NaNoWriMo 2007 – Eight pt06

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Subject: Red Streak

Hey boys,

So, Kevin really held up his side of the bargain and then some. I’ve attached the article for your viewing pleasure though I’m sure you’ve most likely seen it Jamie.


‘New Suppressors Wow Red Streak’ By AT
Red Streak, recently discussed due to the accidentally injuring of their lead singer while wearing a suppressor so that he was unable to defend himself had sworn off ever wearing one again pitting him and his band mates in a head to head struggle with the order and their statues of public interaction in place since 1961.
But surprisingly the lead singer has had a change of heart. As he says, “I never wanted to break the law but if I could not be safe in the suppressor I was not going to risk my life wearing them. Unlike America’s favorite incubi and what the order believe I am not able to use my abilities to improve my career.”
This reporter, intrigued took the time out to learn more.
AT: Where did you find these new suppressors?
RS: They found me, Sera (owner of Scotoma) approached me after seeing the article and told me about a new set of suppressors she wanted to start selling.
AT: Why did no one else know about these things? If they are so wonderful?
RS: She mentioned the designer was having a bit of a distribution problem. And she had only started selling days before.
AT: And what makes these suppressors so appealing?
RS: One the feel, you do not know you’re wearing one until the magic you try does nothing. And two the safety clause. If you are in danger it deactivates and falls into place like regular jewelry.
AT: Have you tested this?
RS: I do not actually go around putting my life at risk, but I did watch the certification trials before I put it on and there were tests of the safety clause. Every time the person was able to defend against what looked like a falling bolder.
AT: So are you a spokesman for these new Suppressors?
RS: Well you are interviewing me about them.
AT: Fair point. Anything else you want to add about them?
RS: As someone who’s worn the order Issue suppressors, it was shocking to put one of these on and not feel a thing. If for the fact that I have no control over my element when its on I’d believe it all to be an elaborate hoax.
AT: There you have it, the suppressors that will change the world. But also Kevin, how does it feel to be the first band since the incubi incident to attempt to go mainstream.
RS: Like its long over due, people have done it before and we ca not let one person who was not even an elemental taint it for the rest of us. Incubi do not answer to the order, but we are paying for something one of them did. It’s about time we took back the music.

Sera rolled her eyes at the end of that interview knowing for better or worse those lines would haunt Kevin, she just hoped it was for better, he and Kanja at least seemed like really nice guys and it would be great if they were able to make it.
It looked like they were but Sera had followed enough bands to know that one hit wonders still existed and it was a worst stigma then a one hit wonder for a slightly more established band. They would just end up being opening acts at medium sized shows and headliners for smaller shows.
A never ending cycle of just barely there fame that would usually drive most to quit. Though the really lucky ones may get a second change at the fame wheel those that did were few and far in between and she was glad that she could at least keep them in the running without the order interfering in their life under the pretense of suppressors.
She had a feeling that if the order could they would ban the very notion of any of them ever taking part in public media again. The Incubi had policed their own and the last she had had heard America’s favorite incubus was hanging out living in an eastern European country, in some small village like the lord of the manor. Even if some American or European found and recognized them it would be marked up as a coincidence.
After all it had been years since they had been seen, and Sera really thought that was their mistake. Having them vanish into the night made them all the more interesting then if they had simply stopped recording and gone to live a quiet life for a decade or two before vanishing. But one day at the height of their popularity to simply vanish off the face of the earth made it all the more interesting.
Hell Elvis was the same and people knew what happened to him even if they did not believe it. He was sighted in all sorts of odd places because the norms could not let him go or maybe a shifter or two were playing a large prank on the American public.
Some things could be chalked up to the unknown nature of the world. Nessie, Big Foot. Other things like UFO sightings she was sure was someone’s warped idea of fun. Drive the normals batty so they never see the forest from the trees.
Worse were the occasions when at first glance something seemed unquestionably supernatural, animal carcasses found with their blood drained, spontaneous human combustion, hauntings. In this new era of television film and worse of all internet it was getting harder to deceive norms day by day.
Shaking her head at her convoluted thoughts she sent the same email in a slightly more formal manner to Adam with the addition that he may have to prepare to create a large amount of the suppressors and to get started now.
She was surprised when not five minutes later she received a reply. Though maybe it was not that much of a surprise as she was shifting through her email. He said that he had a stockpile as forging had been his comfort food for each rejection and he would forward her images for the rest of the designs and the numbers he had in stock so there would be no surprises when styles ran out.
