeff expects much better to follow when it doesn’t he looks up at Adam who is grinning at him. He’s confused and tries to pull the vampire back down and gets nowhere.


“We can’t do this . . .”

“Is it Jason?”

“That too, but we seem to have a misunderstanding here.”

“What?” Jeff says still confused and wanting to get back to what they were doing.

“I am not pushy I just want what I want; call me a spoiled child if you will.”

“What?” Realization suddenly dawns on Jeff. “You’re the prince.”

“Let’s give the boy a prize,” The Prince says reaching for his zipper. “Unless of course you want to stop.” Jeff shook his head as his jeans were discarded. The Prince took Jeff’s already rock hard member into his hand. He leaned down and swirled his tongue around the tip and pressed down on Jeff’s slit with his tongue.

“God!” Jeff moaned. He gripped the sheets for dear life when the Prince took him in whole. He was thrusting up into the waiting mouth wanting to get more of the intense feeling “God ye . . . ss!”

The prince hollowed out his cheeks, and brought Jeff to the brink. He pulled away right before the Hardy found release and Jeff whimpered in disappointment as the Prince finally discards his pants. Jeff was drawn to stare at the legs that went from here to kingdom come. The Prince slipped back onto Jeff’s waiting body and kissed everywhere but where he wanted to be kissed. Jeff was about to protest when his legs were spread wide and a slick tongue passed over his opening.

Jeff’s entire body shuddered as the prince pushed his tongue into him. He gasped at the teasing feeling as the prince replaced his tongue with a probing finger. Jeff shrieked as the prince hits his prostate.

Matt covers his ears as he spins up the volume on his portable CD player. He didn’t believe Jeff was doing ‘that’ with a vampire none the less. And his brother knew he was in the other room. Matt realized he wasn’t even sure which one it was . . . but he had been pretty quiet so he guessed Adam. He threw the headphones off and was greeted by a breathy “harder” from Jeff. Not the kind of sounds he ever needed to hear from his baby brother.


He opened his eyes his hands were handcuffed the ceiling. He pulled at the chains whatever they were he couldn’t break them. He started looking around the room was empty. The last thing he remembered was Jason asking if he was okay. . . Jason? He looked around.

“Jason?” He whispered. “Jason are you okay? Jason?” No answer not that he really expected one Jason hadn’t even known he was himself. Must be the leather pants he thought. The door opened and a huge form entered from across the room. He was swinging a hammer no sledgehammer around and whistling. He hated the color he saw around him a green and a gray, what did gray mean again. Halfling? “Who . . .”

“They call me the hunter.” Adam had to hold in his laugh this guy was waving around a sledgehammer. “I’m Strigoi’s number one man. His champion.” He looks Adam up and down. “Though I think Stephanie could have taken you out, pretty boy.” As ‘the hunter’ (ooo scary) played mind games with Adam. Elsewhere Stephanie and her father discussed something perfectly obvious to them, just out of earshot of a fidgety Jason.

“That’s a fledgling down there. Barely a few years old.”

“Yes and the resemblance is uncanny. It finally sheds some light on why I could never see his Adam’s face in his mind.”

“What should we do?” Her father asks winking.

“Have some fun of course,” Stephanie says smiling. “Jason we’ve decided something . . .” Jason looks over at Stephanie and she smiles at his thoughts of just leaving ‘the prince’ and getting back to Adam. “Well we thought you would enjoy striking a blow to the prince letting him know it was you.”

“I don’t . . .”

“Don’t worry he won’t hurt you come.”

They lead a semi reluctant Jason down a corridor into the other part of the warehouse where ‘the hunter’ was still talking trash to Adam who was too busy trying to see if he could sense Jason to actually here the drone. His head snapped up as he saw Stephanie and Strigoi trailed by Jason. He looked at the trio confused.

“My dear boy. See if you can understand this, Jason here was happy to bring you down to us.”

“But . . .” Adam is rewarded with a sledgehammer blow to the gut for his outburst snapping his ribs like dry twigs.

