Never Never Land pt7

Title: Never Never Land 7/?
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: R
Parings: Spike/Xander, Clark/Lex, Dick/Bruce, Ares/Joxer, Cupid/Strife, etc…
Fandoms: Multi Centered in Buffyverse w/ support from Ultimate Spiderman, DC, Smallville, Xena/Hercules, Ultimate X-Men and a few surprises along the way,
Summary: Xander wakes in a strange place where superhero’s and gods are real, and they all have been captured. For what and by whom has yet to be discovered.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Author’s Note: For the crossover challenge that can be found here

Carrying another body down the stairs they had reached the chains before they realized what was wrong. Dropping the limp body on the floor they looked about the room and saw the hole.

At a speed no human could match they followed the trail out into the woods, then onto the Path. Sensing the direction they speedily made their way only to be barred by the statues of the Endless; all which had left their path waiting, The statue of Destruction shifted then bowed in the direction of the creature, who staggered back onto the path.

Remembering their latest capture they ran back to the prison only to find it empty. Whirling in rage the hood fell back as the creature howled though no one was there to see the face save one who looked on with a sigh t the swirling re hair, and vanished from the spot. Looking at the blond who was hidden in a tree, they were returned to their true world with a wave their double replaced in the tree.

Appearing in the magic box Xander jumped “That’s that’s them,” a dagger and a fireball were hurtling towards the stranger before they had a chance to move. Yet both were lost harmlessly in the cloak.

Pushing the cloak back nearly everyone gasped. Xander and Spike verbalized what they saw. “He looks like you!” They said simultaneously and both looked at the other,

Buffy though had an axe at the creature’s throat. “I don’t know what kind of trick this is Faith, but you aren’t getting away with it.”

Sighing the creature focused and his face and body shimmered.


“Jerkcules?” Strife added now that the creature looked like the hero instead of Cupid.

Looking at the axe the figure pulled the hood back on before speaking. “I have no true form, though I find it interesting you saw Faith and maybe the rest will understand when I explain,”

“What are you?” Buffy said standing down after the glare from Giles.

Compelled to answer everyone because of the eyes on him and the choice he made, “I am friend, lover, first, last, your hero, your victim, your enemy, your secret desire, I am passion, love, lust, I am god, mortal, invincible, monster, animal, I twist the roads, I bend the straight and narrow,

“I open the eyes, to Watson and Holmes, make it so there is only one way Frodo and Sam can go, make it clear to see the sexual tension of any arch enemy.”

“Shut it, you’re a muse we got it, why ain’t ya a chick?” Strife asked not the least bit interested in how much longer the poem would be going. The muses could go on forever to just say the sky was blue. They were almost as bad as Gabby when it came to being verbose.

“You must be speaking of my mother and aunts.”

“You’re mom’s Erato ain’t she?” Strife asked already having an idea about his domain.


“Then you’re a Greek god, what’s this no true form nonsense?” Ares snapped.

“My sister and I were born differently, Because of the nature of our inspiration; we can not exist in any one world in one form.”

“What do you inspire? Some kind of porn?” Spike asked not one to have slouched on his Greek mythology ignoring the blushing witches.

“We inspire the re-imagining of universes. We create the true multiverse. The greater the branches the harder it is to destroy. I do not know why ‘she’ has decided to remake all branches in her image.”

“So we have to stop a crazy god?” Xander said wearily. “Didn’t we do this already? I distinctly remember god killing and dimension saving.”

“Well you know Xander, Apocalypse R’ Us, If I could not die this time that would be of the good,” Buffy added.

“You children killed a god and dare joke about it?” Ares snarled. “How did weaklings like you even stand a chance against a god?”

“Want to find out?” Buffy snapped as a dagger appeared in her hand.

“Dagger Xander? What about Mr. Pointy? And why is it bloody?”

“Don’t know Buff, was just thinking god killer, was expecting something bigger too,” Xander said with a shrug.


“Both of you stay back,” Ares said nearly dragging Strife behind him. “You’ve proved your point,” the god grumbled, his eyes never going off the hind’s blood dagger.

“But I’m guessing that little knife packs a lot of punch,” Xander said noting the reactions of the gods. “Ok Buff, you can put the knife down, they will behave. Now, what’s this about killing a god?”

“I didn’t say anything about killing her, and besides to kill her I would have to do what she is doing now. Alter the multiverse in my image. We just need to stop her and find out what changed her mind.”

“Wait so she’s killing you?” Dawn asked her eyes wide.

“Not yet, she is moving closer and closer to my first universe. None of her changes have taken root yet. Looking at you all, she doesn’t know where my root universe is. But she is searching in some of my strongest places. And seeing as I just returned O’Neil to his home dimension she is getting closer.

“So what is it that you expect of us dear?” Hecate asked.

“Do what you are doing, stop her, I’m just letting you know you can’t kill her.”

“So who thinks the deadboy look alike isn’t useful?” Xander asked with a raised hand as Willow and Buffy joined him. “So finding this girl thing, let me guess you can’t help with that either?”

“I can but then she will know I’m looking,”

“And then she’ll do something all crazy, Can’t we just send the superheroes to deal with it?” Xander said gesturing to where Clark, Lex, Logan, Peter Dick and Bruce were standing and all of them avoiding the argument between the gods, scoobies, and muse. All except Batman shimmered and appeared in their respective costumes.

“Oops?” Xander replied.

“What the hell is this?” Lex asked looking at his outfit as Clark laughed. “And I wouldn’t laugh if I were you Clark.”

“What?” Clark asked finally looking down at himself and gasping. Wrapping the cape around himself he blushed bright red. “I look so gay.”

“You? I’m in purple and green armor. Lime green Clark.”

“Lex look,” Clark said spreading his arms slightly and showing Lex the bright red underwear and yellow belt.

“I saw. You’re keeping it,” Lex said with a leer. “The curl on the other hand can go.”

“No groping Superman, my poor childhood,” Xander said with a hand over his face.

“Control yourself, Xander,” Giles reprimanded. “We need to get to the bottom of this.”

“Yeah yeah, the consulting of books and the talking and finding of prophecies. Can’t we just skip that part and get on with the world saving?”

A white light flashed through the magic box as the sun reappeared. Blinking Giles looked around where the spell cast by Willow, Dawn and Hecate was still pulsing with three separate lights. Erestor looked at the two mortal girls who were asleep besides the small blond that had put fear into gods of some kind. He looked over at the mortal Giles who wiped his glasses and assumed that he was the only one aware of the time shift moments before the hours that had past flooded his memory.

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