Lost Part 1
Author: Blue Gold
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Content: Foul language, rape, m/m, bondage,
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Disclaimer: I don’t own any WWE superstars and am not trying to imply anything about the lifestyles of those portrayed within.
**I think the POV’s are a little messy let me know if you can’t follow it and I’ll try to fix it in part 2*

I open my eyes, I’m lying in bed and that feeling of being watched comes from my left side. There’s some guy starring at me and my head is pounding. The room is filled with shadows as I sit up looking for something familiar. There is a pain radiating from my entire lower body. And breathing hurt like a bitch.

“You’re awake. Will you . . .”

“Are you a doctor?”

“What on earth are you babbling about? Don’t play games with me.”

“I’m not playing, what’s your name?”

“Adam . . .”

“Hi Adam, I’m . . . wait . . . I’m.”

“I’m not Adam you are!” He says standing and turning away.

“Oh,” I say not liking the fact that I can’t remember my own name.

“Who’s AJ?”

“You?” I ask creeped out that nothing is ringing a bell.

“Bring in AJ,” he says tossing me a robe and it’s the first time I notice there was another person in the room and that I was naked. She exits and returns later with a boy around four or five.

“Daddy!” He exclaims jumping into my arms and gives me a hug. I bite back my scream of agony and a soft whimper escapes my lips not enough to surprise my kid. I look at the other guy and he has his back to the both of us.

“How are you?” I ask figuring I should say something to my son.

“Fine I drew some pictures . . . are you better now?”

“I think so . . . why don’t you ask your mommy to bring us the picture.” I say glancing at the woman at the door and the one idea in my head is wow I married well. It takes me a second to realize my kid is laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“Daddy you’re so silly, I don’t have a mommy I have two daddies.”

“Two Daddies?” So that guy who was so annoyed with me was my husband? My headache starts to intensify and I signal the woman over. I glance at the guy and he’s looking at me suspicious and confused. I hand her the little boy. “I’m sorry my head hurts.” And everything else.

“Bye Daddy,” He says touching my head as he’s taken out of the room.

“Bye . . . TJ,” I say hoping I remembered the right letters. I lie back down hoping for this throbbing to go away. And for the moment forget about my husband or what ever. Sleep is all I care about.


I watch dumbfounded as my captive goes back to sleep. Could it really be true that he didn’t remember anything? He had to admit he was either an amazing actor or my life just got a whole lot more fun. I’d just have a simple test for Adam it would be easy enough to set up.

I watch him sleep as I think of what passed between s a few hours ago. Its all I can do to not touch myself. I decide to leave my golden haired little pet and go watch it on the many tapes I have set up in this house at various angles. In my private screening room I pop in the tapes from earlier today.

“Why are you doing this? I’m sorry! You cant do this, you won’t get away with it!”

“But Adam I already have . . . you’re here aren’t you. And you’ll be good for little AJ’s sake.” I love that look of defeat he gets just then. Just the cutest thing. I rewind and watch it again, his hair falling in his face in the saddest of ways. After I play the scene again in slow motion I let it play.

I had taken him down to the ‘fun room’ filled with your usual BSMD stuff. Whips, chains, masks, a few paddles, nipple clamps, cock rings, knives and then there was the bed. Where our little golden boy was bound spread wide. A few things hanging for easy access for me or as the world’s most disturbing mobile. Funny how he tried to put up a fight when he was tied up and completely at my mercy anyhow.

“Why?” He asks as I climb on top of him. Such a delicious body and its mine for the taking. I take a few seconds to enjoy the sight that Jason had taken for granted for so long. Even the hate that was filling those deep blue eyes was beautiful.

“He doesn’t deserve you . . . what don’t like it when its me handcuffing you? Such a little freak.” Sadly no camera angles got the expression on his face then. That sad confused look of despair. But its imprinted in my mind. I licked him then and forced his lips apart for a kiss. That was when Adam made his first mistake. He bit my tongue, while I may like to see other’s hurt a little. . .me? No way.

I slapped him then and he had the nerve to spit on me. Spit on ME! How dare he, after I had been nice enough to use the fuzzy cuffs on him. I got off him then.

“Wanna play rough? You have no idea who you’re dealing with.”

Christian returns to the bed with a paddle and a leather strap. He leans the paddle on the side of the bed and whips Adam across the chest relishing in his screams. He moves lower getting perilously close to Adam’s limp manhood, as he tried in vain to turn away.

Christian on the other hand was getting harder by the moment. He picked up the paddle and looked at it and at Adam. He couldn’t believe it, hatred was still oozing from those deep deep eyes hatred. He hated that look more than anything.

“You better get that look off your face if you know what’s good for you.” Adam ignored Christian’s command and had his head slammed into the headboard until he finally lost consciousness. It may have been the best for him with the rape that followed. Christian stopped the tape midway through as he caught glimpse of something in the bed room. Adam was stirring.

He watched as Adam sat up and looked around. He stood and swayed on his feet, he took two faltering steps and went crashing to the floor. Christian watched intrigued as he dragged himself back to the bed panting and seemed to pass out again.

Maybe he had had a little bit too much fun. He didn’t want to kill Adam . . . at least he didn’t think so. He headed to the bed room glancing in at AJ who waved. He didn’t understand why the kid wasn’t scared of him then again being daddy number 2′s twin may have helped. So what if the kid called him dad sometimes he was okay, not too stupid or dirty or loud.

And more times then not the kid ignored him, especially when Adam was around. Well his nanny Trish was pretty okay and smart enough not to ask too many questions as long as he was ‘good’ around AJ. He had to get rid of the other one when she had started talking about Jason. Was she stupid?

“Hey dad come here,” Christian walks into the play room. “Can you give this to dad? Maybe he’ll feel better.”

“Sure kid,” Christian says taking the picture that was of four orange blobs with yellow hair he guessed. “Family picture?”

“Yeah, I put Trish in it too see,” he says pointing to one of the smaller blobs.

“Okay, bye,” Christian says and AJ’s already back to drawing as Trish forces a smile at Christian. She may not be dumb but she doesn’t like him and Christian figures she sticks around because she’s attached to the kid and he paid her a damn lot for a new nanny. That’s when he remember he still had to give Adam a test.

“Hey, here take this, let’s surprise daddy with some dinner in bed. Sound like fun?” AJ eyes light up and Christian smiles while trying to figure out why this kid affected him.

“Yea! Hey can we have pizza?”

