Those Darn Kids pt4

Title: Those Darn Kids
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: R
Parings: Willow/Tara, Buffy/Spike, Anya/Draco, Faith/?, Xander/?, Giles/?
Fandoms: Anita Blake, Harry Potter, Supernatural, and a dash of Herc/Xena
Summary: The powers that be wanted balance and they would have had it too if it wasn’t for those darn kids. So they get rid of those kids and their vampire too. At least they tried.

As per usual the moment the class let out most of the Gryffindors fled. Though Hermione did pause to look at Willow who smiled and waved her on to where Ron and Harry were waiting just outside the room as if it was safer from Snape.

Willow glanced at the professor who was clearing the board and wondered how she could put this. She noticed the Slytherins that had lagged behind as well and she knew Draco and Anya would back her and felt a little stronger when Anya smiled nodding at her.

“Professor Snape sir?” Willow asked approaching his desk. Snape paused in packing the samples of potions from the class and leveled Willow with his best glare. She swallowed slightly.

“If you are going to speak do it quickly I do not have all day.”

“Well you see…” Willow wrung her hands nervously before launching into a full babble. “Proffessor Quirrel is a dummy. I mean he wouldn’t know a vampire if it bit him on the neck, and I was talking to Draco and Anya and Draco said you had wanted to teach defense before and you’re really smart. And maybe if we asked Dumbledore would get ride of Quirrel! And then you could teach defense and I would learn something and it be a better class.”

Snape stared at the tiny redheaded witch for a long moment. “So you think Quirrel is incompetent?”

“The man also smells,” Anya threw in. “He’s a bloody wizard he should use some cleaning charm. Reeking of death like that.”

“The headmaster does not want me to teach defense.”

“Why not? He’s in his office all Gandalfy and hiring nitwits when he has a perfectly good defense teacher right here,” Willow said stomping her foot as a few bottles rattled around the room.

“Control yourself; you are much too old for accidental magic.”

“So you don’t think he’d believe me? I mean I’m a Gryffindor and everything so he can’t even say its cause you’re nice to me. You’re even mean to my friends, ‘cept Anya and Draco.”

“The headmaster has made up his mind. Besides who would teach you potions?”

“Well I don’t know but no one can be as dumb as Quirrel,” Willow pouted. “Maybe I can start a petition,” She muttered walking out of the room trailed by Anya and Draco so that none of the students saw the rare smile that graced the potions master’s face.

Maybe he would petition again next year. Because even if Quirrel didn’t break soon and admit what he was up to, Snape would make sure that the man was sacked. That such a creature was chosen as Defense against the Dark Arts teacher over him irked him greatly.

It would not have been so bad had they hired someone who was halfway competent. But that fool was a nuisance and tiresome, not to mention his multiple attempts to get the stone.


“You think you can get Dumbledore to change his mind?” Anya asked.

“I’m gonna try,” Willow insisted before taking a step back. “You take that back Malfoy!” She yelled pretending to fumble for her wand. Draco blinked a moment before he saw the three Gryffindor first years.

“What’s the little muggle going to do?” Draco sneered.

“Shut your mouth Malfoy,” Ron snapped.

“Weasley, I know you family is outrageously large but pay attention, you are not related to every redhead that crosses your path.”

“Willow is our friend,” Harry snapped.

“Oh the famed Gryffindor loyalty, Anya let’s go before I throw up,” Draco snapped pushing his way past Willow as Anya sneered at the trio.

“Malfoy is a right git, you alright Willow?” Ron asked as she approached the three.

“Yeah, he’s all talk,” Willow said falling into step at Ron’s side.

“Well we just won’t leave you alone after potions. Even if it means more time with that greasy git Snape we’ll wait until you are ready to leave okay?” Harry said seriously.

“Okay,” Willow said scrambling for how she would find time to talk to Anya and Draco if they started waiting for her every class.

Hermione frowned at the scene for a moment before shaking her head as the group headed up to their common room. Not sure what had bothered her about the situation.

“Hermione, did you finish the transfiguration homework?”

“Honestly Ronald,” she said with a sigh as they approached the fat lady.

“Oh, Willow we are going to visit Hagrid later today.”

