Those Darn Kids pt6

Lines from Supernatural 2-11 Hunted taken from: twiz script transcript

Invisible Tea and Snipers

Willow picked at the food on her plate, spring was about to begin and she had been found out a few weeks before. She had assumed, they would get over it, but it had happened right after Draco had tried to get them in trouble with the dragon and that had just made things worse.

Ron blamed her for Draco finding out, claiming she was a Slytherin spy. Hermione and Harry had been more upset that they had been lied to. But either way she had become on the outs with them all.

And because Ron had to explode in public, in the Great Hall of all places, Anya and Draco were avoiding her as well to keep face with their house. The only friend she still had was Tara; and she had told the witch to stop talking to her for a while, since the Hufflepuffs had been picking on her for hanging out with a traitor.

She sighed as a brown school owl swooped onto her plate stealing some of her sausage; she took the note from the offered leg, and began reading. She smiled slightly ignoring the glares from the others at her table.

Maybe she did have one friend left, she thought with a smile not noticing when she left the parchment at the table nor the fact that Ron picked it up.


“Are you sure this is the right place?” Faith asked looking at the slightly run down but otherwise nice house.

“5637 Monroe Street, this is the place,” Sam said even as he thought about the vision Ava had warned him about.

“Oh yeah this is not a trap,” Xander said with a sneer. “Not a trap at all.”

“Well we just have to go in and get Dean, and make whoever is holding him sorry.”

“I like that plan,” Faith said with a grin and Xander rolled his eyes.

“Of course you would, me I like plans that have me attached to my limbs at the end of the plan. This is a trap; you know what those are right? It means guys on the doors, and maybe traps or both. Let me scout it out.”

“Fine, you better not go in,” Faith snarled as Xander broke off from the group and took silent steps towards the house.

“So demons and kidnappers you brothers don’t do anything small. Any idea who would want to take your brother?”

“That could be a pretty long list, though they may be after me.”

“You know what would help with that? Killing the fuckers,” Faith said with a grin.

“It’s not always that easy.”

“There are two people inside, enough charges on the back door to blow anyone sky high. The guy who has your brother, also has a rifle trained on the front door.”

Sam jumped not having noticed Xander’s return. He smiled in return, “Now comes the best part. Bait.”

“Bait?” Sam asked confused.

“I’m so glad you volunteered,” Xander said easily.

“Who’s holding my brother?”

“That’s the funny part, hey Faith remember that guy we found in that cleared out vamp nest, tied to the table?”

“Gordon?” Faith asked. “He seemed okay, had a real zen for vamp slaying. Though we ditched him after a while.”

“It’s hard to find someone who wants to slay vampires as much as Faith, but Gordon did come close.” Xander said.

“Gordon? Damn, we’re the one’s who left him tied up,” Sam said with a sigh.



“Look you guys, I’m glad you warned me, but I can take Gordon. I’ll get my brother, just stay here.”

Faith and Xander exchanged a look. One hunter, even armed wouldn’t be a match for either one of them but they had a feeling this was about more than that. “You have two minutes.”

Thanks man, Sam stood and suddenly smiled. “Faith, I need a favor.”

“Don’t you want to save your brother first pretty boy?” Faith leered.

“I…what? Not that kind of favor,” Sam said and explained his plan. “You know killing things means that shit like this doesn’t happen,” Faith muttered as she pulled out her cell phone.”

Sam slowly approaches the house, as the duo watches from their crouched position. They watched as he purposely set off the first charge and smiled. The boy was smart; they had to give him credit. No sooner had Xander had the thought than the second charge go off.

He stood ready to run inside when Faith grabbed his arm. “That girl was psychic, she warned him.” Sam stepped out quickly enough to show that he was alive before entering the house again.

“Drop the gun,” Sam said holding his own gun to Gordon’s head.

“You shouldn’t take your shoes off around here. You might get tetanus,” Gordon said holding his gun tight.

“Put it down now!” Gordon released the gun allowing it to fall to the floor.

“You wouldn’t shoot me would you Sam? Cause your brother…he thinks you are some kind of saint.”

“Yeah well I wouldn’t be so sure,” Sam said knocking Gordon in the head with the rifle knocking him out, before entering the room to free Dean. He untied his brother and Dean removed his gag.

“Son of a…”

“Dean, no.”

“I let him live once, I’m not making the same mistake twice.”

“Trust me. Gordon’s taken care of. Come on,” Sam said leading the way out and running to where Xander and Faith are hiding, as Gordon comes out of the house shooting.

“You call this “taken care of”? What the hell are we doing?” He yelled as they dropped behind a log. Dean then caught sight of Faith. “Hey.”

“I told him to just shoot him,” Faith said.

“Trust me.” Sam says even as cars pull up around Gordon and police step out guns drawn.

“Not too bad pretty boy,” Faith said as Gordon was cuffed and pushed into the back of a police car.