“Sure,” Christian says glancing at Trish who’s nodding her approval. “Okay I have to check to see if daddy is feeling better.”


Christian walks further down the hall and into the main bedroom. Adam was still asleep tossing and turning. Christian watches as he starts to moan and whimper as his arms flail about. Christian decides to wake him then and his eyes open looking frantic and lost. He actually calms when he sees Christian.

“You okay?” Christian asks.

“I think so . . .”

“What were you dreaming about?”

“I think I was being attacked. I’m not sure.” Christian frowns. “What?”
“How do you feel?”

“Like I was hit by a Mac truck . . . is that what happened?”

“No . . . you were beaten.”


“Mugging I’m not sure,” Christian says surprised at how easy the lie flows and how much Adam seems to be buying it.

“So . . .” Adam starts glancing shyly at Christian, “we . . . I mean um we’re.”

“Married? Yeah well committed.” Christian says holding up his hand and pointing out the matching silver bands. He has to hold back his laugh as Adam turns bright red.

“And the kid?”

“AJ, we adopted him as a baby.” Christian says not really sure how long the kid had been around but thinking that was about right.

“And the girl?”

“Trish, the nanny she’s here weekends, until eight and she picks up AJ from school during the week and stays until seven. She’s new been here about a week, so far she’s ok.”

“Okay, um one more question . . .”

“Sure,” Christian says wondering if this was actually real.

“What’s your name?”

“Christian,” Adam frowns. “What don’t like it?”

“No its just that I had some names in my head and that wasn’t on of them. Why aren’t I in a hospital?”

“You usually hate them and the doctors said it was fine. Don’t you even remember that?”

“No . . . why is it that I can’t remember anything?”

“Head trauma.”

“That would explain the headache from here to kingdom come.”

“Here I’ll massage your temples,” I put a hand on his head and he winces pulling away. Maybe he’s not such a good actor.

“I’m sorry that’s where it hurts the most.” I take his head in my hands and sure enough along with a bump on the back of his head the bruises on his face start at the temples and end along the jaw like vicious side burns. But that’s what he got for making me angry. “Can you . . .”


“I have to use the bathroom . . .”

“No problem.”

Christian stands and helps Adam out of bed as he holds on to him for dear life as they make their way to the bathroom. Christian starts to wonder if he should have told him to rot . . . it would have been an easy way to bring Adam back to his enemy. But he had to admit he liked this. Jason didn’t deserve something like this.

He notices Adam glancing at him nervously instead of using the bathroom. What is going on here? Christian notices then that Adam is a little pink, he’s shy? Shy? A boy who liked to be chained up and whipped is shy?!
“I’ve seen it all before, besides I don’t want you falling in.”

“Could you turn? Please?” The magic word, Christian looked to the side as Adam used the bathroom. Christian looked in his mirror and got his meanest idea yet. If Adam thought they were married it wouldn’t be long until he was completely willing. That would be a much more interesting tape to send to Jason. In the bed room with no chains no whips nothing. That would show him who was boss.

To be continued . . .

Part 2

A/N *<*<* memory flash *>*>*

Adam watched as AJ (Christian had clarified that for him) walked in carrying a box of bread sticks. Followed by Trish who had two Dominos boxes and Christian who had soda.

“This is great for me but what will you have?” Adam says as AJ laughs.

“Dad you’re so silly,” he says climbing on the bed and sitting next to him. As Jason climbs on to so AJ is between them. Trish pulls up a chair.

“How do you feel?” Trish asks.

“I’ve been better, you know feeling like I got hit by a truck and the amnesia . . .”

“Amnesia? How much?”

“Everything about me.”

“Daddy what’s am-nesssa?”

“Its why daddy feels so bad, it makes his head hurt and sometimes he forgets stuff.” Christian explains and Adam smiles thankfully at him as Trish starts dividing the pizza. Adam can barely get through a slice and has about four cups of soda instead. Christian keeps waiting for anything some sort of sign that this was all an act.

Trish can tell the ‘picnic’ is a little much for Adam especially when he starts nodding off. She closes the boxes and clears her throat waking Adam who looks around tiredly.

“I think Daddy needs more rest now AJ, come on . . .” Trish says reaching for him as he turns to Christian worried.

“Will Daddy forget me?” Christian smiles.

“No, did he forget you now? Don’t worry Daddy won’t forget you now be a good boy for Trish and let her read you a story.”

“Okay goodnight daddy,” AJ says hugging Christian then doing the same to Adam then leaving with Trish.

“I’ll be right back,” Christian says gathering the leftovers and everything to bring downstairs.

When he returns Adam is wringing his hands and looking down. It was one of the few times Adam’s hair bothered him because he couldn’t come close to seeing what his expression was that was until he saw it. He could have imagined it, a trick of the light, he was still at the door. Christian closes the distance between him and Adam quickly and lifts his head lightly and gets a full view of the tears.

“What’s wrong . . .”

“I can’t do this. . .”

“You don’t have a choice,” Christian says darkly a little sad that it had all been an act.

“I’m scaring our kid, I don’t know my own husband I can’t even go to the bathroom by myself!” Adam says turning away from Christian who has to stop himself from doing a little dance.

“Look its not your fault . . . if anyone is to blame its Jason,” Christian mutters.

“Who’s Jason?”

Christian turns away from Adam trying to decide what to say exactly. “He’s . . . he’s your first husband . . . and . . .”

“What is it?”

“I . . . I lied to you before . . . you weren’t mugged . . . Jason kidnapped you and he . . .” Christian throws some emotion in his voice making it crack, “he raped you . . .” He turned to Adam then and was startled to see the look of pure disgust on his face.

“I let . . .”

“Let? Let has nothing to do with it. It wasn’t your fault,” Christian says starting to quote all the movies he’s ever seen on the topic. “Don’t ever blame yourself there are just sick people out there. Besides he tricked you . . .”

“How is that even possible? I had to have done something . . .”

‘You have no idea’ “Don’t blame yourself, its not your fault he got you to think he was me . . .”

“Am I blind? Wouldn’t I be able to tell one husband from another?”

“Not when they’re twins . . .”

“What?! I married brothers? Twin brothers?!”

“It’s a long story . . .”

“Isn’t that the least bit weird?”

“Adam, I don’t really want to get into it now, you and Jason didn’t last as I think you can tell. This is the most extreme thing he’s done . . . ”

“He’s done stuff before?”