“Oh! I can’t but I’ll come next time. I have some potions work I need to finish up. Oh and I need to go to the library,” she said diving out of the portrait hole she had just entered. Running to the owlery she called to the intimidating eagle owl.

“Spinks,” she whispered hastily calling the eagle owl as she scribbled a note with the pen she kept with her for times like this when a quill would be impossible. She ignored the fact that she was quite sure the owl was looking down at her. “I need you to take this to Draco right away.”

She wondered vaguely if owls could sneer. She could have sworn the owl was kinder when Draco had introduced them during a Gryffindor quidditch practice that Hermione and Ron had decided to watch.


They are going to visit Hagrid. We have a problem. Meet me in the potions class after dinner. Bring Anya.


Tying the note to the owl’s leg she watched it fly off to the other side of the school and took a deep breath. She wished she didn’t have to hide this friendship but she was sure the other’s wouldn’t understand.

The only reason Draco seemed to put up with her had been Anya. The girls still had not introduced him to the soft spoken Tara who words had to be coaxed out of. They did not want to scare her off. Though Tara did have the fact that she was a pure blood, if not a rich pureblood family in her favor she wasn’t poor and they had a small degree of name recognition.

Anya had finally, claimed Willow’s family was actually squib descendents of a powerful German family that had fled during the war and with Grindelwald and Hitler had lost track of their magical background. She wasn’t sure if Draco believed it or just used it as an excuse to not have to think about it.


Dinner was a strange affair as Willow kept casting glances at the Slytherin table; glances that were thankfully misinterpreted by Ron and Harry.

“Don’t let that git get to you; staring at him will ruin your dinner.”

“I went looking for you in the library,” Hermione pointed out.

“I was way in the back, no one came by me.”

“I looked every where,” she added.

“I was moving around too. Tell me how everything goes with Hagrid.”

“You could come,” Harry pointed out.

“I can’t I really wish I could but I can’t,” Willow said with a sigh. “Next time?”

“Alright but the holidays are coming up,” Hermione warned.


Willow was pacing the potions room when the door opened and Draco and Anya entered.

“What is this Rosenberg?” Draco asked.

“Well, they want to protect me.”

“What does that mean?” Draco asked.

“Bodyguards,” Anya snapped. “Keep up. Its times like this I’m glad my mother was a pureblood from Norway.”

Draco looked at her confused as Willow giggled. “What?” He asked after a moment.

“Nothing nothing,” Anya said. “Well you can still talk to Maclay.”

“Where is Tara?” Willow asked.

“I can’t get near the Hufflepuffs they are like guard dogs for one of their own. Why didn’t you get her?” Anya stated.

“Hermione is suspicious. I didn’t want her to get any ideas,” Willow said.

“How did you get away from your guardians anyway?” Draco asked.

“Oh they went off to see Hagrid.”

“Do they do this often?” Draco asked.

“Not regularly or anything. Like this might be the second time since the term started.”

“Oh,” Draco said with a frown.

“Oh! No I promised to go next time too.”

“Oh its simple, we’ll use Maclay you have Herbology with her right?”

“But how will they deal with me when I disappear?” Willow asked.

“If we were older we could just pretend you had a boyfriend,” Anya sighed.

“Can you be working on a special potions project?” Draco asked not admitting he enjoyed the witch’s company. He was sure Anya was lying about her descendents but decided not to bother with it. Anya was just as smart as he was and nearly as rich, even his father had approved of the friendship when he wrote him. He had not told his father about Willow except as ‘Anya’s secret friend’ who was in the wrong house. He could always imply it was this Tara girl he had yet to officially meet.

“I actually had an idea that would make my PDA work. It would be a combination of charms and Potions, to make a charmed battery type that would absorb the magic around it. I was going to start working on it during the holiday.”

“You are not going home?” Draco asked.
“No, I don’t know where my parents are, and its not if they would notice if they were home. I will just find a way to get my Hanukah presents sent to me,” Willow said with a shrug.

“Hanukah?” Draco questioned.

“What no Jewish purebloods?” Willow asked glancing at Anya. The younger witch snorted but said nothing.

