Those Darn Kids pt3

A/N: Spoilers…Season 2 of Supernatural focused on Hunted and All Hell Breaks Lose Pt 1 & 2.
HP: books 1-6 with random non crucial things pulled from DH. IE if you haven’t read DH you won’t know I didn’t make it up. Heck I made some of it up before I read DH and turned out to be right. AB: Post Danse Macabre, pre Harlequin. And honestly this only matters in relationship to lovers, and the sweet mother.

Troll!!!! In St. Louis

“Spike I have nothing to wear to St. Louis.”

Said vampire arched a scarred brow looking at Dawn who shrugged and plopped down beside him on the couch. She had a small bag of cookies and offered one to the vampire who took a bite. He wiggled his fingers over the cookies and she shook her head with sigh. Buffy was lost within her walk in closet which was larger than some apartments. To make matters worse she had two. One for clothes the other for shoes.

“Pet it’s not formal, even if it was Jean Claude is a poof.”

“What are you going to wear?” Buffy called out.

Spike looked down at his black jeans and black t-shirt. He might put on a new set if he was so inclined. If for not other reason to give Jean Claude a moment of heart failure, if he was anything like the other Master’s Spike had met he placed much too much faith on appearances and vampire politics.

“Spike has had one outfit since they made jeans in black.”

He supposed it wasn’t a totally fair assessment seeing as how he had only recently become the head of his own bloodline, breaking away from Belle Morte. Spike hadn’t had ties to the vampire council in centuries. He was sure the head of his line had been set up and killed for his day walking abilities.

The assassins hope being that with the head of the line killed all lesser vampires would follow suit. It was the reason most of the Vampire’s under Spike weren’t made by him. And the two that were pretended otherwise.

Granted if someone on the council had actually intelligence he would have been given away. Longbow was 400 years old and Native America. Who else could have made his second in command? Though few ever saw the vampire. And he had never left LA after arriving with Spike years before.

It was a wonder he had survived such a thing as most vampires, became revenants when the head of their line was killed or in the case of other vampires, that died during the day would never wake again.

Jean Claude had no such luck, he had answered to Belle for the last few centuries and it was only now after taking a human servant and a wolf to form a triumvirate that he had gained enough power to break away.

Spike had a feeling he had become the head of his own line before his master was killed and that was why he felt it, went nearly mad with it but survived when no others of his kind did. Shaking his head of the darker thoughts he absently ran his fingers through Dawn’s hair.

Oz sauntered in then, his hair currently fire engine red, he took a seat besides Dawn and arched his brow in question.
“Buffy has nothing to wear.”

“Quite the dilemma,” he remarked solemnly.

“See! Oz understands!”

Dawn rolled her eyes and slipped an arm around Spike and one around Oz. “You guys think this Anita chick is who Buffy has been dreaming about?”

“Possible bit, we’ll see when we get there.”

Dawn sighed looking at the closet and released the men. “I’m going in.”

Oz and Spike exchanged looks when shrieking, groaning, giggles and squeals were heard. Dawn returned with a grin after a few minutes. “Mission accomplished.”

Buffy emerged from the closet and took a seat in Spike’s lap reaching over to give Oz a hug.

“Hey Buff.”

“So the packing problem is done but what will I do with my hair?”

“Buffy, you think you playing up the dumb blond thing a bit?” Spike asked as she snuggled into his chest.

“Just cause some people haven’t changed since the eighties.”

“I look good pet.”

“You guys with the clean shirts and poof you look good its more work for us girls. You’re in jeans and a t-shirt and I still want to do things Dawn is too young to hear about.”

“Eww! No implying!”

“Sorry Dawnie.”

“So ditching out on school?” Oz asked the teen.

“That school is insane, everyone has a free month of ‘special learning’. Translation run off and go party with their parents. Or go to rehab.”

“Makes you have faith in the education of our children,” Oz replied.

“Well my new preternatural biology class is really cool. And they do offer 22 languages. I already knew some but I’m learning Mandarin now.”

“How’s your French Oz,” Spike asked suddenly.

“Uh I took it, I could order some food.”

“Take niblet with you if you ever have to meet the vamps alone.”

“I speak French,” Buffy huffed.

“You will be going on about their hair.”

“Will not.”

Spike glanced over Buffy’s head to Dawn who had flopped onto the bed on her stomach her legs bent to keep her shoes off the bed and in the air. She held up three fingers and Spike countered with two.

Oz spoke aloud knowing Buffy was oblivious of the bet or let them think she was. “Thirty Seconds.”


As professor Quirrel fainted the great hall erupted into screams. Anya took one look at a screaming Draco and slapped him.

