Never Never Land pt8

Title: Never Never Land 8/?
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: R
Parings: Spike/Xander, Clark/Lex, Dick/Bruce, Ares/Joxer, Cupid/Strife, etc…
Fandoms: Multi Centered in Buffyverse w/ support from Ultimate Spiderman, DC, Smallville, Xena/Hercules, Ultimate X-Men and a few surprises along the way,
Summary: Xander wakes in a strange place where superhero’s and gods are real, and they all have been captured. For what and by whom has yet to be discovered.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Author’s Note: For the crossover challenge that can be found here

A/N: Sorry about the super hiatus…at first I could blame school but now it’s August. Mostly the story spiraled out of control and I’ve been working on a plan to reign it in. The story will be spiraling down a couple different and hopefully be easier to follow than a dozen or so characters interacting at once. It will also be getting darker.

* Mental communication*


Xander blinked looking around. He remembered what he had said but he also had memories of the time that flash forwarded. Breaking up into teams, that had broken up all couples for their supposed safety, a spell that would send them where they were needed and where it was possible that she could be as well, and casting the spell with the help of Willow and Dawn’s blood that should anything go wrong they would instantly be drawn back to the magic shop. The right magic shop in the right universe they hoped.

Hecate had been kind enough to warn them of the chance that there might be an infinite number of groups, in infinite universes doing just as they were.

Xander looked at his own team and grinned. He had Batman, Super…er teen, and a god. Said god was grinning at him and he started to wonder if this was a good idea.

“So the question is where are we?” Strife asked.

“Looks like LA,” Xander replied looking around. Pulling the vial of the left over clone out of his pocket it started to glow and pointed to where a man was stepping out of a car.

Xander watched trying to decipher what was going on when another person came out of nowhere, the vile focusing on the bright redhead before they pulled a knife.

Clark was a blur of speed stopping the attempted murder, and tossing the woman to the side.

“Who is that guy?” Xander muttered staying a distance away as he shook Clark’s hand and spoke rapidly to the teen, gesturing with a grin to his outfit where Clark blushed. When Clark returned to the trio he smiled as Xander repeated his question.

“Oh he’s a writer, and a director, he’s on his way to see a casting call for his new TV show.”
“Oh, I wonder why that muse thing would want him.”

“Duh human, this must be where something, originated. What was the show called mini herc?” Strife asked Clark.

He grinned again looking at Xander. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

“Wait so if she killed him I wouldn’t exist?” Xander asked.

“There would be fewer of you; maybe even just the one, you already exist in his mind at least. From what I understand, there are many versions of you, and this show would most likely immortalize you and your friends. I suppose your escape made this muse rethink her plans,” Batman pointed out. “There is a universe somewhere where her plan succeeded, one where it was never attempted.”

“I get it really, infinite possibility. Geez,” Xander moaned.

“Can I get normal clothes back?” Clark asked. “He thought I was going to a party, and that it was pretty funny I was dressed like this and I saved him.”

“Yeah,” Xander sighed, “what’s to stop her from popping back in when we leave? There should be a way to keep this world safe from psycho muse girl.”

Xander had barely finished speaking when there was a flash of light around him and what looked like a set of small stone dragons appeared. He looked at it and as one the five dragons flew off and landed a small distance away destroying what was left of the creature.

“That works; you think it’s this easy for everyone else?” Xander asked with a shrug.

“Let’s hope not or we will be chasing doubles and copies forever,” Batman growled. “We need to find the source of this.”

Looking at the carnage that surrounded him Spike made an easy decision. Attacking the creatures that looked closer to demons though the creatures on both sides were making his skin crawl.

Ares, and the wolverine were instantly fighting with him and he glanced at Spiderman noticing he was watching a scene in the distance in shock. Spike turned his head and watched as what could only be an old one, attacked a pair of humans destroying one’s sword while killing him.

He watched as the last survivor tugged at his own sword giving up and drawing the shattered remains slicing the demon’s hand off a ring flying free. The image tugged at Spike’s memory when the creature he had been ripping to pieces with half his attention fell to pieces.

The battle seemed won then and none but the few humans around them had even noticed the appearance of the four men.

“This is bloody marvelous, we’re in the middle of a bleeding battle and expected to find one chit that can look like anyone?”

“Do you know what battle this is?” Peter asked in awe.

“Battle’s a battle, I’d say an ancient one, since that had to be an old one.”
“I don’t know what an old one is but, I think we just saw the end of the last alliance.”

“Last alliance?” Ares asked surveying everything with the eyes of war.