“No one told you to speak.”

“Fuck off.” Adam gasps spitting up blood. “You did . . .”
“Something to Jason here? Hardly,” Strigoi says. “We just told him some interesting facts about you. The rape had him most disgusted.” Adam turned his head away in shame, but before Jason had . . . it really was his fault, he could have stopped them. Strigoi smiled as he played with the thoughts running through his mind and Jason took it the completely wrong way.

He moves so he’s standing directly in front of Adam. “Its true? At first you just annoyed me coming out of nowhere like that. I was happy I was fine then you decide to turn my life upside down. Look at me!” Jason yells. “You’re disgusting, I should have never let you near me! Your weak and pathetic! You’re a disgrace to vampires and men period!”

“I . . . I’m not.” Jason punches him in the ribs.

“What? I saw you kill someone! You didn’t think twice on it! You’re below the worst things I’ve ever locked up. You shouldn’t be allowed to walk this earth.”

Adam remained silent. For a second he had hoped Jason was confused on who he was boy was he wrong. He knew what happened and he was disgusted by it. Adam wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Anything would be better than this. Why didn’t he just drown that day?

“You really mean that?” Stephanie asks moving to his side.

“Do you really have to ask?” Strigoi walks over and pulls out an old dagger.

“Pure quartz, have fun.” He says placing it in Jason’s hands like its worth a million dollars. Jason holds up the dagger over Adam’s heart and he finally looks up at his friend. Jason’s hand wavers as the warehouse doors go flying open.

“Did you just forget about me?” Shane asks with quite a few vampires behind him.

“You didn’t tell me your brother was still living . . .”

“Must have slipped my mind,” Stephanie mutters. Adam screams in agony as it feels a fire is ripping through his body. Jason’s shaking hand had barely nicked him but it was enough.

“Is that our favorite prince back there?” Shane looks and frowns. “Who’s that? Looks a lot like him . . .”

Jason drops the knife in horror. No, it couldn’t be not Adam!


The prince froze. His entire body went rigid, which may not been such a predicament if he hadn’t been in the middle of screwing Jeff into oblivion. As it was now the Prince was putting constant firm pressure on Jeff’s prostate and gripping his member so tight near the base it was like wearing a cock ring.

Jeff was screaming and shaking as he desired his release. He didn’t think he could remain conscious much longer when the Prince let out a ragged moan and moved his hand once as Jeff’s entire body seem to explode and he sank into blessed darkness. When he woke both he and the prince were fully dressed. The prince had a dead look in his eyes.

“What . . .”

“Adam’s dying . . .” The prince says so coldly that Jeff is actually scared.

“How . . . who . . . why?”

“My fault . . .” The prince says and Jeff realizes it’s the first time the prince doesn’t have that air of superiority he looks guilty. Very guilty. “Always my fault . . .” he mutters.

To Be Continued . . .

Part 9

October 11, 1693 . . .

The prince looked out from the south tower of the palace at his “kingdom” getting annoyed by his hair blowing in the wind. He was bored. Very bored. His parents were off doing something royal and he was left to rule in their stead. Rule his foot he had a good few hundred years before he’d ever become king.

He looked down. There was a pair arguing in the courtyard. Both richly dressed, the prince figured at the very least it would be entertaining to get a closer view of the fight. He jumped out the window like he was performing a swan dive and perched silently on a low roof near the couple. Haflings he realized.

They walked away from each other, no fair he missed the argument. He sighed then chooses to follow the girl. It had been a while since he had been with a girl. His parents were so silly sometimes, no girls until he was married yeah right. Her long brown hair was what really got his attention.

“I told you to go away!”

“Did you really?” The prince says stepping in front of her. He had to give her credit she didn’t flinch or even look embarrassed.

“Hello.” She says not impressed by his drab brown clothes or unruly yellow hair.


“I wish, my father says the same to me.”

“Lucky man, your father,” so she didn’t know who he was.

“Why do you say that?”

