‘Glorfindel’ of Gondolin pt1

He rode into the elven haven and smiled. The stories did it no just Imladris was a beautiful valley. Turning his horse to the left as he had been directed to get to the stables. He was nearly there when two tiny forms darted in front of the horse, shaking his head he dismounted and allowed her to investigate a patch off grass as he went to find the little ones.

“Hello?” He called coming upon the pair as they hid behind a bush both shushed him putting fingers to their lips as two sets of tiny hands pulled him down not realizing he could never fit in their hiding place.
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‘Glorfindel’ of Gondolin pt2

The moment Glorfindel entered the dining hall he realized he should have explained to Elrond. The place was decorated lavishly. And a great sign hung welcoming Glorfindel of Gondolin to Imladris and Glorfindel moaned.

“This is all wrong…” he muttered as the servant led him to the head table. Elrond sat there with a beautiful silver haired female the twins were already eating their meal and both waved excitedly at the blond who waved back.

At a loss on what to do next Glorfindel stood there nervously as Elrond cleared his throat. “People of Imladris, we have been blessed with the presence of a great warrior reborn from the halls of Mandos…” Glorfindel lowered his head and flushed scarlet. How was he supposed to explain it now without making everyone hate him and embarrass Elrond. Who was kind enough to accept it in the first place, but he had to, he couldn’t let the people believe this.
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‘Glorfindel’ of Gondolin pt3

Glorfindel was seated at the head table in the dining hall despite his demanded rank of introductory soldier. After the meal he was going to spar, to determine what his best placing would be.

Erestor entered the room and Glorfindel did not have to look to know it. He simply heard the twin shrieks. “E’stor!” The twins yelled jumping out of their seats and running to the elf. Each twin taking a leg.

Laughing Erestor pried them off and lifted a twin to rest on each side of his hip. “Hello boys. What has happed since I left?”

“We met Fin!”
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12 Lonely Nights – COMPLETE

Title: 12 lonely nights
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Pairings: Erestor/Glorfindel Elrond/Celebrian
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor has a yule idea that goes very wrong for him.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warnings: Angst,
Authors Notes:

-A week before Yule-

“Erestor that’s a wonderful idea, I would have never thought of such. Whatever gave you such an idea?”

“It’s a human tradition I had read about some years ago and I overheard some of the kitchen staff discussing how they would love to give the head chef something but did not want to look as the were asking for favors liked the gossips tended to say. And I supposed there would be more elves simply embarrassed to give gifts to their superiors. Or even their lord.”

Elrond smiled. “But how will they know who’s is which?”

“I was thinking of making them in colors other than yule ones, for example burgundy and gold for you and if the tailor has time he can initial each one.” Continue reading

A Dolls Skin pt1

Elrond clutched Gil-Galdad’s spear close as he stood in command. The battle had been won at a high price. So many were lost and it was no where near done yet. Mustering up his courage and pushing back his grief he commanded the men.

“We must see if any of the ones he captured survived. Glorfindel I leave that to you. Isildur! Come with me,” Elrond said leading the king of men to Mt. Doom.

“Come Glorfindel said leading a few of the high Kings elves, a few humans and a few Mirkwood elves. They all had a vested interest in finding some survivors. They entered the dark palace and killed the few skurring orcs.
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A Dolls Skin pt2

It was well past dinner when Erestor brought himself out of his work having taken on Elrond’s duties as well as his own knowing the half elf would want to tend on the hobbit until all is well. So he was surprised to see Elrond standing at the door tray in hand.

“I had a feeling I would find you here,” Elrond said entering the office placing the tray down and pulling the chair closer to Erestor’s desk.

“Does this mean the hobbit is well?”

“Frodo, and we feel all is well. It will be sometime before he wakes but he will. Now you must eat.”
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A Dolls Skin pt3

Chapter 3

Erestor was traveling to the library when he was embraced from both sides. A kiss placed on each porcelain cheek as the twins fell into step with him.

“Good Afternoon Erestor.”

“Elladan, Elrohir.”

“So Erestor, we need your help,” Elladan began.

“Yes see we saw something this morning,” Elrohir added and Erestor stiffened.
“Ada has a lover.”

“See this is why we need your help. We don’t know, all we saw was a mass of black hair. Nothing else. All we know is that it is not, Glorfindel and a few others with brown hair. But do you know who Ada would be with? And why he would hide it from us.”
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Behind Closed Doors pt01

Title: Behind Closed Doors
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Pairings: Elrond/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian, Haldir/Melpomean , Celebrian/OMC
Rating: R
Summary: Melpomean is the first to show more than indifference to Erestor. But After a lifetime of such treatment can Erestor change the elf he was made into.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, Angst, child abuse,

“I just don’t see it,” Glorfindel said to Elrond as they watched Erestor speak to Melpomaen his assistant. The Chief Advisor was as he always was, stern commanding and not showing a hint of emotion on his pale face.

“I have it on good authority that it is in fact so.”

“But he’s so cold and stiff, and Mel is so shy and jumpy. Look he’s not even looking Erestor in the eye,” Glorfindel pointed out.

Elrond watched as Erestor dolled out instructions to the younger elf. Melpomaen nodded and wrote notes quickly as the Chief Advisor continued to speak. As he searched for the tiniest form of affection he had to wonder if Glorfindel wasn’t right.
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Behind Closed Doors pt02

Title: Behind Closed Doors 2/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Pairings: Elrond/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian, Haldir/Melpomean , Celebrian/OMC
Rating: R
Summary: Melpomean is the first to show more than indifference to Erestor. But After a lifetime of such treatment can Erestor change the elf he was made into.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, Angst, child abuse,

Erestor work as he often did more exhausted from a night of nightmares then if he had stayed awake. At the very least he had finally stopped screaming, enough maids and guards had reprimanded him.

He bathed and dressed methodically and headed down to breakfast. Celebrian was sitting at the table chatting animatedly with Glorfindel while Elrond filled their plates. None looked up as Erestor took a seat at the other end of the table leaving room for the twins and the other heads of the household to join them.

Melpomean was the next to join them, and winced at the sight. The only way to describe it was that Erestor was swathed in darkness while the others were bathed in a happy glow. Sitting across from Glorfindel, he was immediately taken into the conversation. And the next time Erestor came across his mind and he spared a glance at the elf, he was in the same hunched over pose silently eating his breakfast.
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Behind Closed Doors pt03

Title: Behind Closed Doors 3/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Pairings: Elrond/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian, Haldir/Melpomean , Celebrian/OMC
Rating: R
Summary: Melpomean is the first to show more than indifference to Erestor. But After a lifetime of such treatment can Erestor change the elf he was made into.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, Angst, child abuse,

“Will it really be that easy?”

“He was left with nothing to fight us. There will be no one to protect him and I will never give him the option of coming to me.”

“What of Rumil? I do not want to see a valiant elf suffer. Especially one under our brother’s domain. He will not take that well.”

“Give your lady the truth, that will protect him, and you know he will not have the normal reaction.”

“Does he have a normal reaction?”

“Now that is a foolish question. There is nothing normal about that bestial farce of an elf. And every day he lives is an insult to the song.”

“But he will not die.” Continue reading

Behind Closed Doors pt04

Title: Behind Closed Doors 4/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Pairings: Elrond/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian, Haldir/Melpomean , Celebrian/OMC
Rating: R
Summary: Melpomean is the first to show more than indifference to Erestor. But After a lifetime of such treatment can Erestor change the elf he was made into.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, Angst, child abuse,

Rumil continued to lead Erestor through the garden until they could only faintly hear the music in the distance. He paused and admired Erestor looking at the way the robe hugged the slender body.

“I want you to take me.”

Rumil’s head snapped up to Erestor’s mouth. Had he just heard right?

“What?” Erestor looked at Rumil and wondered what he was asking about he hadn’t said a word. Then again he was wondering why Rumil had decided to drag him through the gardens. Though he was grateful for not having to stay at the celebration. It would only have been a matter of time before someone told him that he did not belong there.

Rumil looked up at the sky and the stars and smiled. “Aren’t they beautiful?”
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Behind Closed Doors pt05

Title: Behind Closed Doors 5/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Pairings: Elrond/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian, Haldir/Melpomean , Celebrian/OMC
Rating: R
Summary: Melpomean is the first to show more than indifference to Erestor. But After a lifetime of such treatment can Erestor change the elf he was made into.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, Angst, child abuse,

The return to Lorien was delayed due to allowing Erestor enough time to heal to be able to ride for weeks on end.