“Last alliance between elves and men?” Peter stated.

Spike cursed now realizing why the scenes he had only ever imagined looked so familiar. “So that’s the bleeding one ring?” Spike said gesturing shaking his head when he realized the human, no Isildir was gone.

“One ring?” Logan questioned as a man appeared before them. He had a slight smile on his face, tanned skin, brown hair and a neat beard.

“Greetings, warriors, we know why you are here. The creature has already passed, it did not attempt to interfere with the events of the alliance.”

“Who the bleeding hell are you?”

“You may call me Tulklas. This creature has not stirred the course. You must depart, it must all happen little one,” he said addressing Peter directly. “Your wish would change the great song, and that is what the creature wants.”

“What does she look like?” Logan asked.

“She looked like my Nellas, but there were traces of red in her hair. And her dance was wrong.”

“Right,” Spike said slowly.

“We will watch over our world, to keep the song. Others need you,” The Valar said and vanished.

“What was that?”

“A god,” Ares explained.

“A valar,” Peter piped in.

“So he was kicking us out?” Spike said.

“Yes, but this core universe is safe,” Ares pointed out. “They do not want us to interfere with their history.”

“That was a waste,” Spike sighed as they faded from the battle scene unseen by any of the elves or men.

Smiling in his chains he laughed as he felt himself forgotten for a foolish ring and even more foolish lesser of his. She was doing her job well, distracting with her own petty thoughts and wishes. Not even seeing the true damage she was causing.

She had been found sooner than he had hoped but in time he would be forgotten. The true threat left behind.


Cupid and Joxer looked at each other and grinned they were home. They could recognize the landscape the very feel of the air. Before they could enjoy it more they heard an earth shattering wail that staggered both men. Neither noticing when Lex and Dick helped to support each.

With a deep sense of foreboding Cupid quickly made them all invisible and staggered in the direction of the pain.

Together he and Joxer arrived as Ares did over the fallen body of Strife. They both remembered the horrible day and there Joxer was, standing over the already dead god ready to defend him anyway.

“It’s not him,” Lex whispered to the shaking god. It wasn’t until the fireball formed that Cupid realized who Lex actually meant. This was not the way it had happened.

Ares had stared at Joxer who refused to back down, willing to die for Strife not understanding about the hind’s blood thinking the god just needed a moment to compose himself.

Ares had taken them both back to Olympus, and that had started a chain of events that had helped to avert the twilight of all things and give his father love.

He tackled the false Ares even as the real war god appeared his grief evident in the fact that he did not register his son, or doppelganger. Eyes only for his nephew, he watched the mortal standing to defend him and in a flash all three vanished.

Joxer smiled softly knowing Strife would be back and what that moment meant for his life. He turned to Cupid and gasped, the god was making a bloody mess of the false war god tears still streaming down his face. It had taken Strife’s death to force him to act on his feelings. But right now he was only showing the side that was half war.

The trio of mortals watched and waited until the being masking as Cupid’s father melted, and the god let loose a sob. Standing he let loose a scream tempted to enter the temple and kill the bitch that had dared take his Strife away from him.

He was shocked when he saw his mother appear. “Cupie, sweetie calm down. This is the past for you. You know it all turns out okay and that she gets what’s coming for her. Don’t change it, it will make things worse.”


“Shh, honey you have to leave now, that bitch is playing with love on my turf, not gonna happen. Open your eyes Cupid. Open your eyes!”

The god blinked and fell backwards, looking around he was stunned to find himself and everyone else still in the magic box.

“Xander I’m getting an uber wiggins right now,” Buffy stated.

“You’re not the only one,” he said watching as Cupid searched out the room and nearly tackled Strife his relief evident.

“Did that really happen or not?” Peter asked.

“I believe that was an example of how dangerous Xander’s powers can be,” Giles said.

“I did that?” Xander asked nervously.

“Cupe?” Strife asked when he realized the god was no longer whispering endearments into his ears. Strife’s eyes widened as he heard the words Cupid was muttering in his stupor and he quickly had them appearing on a parchment he materialized stopping when the loop began again.

“Dad here, I’m talking Cupe for a bit. I think he needs it,” Strife said not even noticing what he had just called Ares who was stunned before his face burst out into a grin.

“Sure Erin.”

The name stopped mischief short before he dragged Cupid in the other room, a small smile on his lips. Ares felt the burst of power and the blankness that had descended on the room and was sure he knew what Strife was doing to break Cupid’s strange stupor.

The war god read the parchment and frowned. “You mortals claim you are used to prophecies, what do you make of this one.