“He gets to see a beauty like you everyday,” She smiled but no blush. He was losing his touch.

“I bet you say that to all the girls.”

“Only the ones as pretty as you. And there aren’t any so …”

“You don’t even know my name.”

“That is where you have the advantage my lady. What angelic name is made more glorious by you owning it.”


“Stephanie,” he says taking her hand for a chaste kiss. While he’s sure to shield his mind he smiles at the fact that he hadn’t met the biggest whore in all the countryside yet surprised him. He didn’t need to try so hard. “May I have this walk?”

She nods as they walk past Molly, a village girl the prince had avoided since she had given him a three hour speech on the greatness of purity and the sanctity of marriage. Like he could wait that long. Being that he was with the county slut their ‘little walk’ ended in her bedroom. She had just experienced her release when she shoved him off her.

“What on earth is wrong with you?” The prince shrieks surprised she could even do that to him.

“You are not filling me with your seed I will have no child.” The prince got right back on top of her and pinned her arms to the side. “Get off!”

“No! You foolish girl! How dare you think you can do that to me. I have no need for a bastard heir and would certainly not have one with the likes of you! The village harlot!” She stares at him shocked and makes to slap him and he easily stops her hand. The prince says getting off her and dressing ignoring the fact that he was still hard in his rage. He ran out of the lavish room and slammed into the other half of the couple.

“Who . . .” The guy looked him over and shook his head. “Come on.”

“Why should I?”

“Cause otherwise my father will show off his extensive quartz collection by running it through you. He believes very strictly in his daughter’s purity.” The prince coughs if that was purity. . . “In here,” He says as a large man with graying hair at his temples walks into his daughter’s room and roars.

“Not for long,” the prince mutters in quite close confines with this man.

“Depends on what she says and she’ll say anything to be daddy’s little girl. You are a dead man.”

“Well then fulfill a dying vampire’s last wish.”

Shane looks at the prince and shakes his head. “what would that . . .” Shane’s question is cut off by the prince’s lips on his.


Jeff waved his hand in front the prince’s face and he blinked coming out of the daze he had been in for the past few minutes. He looked at the prince confused as a knock sounds on the door.

“We’ve found them . . .” Matt says.


“Meet Shane and Shannon,” Matt says pointing out a short little blond and a black and green haired man about Matt’s height and half his size. “They are also enhanced though not of the royal line.” The prince ignores him looking at the two men then sitting down on the floor he felt dead inside. He let his memories haunt him. The reason he was in this situation right now.


His parents were back the next day, back to lessons, back to being the proper prince in the fancy dress. His mother had summoned him to the throne room. He walked in winking at his father twice an old code, and he suppressed his laugh then pointed to his head. He swallowed he had misplaced his crown.

“My son what is this I hear of you diving out of the south tower window? Do you think yourself a bird?”

“Ah that,” he says avoiding his mothers gaze.

“That?! What I this I hear of you dressing as a commoner?”

“Um . . .” He says shrinking back.

“And where is your crown?” He kneels in front of his mother knowing other wise she would make him kneel.

“I . . . I’m . . .”

“You cannot go in there!” The king and queen both stand though the Queen had a firm hand hold on the prince.

“Who dares?!” The king roars.

“My apologies your majesties. But I must get your help for a great injustices that befell my daughter. She had her purity stolen away by a pure breed commoner.”

“Where is she?”

“Stephanie,” he calls and the prince flinches. She enters and sees the prince kneeling in submission and smiles.

“Father I never thought you would catch him so soon. Thank you! How will he be punished?”

“What are you saying girl?” The queen asks as she removes her hand from the princes shoulder and his father hands him his crown though Stephanie and her father don’t notice.

“Its him. That’s the one who did it.”

“You lying tramp!” The prince roars turning. “You dare . . .”

“It’s the truth no one will believe a commoner over nobles,” Stephanie says quite proud of herself.

“And who will believe nobles over a prince?” He says slamming his crown on his head as Stephanie shrinks back surprised.