The journey to Lothlorien was one of a clear division. As soon as the party left the gates of Imladris the division could be seen. Celebrian and her escort were leading the party and Haldir and the Lorien guard brought up the rear. In the middle separated from both groups rode Erestor.

When they set up camp the two groups would mingle and joke both ignoring Erestor once his essential needs had been filled and on the second night went as far as to light a second smaller fire away from the group and after handing Erestor his meal pointed him towards it.

Erestor for his part did not put up any kind of fight. He did not try to engage anyone in conversation. If he caught the occasional glances Rumil sent his way or the glares from Haldir he did nothing to acknowledge it. He was simply a shadow and after a week of traveling the distinction between the groups became more and more blurred.
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Behind Closed Doors pt06

Title: Behind Closed Doors 6/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Pairings: Elrond/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian, Haldir/Melpomean , Celebrian/OFC
Rating: R
Summary: Melpomean is the first to show more than indifference to Erestor. But After a lifetime of such treatment can Erestor change the elf he was made into.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, Angst, child abuse, mentions of rape

The twins stared dispassionately at the form in the healing wing. When they had found Erestor they had fought with a passion unmatched as they had been informed of their father’s plan shortly before leaving to spend some months with the rangers.

They had assumed it was their mother returning early leaving Erestor and most of the guards behind, traveling with just a few messengers, nothing near enough defense from a pack of orcs.

When they had entered the cave and seen the pale legs and the orcs between them they had been mad with rage. Killing the entire band within minutes before realizing it was Erestor not their mother.
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Behind Closed Doors pt07

Title: Behind Closed Doors 7/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Pairings: Elrond/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian, Haldir/Melpomean , Celebrian/OFC
Rating: R Summary: Melpomean is the first to show more than indifference to Erestor. But After a lifetime of such treatment can Erestor change the elf he was made into.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson Warnings: AU, Angst, child abuse, mentions of rape

Elrond watched as Erestor dropped the stack of scrolls in his hands, fell to his knees clutching his head and screamed. Physically Erestor was fine, emotionally he was far from it, he was tormented by not only nightmares in his sleep but waking nightmares.

He rarely had a few hours peace. As it was Erestor barely ate and he barely slept. The signs showed on the elf, who was little more than sharp bones jutting out from his woolen robes, the constant bags under his eyes and the steady decline in his quality of work.

It was why he had done what he did. It was clear Erestor was content to stay here and make a slow trip to Mando’s halls. Elves went out of their way to avoid him. Council meetings were spent with elves watching nervously to see if this would be the moment Erestor collapsed or got lost in another waking nightmare.
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Behind Closed Doors pt08

Title: Behind Closed Doors 8/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Pairings: Elrond/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian, Haldir/Melpomean , Celebrian/OFC
Rating: R
Summary: Melpomean is the first to show more than indifference to Erestor. But After a lifetime of such treatment can Erestor change the elf he was made into.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson Warnings: AU, Angst, child abuse, mentions of rape

There was no one to greet his ship and it drifted to the shore settling into the sandy bank. Stumbling off the ship he blindly walked until he collapsed against a tree.

“So now you like trees?” A melodic voice snarled and Erestor looked up confused. “How dare you come back here as if you are welcome. This place is sacred and your very presence taints it. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry! Sorry! Sorry won’t bring back my trees. Sorry won’t bring back the things you destroyed. Sorry won’t make anything better. You disgust me.”

Erestor nodded slowly, he already knew all of this. Hadn’t they always told him?

“Why are you even here?” She asked glaring.

“They thought I would die. So the didn’t want to leave me there.”
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Behind Closed Doors pt09

Title: Behind Closed Doors 9/10
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Pairings: Elrond/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian, Haldir/Melpomean , Celebrian/OFC
Rating: R
Summary: Melpomean is the first to show more than indifference to Erestor. But After a lifetime of such treatment can Erestor change the elf he was made into.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, Angst, child abuse, mentions of rape

Glorfindel looked at Lindir a book of poetry in his hand as he walked smiling towards the garden. Both elves turned at the sounds of sobbing. Glorfindel and Lindir came up upon the source of the sobbing at the same time.

“Melpomean? What’s wrong?”

“The last thing I ever told Erestor was that he deserved it. Who deserves to be ravaged by a pack of orcs?” Melpomean stated between sobs.

The two elves sat on either side of the councilor and smiled softly wrapping him up in a three way hug letting the elf calm himself down. Glorfindel pulled back smiling at the elf and wiping his tears away.

“Did Erestor ever get any of this?” Melpomean asked tears starting anew. It was Glorfindel’s turn to look distressed.

“Erestor did, he was quite the cuddler in his day,” Lindir said with a soft smile.

“What?” Glorfindel asked.
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Behind Closed Doors pt10

Title: Behind Closed Doors 10/10
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Pairings: Elrond/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian, Haldir/Melpomean , Celebrian/OFC
Rating: R
Summary: Melpomean is the first to show more than indifference to Erestor. But After a lifetime of such treatment can Erestor change the elf he was made into.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, Angst, child abuse, mentions of rape

“Erestor! Wake up you silly elf!” Erestor groaned as something large and loud bounced around him.


“I don’t know how Ada puts up with you as Chief Advisor you never get up in the morning.”

“Elladan, my dear dear brother, get out.”

“Erestor, its your binding day…” Elladan started.

“I know exactly what day it is; it will still be my binding day in an hour. I wanted a night ceremony for a reason.”
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Bound pt01

Title: Bound Prologue

Author: Blue Gold

E-mail: bluegold@surfy.net

Pairings: Legolas/Aragorn, Legolas/Boromir, Elladan/Legolas/Elrohir, Thranduil/Elrond, Elladan/Elrohir, *Turin/Laieth

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Mirkwood elves are kept as pleasure slaves. When Aragorn leaves to go on the quest, he takes Legolas with him. When the others discover that Legolas is a slave, they confront Aragorn. To keep them from attacking him, Aragorn gives them permission to play with his elf.

Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not own any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson. *Turin & Laieth are the only characters out of my own head and look all they do is have sex hmmm..

Warning: Non-Consensual Sexual Situations, Rape, Abuse, Character Death, Incest

Authors Notes:

* A response to the plot bunny by Cheysuli. Special thanks to Cheysuli for being my beta as well.

* Tracks by Evanescence used without permission. I also deleted one word in ‘Tourniquet’ .

* The prologue takes place about 60 years before the Fellowship based on Aragorn’s age in the books.

* Now I know elves die if they are raped but of course that wouldn’t work here, who wants a sex slave that dies on you?

Feedback: Please My first LOTR fic. Be kind or at least constructive.

Elrond looks out from his balcony watching his four children. Arwen is currently talking and her brothers are enraptured at the tale she is telling. One brother though was looking at Arwen in a way no brother should. But could he truly blame Estel? He is after all his foster son and even as a child he loved Arwen, clinging to her skirts all the time. He had thought it cute at the time, but Now¡¦ It was not a road he wanted for his only daughter.

Elrond wonders how he could deter Aragorn. He had tried to present him with a slave a few years ago and Aragon had shown no interest whatsoever. Elrond turned as he saw his own elf enter the chamber with a tray holding his lunch on and set it on the table.

“Go get Legolas, I would like a song to take my mind off my troubles,” Thranduil nods and leaves swiftly to collect his son from his favorite spot in Imladris. He quickly makes his way to the slave gardens. He passes by Elrond’s children silently. Elrond smiles at the way the twins ogle his back side but was further annoyed that Aragorn did not take his eyes off Arwen.
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Bound pt02

Bound 1/?

“Havo dad, Legolas.” The phrase rang through his head, he didn’t even want to think of what would be happening to him soon enough. Legolas sat down, waiting for Aragorn to enter his chamber. He must be an idiot. His father had told him a million times to remember his place. But was it his fault he had been his whole life up to this point without a ‘master’. That he couldn’t accept the fact that it was supposed to be like this?