“The destroyer of to be
The Lost one
The Key
The First of the Last
The last Called
The Fool
The Betrayed
The one son
In darkness the price paid for what they have done
The forgotten freed
Paradise Lost
First of many
Last of none
To remake all worlds in their dark image
Balance broken
They weaken ties
Through secret love lies
The chase is on
Without heroes the time to come
The breaker must remake the chain
The bonds broken
They must be chosen again
In the dark forest where the shadows lie
The fool is captured
The monster a lie
Love enraptured
A muse will never die
Let the dead one
See the lie
Let the love of one
Taste the truth
As always fear the youth
The strong one
The secret one
The hidden
The shatterer to be”

The scoobies all turned as one to Giles who shook his head. “I have never heard of such a prophecy. It give little direction, of what we are facing or why. But it seems to mention Dawn and that worries me. But at least one part I sadly have no confusion about,” Giles said casting a glare at Willow.

“What do you mean?”

“I believe this is all tied to you returning Buffy to the living.”

“What? How? That was a while ago.”

“Did you think the repercussions would be instantaneous you stupid girl?” Giles snarled. The attitude that he had had on initially returning to find what they had done returning his anger building.

“Giles!” Buffy snapped. “They dug me up, they brought me back. Yes they didn’t know where I was, but they weren’t trying to hurt me. They were there when I came back, and at first it was the same. It still felt like heaven, I was still happy. It was just a little different. It hurt the first time I had to go back into the dark, and leave my happy place, going back to the slaying wasn’t what I wanted.

“But I never wanted it. I had my family so I dealt. Willow magicked up the lottery so I could take care of Dawnie and slay and not worry because I wasn’t mom I couldn’t ever be. It wasn’t perfect, its not heaven, but its as close as I’m gonna get on a hellmouth. And I know where I’m going when I’m done. And it’s a good feeling. It’s nice to know that they are all okay there, Kendra, mom, knowing I’ll be back there someday.

“But I’m here, and I’m not mad at Willow, so you can’t be, she brought me back from heaven buddie. And she did it right too. I miss it but its fading, like a nice dream that leaves a happy. You would think you wanted me to stay dead.”

“That she did, now if she had left the Slayer in her grave and the she had to dig her way out, and the first thing she had to do was fight, and get to her house from Shady Pines. Then you and red would have an issue,” Spike snapped as a teary Willow hugged Buffy and her defending vampire.

“Of course not Buffy,” Giles said looking away.

“Alright good, so maybe the prophecy is about me being brought back, oh well, we’ll deal. We smash prophecies remember. We’ll have Xander on it.”

“I break one tiny death prophecy…”

“And alter the course of the slayers, dear lord its you,” Giles said already writing notes on the prophecy.


“The destroyer of to be. You destroyed that first prophecy with Buffy and the Master.”

“But she still died Giles,” Xander said softly.

“No, long before that, you learned her secret, you are the reason we are like this,” Giles gestured to the magic box. “Willow, Oz, dear lord even Cordelia. You started it by finding a stake. Buffy would be a very different woman right now if she even survived the master without you.”

“Are you sure you are looking at that the right way?” Lex asked having listened to the history of the group.

Peter approached Spike. “How did you know that?”

“Know what kid?” Spike asked.

“On the TV show back where I am. Willow didn’t dig Buffy up; she crawled out of her grave and thought she was in hell. Things were on fire, she didn’t understand it.”

“Didn’t happen that way here mate. Me and Red and the Whelp dug her up, I wrapped her up real good and we took her home. If it didn’t work I was the only one who would have ever seen her. Red made cookies, a bubble bath, her favorite music everything. Thought the chit was in hell, she made all the good to fix it.”

“Wow, I think I like this version better,” Peter said as Lex looked over the prophecy with different eyes than the scoobies could ever have surprised as Batman joined him.

“Clark, can you make a few copies of this?” Lex asked and the boy nodded grabbing a legal pad and quickly scribbled out a dozen copies.

“Lex I don’t think this is right,” Clark said pausing.

“What do you mean?” Giles asked.

“It looks out of order, like the first line is really the middle or something. When I wrote it down it seemed off,” Clark admitted.

“Where do you believe the beginning is?” Giles asked.

“Somewhere around the forest part, or that could be the end.”

“We could ask the god.”

“He’ll be a while,” Ares said softly. “What did you see?” Ares asked looking around the room wondering who had shared Cupid’s vision.

“The other one dying,” Dick explained.

“Other one?” Ares asked.

“The one he went in with,” Dick explained never having caught the other god’s name.