Sera smiled and replied that it would be perfect and if he wanted to increase the prices now would be the moment as there was soon to be a surge. Finally she mentioned that he should CC the images to Jamie’s account.

I am one of the eight
Powers bestowed beyond command
Fire Born
Dragon Child
Madness Maker
Immortalized in Earth, Air, Sea and Sound
Vitalized in Flame,

Sera was pacing Joshua in his run when she heard the voice of Shi’ar. The Phoenix that took residence in her mind seemed concerned.
“What is it?” She said not slowing as she kept her eyes on the space between Joshua’s shoulder blades.
“There is a portion of you mind that we locked away that is falling apart. I would not be surprised if effects from it have already shown themselves.”
“What part?”
“It was an ability that made us fear too much attention would be drawn to you and it caused it to be very difficult for you to focus on the present.”
“I do not know what you mean.”
“I know you do not one appealing factor that has been lost is that it gave you an advantage in physical battle that was unparallel.”
“Can we free some and lock up the rest?” Sera said even as she decided it was her mind and if that was what she wanted to do then that was what would be done. Who was going to stop her after al herself?
“That may simply be a delaying tactic and with age you seemed to have gained farther control over yourself if not your temper.”
“Why Shi’ar I think that was snark.”
“I am an aspect of your mind.”
“So its my fault the immortal phoenix went and got snarky, fine, what about the others?”
“Some areas seem to be stirring, as if you were thinking about them but the precautions hold. Have you felt differently since ingesting the apple.”
“A few more desires to be outside and I can make plants bloom if I’m not careful when focusing my thoughts towards them. But nothing spectacular, and I am assuming a large portion of my healing power was tied up in that enclosure. I am no longer unconscious for days after performing healing. Though it was still 18 hours.”
“You did much more than heal that day, you freed me, merged with a forgotten part of you mind, broke and reversed a demon bought spell and leveled the most powerful curse known to your kind. You had a right to a few hours of rest. I believe that a majority of you fatigue was actually caused by, breaking one curse and leveling another. But that is the same incident that made be believe that this area needed to be looked into.”
“What do you mean?”
“I have recently viewed your memories of the events leading up to my freedom and you knew something was wrong with Borealis though you did not even know he existed.”
“Oh yeah that,” Sera said with a frown as she looked around and realized she had lost Joshua. She picked up her pace and sighed relived when she realized he had just turned at a bend she had not noticed approaching though she added a little burst of speed when she noticed he was getting much farther ahead of her than she wanted. She supposed having full mental conversation was not the best way to keep track of her pace but this was important and she did not want to have Shi’ar wait and be taken by surprise if the defenses crumbled.
“Do we have time to make the decision?”
“It is a steady decline, while not rapid; it seems to have picked up speed since you took down the other barrier. This seems isolated to just this barrier but it is something you should be aware of. We have weeks to months before it fully degrades, but it seems to be moving slowly to integrate into you mind and not overwhelm it with a sudden and strange new perspective.”
“In that case maybe we should let it be. How dangerous could this ability be?”
“The first time it expressed itself your father thought you mad, until he understood and you could not function around groups of people for long periods of time without unnerving them and causing yourself pain.”
“Causing myself pain?”
“This would be simpler if you had the memories of this but those are locked away tightest in this hole and will most likely be the last things that are released.”
“I know we thought it was a good idea at the time but now part of me wonders if we should not have left well enough alone.”
“Part of the problem lies with how long I became dormant. I do not know how you did not release me. But my memories of the plan we had are shaky at best. I can only assume that something occurred to make you forget the one aspect of the plan we had for you to remember. Since I can not recall what it is either we just have to accept it.
“Originally we had planned to slowly release these aspects back into your mind over time. Much like this area is doing on is own. We were to use my memory to gauge on when would be the best time to start the slow integration.
“I also believe that you did not get the full aspect of the apple’s power, you may have just taken what you needed to help Ali and left the rest in that same enclosure. But unlike what is stored here it is not trying to break free. It seems to be content to wait its turn.”
“Do you think its possible I set something up without telling you?”
“I do not see why you would but it is possible. You were always infernal about your backup plans.”
“Maybe if we could pinpoint the day it started to degrade it might show that it was ten years to the day when we erected the barrier. It was never meant to be permanent right?”