“Well, he was an abusive boyfriend . . .” Christian says making everything up as he went along.

“You know what I don’t think I want to hear anymore,” Adam says.

“Okay so want me to tuck you in?” Christian asks smiling.

“Funny, but I do have to use the bathroom.” Christian nods as they go through the same routine again and then he does tuck Adam in kissing him and Adam drifts off to sleep with a smile on his face. Christian was to giddy to sleep and it was almost time for Trish to go so he went over to AJ’s room where she was reading him a chapter from Charlotte’s web he points out he’s already asleep and she puts the book down and walks out with Jason.

“AJ likes you very much.” “I do too, Mr. Reso, he’s a wonderful child.”

“Well we’ll see you tomorrow morning, good night,” Christian says leading her to the door. He walks to the kitchen checking all the doors like he usually does. He opens the door and is face to face with himself. “What . . .”

“Where’s Adam?!”

“What’s the matter Jay? Can’t keep track of that pretty little husband of yours?”

“I know you have him! What are you doing to him?”

“Why would you care? Didn’t you was your hands of him?”

“Not to end up with . . .”

“What me? I’m exactly what he deserves and you know it,” Christian says slamming the door shut. Even Jason popping up hadn’t dulled his mood as he made sure the door to the ‘fun room’ was locked and the key still safe in its hiding place.

Christian went back upstairs and changed for bead swearing that he would behave himself despite the fact that Adam was still only wearing that robe he had given him and it had come loose. If it wasn’t for that sheet . . . Christian shook his head and decided to let Adam sleep, no point in ruining his plans he thought as he climbed into bed and was pleasantly surprised when Adam curled up against him.

*<*<* Adam sat at the bar knowing he shouldn’t be there . . . something was waiting for him. He ignored the feeling as he ordered another drink.

“Hey legs,” he smiled at the man as he pulled him into a kiss. When they pulled away he saw him. He ran after him and was in another room. He was watching himself getting whipped on the bed, being beaten raw, when his attacker turned it was him also.

“Someone’s been a bad boy . . .” A voice that’s not his own says as he realizes he’s the one in the bed as the whip came flying down. *>*>*

Adam opened his eyes startled and wished to be asleep again. The pain today was murder, yesterday was noting compared to it. He thought he was supposed to be healing. He was in his own mental pain dialogue when a sight took his breath away. Christian had just retuned from the shower, a towel slung low on his hips.

Despite what he looked like fully clothed Christian wasn’t thin. He had a very nice body and Adam was interested to see Christian had a tattoo though he couldn’t make it out from the bed. He turned scarlet when Christian dropped the towel clearly not knowing he was being watched as he rummaged around for underwear. Adam turned away embarrassed.

“Like what you see?”

“Yes . . .no . . . I mean uh . . . no . . . I didn’t mean.” Adam stops as Christian laughs.

“Relax, you wouldn’t have married me if you didn’t besides haven’t you noticed you’re a little on the nude side?” Adam looks down at him self and the robe that covered nothing it should at the moment. Thank God for the sheet.

“Oh . . . where are you going?”

“Just to the market, Trish will be here soon. Its Sunday so we all usually stay in.” It was then Adam realized he had blanked on the passage of time, he knew the year and the month but the date . . . and day was news to him.

“Today’s Sunday?”

“The 15th but you never remember the date anyway. Sometimes I wonder how you even know when it’s your birthday.”

“Simple someone says Happy Birthday,” Adam cracks.

“Great the bad jokes are back. You feeling better?”

“Worse, is there anything I can take?” Christian nods returning with some pain killers from when Adam had broken an arm. He hands him one and a glass of water. “Thanks.”

“No problem I’ll be back soon.” Christian kissed Adam again loving the way he yielded to the kiss allowing Christian full control of the kiss and have his tongue possessively explore every crevice of his mouth causing Adam to moan as Christian withdraws placing a light kiss on the tip of his nose. “When you’re well,” Christian says seductively as he walks out grinning broadly.

He peeks in on AJ on his way out and sees him eating cereal and watching Sunday morning cartoons. And then logic hit him.

“AJ wanna go to the market with me?”

“Okay!” He says jumping around in his Scooby Doo pajamas. Christian and AJ leave Adam alone in the house but not alone for long.


“Adam?” A voice whispered pushing open the room door. He ran to Adam when he saw him curled on his side in a fetal position clutching his sides as sweat broke out on his brow. “What did he do to you?” He whispers as he notices the bottle on the nightstand and the instructions that screamed at him.

“Take with food . . . that bastard!”

“Christian . . .”

“Christian?! I’m not that monster, that demented freak! Adam look at me, its Jason.” Jason is shocked when Adam practically flies away from him.

“Get out!” He screams knowing Christian could be gone for hours.

“Not without you. I can’t let him keep you here, look at what he’s done to you. I never meant for . . .”

“Get out you monster! I’m staying with Christian!”
“Adam . . .”

“No!” He screams running into the bathroom and locking the door and ignoring Jason’s pounding until it stopped. He slumped to the floor and wretched whatever was in him into the toilet. His heart was pounding so loud it was hurting. He was still panting from his run in here. He leaned against the tub planning on closing his eyes just until he caught his breath.

The next thing he knew someone was stroking his face lightly. He woke with a jerk feeling more ache’s and pains from the awkward sleeping position.

“Christian?” Adam asks worried.

“Who else? What are you doing in here I had to pick the lock.”

“Jason was here . . . he . . .”

“Did he hurt you?” Christian asks wishing he could have seen the look on his twins face when he was rejected by his husband.

“I ran in here.” Christian nods as he helps Adam to his feet.

“Well since you’re here.” Christian says dropping the robe Adam was wearing to the floor. “Bath time.”

“I don’t think I can.”

“I’ll help, I can scrub your back,” Christian says grinning wickedly.

“What about . . .”

“Don’t worry,” Christian says removing his shirt and stepping out of his shoes as he goes to lock the door. “Trish and AJ are putting away groceries we have plenty of time.” Christian says slipping off his pants and finally sliding off his boxers. He slides the door to the shower open and having Adam step in first.

Christian was enjoying the view of the perfect body. There were no bruises welts or scratches just a perfect tan backside and two globes of flesh begging to be squeezed which is just what he did causing Adam to jump.

“I don’t remember groping as part of the plan.”

“Spoil sport,” Christian says dousing them both in cold water, before adjusting the temperature.