Strife shut the door behind him and looked at Cupid. The god was still distant and muttering the strange lines again.

“They weaken ties, Through secret love lies, The chase is on”

With a flash of power he silenced the room and transformed it into a duplicate of their temple home bedroom.

“Cupe, look at me,” Strife whispered his hands caressing the god’s face. Kissing his lover to get a reaction. Cupid seemed to wake with Strife’s lips on his own, pulling the leather clad god close against his body.

“Cupe?” Strife gasped as the love god took the kissing his way down Strife’s chest making leather vanish as he went along. His teeth capturing a nipple ring causing the younger god to shudder and moan arching against his husband.

Cupid’s hands slid along his pale skin even as his mouth found the other this one adorned with a barbell. Strife gasped suddenly finding breathing difficult glad that he didn’t really need to do it, as he was guided to the bed. He was only half aware of the fact that he was laying down, Cupid pressed down on top of him.

He pulled Cupid’s head down to his own kissing him for all he was worth, lifting off the bed when Cupid tried to pull away.

The love god laughed prying his husband’s pale arms off him with a dangerous smile. Strife arched a brow at the god who released his hands as he slid down Strife’s body feathers drifting down Strife’s exposed skin, grinning as the god shivered he bit gently on his thigh.

Kissing the site better before moving on to his knees. Strife groaned but before he could complain, Cupid placed a feather light kiss to his erection before taking it in hand. Strife could feel Cupid hovering over him but he had yet to do anything.

Lifting his head he looked down at the love god who winked and swallowed him down whole. Strife’s head fell back and arched into Cupid’s waiting mouth.


“Dad?!” Strife exclaimed aloud.

“What?” Cupid snapped popping back up.

“Nothing, keep going,” he said quickly pushing the gods head down though the god did not budge.

*Strife now!*

*keep your leather’s on*


“Fine dad,” the god muttered out loud wondering if Strife had noticed what he called Ares.

Strife sighed sitting up and Cupid shoved him back down swallowing him again and humming causing the god to scream as he came. The after shocks were still spreading through Strife and in his pleasure filled haze he didn’t realize the change of scenery.

“Is he okay?” Willow asked looking at the fully clothed panting and flushed god.

“Looks like he just got a good shag,” Spike pointed out causing Willow to blush.

Strife cracked an eye open and took in the change of scenery. “I wish, we were interrupted.”

“We don’t have a month for you to get it out of your system,” Ares snapped. “Cupid is this the right order?”

“Order of what?” Cupid asked as Clark handed him a copy of the prophecy. “I know this, why is it in the middle?”

“Middle?” Strife asked looking at the sheet and recognizing the words Cupid had been babbling.

Let the dead one
See the lie
Let the love one
Taste the truth
As always fear the youth
The strong one
The secret one
The hidden
The shatterer to be
The destroyer of to be
The Lost one
The Key
The First of the Last
The last Called
The Fool
The Betrayed
The one son
In darkness the price paid for what they have done
The forgotten freed
Paradise Lost
First of many
Last of none
To remake all worlds in their dark image
Balance broken
They weaken ties
Through secret love lies
The chase is on
Without heroes the time to come
The breaker must remake the chain
The bonds broken
They must be chosen again
In the dark forest where the shadows lie
The fool is captured
The monster a lie
Love enraptured
A muse will never die

“That’s the order,” Cupid finished.

“Oh! Oh! Spike!” Willow exclaimed.

“Yes red?”
“You saw the lie! The not Xander, Xander.”

“Might be right red. But remember these things are loopier than a drunk Karnash demon. You shouldn’t trust them. Xan already figured that out years ago,”

“So we should just ignore it then?” Clark asked.

“That’s almost as dumb as following it, we make sense of it then we decide,” Spike said not noticing his accent dropped into more cultured tones for a moment.

“This sounds like research, me and the research not so good. I’m gonna go kill things.”


“What Slayer slays. Scared duty and all that.”


“Come on Xander I’ll be bored,” Buffy whined. Not noticing the grin from Willow or the smirk from Giles. If Dawn hadn’t fallen asleep in her seat she would have been laughing outright.

“Buffy look outside.”

“What its still Sunnydale, we didn’t switch realities, at least I don’t think.”

“Notice anything in the sky?”

“What its not cloudy, you think its gonna rain? It looks sunny…oh…”

“Yep, not much to slay unless you are going sewer diving.”

“Just call me research girl,” Buffy muttered taking a seat and grabbing the nearest tome. Grinning at Clark when he handed her a copy of the prophecy.

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