“No and it should not have stayed dormant for even half as long either,” Shi’ar said as Sera blinked noticing Joshua standing directly in front of her as she had gotten distracted from her jogging so much so that she had stopped moving and apparently he had noticed.
He smiled, “I’d rather you stop then nearly pass out from pushing yourself too far.”
She nodded deciding not to let on the real reason she had stopped. “But what are you thinking about? You were staring right through me for a good minute there.”
“Deep meaningful inner workings of my mind.”
“Right okay,” Joshua said with a laugh. “Tell another.”
“You are just mean.”
It was a great surprise to Sera as she locked up Scotoma for the night having stayed longer to clean up the ever expanding Surpresor display in the back room of the store. It was pushing out other things, but with the profit she was making she might be able to drop the pretense of the front room.
But she did sell many a strange odd and end in the back room and she had no desire to open up what would be perceived as an occult shop no matter how close to the truth it was.
As she locked the gate she had a strong urge to move to the left and down and she did it without question and a projectile landed on the gate rattling with force landing where her head should have been.
She had only a moment to hear Shi’ar’s warning before everything changed. “Sera its shattering completely brace your mind.”
She did that as her perceptions shifted. She was momentarily worried but the world slowed as she took a deep breath and let her mind settle. Unlike with Shi’ar it was not a seamless merging and she knew later she would have to meditate to fully understand what had happened and this was not that moment.
Three men were approaching out of the distance each one seemingly larger than the last. She looked up and down the deserted Park Slop street and sighed wishing she was near the bars or restaurants and something like this could not happen. She wondered if the men were humans or otherwise.
Something in her mind supplied other as she suddenly smelled a familiar scent as the breeze changed. They were were’s of some kind and she wondered if it had something to do with Joshua and her indirectly.
She is not sure what she thought they were doing but she did discreetly move her self in a position to better employ her escape. She wondered why it was taking them so long to cross the street and decided in the time to break a big rule but it was not the full moon and she would take any help she could get.
Hitting 9-1-1 on her cellphone she was glad it was linked to the store. But just in case she put it on speaker before slipping it back into my pocket.
“What the hell do you think you are doing? Scotoma is closed for the night throwing shit at me is not going to change that. Freaking four guys picking on one girl is that considered brave? I mean maybe if I was in the Bronx at 2am I would expect it not after ten in park slope.”
Hoping she had spoken loudly enough for the operator, and that the name of the store and neighborhood, would get her location down quickly since she was on a cell phone she watched as one slowly lifted his arm and cocked it back as a something that flashed silver flew forward at a slow pace.
Sera stepped aside from the knife watching as it slowly went past her changing her mind at the last minute at grabbing it. Noticing that it would have embedded itself in her shoulder had she not moved in time.
The question became then was the were a crap shot or had they not wanted to seriously disable her simply make her more malleable. Either option was not one Sera was willing to take and when the second knife came she decided to step aside and let it imbed itself into the wall as something of evidence for what she hoped would happen next which would be a sound beating of the three beasts.
She noticed that dodging the second knife put her in the path of one of the Were’s who had his arms open wide to get her into a bear hug. She stepped around him but not before slicing along his forearm mostly in warning. The idiot who had thrown the knives seemed to only have two or was hiding the rest for when he had her in close quarters.
As if she was going to let that happen. Allowing herself to get a good view of the slow moving were’s she quickly jumped back a few steps when she saw they were attempting to circle her. Keeping all three in her sight knife held in a firm grip in her left hand.
She wanted to leave her right hand a s a back up and a surprise gift if it came to that a mass of illusion already beginning to gather at her fingertips. She noted that the one to the left nodded to the one to the right as the third hung back a half step. So they were going to attempt to rush her.
She did not turn away from any of them as they began the rush noticing the one to the left had his hands out and down hoping to control and or break her hold on the knife. The one to her right had one shoulder cocked and seemed to be attempting to plow her down, a move that would if it worked have her stab his friend.
As they walked towards her in a pace that she was sure was a run to them. She dived down, sticking the knife in the stomach of the one to the left as she let the other plow right over her head into his friend and freeing her knife.
This was her moment of most danger when the third could take advantage but she hoped she had the element of surprise on her side and despite appearances she had actually slid her right leg straight out and bent her knee even while she stabbed and bent her body forward so the were sailed over her in his momentum. She was sure her back would hurt from such a move come morning but for now adrenaline made everything fine.