He takes the soap and does exactly what he said he would massaging the soap into Adam’s back as he let out a blissful sigh. He takes the shampoo and started massaging his scalp avoiding the bump as Adam leaned back against him eyes closed. His hands snaked around to his chest teasing both nipples at once as Adam moaned.
“You don’t know how much I want you . . . to be inside you again.” Adam doesn’t respond as Christian’s hand snaked lower to grip his already hardening manhood. “To have you scream for me.”

“Christian . . .” He says in short breathy gasps as Christian starts to slowly pump him as his other hand finds a puckered nipple to torment. Adam is at his mercy as he feels even more of his weight falling on him causing him to lean back on the wall of the shower as he continues his torment. Slowing down when he feels Adam come close to the brink and then starting up again.

“Christian . . . please,” Adam gasps.

“Please what? Rinse you off no problem.” Christian says moving them into the spray of the shower and completely stopping his stroking of Adam, who moves his own hands to finish himself only to be batted away by Christian. “Don’t think so.” Christian says adjusting the shower spray so its like a thousand fingers on Adam’s already throbbing member.

“God!” He exclaims as he climaxes then sinking back into Christian feeling a little light headed.

“My turn . . .” Christian shakes the limp form in his arms and is surprised that he’s passed out. He holds him for a few seconds and Adam stirs. “Welcome back.”

“Sorry,” Adam says trying to stand on his own feet and almost slamming his head into the nozzles.

“Let’s get you dried off before you fall into a coma,” Christian says.

Christian towels Adam dry trying to figure out why he feels like such the doting mother right now. If this kept up he’d be no better than Jason a soft little . . . who couldn’t even . . . Christian shook his head and rubbed the black and blue portion of Adam’s midsection roughly, smiling secretly at the thought that not only had he caused this but that he was enjoying the moans of pain from Adam. He rubbed a little harder then “realized” what he was doing.

“I’m sorry,” Christian says and Adam nods tossing the towel he had been using on his hair aside and wrapping the one Christian had been using lightly around his waist.


“You are absolutely no fun,” Christian cracks and Adam rolls his eyes.

“Is all you want in my pants?”

“You’re not wearing any pants,” Christian points out. Adam sighs and follows his equally towel clad ‘husband’ back into the adjoining bedroom. Christian tosses him some black silk boxers. He watches as Adam adjusts the boxers so low on him they are almost pointless. He opens the closet and looks at the skin tight leather pants Adam wears out to go clubbing as a feeling of anger washes over him.

He wanted to slam that still bruised face into the wall until it bleed. He hated those pants, they made Adam look so free so inviting, like the cheap trash that he was.

“Christian?” Adam says stepping up beside him. “Leather pants? Are you nuts? I can barely walk . . . Christian?” Christian snaps out of his daze pushing the pants aside as he takes his own clothes. Then sweat pants for Adam. Adam pulled them on then reached for a shirt. He grabbed a shinny short sleeved black one and that same angry feeling came over Christian again. He takes a plain white shirt and tosses it to Adam instead yanking the other shirt angrily and tossing it on a shelf in the closet.


“Daddy!” AJ says jumping around Christian as he tosses some potatoes into the boiling water.


“Daddy fell asleep on his plate he looks really silly. Come see!”

Christian follows AJ into the dining room and sure enough Adam was sound asleep at the table using his dinner plate as a pillow. Christian smiles at the sight and wonders what he’ll do once Adam gets his memory back. Being nice had some good points but he really wanted to spank Adam again.

To Be Continued

Part 3

*<*<*Adam was sitting at the bar again. He ran his hand nervously through his blond hair nervously having a feeling in the pit of his stomach that this was a bad idea.

“Another,” he says as the bartender takes his empty glass.

“Hey legs,” Adam spins around and smiles his nervousness gone immediately.


Like a P/A system another dialogue starts over the one he’s having at the bar.

“You wanted to get spanked?!”

“Its not that…”

“He’s a freaking dominatrix! You threw away…*static* for some kink?! Do you think this is OK? Normal?!”
“Just listen to me…”

“I’m sorry if I’m too conservative for you…” *>*>*

Adam woke with a plate sticking to his face which still ached. He peeled it off and heard giggling. He looked over at AJ who was on the other side of the table arranging napkins.

“Daddy he’s awake!” AJ says as Adam tries to understand his weird dream. He had had it a few times and it always got clearer each time he saw it. He was too embarrassed to ask Christian about any dominatrix… What kind of dreams was he having? Maybe they didn’t mean anything.

“You okay?”

“Yeah I just had a weird dream.”

“I have funny dreams too about monkeys…” Adam smiles.

“Enjoy your nap?” Jason says entering with a plate of baked potatoes and for the first time Adam’s stomach screams for it to be fed.

“Yeah, so you cook?”

“Yeah, we have potatoes and stake. And for dessert,” Christian says winking at AJ. “Cookies and ice cream.”


“Sounds great.”

“It should its your favorite.”

After dinner Adam sits happily stuffed watching as AJ devours chocolate chip cookies covered in vanilla ice cream. Christian returns and confiscates the box of cookies and the ice cream as AJ whines.

“Time for bed little man.”

“Do I have to,” AJ says looking pleadingly at Adam who nods and he gives up throwing up his arms for Christian to carry him. Adam smiles and starts to clear the plates and bring them into the kitchen as Christian goes upstairs. He’s piling plates in the sink when he drops one. He looks around for a broom and sees a closed door. He opens it and the only thing inside is a full length mirror. He shrugs as he tries another door and its locked. He tugs on it again and then starts looking around for a key and sees a string dangling from the top of the cabinets.

He grabs it and sure enough there’s a key on the end he’s putting it into the lock when Christian enters the kitchen.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Opening a door? Is this where we keep the broom and stuff?” Adam asks as Christian walks over. “Hey careful!” Adam says as its too late and Christian slices open his foot on one of the shards sending blood everywhere. The bleeding is profuse as Christian screams in pain.

Adam grabs a wash rag to stop the blood but its is quickly covered in blood. Adam scans the kitchen and grabs the cordless and hits 911.

“Yeah my husband cut his foot and there’s a lot of blood…” Adam looks bewildered for a second as Christian sits on the counter wincing from the pain in his foot. “Christian what’s our address?”

Christian groans before answering grabbing the phone and giving the operator the necessary information though the last place he wants to be is in a hospital. He can still remember when his parents locked him up when he was younger.

