Broken ((Sequel to The Awakening))

Title: Broken Part 1 (sequel to the Awakening)
Blue Gold
Rating: NC 17
Pairings: Prince/Christian, Matt/Jason
Warnings: Foul language, rape, slash, murder, character death
Summary: The prince was never meant to be a hero. He takes but never gives, could there be a reason behind it all?
Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own Adam Copeland, he is property of the WWE and Alana and I guess himself. Nor do I own any other WWE superstars appearing in this fic or Adam’s ma. Every one else is a figment of my warped imagination.
The Prince walked the halls looking right and left as he walked. He knew his parents were on the other side of the palace but there were too many guards that loved to kiss their collective royal behinds every time he blinked wrong. He turned saw the hall to his room clear.

He walked to the door and was surprised to find it locked.

“Not good,” He mutters to himself as he starts using his telekinetic ability to turn the tumblers. The only problem was that he still hadn’t gotten the best control of it and he couldn’t get the lock to budge. He was focusing so hard that he didn’t hear as the guard turned the corner until a hand clamped on his shoulder.

“What are you doing?” He looked at the guard. New and wow violet eyes. He grinned then remembered he was still in commoner clothes.

“Um uh…I,” he froze she was coming. She would kill him. He ran behind a tapestry and stood the guard directly in front of him.

“What are you…” It was then he saw the Queen and bowed. She ignored him and banged on the door the boy had been trying to enter.

“You better be getting dressed! I will be back in ten minutes be ready or else.” She marched off and the guard was so surprised at her anger that he forgot to mention the boy. Said boy walked out from his hiding place and casually opened the doors he thought were locked. He opened the door behind him and saw him tossing things around searching for something.

He started ripping his clothes off as well and turned to him. “Do you mind?” The guard blinked and shook his head. He looked around it was a bed room, and it finally dawned on him. He must be some secret lover of the prince he had yet to even see. Well he had good taste. He left just as said prince removed the hat from his head letting all his gold hair spill free. He ran into his bathing chamber and washed the smudges of dirt off his face. He put on his royal robes in record time unearthed his crown and strolled out looking nothing like the dirty commoner who had entered.

He looked around and didn’t see the guard too bad he had wanted to ask him his name. He turned the corner just in time to be grabbed ear first by his mother.

“I know you’re up to something.”

“Mother! I didn’t do anything.”

“Just like your father always playing the innocent!”

“Come now you have no reason to believe he did anything,” the king says smiling.

“I should never allow you the two of you near each other,” the Queen says as they walk to the throne room. The prince takes his place behind his parents and waits for whatever delegation was arriving this night as he pondered where he could go exploring next.


Jeff stared at the blond lying in the bed. He couldn’t believe it Shane had actually been on the level. No double crossing no nothing. He glanced at the other blond the mirror image of this one staring out at the sky daydreaming. He still couldn’t believe it as he thought back to that night.

“Just give me a chance okay? I know where Adam and the Prince are.”


“We no where they are too,” Jason mutters, “Dead.”

”Not quite, with the large gap in the number of vampires. It was easy to find his unique signal besides he’s not hiding it at all.”

“Give me one good reason I shouldn’t stake you right now.” Matt says menacingly.

“Just come with me.”

They had followed Shane outside expecting some sort of journey and were all weary of having to be led by him when he opened the back door of his van. Inside had been a tangled mass of blond hair and long legs. Both Adam and the Prince were tangled together, eyes shut and pale as death.

“My God,” Shannon gasped.

“Are they alive?”

“They’re vampires!” Shane snapped irritably. “Uh don’t get too close. I just fed them but they keep…” Shane hovers his hand near one’s mouth and it opens fangs searching for flesh.

“Haven’t they woken up?” Jeff asks getting a little closer trying to figure out which vampire is which.

“No, and I don’t understand it, they were both wounded by quartz, Adam was showing signs of death when I last saw him but the prince was alive and well, but even vampires don’t recover from that.” Shane says turning back to the van and stepping back eyes wide.

One of the vampires was awake staring at him. He turned his head and looked at Jeff who was talking to Matt and his mouth formed the word Jeff but no sound came from his lips. He lifted the other vampire into his arms and climbed out of the car.