Using her long legs to her advantage she came up two steps to the right of where the last standing were expected. His startlment in another situation might have almost been funny. She spare the briefest of seconds to see the were that had been on the left even with his healing would not be a problem for a while he was much more concerned with keeping his intestines where they belonged. The other seemed to have cracked his head on the pavement and was lying dazed.
The third was finally wary of approaching Sera trying to circle her. She kept her eyes on him at all times even as she slid back a couple steps. That was when she felt the magic to keep any humans that approached from seeing or hearing anything out of the ordinary. Sera smiled, in that case she had no need to keep up pretenses, she felt like dropping the knife to give him a false sense of security and stop this pointless circling.
She unfurled her flame on the street with the fury that only fire children seemed to hold. She let the fire fly at the only standing were and he smiled. Sera stared slightly slack jawed when nothing happen. He then pulled out an elemental protection amulet that last she heard cost a quarter of a million dollars if you were not an order licensed enforcer.
“If I had to perish twice, Ice would suffice,” Sera snarled and the were continued to smirk until the expression was frozen on his face. His eyes were the only parts of him to register the shock when he froze and Sera did not have time to think upon how that worked.
If she had used the absence of her element it would have blocked her attack like fire, The only way something like that could work was if she used a completely different element and in this case one that was truly opposed to her. Water, it should not be possible in the least.”
She looked at the other two and saw that even without trying they had frozen as well. She stepped towards her shop and pulled the second knife free before, flashing all three frozen men to the horse trails, knowing at this time of night that no one would be walking the confined trails that felt like a true wood.
Let the enforcers deal with it. Slipping both knives into pockets of her leather jacket she had had a cold thought and wrapped herself in invisibility before vanishing in dragon roar and flame to Joshua’s side.
He was working behind the bar but sensed her presence at his side though he could not see it. “I was attacked by three were’s. Be careful who you choose tonight, and how you come home.”
He nodded shortly the only indication that he had heard her when his brow furrowed. “Adam,” was her only comment and Sera realized with a start he was right. The blond had warned him that others had been scared off helping him. Maybe they had decided on a more permanent solution this time.
“I’ll check on him.” She whispered before vanishing, not realizing the roar had been absent seemingly knowing her need for discretion.
She appeared in the middle of a war ground or at least it appeared to her. Adam had a short sword, and dagger and was giving as a pretty good fight but there seemed to be a dozen were’s on him and she had to thank the gods that made men arrogant selfish oafs. Without whatever had happened to her she would not had been able to handle the three that been sent after her. Even with it she would have difficulty if not impossibility handling this many weres.
She dropped the invisibility before she got anywhere near Adam. The man had a three foot circle of space and before any were could grab her she was at his side. “Wow, they must really hate you, I only got three.”
Adam looked stunned to see her but in credit to him he did not lose sight of what he was doing. Sera finally let the illusion collecting at her hand coalesce into a sword with a slight curve that was just beneath being called a scimitar. As it did not flatten out as much as the famous swords.
“Do you know how to use that?” Adam asked and Sera laughed letting fire travel up the blade.
“I’ve had some practice,” she said as she changed her stance and the sword momentarily flickered between a foil and a sword. Focusing on a sword the blade remained aflame. “This part of those difficulties you were mentioning before? Sera asked with a grin as she stood to Adam’s back.”
“This is new,” he said and Sera noticed he was panting. She wondered how long he had been fighting this gang and sent a flash of light out towards the group blinding them for a moment she grabbed his arm and the subsequent roar was doubly loud harming the sensitive hearing of the were’s.
She appeared in her living room shocked to see more were’s milling about. She felt something come to bloom in her mind. She had no other way to describe it and she could feel Shi’ar aiding whatever it was as she touched the floor of her living room trusting Adam to cover her. She noticed Lucky hidden under the couch and let loose a burs of Earth magic that had her mind spinning. She erected powerful wards on the house and watched as the weres were flung far and wide off her property due to magical backlash.
In her mind were images oh her father, Joshua, his father, Ali and Salil. Her touching Adam allowed him a safe stay in the house as the magic settled. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed her father as the room started to spin.
“Come to my house, here be monsters,” she added.
“I will be shining a light,” her father replied and she knew he would be armed. She was not sure if he was in danger but she was not taking any chances after finding the beasts in her home. She called Joshua fighting off unconsciousness.
“They came to the house.”
“Father and Salil are here,” Joshua said not admitting he had had a bad feeling and called them. They had happily been in Chelsea opening a tiny highly exclusive hotel. He had been concerned to hear Ali was there as well playing baby prince but now he was happy to know his entire family was safe.
