Those Darn Kids pt2

Classes at the Roadhouse

Willow had taken her seat in her potions class she had her quill ready and poised as the professor entered the room and all she could think of was broody and when she heard him she had the unnerving urge to hex his legs together he was quite the grumpy pants.

“…and even put a stopper in death.”

Willow shook her head. You could always bring the person back. Who needs a stopper when you can reverse it? Willow looked around nervously as Snape reprimanded the boy in front of her. Harry Potter, he had been in some of the books she had gotten and she really didn’t think not dying was that big of a deal.

She glanced at the Slytherin side of the room and saw that Draco and Anya were both grinning. Anya caught her eye and smiled. She returned it, neither girl sure why they were drawn to each other.

Willow’s hand popped up almost as quickly as Hermione’s when she heard the question. Grinning at Anya when she saw her hand up as well.

“Miss Emerson.” Snape addressed. “You have a question?”

“No I have an answer. Well three answers, those were easy, even the two muggle borns know them,” she said gesturing to Willow and Hermione.

“Indeed,” Snape said not about to admit that only those who had read the entire potions text would have a chance of knowing the answers.

At the end of class, Willow was shuffling out when she was stopped by Anya much to Draco’s annoyance.

“Emerson, why are you wasting time on the muggle born.” He snapped as the last of the first years drifted out into the hall.

“Draco, shut it. Hi, I’m Anya.”


“You know your potions, and you were really good in charms too.”
“Yeah, I never told my parents, not that they pay much attention mind you, traveling the world all the time but I’ve been doing magical things for years. Look.”

She pulled out a quill and with a wave had it floating around the room.

“How’d you do that without a wand?” Draco asked impressed.

“I’ve been making things float to me for years. Usually it was cookies when my parents weren’t looking. They could never figure out how I got them no matter how high they put them,” Willow explained.

“You sure you’re a muggle born?” Draco asked.

“Yeah, unless I’m adopted. I can write to my parents and ask about the family tree. I think they are in Sudan, or Costa Rica, I’ll have to figure out a way to magic up my PDA, there has to be a way to get tech working here or I’ll never be able to keep up with them. I wonder if they know I didn’t go to St. Elizabeth’s this year. How would I know if someone in my family was magical?”

“I know most of the pure blood families.”

“I can have my father check the surname, he works at the ministry,” Anya jumped in.

“Do you like potions?” Draco asked noticing Snape exiting the store room and looking at the three of them though Willow didn’t notice.

“Yes! Its my favorite so far. It makes so much sense, and I just really like it.”

“And Professor Snape?”

“He’s a little grumpy but what every, maybe it was that kid Harry, he doesn’t seem all that smart. He got lost on his way to transfiguration. I mean I memorized the map last week and where all the staircases move, its actually a mathematical sequence that…” Willow stopped noticing the two Slytherin’s slightly glazed looks. “Oh sorry I babble a little. Aren’t you guys supposed to hate me?”

“Oh that thing, well I might pretend in public, I’m not sleeping in a dorm where everyone thinks I’m a traitor, at least not without a very large and dangerous guard. Maybe a troll,” Anya said in thought. “But I wanted to talk to you.”

“Do you get that feeling too?”

“Like we know each other yes. And besides, it’s great being able to talk to someone else on my level.”

“Excuse me?” Draco huffed.

“Another girl, Draco. Once we start having sex I will need someone to talk to and Pansy is stupid, ugly and likes you.”

Draco’s brain stopped at the mention of sex. He was eleven years old. All he was sure about was that he enjoyed Anya’s company and her mind.

“Oh it wouldn’t be at least until fourth year. I need some breasts first at the very least,” Anya said noticing his shock and Willow’s blush.

“What about Hermione? She seems smart,” she asked changing the subject.

“Yes but, she just read all the books. Did you see how much trouble she had when Snape had us actually figure out how to slice that root? No instructions and she got all nervous.”


“Well we should go to the great hall,” Anya said. “Separately.”

“Right,” Willow nodded. “Wait did you get this feeling about another girl?”

“The Hufflepuff?” Anya asked.

“Yes!” Willow exclaimed then blushed.

“You talk to her, you’re a Gryffindor. Me I’m just evil,” Anya said with a shrug.

“Notice something about that?”

“We have almost all our classes together?” Anya said with a smirk.