“I’m gonna get AJ.”

“Trish,” Christian whispers. Adam takes the phone back and is glad she is on speed dial. He explains the situation to her and she arrives with the ambulance a load of textbooks in her hands.

“He’s sleeping so you can just study in the living room or the kitchen. Adam says as he climbs into the ambulance with Christian.

At the hospital Christian is taken in to get stitches (they had stopped the bleeding on the way) and Adam is hit with another dilemma. He’s staring at the form and he couldn’t even get past the part that said victim’s name let alone their insurance info. A doctor walks by noticing the bruises on Adam’s face pauses when Adam just drops the clip board and holds his head.

“Are you alright?”

“Me? I’m fine,” Adam mutters. “I just can’t fill this stupid form out.”

“Let’s see if I can help,” The doctor says kindly picking up the form and sitting beside Adam liking the fact he could do a nice deed on before he left the forms were enough to drive anyone mad. “Okay, let’s do your information first. Name.”

“Hello Adam, I’m Dr. Helms.” Adam nods despite the fact the guy was in street clothes and looked really young and had green hair. “But I need your last name as well.”

“That’s where we have a problem doc. ”

“What do you mean?”

“The only reason I know my name is because my husband told it to me. I’ve had a little memory problem for the past few days.”

“Have you been to the doctors?”

“I think my husband took me somewhere before I woke up. He said I hated hospitals and it was okay.”

“You were released from the hospital unconscious? I find that hard to believe. What hospital?”

“How would I know?” Adam says annoyed.

“Is this related to your bruises?”

“Yeah, I guess I don’t really remember what happened. Christian told me…” Adam stops embarrassed.

“Christian would be your husband?” Adam nods.

“I was attacked by my first husband.” Dr. Helms stares wide eyed.

“I think you should get a CAT scan and see the resident psychiatrist. Why is Christian here?”
“He cut his foot on a broken plate. He’s getting stitches.”

“Uh Brian?” A blond kid in green scrubs pushing a cart stops.

“Yes Dr. Helms?”

“Is Dr. Hardy still in?”


“Okay thank you. Come with me.” Shane says standing. “Nurse if a Christian should be released from getting stitches please page me.”

“Yes doctor.”

Shane leads Adam to the Psych Ward and steps over their janitor Perry and his mop who he felt should be locked in the ward. He knocks on an office door when his pager goes off.

“I’ll be right back with your husband.” Shane says smiling. “Just go in and explain your situation to him.”

Adam walks in and Dr. Hardy is sitting in the traditional high backed chair with his back to Adam. “Uh, Dr. Hardy?”

“At your service.” The chair swivels and Adam’s jaw drops. He might have amnesia but that could not be a shrink. His hair was bright red, there were patterns shaved into his face and he was wearing a mesh shirt that showed off his bare skin and muscular chest.

“You’re Doctor Hardy?”

“Jeff Hardy at your service. Sit.” He says tossing his feet up on the desk showing off some clunky boots. Adam sits and figures if a doctor could have green tips… “So what can I do you for?” Adam blinked and decided his mind was just in the gutter.

“Well Dr. Helms told me to come see you.”

“Aww Shanney,” Jeff says smiling. “Cute isn’t he?”

“I guess, I don’t know…”

“Man what happened to you? Car accident?”

“I wish,” Adam mutters leaning back into the chair.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Adam jumped about three feet in the air as he came barreling into the room.

To Be Continued…

Part 4

Adam sat and stared as a conservatively dressed man with curly black hair walked into the office. “Are you crazy? Do you think this is ok? Jeff you aren’t Normal!”

<*<* “Adam Copeland You are the most disgusting depraved person I’ve ever met and I can’t believe I married you! I’m taking my son out of this!”


“Goodbye Mr. Copeland I wash my hands of you!”>*>*

Adam didn’t notice when Jeff got out of the chair or anything else as his head started spinning. He let out a low moan which drew Shane’s attention to him. He kneeled in front of Adam and took his hand.
“Adam?” Adam blinked hearing his name and finished the sentence.

“Copeland,” He whispers blinking.

“What?” Shane says confused. As Adam turns to look at Jeff and the other man who’s pulling Jeff out of the room as he laughs.

“Hey what’s your name anyway?”

“Adam Copeland.”

“I’m sorry, Adam is it? My little brother Jeff…anyway how can I help you?”

“So you’re Dr. Hardy?” Matt nods. “Um where’s Christian?”

“He had to fill out some forms I told him we were up here and he got a little weird. So I guess he’ll just be downstairs.”

“Um, okay.” Adam turns to Matt who is calmly waiting. “Uh, I seem to have amnesia.

“Have you experienced any trauma recently? Stress?”

“I guess, I was kidnapped by my ex-husband. I can’t really remember anything… and I get these head aches.”

“Well it sounds like retrograde amnesia, it may last anywhere from a few hours to a few months. Its brought about by periods of high stress though total amnesia is… What do you remember?”

“Well I just remembered my last name.”

“Did you remember your name?”

“No Christian told it to me.” Matt nods.

“Well I would like to set up formal appointments so we could get to the bottom of this. There is more going on here… and have you had a CAT scan?”

“I don’t know not that I can remember.”

“Would you be able to come in Tuesday?”

“Well I’ll have to talk to…oh man I don’t even know if I have a job.”

“Are you sure we can’t bring Christian in to this?” Matt says glancing at Shane.

“I’ll try,” Shane says leaving the room.

“What do you remember?” Matt asks.

“Well I keep having these dreams I’m not sure what they could mean.”

“Tell me about them.”

Shane gets off the elevator and sees Christian on his crutches handing the nurse the forms he had to fill out. Shane smiles as he walks over to the man.

“Uh Christian?”


“Well since you were done, I was wondering if you could come and help answer some questions about Adam.”

“What kind of questions?”

“Just basic stuff about him you know all the stuff he doesn’t remember, what hospital he was at before, even his age and birthday.”

“I guess, where is he?” Shane gives him a strange look, hadn’t he just told him that?

“Upstairs in the psych ward, he’s meeting with the resident Psychologist.”

“No thanks.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m not going up there.”

“Why not?”

“I’m… tired, I just want to go home maybe another time.”

“Oh okay, well you could come get Adam.”

“That’s alright, I’d rather just wait here try to get used to these crutches.”

“Okay, I’ll be back in a few minutes,” Shane says wondering what is up with Christian and not liking the vibe he’s getting and wondering how much more there was to Adam’s story.