“Are you a wizard or not?” She snarled and used the opportunity to slap the screaming faces of Crabble, Goyle, and Parkinson. The last causing her no small amount of satisfaction, she watched her classmates gain composure as Dumbledore shouted orders she glanced at the table where Snape was already standing with a murderous look on his face as he slipped out of the room unnoticed in the chaos.

“I wonder where he’s off to,” she mused as the Slytherin prefect stopped shrieking like a girl himself and froze.

“Where do we go? Its in the dungeons.”

“Well duh not down that way you idiot. I’m not about to get in the way of an idiot troll. Too stupid to be effected by spells and too strong to be out muscled by anyone here. Except maybe the giant.”

“Giant? What giant?” Draco asked.

“What Giant? Are you blind?”

“You mean Hagrid? He probably got into some engorging potion; giants are much larger and stupid violent brutes. While he is stupid, he is kindly.”

“Sure Draco,” Anya said sure that if Snape was around he would be berating the prefect for his stupidity. He was now trying to catch the attention of teachers who were leaving to deal with the troll. “Where’d Quirrel go?” Anya asked noticing his spot on the floor was empty.

“They probably took the coward to the infirmary,” Draco remarked.

“And who was just screaming? You are such a male sometimes, Draco Malfoy.”


Tara while trailing behind her housemates when she noticed two Gryffindor boys breaking from their own group and heading down the stairs. She wondered if they would actually be heading to where the troll was when she saw another Gryffindor, the redhead Willow to be exact, that seemed so familiar break off as well and trail off after the two boys.

She stopped wondering she should do and realized in her indecision she had been left behind. Her housemates too, shy quiet and afraid to notice they had lost one of their number, decision made she trailed after Willow.

She reached the bathroom just in time to see Willow wave her hand in a slamming motion before she noticed the professors coming from another corridor. She grabbed willow and together they hid behind a suit of armor, Tara’s hand over the shocked Gryffindor’s mouth as the others were addressed by the professors.

She waited until the trio had come out of the bathroom heading for their dormitory as the professors dealt with the troll.

Harry noticed them first and stared. “What are you two doing?”

“I saw you guys wandering off, I wanted to know why. So I got with the following, but Tara came and grabbed me when she saw the professors.”

“That’s good; I bet old McGonagall would have taken away loads of points if she saw all of us running around. Ron Weasly,” he added to the Hufflepuff.

“Ta..Tara McClay.”

“We should get back to our rooms before they are done with the troll,” Hermione warned.

“Where should we deposit the troll?”

“Dumbledore contacted someone from magical creatures, they’ll be along shortly.” The students exchanged looks and ran for all they were worth not stopping until all five were safe inside the Gryffindor common room.

Students were milling about the room and most paid no attention to the first years. Except for Fred and George.

“Looks like you guys picked up a spare.”

“We’ll she’ll just have to stay here, we can’t go to her common room without getting caught and we didn’t run all the way here to get caught now buddy,” Willow snapped.

The twins exchanged a glance and a grin. “We could…”

“She’d blend right in…”

“They could have Ronnikins.”

“What are you two talking about?” Harry asked.

“Willow Weasly, has a good ring don’t you think?”

“She might be like Gin,” Ron said with a smirk.

“Oh no, no more sisters,” the twins said in mock horror. “We’ll take you to your common room…”


“Alrighty, and unlike some ickle firsties we won’t get caught.”

The twins opened the portrait and despite their attitude helped the small first year climb out of the portrait.

Left behind Willow, Hary, Ron, and Hermione exchanged glances. “You really came to help us?” Harry asked.

“Yeah I mean a troll is huge and has magic proof skin just bounces off. Oh! I wonder if the sell troll skin armor?” Willow mused.

“Dragon hide, its stronger, they make our gloves out of magically produced dragon hide. The real thing is horribly expensive,” Hermione explained.

“Oh yeah I guess that makes sense, and you really wouldn’t kill dragons for a bunch of gloves.”

“It’s done, just not at such a high degree; more common are boots and coats. It’s the equivalent to leather but much more pricy unless you get illegal dragon goods.”

“Blimey, where do you learn all this?” Ron asked and Hermione rolled her eyes.

“Wizard’s whimsical guide to fashion through the ages.”

“Oh! I have that, but I was reading, ‘a wizard’s home’ a muggleborn’s guide to daily life as a wizard. The professor of Muggle Studies actually co-authored it.”

“Really wherever did you find it?”

Harry and Ron shook their heads at the two girls. It was like a double dose of Hermione.

“It’s like there are two of her,” Ron whispered.

“We can hear you Ronald,” Hermione said with a roll of her eyes as Willow giggled.

The twins returned then arms laden with food left from the feast. They quickly helped the twins unload and it was then they realized the only other people in the common room were fellow third years.

Over pastries, pumpkin juice, and candy, a friendship was formed that would alter the balance forever.

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