Never Never Land pt1

Title: Never Never Land
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: R
Pairings: Spike/Xander, Clark/Lex, Dick/Bruce, Ares/Joxer, Cupid/Strife, etc…
Fandoms: Multi Centered in Buffyverse w/ support from Ultimate Spiderman, DC, Smallville, Xena/Hercules, Ultimate X-Men and a few surprises along the way,
Summary: Xander wakes in a strange place where superhero’s and gods are real, and they all have been captured. For what and by whom has yet to be discovered.
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Never Never Land pt2

Willow stared at the vampire at her side and frowned. Spike was pacing agitated and if it wasn’t for his chip and the fact that she was sure, he wouldn’t hurt her for Xander’s sake if nothing else she may have been worried.

Spike had dragged her into the basement of the magic shop claiming he needed something to clear a nest of roach like demons from his crypt ant that it was a two person spell and now she was a hearing this.
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Never Never Land pt3

Lex looked up as Clark entered into his study. “Hello Clark.”

“Lex I want to know what you were up to at Summerholt.” Lex stared at Clark for a long moment and frowned. Reaching into his desk drawer he had his handgun in his hand before he looked back at the farm boy,

“You want to know what?” Lex asked slowly releasing the safety as he spoke. “Did you acquire some new jewelry while you were gone?”

“Don’t avoid the subject Lex. I want the truth, if you are even capable of that.”
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Never Never Land pt4

“Bows and arrows love and mush?” Xander exclaimed. “Aren’t you supposed to be a baby?”

“Bliss steals my arrows one time…” Cupid mutters.


“My son god of joy and happiness, Obvious spawn of Mischief himself, with all the trouble he gets into, Who are you mortal?”

“Xander Harris. Now since you are a god and all can you get us out of these?”

“If you think…”

“Cupid, can you call Strife? I can’t call Ares, but I am just a mortal,” Joxer interjected trying to calm the god and learn more about their situation from someone he trusted.

The blond paused and frowned. “Its like he’s not there.”

“Look as fun as all this getting to know each other is we need to figure out a plan to get out of here. Before whoever took us comes back,” Dick states even as he attempts to work out of his chains.
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Never Never Land pt5

Logan shifted around the Chemistry lab impatiently as Willow performed some tests on the two substances. Writing notes into a little pad she had pulled out of her bag. Watching the red head Logan smiled the lab coat she had placed on reminding him of Jean.

Willow glanced up and smiled slightly at the mutant and gasped as she looked through the microscope.

“What is it Wills?” Buffy asked from her perch at the other end of the lab table.

“It’s held together by a combination of Frog DNA and a sample of whoever they are copying. But it’s not a perfect formula. Even with the magic traces it degrades normally within three weeks. The Frog shares the same DNA pattern and eating it can help it stabilize the body when it needs to heal. I also think it may help slow the degrading process to keep the creature alive up to six months,” Willow added after doing some quick calculations.
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Never Never Land pt6

Buffy snorted. “I think you’re confused. Xander doesn’t have any kind of power. He gets the snacks.”

“All hail donut king,” Xander muttered a tad bit annoyed at the slayer and felt some satisfaction when his last hyena a little more then silver wisps jumped at the Slayer though it simply swirled past her, or Xander thought until he saw the little pinpricks of blood on the arm she had raised to defend herself.

“Xan was that what I think it was?” Spike asked.
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Never Never Land pt7

Carrying another body down the stairs they had reached the chains before they realized what was wrong. Dropping the limp body on the floor they looked about the room and saw the hole.

At a speed no human could match they followed the trail out into the woods, then onto the Path. Sensing the direction they speedily made their way only to be barred by the statues of the Endless; all which had left their path waiting, The statue of Destruction shifted then bowed in the direction of the creature, who staggered back onto the path.
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Never Never Land pt8

A/N: Sorry about the super hiatus…at first I could blame school but now it’s August. Mostly the story spiraled out of control and I’ve been working on a plan to reign it in. The story will be spiraling down a couple different and hopefully be easier to follow than a dozen or so characters interacting at once. It will also be getting darker.

* Mental communication*


Xander blinked looking around. He remembered what he had said but he also had memories of the time that flash forwarded. Breaking up into teams, that had broken up all couples for their supposed safety, a spell that would send them where they were needed and where it was possible that she could be as well, and casting the spell with the help of Willow and Dawn’s blood that should anything go wrong they would instantly be drawn back to the magic shop. The right magic shop in the right universe they hoped.
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Those Darn Kids pt1

Title: Those Darn Kids
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: R
Parings: Willow/Tara, Buffy/Spike, Anya/Draco, Faith/?, Xander/?, Giles/?
Fandoms: Anita Blake, Harry Potter, Supernatural, and a dash of Herc/Xena
Summary: The powers that be wanted balance and they would have had it too if it wasn’t for those darn kids. So they get rid of those kids and their vampire too. At least they tried.