But his idiocy didn’t stop there. No, he had to open his mouth as if he would have had a real choice on coming on the quest or not. “And you have my bow.” Sure and any other part of me as long as you ask my master’s permission. Legolas rolled his eyes and actually didn’t know Aragorn entered until the ranger was standing before him.
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Bound pt03

Legolas legs hung down from a high tree as he pondered the fellowship. Boromir had been watching him almost as much as he watched Frodo and the ring. Were all men like Aragorn? Then there was the dwarf… eww. Gandalf just kept casting him strange looks when he thought he didn’t notice. The hobbits just seemed in awe of him.

“Would the elf grace us lowly mortals with his high company?” Gimli asks and Legolas notices they had prepared dinner. He ignored Gimli’s crack and gracefully jumped down, highly aware of all eyes being on him. He took his plate and was about to return to his tree when Aragorn spoke.

“Why not join us? There is plenty of room, there beside Boromir. Sit.” Legolas sat aware of every shift Boromir made. He ate his meal in silence. Not that it mattered, the only member of the fellowship that addressed him was Aragorn. Like Gimli’s crack insinuated, he had a feeling they all thought him haughty and pompous and above them. What a joke. The thought caused a bitter smile on his lips.
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Bound pt04

Bound 3/?

There was about another day’s march before they reached the mountain and Aragorn seemed intent on making it an hour. Legolas had dropped behind to aid the hobbits who were behind barely able to keep up. Boromir joined him and Legolas was about to hold a hobbit under each arm when Boromir spoke up.

“Aragorn! The hobbits can not keep this pace much longer.”

“Would you rather they die?” Aragorn asks, annoyed.

“They will be of no use if they are exhausted by mid day,” Boromir adds and is glared at by Aragorn. There was no love lost between the two. Boromir looks towards Legolas who suddenly had to give his full attention to a spot in the opposite direction.
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Bound pt05

Bound 4/?

Caradhras was a disaster. From everyone but Legolas struggling in the snow, to Saruman casting some spell to bring the mountain down on their heads. They were now standing at the gates to the Mines of Moria, waiting for Gandalf to remember the password.

Legolas sat on a boulder and Boromir sat near him. “I never did thank you for breakfast.”

“It was nothing. A welcome distraction.” Boromir smiles at the elf who looks away and incidentally at Aragorn who looks highly amused.

“Nonetheless, many thanks,” Boromir says, placing his hand on Legolas’. He pulls away and walks over to a tree as Aragorn passes him after warning Pippin on disturbing the water. “Be nice,” he hisses as he continues surveying the surroundings.
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Bound pt06

Bound 5/?

They had made it through the mines at a very great price. Gandalf the Grey had fallen, the balrog claiming him as his own. Legolas is confused and it is not because of Gandalf’s death. That he understood all too well despite his immortality; Mirkwood elves didn’t always last as long as they should, be it beatings or simply giving up.

What is confusing him was his new found vigor. Although his ribs still burned, he felt as if a weight had been lifted off him; as if he had started a new life. The only thing that made sense to him was that he couldn’t take the darkness of the mine, but he felt a change in his body he could not place. When Aragorn ordered for them to keep moving, he knew he was right and followed the order, urging the hobbits to listen to the man.

They are making their way to Lorien and he knew it was because Aragorn was lost on what to do without the wizard. Why Elrond trusted this in Aragorn’s hands he would never know. They practically ran the entire way to the Golden Wood. Legolas sensed the elves and drew his bow, knowing he would never have the good fortune to be shot.

It was then he saw him. The elf smirked at him in a haughty manner. No doubt about it now, he was back to slave.
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Bound pt07

Bound 6/?

Legolas blinks; had he fallen asleep? The warmth of the sun had woke him as it rose over the Golden Wood. He looked around him, Gimli is snoring loudly and Boromir is nowhere to be seen. He lifts his tunic and looks at the bandages he is wearing. He hadn’t said a word, allowing Gimli and Boromir to do what they wanted to him. He vaguely wonders where they got the healing salve when a roar interrupts his thoughts.

“Legolas!” Aragorn exclaims as Gimli jumps to attention, clutching his ax. Legolas followed the bellow, wondering what the man wanted before he remembered. He just had to sing that stupid song for Haldir loud enough for Aragorn to hear.

He walked over to the man and stood staring at the floor. Aragorn pulled his head up and pushed back his hair. ‘What now?’ He calmly unbuttons Legolas’ tunic and touches the bandages.
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Bound pt08

Bound 7/?

Elrond watched as Thranduil paced. He had been pacing for days now and Elrond wasn’t really surprised; he didn’t understand anymore than Thranduil why Legolas had volunteered to go on the quest. But he had seen Legolas with a bow and had been informed by his sons that Legolas’ archery was astounding and that he was most likely the reason Aragon was still alive.

Elrond had the suspicion that the twins no longer liked Aragorn and he had seen them nearly spit in disgust as they watched Arwen and Aragorn together. Elrond had even told them to not bother anymore but instead they seemed to have doubled their efforts to tear the two apart; he wondered why. Turning his attention back to Thranduil, who is wearing a hole in the floor at the rate he was going, he spoke.

“Relax. He will be fine, he can take care of himself against orcs.”

“It’s not the orcs that worry me.”
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Bound pt09

Bound 8/?

Legolas is suddenly aware of a cool cloth on his head. He is being tended to? There was only one person who would care and the flash of blond hair confirms his suspicions.


“No, Legolas, it is Haldir. Your dwarf friend found you and brought you to me.”


“Yes, I have some skills with healing. Does Aragorn beat you often?”

“Only when I do something to displease him, so about every other day.”

Haldir is shocked at how calm Legolas is about this. He had heard Aragorn’s attack but had been too distraught to do anything. Legolas’ song had affected him to his core. He looks at him and tries to find the elf that had sat in Galadriel’s lap as if it was the most natural thing in the world during a song. He could still remember the song praise in the name of the lady of the wood.
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Bound pt10

Bound 9/?

Legolas drapes his tunic over a branch and waits. Aragorn approaches him and is so close to Legolas he’s breathing down his neck. Aragorn runs his fingers along the bandages and smiles. Haldir had used a special sap to attach the bandages instead of mummifying Legolas.

There was a way to remove them without pain; just a little water and they would just slide off. ‘But that wouldn’t be any fun.’ Aragorn turns at a sound and watches Gimli leave. He turns back to Legolas and rips the bandages off. Legolas screams and grabs hold to the tree as Aragorn continues ripping and Legolas swallows his pain and endures the rest in silence.

“Aw, come on. You know how much I love to hear you scream,” Aragorn says, smiling. He runs his hand along the mostly smooth back. There were red marks where he had removed the bandages and a few lash marks that remained flawing the otherwise perfect back.
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Bound pt11

Bound 10/?

The twins, Turin and Laieth walked in the woods of Lorien, sneaking up on a surprisingly distracted Haldir. The only thing that stops them from getting too close is the arrow of Haldir’s brother, Rumil.

“Do you think grandmother would approve?” Elladan asked, grinning, and Haldir blinked, noticing them for the first time.

“Haldir, are you alright?” Elrohir asked.

“I’m fine,” Haldir replied. “You aren’t expected.”

“Well no, we aren’t actually here to see them; we wanted to join up with baby brother.”

“Baby brother?” Haldir asked perplexed.
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Bound pt12

Bound 11/?

They are riding into Rohan to see King Theoden. Legolas, still unconscious, rode in front of Gandalf. His body refused to go further without proper rest. Nothing would rouse him, not Gandalf’s beard tickling him, not the gallop of Shadowfax, and not the hunger he was feeling. He was oblivious to it all.

Aragon looked up as they enter the gates. Standing just outside the palace is a beautiful woman with long blond hair. When he turns to look again she is gone. He turns to Turin and Laieth who are sharing a horse. They are to gather provisions before making their way back to Rivendell.

Aragorn smirked; apparently he was starting to take a liking to blonds. Turin, to him, was especially the more beautiful of the two and looked more docile as well. He carried only a bow and quiver of arrows while Laieth is armed with a bow and arrows, sword, and small axe. He especially liked Turin’s hair which was almost white while Laieth’s hair looked like Legolas’.

He watched Turin on the horse, his arms wrapped around Laieth’s waist. He was slender, like all Elves, but he wasn’t the bony twig riding with Gandalf. Of course, the fact that Aragorn kept Legolas on the brink of starvation never occurred to him as the reason ‘his’ elf was impossibly small. He looked at Elrohir riding with Gimli then, Elladan who was riding alone, and then he came to a realization that made him smile. He had no idea which of his brother’s Turin belonged to. But that didn’t really matter, brother’s shared didn’t they? Continue reading

Bound pt13

Bound 12/?