“You’re a prince?”
“And you’re a lying slut. The biggest whore in the county and you have the nerve to say I took your purity?”

“How dare you!” Strigoi says reaching to hit the prince who easily doges as the palace guards are holding cross bows aimed at his and his daughter’s heart.

“From this day forward you and your family are banished from this land. May you be a plague among men for you are not welcome here!”

“This isn’t over!” Strigoi roars. “This is far from over that little bastard will pay!”


“Um prince?”

“Don’t call me that. I have no kingdom. Everything I had died 300 years ago.”

“But . . .” Matt starts.

“My name is Edge, use it.”

“Bu . . .” Jeff shakes his head and Matt stops.

“We’re ready to go the warehouse,” Shane says returning. “They will get quite a surprise.”

The five of them pile into the van packed with enough wooden stakes to make any halfling run screaming. Edge can sense quartz nearby but thinks better of asking about it. If they decided to kill him let them. He was no one special, he had no real reason to be alive except to avenge his parents and poor little Adam. He almost smiled trying to figure out why he thought of Adam as small. When it hit him it was his fault in more ways then one.

He let out a low moan and surprised Shannon who was sitting next to him. Jeff turned to look from the passenger side and wondered what happened to the playful vampire after a good time. And then there was Adam there was no way he deserved to die.


Jason was rocking Adam’s body which was turning a scary shade of blue as vein like lines covered his now freezing body. The same image flashing through his head over and over again. Shane bursting in, him holding the knife over Adam’s heart as he just lowered a little bit as he scratched the skin. There wasn’t even any blood from the tiny cut, but Adam hadn’t opened his eyes since the blue lines appeared, and before his eyes had been glazed over.

“Please don’t die . . .” Jason sobs rocking the body. He had long forgotten the other vampires around him until he was grabbed by his long blond hair and forced to his feet causing him to drop Adam with a thump. “Leave me alone,” He says trying to fight off the vampire who wanted to be called the hunter.

He was dragged before the world’s most dysfunctional family. They applaud Jason who has to hold back from breaking down completely. “Why?” He gasps.

“Why not?” Strigoi says. “And now for your payment.”

“What?” Jason stammers as a vampire Shane brought along approaches him. He wouldn’t want to meet this guy even if he was human. He had dark curly hair, and was heavily muscled. He had barely said two words though he wouldn’t really know. He backs away slowly.

“I wouldn’t try that he may just gore you.”

“Gore?” What was this guy a wild boar?

“No more of a Rhino. Isn’t that right Rhyno.” The man-beast nods as it grabs Jason and bites down on his neck. It is no where near the ecstasy he felt when the prince had done it. All he felt was pain, red hot, mind numbing pain. He started slipping into blackness when he thought he heard a voice and something wonderful pour down his throat. His eyes opened and he saw he was sucking on Strigoi’s wrist. He wanted to push away, a voice in his head was screaming for him to push away but he kept taking it. He didn’t stop until Strigoi made him.

He growled reaching for the wrist again with immense strength. Almost taking Strigoi down when he learned the meaning of a Gore. He was sprawled on his back inches from Adam and looked at his friend with disinterest. He wanted blood, and there was something wrong with his. He tries standing his body already healing.

“Let’s welcome the newest member to our ranks,” Strigoi says clapping Jason on the back who glanced at Rhyno and decided to keep the biting to himself for now. “Our own person Judas, though he did give up the wrong man.”

“Let’s give him a new name.” Stephanie says thinking Jason is dumb as she pets Rhyno on the head.


“A little much Stephie.”

“His blood lust is heavy, and he pictures a cross in his mind,” Shane says.

“A little Christian? How Quaint. There you have it! I give you Christian! Let him dream of his God and crosses as he brings death!”

To Be Continued

Part 10

“What if he catches us?”