Balance that was what they were there for. Not good not evil. Balance. That was what many did not understand. What they never explained to their champions, why the slayers were the way they were never to live more than a year or two. Until this unremarkable slayer, was revived by the prophecy breaker. In their millennia this was only the second time the balance had been thrown into such chaos it had been done by a pair of demi gods and mortals.

“You place them on par with the Greeks?” He asked and she shook her head.
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Those Darn Kids pt2

Classes at the Roadhouse

Willow had taken her seat in her potions class she had her quill ready and poised as the professor entered the room and all she could think of was broody and when she heard him she had the unnerving urge to hex his legs together he was quite the grumpy pants.

“…and even put a stopper in death.”

Willow shook her head. You could always bring the person back. Who needs a stopper when you can reverse it? Willow looked around nervously as Snape reprimanded the boy in front of her. Harry Potter, he had been in some of the books she had gotten and she really didn’t think not dying was that big of a deal.
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Those Darn Kids pt3

A/N: Spoilers…Season 2 of Supernatural focused on Hunted and All Hell Breaks Lose Pt 1 & 2.
HP: books 1-6 with random non crucial things pulled from DH. IE if you haven’t read DH you won’t know I didn’t make it up. Heck I made some of it up before I read DH and turned out to be right. AB: Post Danse Macabre, pre Harlequin. And honestly this only matters in relationship to lovers, and the sweet mother.

Troll!!!! In St. Louis

“Spike I have nothing to wear to St. Louis.”

Said vampire arched a scarred brow looking at Dawn who shrugged and plopped down beside him on the couch. She had a small bag of cookies and offered one to the vampire who took a bite. He wiggled his fingers over the cookies and she shook her head with sigh. Buffy was lost within her walk in closet which was larger than some apartments. To make matters worse she had two. One for clothes the other for shoes.
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Those Darn Kids pt4

As per usual the moment the class let out most of the Gryffindors fled. Though Hermione did pause to look at Willow who smiled and waved her on to where Ron and Harry were waiting just outside the room as if it was safer from Snape.

Willow glanced at the professor who was clearing the board and wondered how she could put this. She noticed the Slytherins that had lagged behind as well and she knew Draco and Anya would back her and felt a little stronger when Anya smiled nodding at her.
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Those Darn Kids pt5

“Come on Spike,” Dawn nagged the vampire who was completely covered in a black robe similar to a Burqa complete with UV filtering face mesh. While he could move about in direct sunlight he could not risk accidental contact with his skin, he had no desire to burst into flames.

“I do not look like bloody Darth Vader,” Spike snapped and Dawn rolled her eyes.

“So who’s picking us up?” Buffy asked as she appeared at his side dragging her luggage; Oz close behind with Dawn’s his own duffel tossed over his shoulder.
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Those Darn Kids pt6

Lines from Supernatural 2-11 Hunted taken from: twiz script transcript

Invisible Tea and Snipers

Willow picked at the food on her plate, spring was about to begin and she had been found out a few weeks before. She had assumed, they would get over it, but it had happened right after Draco had tried to get them in trouble with the dragon and that had just made things worse.

Ron blamed her for Draco finding out, claiming she was a Slytherin spy. Hermione and Harry had been more upset that they had been lied to. But either way she had become on the outs with them all.
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Those Left Behind pt1

Title: Those Left Behind 1/?
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: R
Parings: Fred/Wesley, more possible
Fandoms: a dash of Herc/Xena, BTVS, Angel
Disclaimer: Don’t own it.
Summary: The Powers that Be sent the scoobies to the far corners of the multi verse. But there is still a hell mouth and it still needs guarding.
Author’s notes: Companion piece to Those Darn Kids. Though you don’t need to read that to under stand this.

“He’s been gone three months guys,” Cordelia said as she, Wesley, and Gunn entered the hotel. The latter carrying grime covered weapons. “And this place isn’t called, Cordelia Investigations.”

“He will return when he’s ready,” Wesley said.

“Yeah, he lost the love of his life and all that,” Gunn said.
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Those Left Behind pt2

Wolfram and Hart Sunnydale offices

Lilah Morgan entered the Sunnydale branch of the Wolfram and Hart offices and shook her head. The firm had never had a presence on the hellmouth due to some bargain that the former Mayor had enacted. Two years ago they had decided to go scouting, the team had never returned.

But now with Angel, moving back to Sunnydale it was her duty to keep the Partners interest in Angel close. She would need to see if there were any major players in the town now that the Slayer and her entire team had been taken out by a hell god. Sadly not before killing said hell god.
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Those Left Behind pt3

Revello Drive, Sunnydale, CA

Angel stood outside 1630 Revello Drive, and sighed. The house looked undisturbed, either the demons had not known were Buffy lived. It may have only been him and Spike who had made the connection. Spike. Who had died with Buffy as well, killed by of all things a hell portal.

It had taken the entire gang, even little Dawn. And somehow he felt it was better that way. He did not think they could survive without each other. The Scoobies had become a family closer than blood. To lose one would most likely shatter the rest.

He walked up to the door pushing it open and stepping inside easily. Even without his invitation he would have gotten in. They were all gone, Joyce has been first, and had at least had not needed to outlive her daughters.
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