“I know my mother said contact breeds familiarity but that’s just dumb.” At the blank look. “My parents are psychologists I read a lot of their theories. But I should go eat. Bye guys.”

“That is one strange little Gryffindor,” Draco said as Willow bounced out.

“You two should be getting to the great hall.”

“Yes sir,” the duo said being trailed by Snape as the three of them walked out of the lower levels of the dungeon. Snape turning off in another direction as the first years went to eat. His mind on the newest crop of students to Hogwarts. Harry had been nothing special and had shown the same arrogance as his father. Granger had been the traditional know it all, no practical experience.

But Emerson and Rosenberg acted as if they were seventh years. Taking to potions naturally and easily, Emerson easily aiding Crabble as Malfoy aided Goyle. He would have to keep an eye on these girls.

What was even stranger was he knew the Hufflepuff they meant. Maclay, she had seemed terrified of him but actually was able to answer all his questions. He knew her mother was a powerful witch, who favored charms over potions but her daughter was well versed. If she could be rid of the stutter and outright shyness she would be quite the student. He wondered if he would actually have proficient students this year.

If nothing else they would help him keep his sanity when he had students like Longbottom and Potter. And even worse a living book in Granger. Emerson had read the witch perfectly. She would do well on exams and classes, but he thought nothing of her practical experience.


“What do you think?” Aphrodite asked crossing her legs and smiling as they looked in on Willow, Anya and Tara.

“I think they will do well. Their memories are more gone than I hoped,” Cordelia admitted.

“Wait until they are 15. Anya is already showing her eleven hundred years.”

“And those idiots haven’t even noticed yet.”

“They are having too much fun torturing your little vampire.”

“Poor Angel, maybe I will pretend to go back there to help him out a little.”

“Its up to you, don’t worry you’re one of us now so they can’t touch you anymore.”

“Well let’s see how Xander is doing.”

“He’s a cute one,” the goddess admitted. “Reminds me of Joxie.”


“So you think that was on the level?”

“Lafayette, Indiana? It’s the best we have and Giles trusts those roadhouse guys. And he wanted us to travel with the brothers for a bit.”

“You think we should tell them?” Faith asked as they both climbed into the Desoto. Xander hadn’t even bothered to ask how Faith had gotten to the road house. After a few stories of thefts and bartered rides he had decided he really didn’t want to know.

“Giles said it was up to us. We’ll just wait and see what happens. We don’t want any hunters getting any ideas that we need to be hunted.”

“You think these guys are like that?” Faith asked.

“Who knows, Giles only ever met them as kids. Their dad sounded okay though,” Xander said.

“How long until we get there?” Faith asked looking at the endless Midwest highway.

“We should get there by morning,” Xander said thinking of the road ahead, before addressing their split. “Have fun?”

“Yeah, those two gave me quite a chase. Something about hunting vamps that just,” Faith shrugged running her fingers through her hair with a blissful sigh, “feels right. You know? Makes a girl feel alive.”

Xander laughed used to Faith’s post vampire bliss. There had been a few months when they had hunted nothing else, much to the horror of vampires across the nation. Or so they had heard. One of these days they would learn where, from who, or what Giles gathered his information and rumors since it had turned out not to be the road house.

Eyes on the darkening road he glanced at Faith as she reached to the steering wheel and turned on the headlights.

“You were doing the glowing green eyes thing,” she muttered.

“Sorry,” he said with a shrug as his eyes shifted back to their natural brown.

“Just don’t forget your shades tomorrow.”

“Well then don’t punch through any walls.”

“That was one time.”

“Or reinforced steel doors.”

“I just bent that a little,” Faith pouted. “At least I never ripped a tree out of the ground and used it to beat a demon down.”

“Fine,” Xander sighed knowing they each had their share of unnatural and inhuman events in the course of their hunts.

“You think this demon is something?” Faith asked.

“Nothing that big red can’t handle,” Xander said glancing at the guitar case in the back seat with a fond smile.

“I can’t believe you named it that.”

“I can’t believe the girl who plays with knives and guns won’t touch it.”

“I get a weird feeling about it. I just don’t think it’s a good idea to touch it. Besides I have my girls. I’m gonna crash.”

“Sure,” Xander nodded as Faith curled up in front seat and was asleep in less than ten minutes.

He continued to drive the radio on a low buzz and highway signs keeping him company. Nearing Lafayette in the early morning he pulled into a motel parking lot right besides an impala.

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