“Well we could just stop this whatever this is,” Draco pointed out and both girls glared at him. “Or not,” he said taking a step back from the two angry witches.

“Well Tara is good at charms, she could be helping you on your project. Me and Draco are number one and two in potions…”

“And Hermione and I are three and four and then I don’t have to work with the ‘evil Slytherins’,” Willow pointed out not mentioning that there standings were blatant signs of Snape’s favoritism and if they were fair that they were most likely nearly even with each other except for Draco who seemed to have gotten some lessons in potions before starting.

“We’ll work something out and we can slip notes when we go to the potions stores. And if we happen to be in the library at the same time I’m sure we can get Granger out of there.”

“What about Potter and Weasel?” Draco asked.

“You think they go to the library without Hermione dragging them? Not likely. Oh do your houses have any anti owl wards?”



“Okay good,” Willow said simply. “And owls, like today I can send messages.”

“No, I was lucky it was only Greg and Vincent, if Blaise had been in the room he would have nagged to know what it was I had. Most likely tried an Accio.”

“Accio? But that’s a…”

“I said tried, he knows a lot of spells that we won’t learn for years but they rarely work properly or at all for him, mostly it blows up,” Draco explained.

“Oh, okay,” Willow said wondering if it was strange that she had already mastered that spell. But she knew Draco was better than most at hexes and despite being eleven years old lorded over his house like a king. To each their own she supposed.


“Oh Sam you sly dog,” Dean said watching his brother from the front seat of the Impala. Shocked when the window shatters though he is already out of the car heading towards the sniper.

Xander and Faith also jump out of the car and head to the motel room to make sure everyone is alive and there isn’t anything else coming after these two, hoping the blond can handle one sniper.

Faith kicks in the door without preamble shocking the too on the floor. “Woah buddy,” Xander exclaimed when a gun is pointed at both him and Faith. “Shouldn’t you be more worried about the sniper?” He asked even as Faith kicked in the door to the bathroom before declaring the hotel room clear.

Xander took a deep breath that to all looked calming wrinkled his nose in disgust but nodded. “Anyone want to go check out a sniper?” He asked easily one glance out the window showing him the only place he could be an no sign of anyone.

They ran across the street to the rooftop where the only remaining proof turned out be a few shells found on the ground.
“Wait, I don’t understand. Shouldn’t we be talking to the cops?” Ava asked as Xander took another deep breath.
” Trust me, they wouldn’t do us much good,” Sam replied. “These are .223 caliber, subsonic rounds. The guy must have put a suppressor on the rifle.”

“So I guess that means he took blondie?” Faith asked.
“I don’t sm…see any blood so I’m banking on he was taking alive and there is only the one shell.”
“Blond? What Blond?” Sam asked.
“Oh about yay tall, looked like he could handle himself drove a sweet Impala,” Faith explained.
“Dean,” Sam whispered as he pulled out his cell phone and called his brother.
” Hello?”
“Sam, I’ve been looking for you.”
“Yeah. Look, I’m in Indiana — Lafayette,” Sam explained glancing at those around him.
“I know.”
“You do?” Sam asked.
“Yeah, I talked to Ellen. Just got here myself. It’s a real funky town. You ditched me, Sammy.”
“Yeah, I’m sorry. Look, right now, there’s someone after me.”
“What? Who?”
“I don’t know, that’s what we need to find out. Where are you?”
“I’m staying at 5637 Monroe Street. Why don’t you meet me here?”
“Yeah, sure,” Sam says shutting the phone.
“Well come on cutie we don’t have all day,” Faith points out.
“He’s being held at gun point.”
“Sounds like my kind of party,” Faith said drawing her dagger and twirling it.
“Who are you people?” Sam finally asks.
“Winchester right?” Xander asked in return and Sam nodded. “Our old foggies worked together, he sent us to check up on you guys, seems you have a demon problem.”
“Your dad worked with our dad?”
“Oh no that would mean we were related, our Ripper worked with your dad,” Xander explained. “I’m Xander, and this sweet little flower is Faith,” Xander said grunting when Faith punched him.
“We have brother to rescue. Let’s get on that then we can have out demon chat,” Faith interrupted.
“You just want to beat someone up,” Xander said and Faith grinned.

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