“We’ll be there soon.”
“Wards, pass out, Adam here,” Sera started to slur vision fading. Strong arms wrapped around her and heard his voice deep and soothing talking to Adam. The last thing she felt was Lucky licking her slack hand.
Joshua exchanged a few words with Adam learning that Glenn was on his way as well. Looking at a patron he decided to drop Jamie a warning email just in case but he would be the only one safe. No one could pay a were to go against the Queen of America. The coup that had been attempted in 1822 still had some of the leaders paying. His mother was vicious when confronted and with the birth of Jamie and the surge of belief in the prophecy now that a full were was holding the helm.
Looking at his father, he suddenly noticed there were much too many weres in the club and much too many males. He caught his father’s eye and he nodded his head. His father cast a glance around the club and smiled. Pulling his gloves off he slipped them into his perfectly tailored suit.
Joshua caught the bouncer’s eye and he simply looked around the bar. The bouncer returned the look and he frowned looking at the largely male crowd. Ken was strong and had never actually admitted what he was, and Joshua thought it might be something that humans wrote horror stories about. He placed two glasses on the bar. And threw two cherries in the glass but did nothing else.
Ken showed his surprise but nodded, moving about the bar and warning any females he saw still in attendance keeping an eye out for the men and even warning a few that clearly seemed oblivious. He knew once Ken was done he would leave the bar shutting the door behind him.
Joshua almost laughed when Ken paused by his father who smiled and patted the man’s arm. He said nothing though and Joshua was not surprised. His father knew of the hearing capacity of weres and was not taking any chances.
Much too quickly for his liking the bar was cleared of everyone human and those that were not who were not with the weres. Joshua was surprised to count nearly twenty weres.
He had never seen any of them before and could tell some were pretty young in comparison to him. A good chunk were in their first few decades which explained how they had been hired. He wondered if it was better to kill them now or allow his mother to get her hands on them. He supposed killing them would be a small mercy.
“Look miss, maybe you should take your boyfriend and go,” one were said approaching the small table in the center of it all where Lord Nova sat batting his lashes at Salil. But Joshua could not see an ounce of feminity in his expression and wondered if it was one of his father’s power’s like the illusion Sera had mentioned. The illusion he has still to work up the courage to ask about.
He just barely saw his father’s hand move and even so it looked as if it was just a gentle shove to the chest until the were started to cough blood. His father had stabbed a were through the heart while sipping a Cosmo. He wondered if he was insane for never seeing his father as a more dangerous parent.
His mother was just as delicate looking, prone to summer dresses and letting her blond hair fall in curls. He was sure she was no more than sixteen or seventeen as that would have been considered a woman in her time, but she was cold, calculating, and unfeeling. Though he had to admit she was quite the liar.
Even before Jamie had been born she had told him that his birth had not been one of a union of love. Though instead of telling her it had been a wager at a mixed royal party where she had claimed no Incubus could get her into bed. A foolish thing to claim in a room full of incubi but he knew his mother’s arrogance well.
Instead she had claimed to have been over powered by Lord Nova and for years Joshua had disliked his father and feared a side of his heritage he did not understand. His only saving grace had been that same arrogance. His mother had not wanted a child older than herself and told Joshua in no uncertain terms after 15 years he was to turn every month.
It took the weres a moment to realize what had happened to their friend and they seemed indecisive on if they wanted to approach Joshua whose hands were on the two moltov cocktails he had mixed while Ken was clearing the club.
He had not realized the weres were doing it as well and that most likely explained how the club had cleared so fast. That and it being a Tuesday night most likely helped them in their endeavor.
He smiled as he heard Sera’s voice in his head and hoped his roommate was fine. ‘Its not cheating when its twenty to one. It’s not cheating if the guy is an inch taller than you. Its fucking balance.’
He had stared at his best friend for a long moment and she had grinned. ‘Honor is for movies and America’s heartland. I’m a New Yorker and I plan to fight that way, Dirty, Mean, and Impatient.’ She had followed it up with a ‘it’s the real American way.’
‘We won the revolution by fighting dirty and I for one plan to uphold the proud tradition of my country.’
“To America,” Joshua said taking a mouthful of 140 proof as the weres finally decided to go into two groups the larger concerned with him which was most likely the dumbest thing they had done tonight.