Everyone jumped back not sure what the newly awakened vampire would do. He walked past all of them into the house. Jeff was the first to follow and watched as the vampire carefully placed the other in the bed and then took a seat besides the window staring out into the night.

Broken 2/?

Jeff sighed as he checked in on the vampires again. The one at the window had walked over to the one in the bed and fed him. It was the only indication of life the one in the bed showed. The fact that he still didn’t know which vampire was which was quite a nuisance.

Yes this vampire didn’t want into his pants but he didn’t want anything else for that matter either. Jeff was startled when he realized he was being stared at.

“Hi,” Jeff whispered though he unconsciously took a step back as the vampire approached. He sighed and gave Jeff a kiss on the cheek.

Jeff blushed as the vampire walked past him. ‘When had he gotten clothes?’ He watched as he walked into their living room and froze. He followed though he kept his distance. Matt and Jason were making out on the couch. Jeff sighed well, the vampires had taken their room.

The vampire tilted his head to the side as if he didn’t understand the scene as a small bitter smile danced on his lips. He silently walked out the door and sighed shaking his head.

“Have you figured out who it is?” Matt asked detangling himself from his lover as he looked at the closed door.

“No he just watched you two make out like you were a science project. The prince would have joined in, Adam would have blushed or something. He just seemed indifferent to it all.”

“Hey do you think he’s all there?” Jason asked. “I mean Shane said both of them should be dead.”

“Oh he’s okay, he knew I was a little scared of him.”

“What did he do about it?”

“Kissed me on the cheek and walked away.”

“Maybe we can get him to talk when he comes back. I wonder if he knows Shane (Helms) is following him.”

“Who knows at least he hasn’t killed anyone.”

“He just feeds then feeds the other one, its almost sweet, like birds.”

“Puking up their food into their kids mouths? Not my idea of sweet Jay.”


The prince stuck his head out of his room and looked up and down the hall in both directions. He smiled as he walked out dressed in tattered old clothes and the trademark dirt to dull his exceptionally pale skin. All his hair was pulled under a hat and he was off to see the minstrels.

For some reason his mother found the entire thing beneath their collective royal standing so he had to sneak out yet again. He slunk through the corridors and cursed the fact that most of the castle was covered in black onyx. Perfect for keeping pesky vampires from climbing in and one annoyed prince from climbing out.

But he was getting slightly better at this. He hadn’t run into any guards and made it out of the palace easily. He walked to the fair grounds. He pulled his cap farther over his face praying no hair escaped. His ‘golden mane’ was one of his major claims to fame.

The prince watched the minstrels put on a little play about a princess who fell in love with a statue. It was funny as at the end the princess tried to bite the statue and broke her fangs. It was then her ‘statue’ came to life laughing at her as she starved.

A very mean story when you thought about it but the prince loved it. He smiled and cheered as the minstrels bowed. The player playing the statue winked at him and he winked back. Once the rest of the crowd dispersed the statue reappeared some of his makeup wiped off.

“So would you like to join us for a drink?”

“Um…ok just one.”

The player lead the prince into their carriage as they gave him a glass of cheap wine. He smiled as he took a sip, it tasted like crap compared to the stuff in the place but he was here to have fun.

“So what’s your name pretty one?”

“Um…Don,” the prince quickly made up.

“Sure it is,” The statue replied wiping off more of his makeup. And taking off the starched white shirt. The princess had done the same and he was stunned to realize that they were both males. He looked at the other two occupants of the carriage and sure enough they were also male. Interesting.

“And yours?”




And lastly the player that was the statue replied. “Dorian.”

“It is nice to meet you all. I really liked your play.”

“Ah the poor dimwitted vampire princess. Its somewhat based on a story I heard of the prince of these parts.”

“How so?”

“It seems he’s quite the gorgeous little royal but he’s kept night and day under lock and key. He’s our poor statue begging for us to bring him to life.”

And what would you do if you could free him?”

“If the stories of his appearance are even half true, I’d ravish him on the spot.”

“Oh,” the prince says blushing slightly. He knew he was an oddity, a fully pure bred vampire. But no one had really told him he was a beauty. He really must get out more.