Christian nods as Shane presses the button for the elevator. Christian shook his head he wasn’t stupid, there was no way he was going back to the Psych ward. They were never locking him up in one of those rooms again. He’d show Adam for trying to lock him up again. When they got home…

“Hey Christian,” Adam says smiling and Christian can barely force a grimace.

“You’re foot hurts that bad?” Adam asks concerned looking down at the bandaged foot.

“Yeah, so what went on up there?”

“I was talking to Dr. Hardy and he wanted me to set up another appointment. He said I should go to work too, you know get back into things. He seems pretty nice. What do I do anyway?”

“Whore around,” Christian mutters.

“What? What around?”

“You get around, you’re a freelance reporter, mostly you’re an online sports reporter.”
“Oh… well I guess I can make my appointment for anytime, when are you free?”

“Why?” Christian says hailing down a cab.

“He wants you to help me remember things.”

“Oh I’ll help you remember alright.”

“Christian you feeling okay you sound a little off?”

“Yeah its just my foot let’s just get home.”

“Okay.” Adam looks at Christian. “Um…”

“What?” Christian says staring out the window.

“Never mind…” Adam says then takes a deep breath about to start again.

“Just say it,” Christian says.

“We’re we going to get a divorce?” That gets Christian’s attention and he whirls to face Adam.


“I remembered something, well I think I did when I was up in the office. You were saying you were going to take AJ and that I was disgusting.”

“What else do you remember?”

“Something in a bar it doesn’t make much sense and…” Adam turns bright red and just turns away. “Nothing.”

Christian looks over at Adam, he knew what he was talking about it was Jason’s last straw until he stepped in to take care of things. But things were going too fast, Adam must have remembered more than that to have been trying to lock him up for just showing him what happens when you misbehave. Adam had been bad and Jason had been to weak to take care of it so he had showed him what it was all about.

He knew one thing Adam was never going to see that doctor again. There was no way he’d let someone interfere and try to get in touch with Jason or worse let Adam in on the little secret. He wasn’t giving that body up, and Adam hadn’t learned his lesson. What had they told him? Just because you don’t know something is wrong doesn’t make you innocent.

“Do you have the doctor’s number?”

“Yeah he gave me his card to call him cause I didn’t know our phone number and stuff,” Adam fishes the card out of his pocket and hands it to Christian.

“That’ll be 17.85,” The cabby says pulling up in front of their house.

Christian pulls out his wallet and pays as Adam gets out of the car and opens the door for him on the other side. Christian smiles weakly. ‘Too late now, you won’t ever forget tonight if you make it out alive.’

Christian hobbled into the house as Adam held the door thinking the crutches could come in handy later. It took him a second to notice that Adam had vanished. ‘What the hell?’ He couldn’t have got far he though as he started hobbling through the dark house. He heard him before he saw him.

“Yeah, he’s okay… he’s on crutches but nothing bad. AJ asleep? Okay yeah I don’t see why he can’t stay with you for the night, you can take him to school right? Okay bye Trish.”

“So AJ’s not coming home?”

“He’s already asleep and it is late, besides I’m not sure I can drive and with your foot.”

“Alright, hey I have a surprise for you.”


“Come on its in the basement.”

To be Continued…

Part 5

“So is that why you didn’t want me to go there before?”

“Huh oh yeah sure. Put this on,” Christian says handing him a blindfold.

“Ok, you sure you can go down stairs?”

“I’ll be fine, you’re the one with the blindfold.” Christian says as Adam finally puts it on.

“Hey where are you?” Adam says groping blindly and Christian takes his arm. Christian “accidentally” let go of Adam three steps from the end and Adam goes flying to the floor. He groans as he pulls him self up to his knees.

“Christian…” Adam says so trusting he automatically assumes it was an accident. “Did you fall? I’m taking this…” Adam’s word is drowned out by the impact of the crutch on the side of his head.

Adam opened his eyes and was shrouded in darkness. His head was throbbing and he tried to move his arms and found they were tied over his head. He didn’t realize he was blindfolded until it started slipping. If he moved his head a little more it should fall off. He froze when he heard an argument.

“I don’t want you to hurt him…”

“Well you should have thought of that before you brought me in.”


“Don’t blame me cause you can’t control your husband’s roving eye.”

“This is getting out of hand…”

“Oh shut up Jason. This isn’t about you anymore…its about what he tried. I’m never being locked up again.”

Adam was more than confused. Christian and Jason had almost the same exact voice maybe he was confusing it but suddenly the only thought running through his head was sleeping with the enemy. He tossed his head aside but the blindfold didn’t slide enough.

“I’m going to let him go…” “You have to get through me to do that.”

“Christian this is just evil, no matter what Adam did he doesn’t deserve this.”

“You know Jason, I was gonna fuck him, just so I could see your face, when your pretty little husband got off with me.”

“He would never…” “I had a hot little shower that proves different.”

“You did something…”

“Not a damn thing well besides you know…” Christian say winking, “you saw for yourself. I wasn’t here and he didn’t want to be within a 100 miles of you. Locked himself in a bathroom right? Too bad I missed it…”

Adam wanted to scream, he wanted to cry…he wanted to do something. He felt like an idiot. He had hid himself away from the one person who could help him and was stuck with a crazy man. He still couldn’t remember Jason but he seemed a lot better then Christian right now.

He rolled around a little more and the blindfold slipped off completely. He had never been happier for the bruises on his face that had made him tie it so lightly. He looked towards the voices in the dimly lit room and blinked. ‘What on earth?’ Adam sank into the bed in despair. He was going to die…there was no doubt about it now. Just when he thought things were making sense he gets hit with something like this.


The next morning…
The nurse entered the data into the computer for the third time and got the same reply.

*Patient Deceased*

“I saw his ID we did an insurance check, listen here you stupid machine he’s not dead!”

“Stacy, talking to the computer is bad.”

“Oh Dr.Helms…you scared me. Its just I was trying to enter this patients information in the new inter-hospital data base and he keeps coming up as deceased.”

“Could he be?”

“He only had a cut foot yesterday…I don’t see how…”

“Oh Adam’s husband. Here open up the file and we can find a way to change it…” Shane stops staring at the information on the screen. “Uh… I’ll be right back.”

Shane ran up to Matt’s office hoping he wasn’t with a patient. He looked in and lucky for him Matt was sharing a sandwich with his brother. He sometimes wondered if Jeff even had a job.