Willow wrapped her cloak tightly around herself as she made her way out of the portrait hole. Someone had thrown green paint on her scarf and she was still trying to find a spell to get it off. She was pretty sure it was Lavender; she was such a mini Cordelia.

Willow did not notice that the portrait stayed open longer than it should as she made her way down the stairs and onto the Hogwarts grounds. Reaching Hagrid’s hut she knocked on the door and heard Fangs excited barks.

“Back Fang! Back!” Hagrid called as he pulled open the door.

“Ah! Willow there you are! Come in!” Hagrid said as Fang pushed past him to lick at Willow who smiled and petted the dog before Hagrid moved him away. “I have some tea and rock cakes.”

“I’ll have some tea,” Willow said gratefully, eyeing the rock cake with worry. As Hagrid poured her glass she glanced at Fang who perked up for a moment before settling sleepily at Hagrid’s feet.

“Willow, I heard you were hanging around that Malfoy boy. Willow he’s a bad sort, him and his dad, Lucius Malfoy was a big supporter of You-Know-Who.”

“I know,” Willow said sadly. “But Anya likes him.”

“But, it’s not safe for you to be around all those Slytherins. They don’t like muggle borns. Harry, Ron, and Hermione, those are good friends.”

Willow sniffed then and launched into a full babble. “They won’t talk to me, they think I told Draco about the dragon, but I wouldn’t I know he doesn’t like them and I didn’t want them to get in trouble and it was dangerous but I wouldn’t tell. They were my friends. I never had so many friends before. And they didn’t just want me to do their homework. Hermione wanted to study with me. I can’t even talk to Tara, because the Hufflepuffs don’t want her talking to a traitor.”

Hagrid pulled out a handkerchief that looked impossibly small in his large hand before handing it to Willow. She sniffed and took it gratefully wiping at her tears and blowing her nose before continuing at a speed Hagrid could follow.

“And all the Gryffindors hate me. The twins are the only ones that still talk to me but not really. They are third years you know? Like I know they hexed this sixth year that threw my books on the floor in the common room. I sit next to Percy now, he doesn’t say anything to me but no one does stuff so it’s not too bad. Except in the dorm, Lavender Brown is such a mini Cordelia. I know she’s the one who put green ink on my scarf. Parvati just ignores me like Hermione does. I mean it’s only seven years, Willow said softly. I haven’t had friends for longer. What’s a few more years right? At least I get to learn magic. I can go to the library and study more.”

It was Hagrid’s turn to sniffle loudly pulling another much larger handkerchief from his pocket. “Willow you need friends.”

“Well I think, next year won’t be so bad, and I can make friends with Tara again. She’s not mad at me. I don’t want her house getting angry. And…and that’s still a lot.”

“I think I should talk to Harry, Hermione, and Ron.”

“No! No! It’s okay, I lied to them they should be mad. Draco is not even that nice, Anya had to yell at him a lot and he was always calling me ‘mudblood’.” Hagrid gasped and Willow could have sworn she heard an echo of it.

“Willow, that’s a very…that’s not a word you should ever repeat.”

“Is it that bad? I thought it was just like muggle born, but-“

“It’s bad.”

“Oh. Well she made him stop after a while.” Willow stood and walked over to Hagrid and gave the seated half giant a hug her arms unable to even make it halfway around his middle. Hagrid returned the hug stroking the red hair, which reminded him fiercely of another muggle born witch.

“Thank you for the tea Hagrid.”

“You’re welcome Willow, come by any time.”

“I will,” Willow said standing and making her way out of the hut. Hagrid glanced out the window and frowned.

“It’s dark already I’ll walk you back to the castle. Come on Fang,” Hagrid said leading Willow to the door as Fang trotted behind them. Once the door closed, a very subdued trio removed Harry’s invisibility cloak.

“Bloody hell,” Ron whispered while Hermione sniffed. “That…that git calling her that. And she was still nice to him.”

Harry and Hermione nodded, both having had to restrain Ron when Willow mentioned what Draco had been calling her. Even with all her reading so far, she had not come across the word. But Hagrid’s grave reaction and Ron’s anger was enough to let her know how bad the word must be.

“What do we do now?” Hermione whispered. The things Willow had said, it could have so easily been her. It had been her the first few months. Because she was always in a book and Willow was as well they had never really spoken before the troll incident.

“We talk to Willow,” Harry said softly. He had spent years friendless, because the other children were afraid of Dudley. Harry could not believe he had become Dudley Dursley of all people.

Willow waved goodbye to Hagrid, as she climbed into the portrait hole, glad he had walked her all the way up when they passed Filch on the stairs of the sixth floor. Willow looked around the common room and smiled. Percy was studying in a corner quietly and as usual the students gave him a wide berth.