“He will never know,” Stephanie says not mentioning she would just play it off which ever way suited her. As it was now they were just outside the warehouse where Hunter had pushed up her skirt as he held her against a wall. Stephanie, watch in anticipation as he lowered his tight jeans. She blinked, ‘that’s it?’ Why didn’t she just finger herself with her pinky? It would have been about the same. She couldn’t help it. . .

“Where’ s the rest of it?”

“The rest of what?”

“I have fingers bigger than that thing,” She shoves him away, much older and much stronger despite his body builder’s physique. She adjust her clothes as she heads back to the warehouse and the Hunter grabs her arm.

“You can’t just bring me out here like some tease.”

“Watch me, let’s hope Rhyno’s better equipped.” They are about to say more when they sense an approach as a van turns towards them. They both head inside.

“We have company,” Stephanie says a little out of breath as she and Hunter enter the warehouse. Shane gives his sister a strange look and glances at Hunter and shakes his head. The door bursts open moments later.

“So where’s the party?” A fat, balding man with a ponytail says looking over at everyone. Strigoi not one for interruptions sends a stake directly into his heart..

“Bye Paul,” Stephanie says to the pile of dust as her “second” blows away leaving her surprised troops standing waiting. “He was always so annoying anyway.” Stephanie mutters.

“That was the great Paul you were always e-mailing me about? What gutter did you drag him out of?” Shane asks smirking.

“Daddy!” She shrieks as the newly named Christian growls snapping his teeth at a fellow Canadian Halfling that was standing in attention.

“Shane behave,” he says as the last of Stephanie’s vampires enter. “We may have to get Christian here a leash,” he says looking at the vampire who was looking at everything with legs as a meal.

“I think he just needs someone to eat dad,” Shane says. “I’ll take him out.”

“Hurry back, it won’t be long now before the prince comes to claim his toys.”

“What’s left of them,” Stephanie says looking over at Adam as she sees blue veins on all the exposed parts of his body which was just his torso. Even his blond hair seemed to be turning blue. She turned away looking at her men who all stood in rapt attention waiting for her orders. She turned to her father noticing how Shane’s men were lounging about lazily now that their master was gone. Well more points for her then.

“See Dad these are all my guys and they much tougher than Shane’s.” Strigoi glances between the two sides and doesn’t care. He practically had an army and he hadn’t done anything to get them. To think he was willing to let these kids die, that he knew what the villagers were planning.


Edge was stoic, the drive had done nothing to lighten his mood. They were bidding their time until it was close to dawn since they were afraid that they may be greatly out numbered.

“Um . . . pri . . . I mean Edge.”

“What about Jason?” Edge blinked he had somewhat lost track of the mortal his natural block to him did that.

“I don’t know . . .”

“You can’t sense him,” Matt starts, “that’s why you had Adam doing it. Why not?”
“That’s just how it is, some people are just not on my radar do actually expect me to keep track of six billion mortals?!” Edge asks a lot more angry than he should be.

“Calm down,” Jeff says. Edge glances at him with a ‘make me’ look but doesn’t do anything though he is far from calm. He gazes lazily out the side window and curses audibly. This wasn’t freaking happening . . . Shane?! And Jason?!

“I don’t fucking believe this!” He grabs the stake that was sitting in Jeff’s lap and is out of the car faster than the human eye can follow. He stakes the Halfling before he can blink. Pulling Jason into his arms. He steps on it’s ashes not noticing the change in Jason until he bites him. He screams shoving Jason away. “What on earth . . .my God!” Edge says realizing what Jason is.

Jason blinks that blood was intense but it had knocked out his blood lust in one swallow. He actually saw what was going on around him now. And he remembered, whoever said vampires were unfeeling monsters had lied. He screamed he paced he wailed but he never so much as glanced at Edge. Who with a wave of his hands warned the mortals to stay back.

“Adam . . .” Edge says and Jason finally looks at him and lunges in an attempt to attack him.

“Its your fault! It was supposed to be you! They didn’t want him! All they wanted was you!” He screams pounding into Edge’s chest with his fist with extreme force though to Edge it could be a six year old it would have broken the ribs and collapsed the lungs of Jeff who was walking closer.

