Just a list of fics, fan vids, sites, or even other rec lists that I think are worth mentioning. Be warned I do lean towards agnsty epics and series.

The Danger of a Rec page though is that you start wanting to read everything. And yes I will recommend other rec pages!

Lord of the Rings
Series By the Magic Rat
The Gift
The Last Homely House
A Far Distant Shore WIP

 Somewhere I Have Never Travelled
By: Jen
Author’s Summary: Clark decides on a change of lifestyle. Lex decides on a change in the status quo. And the world’s doomed.
*Also available as Audio Fic: Read by Issaro (yes it’s on my ipod)

A Date With the President
by: Henry Jones Jr.
Author’s Summary: Clark and Lex further their relationship after meeting again, five years in the future. General Spoilers/AU
Rated NC-17

Themed Clex Recs on LJ

Stocks and Bonds of Holy Matrimony
By: Abi
Author’s Summary: As a reporter, you would think Clark would pay more attention to what he says around them. But you would be wrong.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Video: Best of Spike 100 Clips

Sweet Memories
By: Kayla
Author’s Summary: Spike and Xander encounter a powerful demon, and the resulting battle has life altering consequences.

By: lazuli.kat
Author’s Summary: The future. When Spike’s hurt, who does he turn to?
Spoilers: Selectively into S6, then it’s AU

Video: T-Money Ted Raimi
Video: Joxer the Mighty Theme – Clip from Illusia
Video: Keven Smith (Ares) and Joel Tolbeck (Strife) Sing 

Harry Potter
Sacrifices Arc Books 1-7
By: Lightning on the Wave
Author’s Summary: Eventual HPDM slash, very Slytherin!Harry. Harry’s twin Connor is the Boy Who Lived, and Harry is devoted to protecting him by making himself look ordinary. But certain people won’t let Harry stay in the shadows…
Blue’s Note: This is an Epic 7 books complete in PDF format. In about 200 page sections with about 3 sections per book. I lost sleep reading this the first time and can’t wait to do it again.

Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past WIP
Last updated 04/2008
By: Viridian
Author’s Summary: The War is over and Voldemort is finally dead. Too bad there’s no one left to celebrate. Harry risks everything, even returning Voldemort to life, for a chance to go back and do it right this time.

Author’s summary: Abandoned on the streets of London, 16 year old Harry Potter must find a way to survive. What’s the BoyWhoLived to do?

Author’s summary: Sequel to Abandon!In love with the man he’s expected to kill and member of the esteemed Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter must fight in a war in which he is divided. Can he lead his world to peace?

Prophecies We Don’t Need No Stinking Prophecies WIP
Last Update:1/2008
Fandoms: Buffy/Harry Potter
By: Greywizard
Author’s Summary: How would things have changed if Harry Potter was raised by the Scooby Gang?

There and Back Again: The Horsemen’s Tale
Fandoms: Buffy/Highlander
By: angrymonkey
Author’s Summary: Cordelia makes a different wish in season three and lands Willow and Xander in a new world, with a few changes.

Video: I’m a Marvel and I’m a DC (I’m a Mac and I’m a PC parody)
Also on

Lastly, rec Me! Periodically I request recs on my LJ if a New Fandom catches my eye or if I can’t find fic to read. So if you read something rec’d here and think I would like it drop me a line at midnightscribbles[at]gmail[dot]com

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