Legolas awoke to pitch-blackness. He stretched out on the bed, noting that the hunger pains had returned. And now he was in a strange castle, in a strange land.

Correction, he was very hungry in a strange castle in a strange land. Where was that woman he had spoken to? He let out a little gasp as his stomach contracted painfully. He climbed out of the bed and the room started spinning. He sunk down to the floor and lay on the cold stone in a fetal position, drawing more comfort from the cold stones then he ever could from a bed.

Aragorn had even taken that from him; beds were just a place for his body to betray him. Besides, once he finished he never failed to shove Legolas off the bed, usually before Legolas had even caught his breath. He heard footsteps approaching his room and two people entered holding candles.

“Where is he?”

“Eyown said he was here, he fell off the bed,” Elrohir said, walking to Legolas.
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Bound pt14

Bound (13/?)

Thranduil, Elrond, Erestor and Maleth; Thranduil’s former chief advisor, all sat at a small round table looking at a piece of parchment that lay on the table. They had all signed it along with the perfect copy. Thranduil looked down at the parchment then back at Elrond. The advisors both had the same nervous feeling and Elrond addressed it.

“That old witch is going to have to deal with it. I’ve listened to her for far too long,” Elrond said, annoyed.

“Do you truly think she would risk open war?” Erestor asked.

“I don’t know. I hope that if it comes to that, Celeborn would finally stand up to her. He knows of this.” Elrond shook his head; his father in law was sometimes harder to understand than Galadriel. “You may leave us,” Elrond added.

“Yes, my lord,” Erestor said, standing. Maleth did not move. Elrond poked Thranduil and he looked up.
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Bound pt15

Bound 14
***I’ve taken some major liberties with the film version of the battle. Just go with me here. It is Fiction after all. ‘Whisper’ by Evanescene used without permission***

Thranduil was standing on Elrond’s balcony, looking out towards the stables. He had been there since Elrond had made his declaration, ignoring the celebrations of *his* people below. He didn’t acknowledge his so called change in status and had barely said two words, being lost in memories. Bittersweet memories.


Thranduil watched in horror as his father locked the shackles, placing the key in the innermost fold of his armor. The Uruk-Hai were marching and he was chained to Oropher’s portable throne with mithril chains.

“You will not shame me on the battle field,” Oropher said, calmly raising his helm and exiting the tent. Thranduil lowered his head in defeat; glad that the expensive lush robes he was given by the Uruk-Hai to wear at least hid his shame if by chance anyone should come to see him.
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Bound pt16

Title: Bound (15/?)
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: bluegold@surfy.net
Archive: http://goldshowers.bravepages.com , Damel, LoM
Pairings: Legolas/Aragorn, Legolas/Boromir, Elladan/Legolas/Elrohir,
Thranduil/Elrond, Elladan/Elrohir, *Turin/Laieth
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Mirkwood elves are kept as pleasure slaves. When Aragorn leaves to go on the quest, he takes Legolas with him. When the others discover that Legolas is a slave, they confront Aragorn. To keep them from attacking him, Aragorn gives them permission to play with his elf.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson. *Turin & Laieth are the only characters out of my own head and look all they do is have sex hmmm..
Warning: Non-Consensual Sexual Situations, rape, abuse, character death, mild bondage
Authors Note: A response to the plot bunny by Cheysuli. Special
thanks to Cheysuli for being my beta as well. More thanks to Sera for betaing for me
as well. Tracks by Evanescence used without permission. I also deleted one word in ‘Tourniquet’ . The prologue takes place about 60 years before the Fellowship based on Aragorn’s age in the books. Now I know elves die if they are raped but of course that wouldn’t work here, who wants a sex slave that dies on you?
Feedback: Please My first LOTR fic; be kind or at least constructive

“I hope you have a very good reason for molesting our prince, human,” the elf spat, his arrow not budging an inch.

Aragorn put his hands up, looking at the disgruntled elf with a wry smile. “Surely there isn’t a problem?”

“Gag him before I kill him,” the elf spat, kneeling beside Legolas as Aragorn was manhandled. Legolas was curled up in a fetal position and had his hands over his head. He flinched when the hand touched him, but when no blows were forthcoming he looked up at the smiling elf.
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Bound pt17

Title: Bound (16/?)
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: bluegold@surfy.net
Archive: http://goldshowers.bravepages.com , Damel, LoM
Pairings: Legolas/Aragorn, Legolas/Boromir, Elladan/Legolas/Elrohir, Thranduil/Elrond, Elladan/Elrohir, *Turin/Laieth
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Mirkwood elves are kept as pleasure slaves. When Aragorn leaves to go on the quest, he takes Legolas with him. When the others discover that Legolas is a slave, they confront Aragorn. To keep them from attacking him, Aragorn gives them permission to play with his elf.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
*Turin & Laieth are the only characters out of my own head and look all they do is have sex hmmm….
Warning: Non-Consensual Sexual Situations, rape, abuse, character death, mild bondage
Authors Note: A response to the plot bunny by Cheysuli. Special thanks to Cheysuli for being my beta as well. More thanks to Sera for betaing for me as well. Tracks by Evanescence used without permission. I also deleted one word in ‘Tourniquet’ . The prologue takes place about 60 years before the Fellowship based on Aragorn’s age in the books.
Now I know elves die if they are raped but of course that wouldn’t work here, who wants a sex slave that dies on you?
Feedback: Please My first LOTR fic…be kind or at least constructive
*Movie lines from CoE script*

Aragorn stood at the entrance to the Paths of the Dead, looking at the bleary route fearfully. Behind him stood the twins who were shifting nervously and holding hands; Gimli was standing beside Legolas, muttering into his beard and Legolas had no expression or readable expression on his slightly bruised face.

“Legolas go first,” the man said. The elf shrugged and started walking forward until Elrohir grabbed his arm.
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Bound pt18

Title: Bound (17/17+E)
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: bluegold@surfy.net
Archive: http://goldshowers.bravepages.com , Damel, LoM
Pairings: Legolas/Aragorn, Legolas/Boromir, Elladan/Legolas/Elrohir, Thranduil/Elrond, Elladan/Elrohir, *Turin/Laieth
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Mirkwood elves are kept as pleasure slaves. When Aragorn leaves to go on the quest, he takes Legolas with him. When the others discover that Legolas is a slave, they confront Aragorn. To keep them from attacking him, Aragorn gives them permission to play with his elf.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
*Turin & Laieth are the only characters out of my own head and look all they do is have sex hmmm….
Warning: Non-Consensual Sexual Situations, rape, abuse, character death, mild bondage
Authors Note: A response to the plot bunny by Cheysuli. Special thanks to Cheysuli for being my beta as well. More thanks to Sera for betaing for me as well. Tracks by Evanescence used without permission. I also deleted one word in ‘Tourniquet’ . The prologue takes place about 60 years before the Fellowship based on Aragorn’s age in the books.
Now I know elves die if they are raped but of course that wouldn’t work here, who wants a sex slave that dies on you?
Feedback: Please My first LOTR fic…be kind or at least constructive
WARNING: CHARACTER DEATH (you didn’t think I forgot did you?)

Legolas sat with Frodo as the hobbit gained some much deserved rest. He had yet to awaken since the ring had been cast into the fires of Mt. Doom. Legolas had accepted this post so Sam could get some well earned rest, promising to wake the overprotective hobbit if Frodo so much as twitched.

Currently he was humming nonsense syllables as it seemed Frodo was having a disturbing dream. Slowly the tension vanished from his face as he smiled and whispered a single word before he sunk into a deeper sleep.


Legolas smiled and turned as the door opened. His smile remained on his face as he prepared to reprimand a hobbit who should have still been in bed. So he was confused for a moment when he saw a leather clad crotch.

He looked up and his face went blank. Aragorn stood there with a feral grin on his face and a finger to his lips.
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Fading Luster pt1

Erestor slipped into a room he had seen to be a library on his short tour earlier. He supposed he should have stayed at the welcoming party a little longer but it had started to become overwhelming. The guilt and regret tore at him at such times. Why did he deserve to be happy, having fun?