In his periphery he caught sight of his father and Salil standing as five weres approached them. The others approached the bar in a line. One of them threw something at him and it hovered in the air before him. Barely looking at the knife he flung it into the nearest chest.
Few people knew he was the fifth element, the mysterious golden dragon. Something that rarely if ever happened in humans, it was actually more common among incubi though they did not mention it and it had been years since the last.
It cemented the fact that he knew his mother had not sent them. When training she made sure to arm everyone with wood so he would not one reveal himself and two not have an unfair advantage.
The first were reached a meaty paw and he wondered why the younger weres were always obsessed with body building. His mother was most likely less than a hundred pounds and he never wanted to be on the wrong side of her even if she was stripped of all her power as queen.
You did not spend 400 years as a were, not telling others what you turned into and still ruling with an iron fist so much so you changed the culture of an entire continent without earning his fear and respect mother or no.
He sprayed the young were in the face as he lit his small torch that he used for the few flaming drinks on the menu. The were screamed falling back trying to put out his face and his buddies paused one pulling out an amulet from under his shirt and frowning at it.
This worried Joshua; they had protection against magical fire. But he had to relax. Sera was safe but whoever had targeted them know much too much for his comfort. He almost felt sorry for the idiot were. There was nothing magical about a blowtorch and pure alcohol. Which he proved by throwing his cocktails into the group. A few more caught aflame, and attempted to put themselves out as Joshua took a flying leap over the bar a machete in hand.
He sailed over the head of the entire group now down to 12 with three still dealing with their burns and the one Joshua had gotten in the face on his knees clearly blinded. And by his hysteria he was young enough to have never had a major injury. The fool would heal. It would most likely take weeks for the eyes but he would. Unlike the group that had surrounded his father.
He had moved so quickly that the other weres did not even know that their friend’s heads were rolling on the floor. His father calmly collected the amulets that they were wearing and slipped them into a pocket before coming up behind two weres and easily pushing his sword through both their chests.
Joshua cut opened one were from navel to chest wrinkling his nose as the large intestine spilled free and knew if he did not bleed out he would live and he was no longer a concern.
Moving much faster than the weres who had trained to increase their mass instead of their speed. Joshua cut and moved from one direction as his father came from the other. The group of weres were incapacitated, dead, or dying in other a minute.
Joshua glanced at his father and back at Salil. “I decided to give them a fair chance,” he explained.
“I’d rather hold up my proud countries’ tradition of fighting dirty,” he said and smiled at his father’s confusion. “Read up on the tatics of the American Revolution. We fought dirty, they fought with honor we won.”
“Do not you think that’s a bit shameful?”
“We won. Besides I did not bring twenty friends to take on one guy, or however many they sent after Sera. Joshua popped open his cell phone and dialed his mother’s direct line.
“How dare you call me.”
“Hello to you too mother, I am standing in my workplace, surrounded by dead and dying weres who just tried to assassinate me. I thought you would like to know. Seems another coup is under foot, they are all less than half a century.”
“I will deal with them, does this have anything to do with the frozen corpses of three weres found in the park?” She asked her tone business like. He had to hand it to his mother she had her priorities straight.
“They are most likely part of the group that attacked my friend. There should be one more group though many of them most likely lived. They seemed to fancy bodybuilding which makes me think they do not understand much of their nature or they do not care.”
“Do not forget the amulets.”
“Oh yes, they were wearing the element guard for fire. The element of my friend. They cost a quarter of a million each unless you work for the order.”
“I see, and they were all wearing it?”
“It seems so, one was shocked when I burned him.”
“Burned him how?”
“With a small torch and vodka. Molotov cocktails do not require magic mother.”
“I am aware of that even if those idiots are not. I will deal with this, thank you for brining it to my attention.”
Joshua did not bother to hide his frown knowing that was her send off to beings she thought much lower than herself.
“Of course, if nothing else you will always be my queen, whether I will it or not,” he said shortly and hung up.
Turning to his father he wiped his bloody hands on his black work shirt. “She’ll send someone to clean up its her problem after all.”
“Good, I know you want to go home to check on Sera.”
“Thank you.”
“I’ll take you, that ability of hers would come quite in handy right now.”
“I think she used it to save Adam.”
“Who is Adam?”
“The designer of the new suppressors we are selling.”
“Do you think maybe this is a dangerous business to get into?”
“Who started up hotels that competed with the mob?”
“I should have never told you those things,” Lord Nova said as Salil held the door and took one look at he weres. The ones struggling for life or unconscious were soon dead.

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