“Shane? You okay?” Matt asks sipping his soda.

“Um does the psych ward have that whole inter-hospital thing going?”

“Yeah why?”

“Could you look up Christian Reso?”

“Its not exactly ethical…”

“Even if he’s dead?”

“Well then I would have to look up the next of kin…”

“Ok who’s that?” Matt wipes his hands and turns to his computer as Shane looks at Jeff who smiles. “How goes it?”

“Did some recording today maybe one of the demo’s will land in the right place.”


“What?” Shane asks turning back to Matt.

“Seems that Christian is survived by his twin brother Jason who was institutionalized… Christian doesn’t even truly have a Psychological record…”

“Why not?”

“Because he died when he was 10…”

“But I met him yesterday…he was Adam’s husband.”

“The guy with the legs?” Jeff asks and Shane nods.

“What was Jason locked up for?”

“Trying to become Christian in a sense. He went so far as to say Jason was the one who died…you know this is.”

“Improper and crap yeah sure. Can you check regular hospital records from here?”

“Yes… now what?”

“See if an Adam Copland or Adam Reso has been admitted anywhere in the last week.”
“I have something from six years ago, it looks like it was a suicide attempt… he never received therapy, odd.”

“Do you have an address?” Shane asks getting more worried by the second… remembering how weird that Christian guy had been.

“Shane what are you thinking?”

“That that weirdo beat and raped his own husband…there are just too many holes in his story.”

“I know what you mean, and Adam wouldn’t have the slightest clue,” Jeff adds.

“Shane there’s one problem with your theory, Jason was released, Christian had been completely suppressed and after a bout of depression he accepted the loss of his brother.”

“Would it be that horrible to pay a house call?”

“Shane don’t you think this is the least bit obsessive?”

“I have a bad feeling about this Matt, even you thought things were weird right?”

“Well Adam didn’t recall being hospitalized or released from the hospital. And with his injuries even if they were healing…” Matt says.

“We can make up a reason to be there if everything is okay.”

“Like what?” Matt asks.

“We can say he left something… I’ll find something nice in the lost and found…a jacket or something.”
“Woo who count me in,” Jeff says seeing the whole thing as a new adventure.

“You will finish your shift right?”

“I guess but it’s the first thing I want to do. When are you off?”

“I have a two and an three so I should be done around four four thirty.”

“Good I’ll be done at five.”


Adam stared at the mirror Christian…no wait Jason… or whoever the hell he was had been staring into and wondered what the hell he had gotten himself into. Had it always been like this? No he doubted that… AJ would have been a very strange child… so this was new but what caused it?

Adam had a nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach he knew all to well… it was him. And it had something to do with that dream he kept having. He needed to find a way out of here before Christian came back but that was hard to do blindfolded (Christian had replaced it right before he left) and having your legs and arms tied to a bed. The was a sheet on him but he knew he was naked again.

But what had he done to make Chris…Ja… whoever snap again? He had been being very nice to him hell if he had been anything like this he had a feeling he would be dead already. He shivered and he knew it wasn’t from the cold he could hear Christian…yeah he’d stick with that… walking around overhead and it just made his pulse race. He wanted him to come down and get it over with and at the same time he never wanted to see that man’s face again.

And if his healing injuries were any indication this was going to hurt. It was going to hurt a lot….

To Be continued…
Lost Part 6

Shane entered his office and hangs up his white lab coat. He looks at the clock 5:30 he must have been crazy to believe he would leave on time but he was going now. He just prayed to God his feeling was just a foolish one. That nothing was really wrong and Adam and his husband would just think he was crazy. But if that was true he wouldn’t be going by the name Christian would he?

He almost didn’t notice Jeff sprawled on his couch. The younger Hardy had apparently fallen asleep.


“Oh…go away Matt…I want to sleep,” he says turning to his side.

“Jeff,” Shane says a little louder and he sits up awake.

“Oh sorry Shane, Matt sent me to get you guess I fell asleep.”

“Oh well I guess we should be going now, where is Matt?”

“He said he’d be doing some paper work until we got back then we all would leave.

The pair goes up to collect Matt then drive over to Adam and Jason’s house. They park in the street and Shane decides it would be better
if just one of them went to the door. He pulls out his cell and has Matt’s number ready and waiting if something goes wrong.

He knocks and no one answers and he’s about to leave when he notices the door is unlocked. He pushes it open calling out hello as he
enters the house and was bombarded by a disgusting scent. What he sees is a perfectly normal but drab place and he wonders maybe he was crazy. He turns and almost slams into Jeff.

“You know this is illegal?”


“I was tired of hearing Matt say it so I decided to join you. How about I check out upstairs and you stay down here maybe they just went to dinner or something,” Jeff says taking the stairs two at a time.

Shane enters the kitchen and finds it just as spotless as everywhere else except there is a small child’s toy sitting on the counter.
Everywhere looked so clean but what was that horrid smell? He sees two doors and opens the one to his left. For a moment he freezes at seeing another person then realizes its just his reflection. He calms carefully closing the door and turns to the other which showcase some stairs. The second the door opens he hears silence. He slowly goes down the stairs and whishes he was brave enough to turn on a light.
There are some faint lights there so he makes out the weird shapes.

When he sees Adam chained to the bed he does two things at once call Matt and rush over to the currently passed out man. He puts his hand on the sheet that is draped on Adam almost lovingly and pulls back a stick palm.

“Blood.” Its then he notices that his phone had yet to start ringing and he sees the flashing warning No Signal ”Fuck!” He hisses as a baseball bat makes contact with his head.

“Maybe later,” Christian says smiling as he lifts the unconscious man into his arms and walks over to another one of his toys. The Rack.


Jeff opened another door and saw a little kids room. Full of toys and Golden Books on a shelf that reached barely halfway up his thigh.
There was a Harry Potter poster on the wall next to one of…Oh Lord of the Rings Jeff realizes having never before seen the animated version.

He walked out and saw the door that lead to the attic and shrugged. ‘Why not?’ He hadn’t seen anything interesting as of yet. He went up and entered Christian’s inner scandium. Pictures of Adam were plastered everywhere and then there were the monitors recording everything that happened in the house. Only one was off… and it was labeled fun.

After a few minutes of searching Jeff turned it on and look on horrified as Shane was chained to a weird shaped piece of wood that
had cranks at either end. He pulled out his phone and called his brother.