He had barely sat down on one of the plush chairs when the door was opened. He heard the voice before he saw the owner.

“Ada? Can you tell me a story?”

“I’m sorry little one, I’m the only one here,” Erestor said to the tiny child. He regarded Erestor for a moment.
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Fading Luster pt2

Erestor took a deep breath as he entered the room. He had paced his rooms in the early hours of morning and had made up his mind. Pushing the door open he was glad Thranduil and his Advisor were already there.

“It is clear to me this will not work,” Erestor started not allowing them to speak. “For whatever reason you take offence to me. That I am used to, but I will not allow it to effect your relationship with Imladris. I am leaving tomorrow and when I return to Imladris I will resign my office as Chief Advisor, it clearly does not suit me. I hope you will be willing to deal with the next elf sent.”

“Erestor wait,” Thranduil said and the elf froze at the door. “We discussed it and the original agreement is acceptable. All that is missing is your own signature.”
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Fairy’s Dream pt02

Erestor rode into Imladris at midday though one would be hard pressed to tell as he was soaked through the skin and shivering deeply, his teeth chattering. Shakily dismounting from the horse he hoped to be free of the three day rain storm.

Entering the house he made his way back to his room not noticing the shadows that started trailing him he let out a sneeze followed by a cough. Erestor paused as if he didn’t understand what had just happened and was flanked by the twins.
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Fairy’s Dreaming pt01

Glorfindel rode hastily urging Asfaloth forward. He feared for Erestor’s life and his soul if he was too late. The elf was known to take his yearly trips to see his mother, but this year he was late returning and the twins casually asking if any elf had been seen had brought forth the rumors. A village slightly more then a week’s travel away with something no other village had.
An elf acting as the tavern whore.

They hadn’t believed it was possible until there was the description of the elf. And the one thing that made Erestor stand out in his otherwise plain appearance. His violet eyes.

He only hoped Erestor was drugged and not simply held against his will. Anything to let the elf survive. He may not have been Erestor’s biggest fan but he wouldn’t wish such a thing on anyone, even that arrogant upstart Haldir. He had finally entered the small village rumored to have an elf and he rode straight through.
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Fairy’s Dreaming pt03

It had been weeks and still Erestor refused to answer any questions as to why he did what he did. Or even answer Glorfindel on this mysterious husband. Glorfindel handed Erestor his report and noticed the bags under Erestor’s eyes.

He had recovered from his illness more or less but still seemed easily exhausted. On top of that Elrond seemed to be heaping the work on Erestor out of anger that the advisor refused to answer anything. The twins hounded Erestor any free moment they received, but luckily for the solitary advisor no one else in Imladris knew anything of the elf’s yearly trips.

“Is there something more you wanted?” Erestor asked noticing Glorfindel had yet to leave.
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Fairy’s Dreaming pt04

“You know what?! Don’t bother coming back!” Elrond snarled at Erestor who slipped out of the enraged elf’s office. The half-elf’s words haunting Erestor even now months later.

“So you headed back home now, Raeg?”

Erestor looked up at the mortal bartender and shrugged. He had completed his stay, even extended it but now he didn’t know. “They told me not to come back.”

“Ever since that blond one came…”

“They don’t understand, its not normal for them.”
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Fairy’s Dreaming pt05

Erestor cracked open one eye slowly, his entire body hurt. He felt as if he had been dragged by a horse a few miles. Opening his other eye he realized that he was in his bedroom. Pushing himself up he was stunned and nearly cried. They had come for him? How long had he been asleep to have already been moved out of the healing halls.

He stood shakily and supposed it was due to the fact that it could have been weeks since he had walked. Wanting to let them know he was awake and well and thank Glorfindel most likely for rescuing him he pulled on a black robe not bothering with leggings when he realized it was still quite painful to bend over.

Slipping into some soft shoes, he wondered where he should go first, Elrond’s office or Glorfindel’s when he looked out his open balcony window and noticed it was time for dinner. Slowly making his way to the dining hall, he had to pause on the stairs several times and wondered if he should have been released from the healing halls so soon.
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Fairy’s Dreaming pt06

Erestor ignored the icy blue glare that bore into his back. He had to do this, it had been four years, and he had no idea why short of a few dreams now and then why he no longer had any sexual desires but did not question it. It was for the best, for he couldn’t even stand the idea of a touch.

Now he had finally decided to see his mother, he had to speak to her to explain and hope that she understood. He had barely made his request to Elrond when Glorfindel stated he would be escorting Erestor no questions asked.

And since that moment the blond had been his own angry glaring shadow. As if Erestor would run off into the night at the moment Erestor stood at the entrance to the stables a small pack slung over his shoulder as he simply stared into the stable. Twitching he shuffled his feet kicking around loose dirt. Tugging sharply at his hair causing a few strands to come loose in his fingers, he entered the stable and Glorfindel rolled his eyes at the dramatic show.
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Fairy’s Dreaming pt07

Glorfindel rode besides Erestor in a silence that was much more oppressive then the one that they had left Rivendell in. Erestor clutched the makeshift urn tightly to him and the sword was held in his other hand. He was riding blindly and Glorfindel constantly pushed branches aside lest they slice the elf’s cheek.

Days had past and they were nearing the border when Glorfindel heard the approaching horses. He drew his horse to a halt and did the same for Erestor, waiting for the twins to appear.

They emerged from the left a few moments later and Glorfindel inclined his head to the twins while Erestor remained unresponsive locked in his own world of pain.

“What’s with the little whore?” Elladan asked as Elrohir glanced over at Erestor.
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Fairy’s Dreaming pt08

Elladan stared at his brother his arms full of sobbing chief advisor and Elrohir pointed to the hall of fire where the music had just ended, which meant the hall would be crawling with elves in seconds.

He carefully lead Erestor to their messy quarters. Elladan not releasing his hold on Erestor sat him down on their chaise and just held the elf as Elrohir left the room and returned a few moments later with tea as Erestor began to calm and started to pull away from Elladan,

“Would you like some tea?”
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Fairy’s Dreaming pt09

Elladan approached the door to Erestor’s office for the third time that day his hand poised at the door when he sighed and lowered his hand. Erestor pulled open the door and blinked in surprise at the half-elf.

“Have you been sulking outside the office all day?” Erestor asked.

“No, well a couple times,” Elladan replied sheepishly. “How did you know?”

Erestor motioned for Elladan to step aside and then stepped right beside in front of the door and the half elf heard the tiny creak he hadn’t noticed.
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Fairy’s Dreaming pt10

Erestor entered the office and was surprised to see Melpomean already there. The elf had taken Glorfindel’s usual seat and had a small leather bound book in his lap as well as some charcoal.

“Erestor do you feel overworked?” Elrond asked.

“Why is that everyone’s first assumption? Glorfindel has a second. So do you I might add. Is it so strange for me to think it is a good idea if there is someone besides myself that can do these things?”

“No I suppose you are quite right. And you couldn’t have found better, and this makes something we have to discuss all the more easier,” Elrond said.
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Fairy’s Dreaming pt11

Erestor watched as the men set up camp settling under a tree for a moment. After attempting to help the first night and getting in everyone’s way Glorfindel had taken him aside and asked if he would simply stay to the side while the others worked.

One of the elves, scheduled for this nights watch came over to Erestor.

“Are you alright?”

“Tired,” Erestor admitted. Ever since they had left Imladris Erestor had been feeling more and more lethargic. It had concerned him but it was nothing like the shakes and attacks he used to get when he delayed a trip to the tavern.
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Fairy’s Dreaming pt12

Erestor crossed his arms looking at the sliver haired elf his violet eyes cold. “Is this the inept oaf that nearly killed me?” He snarled looking at Glorfindel who nodded; the only elf from Imladris who could keep a straight face.

After spending a month traveling with a shy retreating Erestor they couldn’t believe this elf was real. A swirl of menacing black robes and cold hard eyes, did not match the image of the docile elf that they were all sure had feelings for Glorfindel. He blushed much too often when the Golden lord was around, and they were wondering if said lord would ever notice.