But sadly the dear little prince isn’t here, but you are and you are quite the little beauty,” Dorian said the gleam of lust in his eye. The prince wasn’t naïve, but he was still a virgin and being groped by some minstrel didn’t seem like his idea of fun.

“Um, thanks for the wine but I must be off.”

“But pretty one the night’s just begun.”

The prince put the wine down really not liking where this was going without all the make-up they were just four plain looking halflings. Not exactly ugly but no were near as interesting as they were before. He turned to climb out of the carriage and one of them grabbed his leg.

The prince kicked and jumped out of the carriage only to be tackled to the floor by Dorian. He tried to pull himself out from under the vampire’s weight, and was startled when Dorian stood.

He pulled himself to his feet and realized he was surrounded by the four minstrels. When he tried to back away from one pair he just walked into another and they all found it quite fun to pinch his ass. Dorian pulled off his hat and grinned as the blond locks were exposed.

“Look at that, we do get ourselves a little golden boy. Isn’t he pretty?”

“Tim are you sure, he is very pale under that dirt, maybe we should check,” Nicholas said as all four halflings closed in on the prince and started pulling at his clothes. For a moment he was stunned. A sleeve was torn his leggings pulled and that’s when he reacted.

His fist impacted with a jaw and he heard the crunch of shattering bones. Four hands grabbed him and another two reached to pull off his clothes. As Augustus nursed his injury he glared at the prince who started fighting for his life or so it felt.

He felt a power build up inside him that he didn’t understand, his telekinetic ability almost with a will of its own sent his attackers flying and he turned and ran almost blindly to the palace. He walked into the throne room, not hearing the shocked gasp of his parents who were thankfully alone. He sat besides the Queen’s chair and closed his eyes as he rested his head on her legs. Never once hearing a word from his parents though they screamed in distress at his state.

Broken 3/?

Shane H. blinked. How had he lost him? He had been walking so slowly. Not really going anywhere at all. He would have said they had to eliminate him but when he fed he didn’t truly harm the person involved.

“Why are you following me?” Shane jumped nearly a foot in the air and spun around. The vampire was standing directly behind him with his head bowed so he could look him in the eye.

“Well, uh…you are a vampire. We wanted to make sure…”
“I wasn’t on a bloody rampage?” Shane blushed and looked at the ground kicking at it as he shoved his hands in his pockets.


“Its okay I was a little out there for a bit. I keep seeing his dreams.”


“Guy in the bed…300 some odd year old vampire.”

“Oh so you’re Adam?”

“So what is the Prince dreaming about?”

“He’s around 16, and something big is gonna happen to him. He keeps sneaking out of the palace to I guess hang out. He was just attacked. They didn’t realize he was a vampire.”

“He was hurt?”

“Confused, insulted, but he kicked their collective behinds. Why exactly did you guys choose him to be some world saving hero dude?”

“Its his destiny.”

“Have you met the prince? Have you really gotten a good look at him? The sex addict?”

“Well he did what he was supposed to…he stopped Lord Strogi.”

“And took a swan dive into an early grave,” Adam says shaking his head.

“I know we didn’t even know, we thought you two were gone.”


The prince blinked and opened his eyes. He was lying in bed and there was someone stroking his hair. He looked up tiredly and saw the worried face of his father.


“I finally forced your mother to bed, you haven’t responded to anything in two days.”

“I have?”

“Yes and there are going to be some changes. Please come in.”

The prince watched intrigued as the dark haired guard with the violet eyes came in a bowed before the guard. He then bowed before the prince with a tiny smile shocked that the dirty little urchin he had seem before was the prince.

“Son this is Christian he will be your personal guard.”

“Father! I don’t need a personal guard!”

“Your mother was insistent. Oh she also captured those minstrels.”


“You are her precious little gift what do you think?”

“Oh, why this personal guard nonsense?”

“Some one to keep an eye on you. Keep you out of trouble.”


“Son I found the youngest guard under our command. If you mother had her way you’d be tailed by one of those idiots that make me feel as if I am a child. I will leave you two to get acquainted.” With a wave of royal robes his father was gone.

“Hello,” Christian said.
“Go away the prince muttered turning his back on Christian he didn’t want a baby sitter no matter how cute.

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