“Stay back,” Edge hisses as Jason finally collapses into sobs though he doesn’t want to be comforted by Edge who is more than willing to oblige wanting to rip Jason’s head off for what he did. How could he . . .

“Me?” Jason shrieks, “you left me there, with them, you could have warned me . . . anything but all you wanted was a quick fuck and you were done weren’t you! You didn’t give a rat’s ass if I died or not! Only if you had your precious pet Adam. What did you do to him in that lake?”

Edge wasn’t believing what he was hearing, it wasn’t possible this stupid stupid halfling! How dare he have the nerve to . . .


“Dad we have a major problem,” Shane says bursting into the room.

“Where’s Ja-Christian?”

“Um see he was really annoying snapping at me and crap so I left him with Lance. I was just turning the corner when I saw him. Its like has anyone in these 300 years gotten those legs besides that dead one over there. He killed Lance so fast he never had a chance.”

“Too bad . . .” Stephanie says and Shane knows she means that it was Lance not him. Man he hated her all this time their partnership had just been a farce until one was stronger. He knew she was as ready to stab him in the back as he was her. One big loving family.

“Anyway I came here as fast as I could to warn you . . .”
“You mean to save your own sorry ass from the pointy end of a stake,” Stephanie says much louder.

“Are you calling me a coward?”

“Of course not brother.”


I’m trapped in this world Lonely and fading Heartbroke and waiting For you to come We are stuck in this world That’s not meant for me For me So what you got One more try It seems to me That you’re not needed Come on It’s killing me let’s see You got the gall Come take it all

Edge didn’t even know when he had done it but now they were carrying a shackled and unconscious Jason to the van. He remembered the spear, there was a hole in the asphalt where Jason had landed. But then it all blurred the punches the screaming. He looked at them and wondered what they really thought they could do? He ignored their calls as he ran off. This would end one way or another.

He didn’t go unprepared he snapped off tree branches as he walked the only thing on his mind vengeance for what they did to Adam, his mother, his father, all those subjects even Jason. He kicked the door down in the warehouse fully expecting not to make it out alive but he would take Strigoi and his little bitch with him. He was face to face with what looked like a hundred halflings . . . and what was that stench like rotting flesh he followed it with his eyes and saw Adam.

Dead . . . the blue veins completely consuming his body now, even his hair looked blue, poor little Adam, well he wpild get his revenge even if he didn’t know about it.

Now he knew the mortals would have never had a chance when Strigoi spoke the words he was dying to hear.

“He’s mine.”

That was fine with Edge as he watched the man discard his vest and unbutton the sleeves of his shirt and roll them up. He wanted a throw down he would get it happily.

To be continued . . .

** Not Meant for Me by Wayne Static of Static X used without permission**

Part 11

“What is he thinking,” Matt yells pounding the steering wheel.

“The same thing you would be if something like that happened to Jeff,” Shane says.

“But to go at it half cocked and alone? He’s just going to die.”

“Matt I don’t think he cares any more, you didn’t hear him when he knew Adam was gone, his voice was so empty . . .”

“Before or after you fucked him?” Matt says finally letting on about how much that angered him.

“Matt this isn’t . . .”

“What the time? The place? You sure as hell weren’t worried about that back in the hotel.”

“Stop being an old mother and drive the goddamn van!” Jeff yells.

“Jeff you know what he is . . . you’re just lucky vampires are immune. I swear he’d be a walking STD by now.”

“Geez Matt want me to find you a nunnery?” Shannon asks trying to help his best friend.

“Don’t you mean a monastery Shann?” Shane asks.

“I think he has more in common between the legs with the nuns.”

Shane and Jeff laugh as Matt shakes his head. “Make sure he’s secure.” Matt says looking at Jason as he waits for a light to go green.