“I did not nearly kill you,” Haldir snarled and Glorfindel lost his battle with a grin stepping back to hide among his men. Onónion touching his arm to share his grin, they had decided this would be good for Erestor and asked him to hold nothing back. The elf had been in a stupor for days after learning the truth about his origins. It did not help that there had been constant sightings of Mael Faer hovering near the border as if searching for something.
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Figure.09 pt01

Title: Figure.09

Author: Blue Gold w/ The Brain

E-mail: bluegold@surfy.net

Archive: htttp://goldshowers.bravepages.com, LoM

Pairings: Legolas/Aragorn, Arwen/Gimli, Gimli/Sam, Frodo/Glorfindel, Haldir/Elrohir, Elrond/Erestor,

Rating: R

Summary: Merry and Pippin play matchmaker with a little help from Gandalf with some strange results.

Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not own any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.

Warnings: “Narcissism”, voyeurism, immortal beings acting like twits, random interspecies pairings.

Authors Notes: Humor

Thanks to “The Brain” for getting me to write such a thing!

Figure .09 by Linkin Park used without permission

AU: After the war everyone just hung out in middle earth, Aragorn’s avoiding his kingly duties and his wedding to Arwen, no elves sailed west and HALDIR DIDN’T DIE!

Feedback: Please its always nice to hear something.

^*^Hearing your name

The memories come back again

I remember when it started happening

To see you in every thought I had and then

The thoughts slowly found words attached to them ^*^

Legolas dismounted his horse looking at the elven kingdom that was Rivendell; he hadn’t been here in almost a year. And he knew the reason. It wasn’t because it was a long journey from Mirkwood to Rivendell, though that was a part of it was because he didn’t want to see him.

It was a grand occasion the third anniversary of the war of the ring the only reason he ever came to face Aragorn. He smiled at the stable boy taking his horse who looked like he saw a valar.

“Something wrong?”
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Figure.09 pt02

^*^And I knew as they escaped away, I was,

Committing myself to ‘em, and every day I regret,

Saying those things, cause now,

I see,^*^

Figure.09 2/?

Legolas was the first to awaken, alone in a room. Despite Merry and Pippin’s pleading Aragorn and Legolas were not placed in the same bed. He looked around and didn’t recognize the room. It wasn’t his usual one he stayed in when in Rivendell.

He stood and tried to focus his vision. It was strange he could see clearly but not well. He couldn’t make out anything a significant distance away. What was in that drink? It had affected his sight, and his hearing he realized as a servant knocked on the door.
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Figure.09 pt03


And now,

You’ve become a part of me

You’ll always be right here,

You’ve become a part of me^*^

A/N starting here:~**~**~ Aragorn and Legolas will be referred to by the person they are and not the body they inhabit. All characters will of course refer to them as the body they see in front of them. I hope you can still follow it.

Figure.09 3/?

Merry and Pippin walked into Gandalf’s guest quarters and were startled to find the wizard gone.

“Uh, Pip what are we going to do?”

“He has to be here he said he was going to go with us back to the Shire with us. Remember he wanted more pipeweed.”

“Okay so let’s leave him a note.”

Dear Gandalf,

We (Merry and Pippin) tried your potions and we’re not sure what happened. Elrond and Erestor are fighting and Arwen says she’s in love with Gimli. We’re worried about side effects and stuff. Would you join us for lunch by the pretty waterfall?
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Figure.09 pt04

^*^I can’t separate
Myself from what I’ve done,
I’ve given up a part of me
I’ve let myself become you^*^

Elladan carried an unconscious Elrohir as he ran down the halls of The Last Homely House. After throwing up yet another time, Elrohir had simply collapsed. His breathing was shallow and every few moments his body would jerk as if he wanted to throw up again, but finally had nothing left.

Aragorn followed close behind and was glad when they past Haldir’s crouched position. He pulled him up and the pair followed Elladan to the healing house. Elladan searched the empty room annoyed. There were always healers here.

“Leggy Bear what’s wrong with Elrohir?”

“ADA!” Elladan’s shriek startled Elrond who was just walking into the room.
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Figure.09 pt05

^*^Give me my space back, You’ve gotta just go
Everything just comes down to memories of you
I’ve kept it in but now I’m letting you know
I’ve let you go^*^

Haldir sat down on the bed beside Aragorn. “Did I interrupt?”

“Not really,” Legolas muttered.

“Elrohir is pregnant?” Aragorn asked finally registering what Haldirhad just said.

“Seems so…keep up Leggy.” Haldir said giving Legolas a once over.

“Your not even smiling was it that bad?”

“Some one came in a matter of seconds,” Aragorn said annoyed.

“Who was on top?”

“Haldir!” Legolas exclaimed.
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Mani Marte pt01

Title: Mani Marte? 1/33
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: bluegold@surfy.net
Archive: http://midnightscribbles.envy.nu
Pairings: Erestor/?, Elrond/Thranduil (implied), Erestor/Glorfindel, Thranduil/ Viiresse (OFC)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor learns he’s pregnant and starts crying rape. But is he telling the truth? Or is he trying to hide the shame of his unwedded relationship with another elf by spinning a fine web of lies.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warnings: “?Rape?”, Angst, MPREG,
Authors Notes: Loosely based on some happenings in the LOTR RPG I’m currently playing, In Silpion’s light. Thanks to Az and her mad Elladan for the inspiration. ;) Thanks to Milly for helping all this make sense.
Feedback: Sure I’d love some.

Elrond entered the library after having a nice breakfast with his family to find Erestor already hard at work on a stack of correspondence, from all sorts. The Lord of Imladris shook his head; Erestor was the first to work in the morning and the last to bed, no matter how much Elrond tried to get him to loosen up. He seemed to not have a life outside his role as chief advisor and that was not healthy. He had tried many times to bring Erestor out of his shell and failed but this time he would not be deterred.

“Erestor, have you even had breakfast?”

“Yes My Lord.” Erestor said, pointing to a barely touched tray.

“Erestor, you work too hard.”

“If I did there would not be nearly this much work.” Erestor replied. “These require your attention immediately.” Erestor said handing Elrond the smallest pile of parchments.
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Mani Marte pt02

Chapter 2

Erestor awoke feeling queasy for the fifth day in a row. He had gone to bed without dinner to avoid this but it seemed to have been a failed effort as he emptied to contents of his stomach. He wiped his mouth and after rinsing with water made his way back to his study. He had to move quickly. At this rate Elrond would be done with breakfast before he left his room and that was not acceptable.

Erestor collapsed into his chair and Elrond opened the door moments later. Erestor started working knowing what was to come, and Elrond didn’t disappoint.

“Erestor, why don’t you join me for breakfast tomorrow?”

Erestor looked up surprised. That was not what he had expected. To be told he worked too hard, that he should go out and meet a nice elf but not to join Elrond in breakfast.

“You…you want me to join you?”

“Don’t seem so surprised, Erestor. It’s been quiet with all the children and even Glorfindel gone.”
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Mani Marte pt03

Erestor was already halfway through the morning correspondence when Elrond entered the study with another elf. Elrond just stared at Erestor who seemed oblivious to him as he was engrossed in a document. Elrond cleared his throat and Erestor looked up, ignoring the other elf though he recognized him as the advisor that worked directly below him in rank. He couldn’t recall the elf’s name.

“These are the most urgent, and this is a personal letter from Lord Celeborn that arrived this morning.”

“Wonderful.” Elrond said taking the parchments. If it hadn’t been for the brown haired elf at his side he may have just fallen into his daily routine. Elrond sighed; this would have been so much easier if Erestor hadn’t told him yesterday this was all he had. But Elrond just couldn’t pretend everything was normal, and he wasn’t sure he wanted someone like Erestor in such a trustworthy position.
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Mani Marte pt04

Glorfindel rode into Imladris, happy to be home. As were the rest of the elves in his party. They had accompanied the Lady Arden to Lothlorien and after relaxing for a few weeks decided it was time to return home. The journey had been uneventful and quick.

“I know what I’m doing the second I get home,” Maglin said with a suggestive wiggle of his brow.

“I think Tella would appreciate it if you bathed before going near her,” Glorfindel said with a laugh as they all handed their horses over to the stable boys. That was where all the soldiers separated as Glorfindel and Maglin were the only ones who actually lived in the Last Homely House.

They had barely stepped into the Last Homely House when a streak of black and dark gray streamed past Glorfindel and jumped into Maglin’s arms. He laughed and spun his wife around. She suddenly stood back from him with a sheepish smile.