“Matt they got Shane…call the cops like yesterday.”

“Jeff? Oh my God where are you?”

“I’m in the attic man this.” This dude is way….hey wait there’s a tape here let’s see,” Jeff says ignoring Matt’s pleas to leave now.

He pops it in and sees Christians first attack on Adam from midway on… “Matt call the people in the white suits. He needs a padded room.”


“He has this whole surveillance/shrine thing going on up here. And he’s tying Shane up. You call them yet?”

“Jeff to have called them I would need you to stop talking to me.”

“Oh. Okay wait!”

“I’m still here.”

“Come inside afterwards, we have to get Shane before he does any of this stuff to him.”

“What stuff?”

“You remember when you walked in on me and Shannon? And called it kink?”

“How can I forget?”

“Yeah that was the PG version of this.”

“Dear God,” Matt says hanging up as he calls the police. Jeff on the other hand takes the tape and shoves it into the side pocket of his
Kik-wear pants. He watches Jason go up into the kitchen get some water and come back down before he turns it off knowing it didn’t take a brain surgeon to know what happened next.


Shane sputtered as water was thrown into his face. The back of his head throbbed as his head lulled to the side. His head was pulled sharply forward and he was staring into a pair of dead blue eyes.

“Who are you?” Shane doesn’t respond. “What are you doing here? They sent you didn’t they?”


“They’re trying to take me back…but I won’t go I’ll kill you all first.” Christian says punching Shane. He tastes blood on his lip but remains silent.

“I’ll take care of you all…” Christian says walking away from Shane and he starts to smell a familiar scent. His eyes widen he wouldn’t… dear god where were Matt and Jeff.


Matt entered the house and whispered his brother’s name.

“Over here.” He follows the voice and finds Jeff in the kitchen. He was standing by an open door.

“You smell that?”

“Come on!” Jeff urges as they fly down the stairs just in time to see the match fall. They grab Christian but not only have nothing to hold
him with they are no match for the crazy man as they worry about the fire and him.

Christian runs upstairs and out of the house locking the four men in his basement. Jeff proves this when he tries to get out as Matt frees Shane the basement quickly filling with fire and smoke.

“Adam,” Shane coughs as they all go coughing over to the blond who looks like he could be asleep.

They look at the bonds and are horrified to see hand cuffs. Matt starts to take control ever the bossy one.

“Shane look for a way out Jeff look…Jeff?”

“Picking locks here…” Jeff says annoyed.

“There’s a window,” Shane says using the sleeve of his jacket to break it he pushes out the glass and looks and sees someone and steps back in fear.

“Johnson we have someone here.”

“I thought he said there was no one inside.”

“Well make sure we hold him.”

“Uh we have a slight handcuff problem,” Shane says to the other officer.

“Not anymore,” Jeff says carrying the still limp Adam in his arms.

“He picks locks,” Matt whispers.

Through a series of maneuvering with he cops outside and the three of them inside they get Adam out and much quickly free them selves as the fire spreads. When they get out they are surprised to see the fire consuming more of the house than just the basement and Shane realized that the entire house had been doused in gas. That had been the horrid smell.

He had been planning to burn it down all along. He turned and saw the most disturbed individual he had ever met in the back of a police car.

The End

Adam opened his eyes as the beeping sound near him annoyed him to no end what on earth was it? He turned his head and saw a machine with familiar green and red lines bouncing up and down on it.

Slowly he realized what it was. ‘Heart monitor’ Hospital bed… he was alive? When Christian had walked over with the whip with the razor blades on it. ‘His own special creation’ he had fully planned on meeting his maker.

He turned his head to the other side and saw the top of a green head. He was asleep on a chair a comic book in his lap. He lifted it.
‘Green Lantern’ he was okay he supposed and he tried to sit up and instantly decided against it.

He held the comic over his face as he started to read. A chuckle disturbs him a few pages in. He puts the comic down and turns to Shane.

“Comic fan?”

“Yeah,” Adam whispers.

“Your favorite?”

“Too many, I like Thor, the X-Men, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Batman, Superman you name it though I do get warm fuzzies for the JLA.”

“Oh,” Shane says smiling not realizing the total meaning of what he just said. After a few moments of silence Adam asks.

“What happened?”

“We found you, something about that husband of your just stuck me thewrong way. He burned the house down.”

“My God what about AJ?” Adam exclaims.

“He’s okay, just went to get some juice with that nanny of yours good choice,” Shane says smiling. Adam shrughs.

“Kinda gay here,” he says and Shane laughs.

“Good point.”


“Hey big man.” Trish keeps him from jumping on his father.

“Remember what we talked about.”

“Ok I won’t make daddy hurt like mean daddy did,” AJ says walking over and giving Adam a kiss on the cheek and he almost cries.

“Where is…”

“A padded cell far far away from you two.” Adam smiles.

“This is a lot of over time for you isn’t it?” Adam asks smiling as he ruffles AJ’s hair.

“I was happy to do it who knows what…”

“I know,” Adam says.

“Wait…wait…wait….” Shane says sitting up.

“What…what…what…” Adam says in the same tone.

“Your favorite comic books are JLA right.”


“Your birthday is?”

“October 30th.”

“Today is…”

“Beats me I’ve been out cold for a while.”

“Does that mean you remember everything?”

“Oh! Yeah I forgot that for a second.”

“You forgot you had Amnesia…”

“It seemed a little trivial for a second there.”

“Legs! Your awake!” Jeff says strolling into the room.

“Come on Jeff I’ve told you not to call me that. How many times do I have to say it.”

“Wait wait! You know each other?”

“I don’t have affairs with just anyone,” Adam says.

“And you never told us…acted like you didn’t know him…”

“I didn’t know he really had Amnesia besides he never called!”

“Jeff you’re a prick!” Shane exclaims.

“And your straight!” Jeff yells back.


“Hello young child here!” Adam says covering AJ’s ears.

“Sorry,” they both say in unison.

“Uh huh, now nice flowery words or I will get up and throw you both out.”

“Real scary coming from the convalesce,” Trish adds.

“You too? What is this gang up on the wounded?”

“Maybe,” Trish says winking at AJ who pulls Adam’s sheet down a little and starts tickling his father away from the bandages.

“No, stop….Mercy….” Adam says laughing.

“What on earth…” A comic to the head shuts Matt up.

“Lighten up.” Jeff says and Matt just laughs along with everyone else.

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