Though she really only had to worry about first and second years. Most of the older students didn’t really care what a first year got up to. She went to her room and nearly burst into tears. Glad her trunk had been locked; she ignored the bed and pulled out her wand, and unlocked her trunk and pulled out her Charms book, and notes for the essay they had to do. If she was lucky she might be able to find a cleaning charm in there as well.

Sniffing quietly she made her way back to the common room, and took a seat near Percy where she started to read. Sniffing every so often she read or tried to as her vision became blurry. She wiped frantically at her eyes, but the conversation with Hagrid had made every thing come to the front of her mind. It was too bad she couldn’t make everyone forget that this had ever happened.

She was surprised when a crisp white handkerchief appeared before her face. She took it gently, “Thank you.” Percy nodded seriously before returning to his book.

Neither noticed when the portrait hole opened and three Gryffindors entered. Willow who was trying to stop the tears never noticed as Hermione made her way across the room quickly, and wrapped her arms around a stunned Willow.

“Look Willow, we’re sorry, we shouldn’t have stopped talking to you even if you were kissing that git Malfoy.”

Willow’s face was one of shock and horror at that thought. “Ew! No! And I think Anya would hex my lips off or something,” she added as Hermione released her from the hug.

“We’re sorry Willow,” Harry said seriously.

“You’re talking to me again?” Willow asked surprised.

“If you want us to,” Hermione said.

“Oh. Oh! Yes,” Willow exclaimed as Percy stood and moved away a slight smile on his face.

“What are you doing?” Ron asked glancing at the text.

“The Charms essay.”

“But it’s not due for three weeks!” Ron exclaimed.
”Honestly Ronald,” Hermione said with a sigh and Willow and Harry grinned even as the pair continued to bicker. Willow’s mind seemed to replace Ron and Hermione for an instant pair of dark haired teens that bickered incessantly.

“Maybe we should lock them in a broom closet,” Willow said softly, though only Harry caught it and frowned, thinking on his cupboard under the stairs.


Once the police had driven off, Dean finally focused his energy on the duo with his brother, standing and stepping away from them he eyed them with suspicion. “So who are you two?”



“They’re hunter’s Dean; they heard about the demon and want to help.”

“Help? Help? Or hunt?” Dean snapped wishing he had a gun at the moment. How did he know these guys weren’t Gordon’s back up plan?

“Hunt what?” Xander asked perplexed. “We’re here to help.”

“Why should we trust you?” Dean asked coldly.

“We just help save your sorry ass,” Faith snapped and Xander put a calming arm on her shoulder.

“It’s okay Faith; remember why we split up from Gordon finally?” Faith’s eyes widened.


“At least Gordon thinks so.”

“Cut the cryptic bullshit, and tell me why we shouldn’t leave you on the side of the road.”

“Hand me that branch,” Faith said glancing back at the log they had been hiding behind.

“Crazy bitch,” Dean said looking at the branch that had to be at least twice as thick as his arm. Faith rolled her eyes and picked it up easily with one hand, than tossed it to Xander who caught it just as easily though he grunted slightly.

Sam’s reaction was to start incanting in Latin. Xander dropped the log as they both started reciting with him. Sam stopped when he realized what they were doing.

“They always think we’re demons, we don’t even do the black eye thing, but the first thing is demon, you think with other hunters, hunting them they wouldn’t jump straight to demon, but noooo.”

“Xander shut up.”

“What are you two?” Sam finally asked.

“Fuck if we know, we’re stronger, faster, and can go skinny dipping in holy water.”

“Yes she’s done it,” Xander said seriously. “We’ve been hearing stories lately of other people who can do this, and we were thinking of checking them out before G-man sent us on this find the Winchester boys and help them deal with the demon mission thing.”

Dean seemed to be contemplating whether or not to trust them, while Sam had already made his decision. “Did either of your parents die in a house fire?”

“Fuck if I know I got out of that shit hole as fast as I could.”

“What she said, we’ve been with Giles for years. Who knows why he even decided to take us in,” Xander said. “But he made hunters of us.”

“Giles? Why does that name sound familiar?” Sam mused.

“He knew your old man; I think he might have called in a favor.”

“Not possible,” Dean growled. “Dad’s dead.”

“Sorry man, but sometimes we lose touch with Giles for months, when he’s off searching for this relic or that text. He may not be in the fight anymore but he’s still stopping them his way. So who knows when your dad asked, or if he did. Giles may have just heard about your troubles and thought we were the freaks to fix it,” Xander said with a shrug.

“So that’s it? You drop everything to come help us?” Dean asked.

“Dean.” Sam warned.

“Drop what everything? You hunt, we hunt. What difference does it make where it happens?” Xander asked.

“Enough of this, Dean they are on our side. They helped me with you and I really want to go find Ava. I just have a bad feeling. How long is it to Peoria?” Sam asked putting away his cell phone.

“You sweet on her?” Dean asked with a grin.

“She’s engaged Dean.”


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