Jeff mind happily drifts to his time with the prince and how he had been fooled by the blushing. He shook his head, sometimes he was an idiot. Of course he was blushing, blood rushed through a vampire’s body when they fed. Their cheeks were no different. Jeff glanced at Jason who also had rosy cheeks though the color was already starting to fade. He liked the prince and it wasn’t just the fact that they had sex. He was so fun, he made things lively. Though he needed someone like Adam to bring him down every once in a while. Sort of the way he needed Matt.

He smiled at his brother through the rear view window and Matt knew him well enough that the smile was saying a million things at once and one was thank you. He nodded and focused on his driving again.

After what seems like hours they arrive at the warehouse as the sunrises to find a burned out shell. The few vampires that hadn’t been burned or skewered alive were already bursting into flames from the light. Jeff looks at Jason and sure enough he had started breathing again. Whatever vampire that had made him was dead. He was just lucky he hadn’t gotten the chance to feed yet. He was going to wake up in quite some pain.

There was no sign of the prince anywhere.

“Its over,” Matt says.

“So that’s it?” Shane says. “No more vampires?”

“I doubt that but Strigoi is gone and he took the prince with him.


Edge stood at the edge of the same lake he had climbed out of. He had gotten to Canada in about five minutes. Quite a feat with the amount of blood he had lost and carrying Adam’s lifeless body. The body that was now stained with his own blood, that poured from wounds that should have killed him. He clutched Adam’s body tighter as his mind went to the battle that ended it all for him.

“He’s mine.” Strigoi says lighting a fire within Edge.

They circled each other for what seemed like years each waiting for the other to make the first move. Strigoi finally did as they locked up with each other in a head lock.

Edge must have been an idiot to think he would fight fair. But it was no surprise when one of the haflings lunged at him. The only surprise was on Strigoi’s side when he staked the vampire without taking his eyes off Strigoi. He grinned like the madman he felt he was he had nothing to lose at all and it was all about making sure he took Strigoi as well.

It was then Strigoi exposed his quartz daggers and Edge clutched his stake tighter. He knew one scratch and he was gone while he had to pierce Strigoi in the heart to get the job done.

“Do you know how much you cost me you bastard?”

“I have a father which is a lot more than I can say for your children.”

“I am a wonderful father, I protect my daughter and provide a perfect example for Shane.”

“You really are a deluded old hack. You probably still believe in Stephanie’s purity.”

“You stole that away from her. You defiled my child.”

“Don’t you mean children?”
“What?!” Strigoi roars as Edge can see a vein popping out of his head.

“I had them both, oh Stephanie your brother is a much better lay. Less use huh?”

“Why you little… After I took you into my home…”

“You did what?” Strigoi says whirling around to his daughter as Edge raises the stake high surprised at how easy this would be.

“Daddy!” Stephanie shrieks causing Edge to stagger having to cover his ears at the sound. Dropping the stake in his agony from her inhuman voice. Strigoi turns and laughs kicking Edge in the ribs sending him flying. He then turns to Stephanie.

“What did you do? What did you cost me? I knew it! Its too bad those villagers were so messy! They should have gotten rid of you. They were supposed…”

“Supposed to what dad? Kill us? Get rid of us like you did mom?”

“Shane…” Strigoi starts exasperated. He had had this discussion with his son many times in the past.

“No! I knew you never liked me. Too much like mom right? That’s why I followed you, as for Steph she’s just a nosy bitch. What were you planning dad?”

“You fool after all these years you didn’t realize it? Part of my plan has already succeeded. There is not one pure breed left roaming the earth! I was to be the last vampire! I would rule mortals through superstition and fear! I would be emperor of the earth!” Edge listens to it not really noticing he’s surrounded until one of these vampires lunges at him sledge hammer in hand his blond hair flying around his face.

Edge uses his speed to spin out of the way and he ends up slamming into another vampire who raises one eyebrow in shock. The two of them start fighting like mad men as the rest of the haflings surround Edge. They start to form a tight circle and he grins but he knows he can’t fight them all and he sure as hell can’t watch them all.