“Nothing, why don’t you go freshen up? I’ll prepare something nice for you, and you too Lord Glorfindel,” Tella said before skipping off. Continue reading

Mani Marte pt05

Erestor glanced cautiously at his dinner mate. After Glorfindel had left he had given up on changing but when Tella had arrived with his lunch she had insisted on helping him change. Then a few minutes later Glorfindel had entered the room and asked Tella to bring him lunch in Erestor’s room.

Erestor had ignored the elf all throughout lunch and when Tella reclaimed his platter Glorfindel had silently taken his tray and left. He had thought the strange elf had given up but here he was. Instead of Tella bringing him dinner he was stuck with Glorfindel and some truly superb grilled vegetables and some roasted meat. Finally he put his fork down and looked directly at Glorfindel who was calmly sipping some wine.

“Why are you here Glorfindel?”

Glorfindel finished the wine in his glass. He took the napkin and blotted his lips before addressing Erestor. “Would you pour me some more wine?” He asked holding up his empty goblet. Erestor wasn’t sure why, but he did as Glorfindel asked and resumed eating.

Tella returned for the plates and still not a word had been spoken between the pair beyond Glorfindel’s request for more wine. Erestor would never admit it but the silent company had almost been nice.

“Well I’ll just leave you two to talk,” Tella said with a secretive smile.

Glorfindel watched Erestor, glad to be able to use this close scrutiny on an elf he had only been able to observe from afar. The fact was he didn’t know what to say. ‘I’m sorry’ just didn’t seem to be something Erestor wanted to hear. Finally something occurred to Glorfindel.
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Mani Marte pt06

Glorfindel stood nervously at the door with Tella who had Erestor’s breakfast. He was tugging at the sleeves of his robes unsure of what to do with himself. He was dressed in a deep blue tunic and tight black leggings and soft black boots.

“You look very handsome.”

”Really? Thank you, I thought he would like dark colors.”

“Well what he needs to like is your apology. How could you do that?” Tella said shaking her head. “Here is the tray, good day.”

Glorfindel watched as Tella walked down the hall and disappeared turning down a corridor. Glorfindel knocked then pushed open the door. Erestor was sitting at his desk blankly leafing through a old boring tome.

“Thank you Tella,” Erestor whispered looking not looking up.

“I have been called a lot of things in my day but an elf maid is not one of them,” Glorfindel says placing the tray down. He saw as Erestor stiffened and he could tell his light sense of humour wouldn’t go very far with him. “Erestor, I’m sorry. What I said was rude and uncalled for.”
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Mani Marte pt07

Erestor sighed as he made his way out of his room. He didn’t want to take this walk right now, but he had to. He did not want to be thrown out of Imladris. He wanted to stay but he knew that was impossible. This thing had sealed his fate.

The only thing he couldn’t understand was Glorfindel’s sudden attention. They existed on different spheres and it wasn’t often that their paths crossed. But as he thought back on it he realised Glorfindel had tried to engage him in conversation before. Constantly in fact, now that Erestor thought about it. Especially for a warrior who was so close to Elrond he preferred reporting to the lord over a casual lunch and had no need to ever deal with the Chief Advisor. All those times he had simply shrugged the blonde off, or ended the conversation with a stream of one word answers.

He couldn’t believe he had shown Glorfindel his drawings. But he had seemed seriously interested in him as a child. Now however, he had opened up a can of worms. He was constantly spending time thinking of his parents. Maybe he should just sail to Valinor as there was nothing keeping him here. But could he really? Why would they treat him any differently there? Even if he said nothing, how long would it be before some elf with a big mouth sailed as well? What ship would even carry him? He had no doubt that word of this had spread like wildfire through all the Elven realms. Would it be fair to take a child who had just started to live away from Middle earth?
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Mani Marte pt08

Thranduil stared at the note in his hand. It had taken nearly two months for the messenger to arrive and he simply couldn’t believe what he was reading. At first he had assumed it to be a simple note recalling the twins. But not this.


I have some very disturbing news for you. After you left Erestor made some horrible claims against your person. I have no idea why he thought I would believe his lies, except maybe he knows nothing of our past.

Word has spread like wildfire through Imladris and I would not be surprised if word had already reached Mirkwood. Erestor is with child and has no prospect of a bonded mate, but even worse he claims rape and that you were the one to do the foul deed.

Rest assured he has been dealt with. He has lost his position of Chief Advisor and will be banished once the child is born. It is my hope that by then I will have been able to find the true father and give him the child.
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Mani Marte pt09

Glorfindel stood in Elrond’s study wondering what the Elf Lord wanted. He had been surprised to be summoned away from Erestor’s room none the less. His mind was still on the other elf as Elrond dismissed Figwit and his gaggle of harpies before he pointed for Glorfindel to sit.

Glorfindel crossed his arms over his chest. “I will stand. What do you want?”

“What happened Glorfindel? Are we no longer friends?”

“How can I be a friend with someone I don’t know?”

“What do you mean?” Elrond asked, frowning.

“The Elrond I thought I knew would never act like this. It is good none of your children are here to see this side of you.”

“He is lying. Why are you so quick to believe him?”
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Mani Marte pt10

Thranduil and Viresse watched as Legolas and the Twins departed. They were joined by both a Mirkwood and Imladris escort. The Twins and Legolas claimed they just wanted a change in scenery but Thranduil didn’t trust them. That was the main reason he had added a Mirkwood escort. He wanted to know if anything strange happened. And he wanted to have someone to watch Legolas in Mirkwood.

Virsesse, sensing her husband’s distress, slipped her hand into his and placed her head on his shoulder. She whispered into his ear a statement that did not alleviate his fears one bit. “They do not know.”

“But for how long?” He whispered back.

The Twins felt uneasy lying to Thranduil but felt equally uneasey about betraying Legolas’ trust. Most of all they truly wanted to know what had happened to their beloved old tutor. Erestor’s distance as the twins aged had never bothered them, as they had thought him a boring teacher. But they did trust him and they considered him almost family.

A week into the travels the Twins and Legolas set camp, slightly farther away from the rest of the party. They waited a few minutes then put the first part of their plan into action. Elrohir lay down on the bed roll and Legolas climbed on top of the younger twin as Elladan got behind Legolas forming another sandwich.
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Mani Marte pt11

Glorfindel sighed, Elrond had better have a good reason for summoning him to his chambers. It had only been three weeks since Elrond had tried to bully Erestor into not continuing their friendship. He had never been so happy to have not told Elrond something. Valar knew how the half-elf would react to learning Glorfindel was attracted to the now ostracized Erestor.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Elrond snapped when Glorfindel entered the room. “Unless you are going to renounce your position, you will be leaving for the border patrols in two days and staying the usual two weeks.”

Glorfindel looked at Elrond but the Lord was being honest. No matter how much he wanted to throttle the Elf Lord he wasn’t going to stop protecting Imladris because Elrond was an idiot. “Fine,” he said, defeated and left the room to tell Erestor.

Elrond smiled, he had spent two hours rearranging the schedule so Glorfindel left for the borders two months before he was supposed to. But it was undetectable and even Glorfindel had no proof to the contrary.
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Mani Marte pt12

Erestor pulled on the lined cloak that the tailor had provided and wondered if feeling chills were normal in pregnancies. He had never felt the cold this severely before. He would have preferred to stay inside but Tella’s constant prodding since Glorfindel had left got him to agree. He had told her to bring him lunch in the gardens and there was no turning back.

Pulling the hood over his head, Erestor gathered up his art supplies and made his way to the garden. He had long finished the image of Glorfindel and had no idea what to draw next. He hoped some time outside would inspire him and stop Tella’s nagging.
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Mani Marte pt13

Erestor paced his room. It couldn’t have been more than two hours since Tella had brought him lunch but hunger was nagging at him. He had gone to the kitchens for snacks before and usually he was ignored, but today Erestor was terrified that the Twins or Legolas would see him and break his other hand.

Finally his craving overwhelmed him and he made his way down to the kitchens. Shaking his head at his own silliness. The Twins and Legolas would never spend their time inside. He entered the kitchen and saw that the cooks were already starting to prepare the dinner: a soup of some kind.

He carefully gathered a tray of lembas, preserves and some lemons. Erestor was sure that normally he would be disgusted by the strange combination but currently he wanted something sweet and sour. The head cook glanced in his direction, poured him a small bowl of the soup and placed it on the tray.