Then something happens that makes his blood run cold. About five quartz daggers are being passed along between the Halflings and there are moments when he loses sight of the daggers not good not good at all. He needs to keep track of the daggers and find his way back to Strigoi. He risks a quick glance at the vampire and sees him having some sort of argument with his son, Stephanie watching with an angered look on her face. In that moment of distraction he missed it. The vampire lunged and slashed him across the back. He fell to his knees as the burning sensation started and came to the realization he was going to die.

He couldn’t die it wasn’t fair! He had lost everything was it too much to ask that Strigoi pay? The Halflings all jumped on him then some still slashing with the knives when he heard a roar of pain. He used his powers to see through to Stephanie’s mind she was staring at Shane in shock dust was settling between them… Strigoi was dead?!

“You…” The siblings proceeded to get it on them circling each other with stakes and Edge had to admit he was surprised they had lasted 300 years together. He doesn’t bother to turn when he hears the scream and one comes out the victor. He does notice that the pain from the cuts were throbbing but they weren’t the paralyzing effects he had heard so much about or the mind numbing cold and he knew something about cold.

He tried to move with the melee of bodies on him and realized he could do so easily. This was news to him he couldn’t be harmed by Quartz? No that was a lie any other wound would have healed by now but he could still feel the blood draining. He started to push up and finally broke through the Halflings. The only weakness he was feeling was from the loss of blood. He pushed up sending at least four Halflings flying as he stood and grasped for the nearest piece of wood. The sledge hammer, he broke it in half and went into a staking frenzy.

He was panting, sweating, bleeding profusely and he couldn’t tell if he had eliminated even half of their number. He wouldn’t be able to keep this up much longer. He look to where Adam was laying and felt an all consuming rage. A fire was burning inside him when the he turned to the next Halfling who tried to attack him and he burst into flames. Screaming he tried to put himself out… lighting a couple more Halflings and part of the warehouse on fire.

Edge just watched in awe and he could still feel this new power inside of him. He directed to every Halfling he saw and soon the entire warehouse was ablaze and he had no idea if any had escaped or survived. He had to get out of here. He went to Adam’s body and despite his weakness the blood that even now splattered on Adam’s bare chest he didn’t want to leave him here to burn. He picked him up cradling his ice form like you would a baby when he sensed the approach of the others a few miles away.

He’d had enough of living forever. He knew where he belonged and he ran.


Edge took one look at the water and knew there was an ice cave under the water. Deeper than mortals knew. He dived down the water bringing new pain in the quartz wounds that refused to heal. He swam past the bloated sunken bodies and wondered if anyone would ever find this poor couple. He saw one carnation that had escaped his resurrection and swam further until he reached the ice. He could see the hole where he had come out and with the last of his strength he made it larger and settled down with Adam’s body on top of his to a rest he felt he deserved and he hoped he would never wake from.

The End


A few months later…

Matt and Jason were making out on the couch as Jeff and Shane shook their heads waiting for Shannon to return from his pizza run. They were watching Queen of the Damned on DVD and Jeff’s mind drifted back to the Prince and Adam. They had gone through the warehouse remains scattering the ashes and even he had said a little prayer for the two of them.

There had been nothing remotely resembling vampirism anywhere since that day and Jeff was starting to believe vampires might actually be gone. The knock on the door startled him as he got up to let Shannon in.

“Matt!” Jeff screamed. Matt ignores his baby brother more interested in Jason’s lips as Jeff walks into the room.

“Holy…” Shane starts but can’t finish as Matt and Jason turn to look.

“You’re supposed to be dead! You all…”

“Well I’m not.”


“Look I never liked my father and I was the one who staked him and I’m not spending all eternity living in fear of some clan of mortals. I have no world domination plots and I sure as hell liked the Prince. I’m not my sister.”


“Just give me a chance okay? I know where Adam and the Prince are.”



He was cold… it was the ice and something else. Everything was murky he tried getting up but something was holding him down…another body. Where was he? He was so tired… another few minutes of rest he thought as he lay back down into oblivion.

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