“I would have someone carry it for you but I can’t spare any hands right now,” the cook said, not wanting to admit anyone other himself and Tella would no doubt spit in Erestor’s food out of spite. He, on the other hand, didn’t care one way or the other, Erestor was just another mouth to feed. “Hold the tray like this,” he added noticing Erestor’s one handedness.
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Mani Marte pt14

Elladan woke first the next morning. He and Legolas had sandwiched Elrohir, though his twin seemed more angry than upset. He carefully slipped out of Elrohir’s arms and looked to see if Legolas was awake. The blond prince smiled at him and he returned the smile.

“I’ll be right back,” he whispered kissing Elrohir on the brow.

“Don’t I get a kiss?” Legolas asked. Elladan smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek before he strolled out of the room. Legolas sighed and started tracing circles on Elrohir’s bare stomach. He had a feeling the twins slept naked when he wasn’t about. His hand slipped lower and Legolas grinned, Elrohir had a morning erection. This would be fun.
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Mani Marte pt15

Erestor blinked and looked about him. He was sitting in his chair. “Glorfindel?” He called quietly. There was no response and Erestor sighed. /Just another stupid dream/ he thought. Glorfindel had five days until he returned, unless he could no longer tell the passage of time.

Erestor looked around yet again, he felt strangely disoriented. He shivered slightly and pulled the blanket tossed on the back of the chair around himself as best he could with one hand. Shifting to his side he attempted to go back to sleep. The prospect of doing anything seeming overwhelming. Maybe if he was lucky he would dream about Glorfindel again.

Erestor snorted in disgust and sat up. Was this was what his life had become, hoping to dream of an Elf who pitied him? He sure would make his family proud: a shunned, unwedded, pregnant Elf. Why did he insist on tormenting himself?
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Mani Marte pt16

Elrond frowned looking at Erestor’s injuries. His face was one large bruise, his hand was still broken and the gash in his head had barely started to close.

“Your injuries should be far more healed than this. Your hand should be fine, are you sure you did not re injure it?”

“Quite sure,” Erestor said dully.

“Erestor you will receive no sympathy from me by injuring yourself.”

“I did not ask for sympathy,” Erestor whispered. Elrond ignored the comment and finished replacing the bandages he had hoped to remove today.

“I will return tomorrow,” Elrond said with a sigh. He walked out of the room and shook his head. The border patrols returned today and he didn’t have the energy to deal with an enraged Glorfindel.
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Mani Marte pt17

Glorfindel buttoned his tunic as he watched Erestor sleep. The shut eyes unnerved him but Glorfindel hoped, in time, it would pass. Maybe it was partially because of all his injuries, serious healing sleeps often resulted in closed eyes. The Sun was just starting to rise and he couldn’t believe he had ever had anything that looked that good sprawled out in his bed.

Erestor looked so peaceful that he would give almost anything to walk over and wake him with a kiss. Laying on his side, Erestor has shifted enough that his robe had ridden up to halfway up his leg and Glorfindel wondered if Erestor ever went out in the Sun.

“No wonder its so easy to see him blush,” Glorfindel said softly as he wished the robe would ride up more. Just as quickly as it came the thought vanished with guilt. That was just what Erestor needed: to wake to find Glorfindel leering at him like some prize. He went into his ‘study’ and after getting some parchment and a quill from his desk he wrote a quick note to Erestor.
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Mani Marte pt18

Elrond was still a vessel of pent up rage as he stormed off to his office. He decided to write that letter to Celeborn and Galadriel right away. If Erestor continued to live this lie then he would have nowhere to run.

Erestor wasn’t a fool. Elrond had to give his advisor credit. He had some how weaselled his way into Glorfindel’s rooms and Elrond had a good feeling how. Though the very thought of it made his skin crawl. Erestor had never been very attractive to begin with, and now add his freakish child bearing and weight gain. How had that thing seduced Glorfindel? He cringed when he suddenly got a mental image of it.

“I have to stop this before I make myself ill. Erestor living with Glorfindel, will this madness never end?”

Figwit, who was standing at the door trying to figure out how to break it to Elrond they had neglected a Hobbit family visiting for a few days and that they were now eating a hole in Imladris’ food supply, spun on his heel glad Elrond had in his rage not shut the door.
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Mani Marte pt19

“In three weeks or so you should be ready to give birth.”

”And how exactly will he do that?” Glorfindel asked coming into his room clad only in a towel. Erestor averted his gauze despite the fact that Glorfindel was not shy. He was respectful and never flaunted his nudity, though he could tell at times Glorfindel forgot. He had started to suspect that the Elf had slept in the nude before their little living arrangement.

“Err…” Elrond started realizing he had not given it much thought. Seeing that the pregnancy had progressed like a woman’s he had forgotten what the principle difference was. “I suppose I will cut it out.”

“My faith in you increases daily,” Glorfindel muttered pulling on a white shirt with some blue embroidery to match his blue leggings.

“If you will excuse me,” Elrond said stiffly as Glorfindel started brushing his hair. Continue reading

Mani Marte pt20

Glorfindel looked about Erestor’s room wondering if he would even be able to find anything. So many Elves had been through here. Cleaning, arranging and just being nosy. What evidence would there be? Even that blue robe had gone.

Pacing around the bedroom he wondered what he would really find. Servants had been through the room dozens of times. They had cleaned and changed the sheets…Glorfindel looked and found they hadn’t.

These were the same sheets from his impromptu visit. He vividly remembered staring at the pattern as he held a naked, sobbing Erestor close. Counting the little circles as he waited for the Elf to calm. Without another thought Glorfindel stripped the bed, but there was nothing on the mattress. Not a stain, not even a mark of a past stain.
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Mani Marte pt21

Elladan could take no more. Erestor’s screams were clawing at his heart. The rain had long since stopped and now his cries were deafening to him at least. Whatever was involved in the male birthing process it seemed dozens of times more uncomfortable than what females went through.

He looked up, sensing his brother’s return before he actually entered the room. “Ro,” Elladan started tiredly to his refreshed brother, “I can’t sleep here, help me to our room?”

“Of course,” Elrohir said helping Elladan to stand and supporting most of his weight as they left the hall. “That been going on long?” He asked as a pain filled moan echoed through the empty hall.

“Since last night. I don’t know if I would have been able to take much more,” Elladan said as Elrohir hefted him up and made his way up the stairs. Opening the door to his room Elladan looked around. “Legolas?”
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Mani Marte pt22

Looking up he saw the Prince of Mirkwood and who he assumed to be the Queen. “Lying, disgusting, abnormal, pile of filth!”

Erestor grimaced as the pain in his face felt like nothing compared to the pain in his nether regions. He wouldn’t be able to stand much longer.

“How dare you accuse Thranduil of tainting himself with the likes of you!”

He pressed his already soiled robe against his body and could feel it soaking his hands. He barely noticed that Viiresse was still speaking, instead gazing out the window behind her. The storm from the night before had passed though the sky was still dreary and grey.
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Mani Marte pt23

Viiresse watched as her husband sat at a window, his mind elsewhere. Word had spread of Erestor’s suicide attempt the day before and since then Thranduil had been oddly silent. She was worried and deep down she felt she knew what she feared.

“Husband, walk with me. There can be nothing of interest at that window.”

“Actually it overlooks the training ground. Legolas and Elrohir are sparring. Elladan acts as judge.”

“And you are paying no attention to them. What troubles you?”

“It’s… Nothing. I suppose I do not like the reasons for us being here. I do not like the fact that I left Mirkwood in the hands of an advisor, no matter how competent. But mostly I fear it is true.”

“True? What do you mean true?” Viiresse hissed.
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Mani Marte pt24

“Are you sure you don’t want to do anything to him?” Elrond asked as he moved his pawn.

“Elrond, if you haven’t noticed I haven’t been deeply worried about this,” Thranduil said capturing the pawn. “It’s a nice vacation if nothing else. Besides I hear you have punished him quite thoroughly.”

“Just as well. He seems to be ‘fading’, putting on a good show of it for Celeborn,” Elrond, studying the board, didn’t notice the look Thranduil gave him. “So how is Mirkwood? I should pay you a return visit soon, but…”

“I would not leave a pet in the hands of those fools, let alone a whole realm. Mirkwood is as it always is: a shell of its former self.”

“Are things getting worse in Mirkwood?” Elrond asked as he moved a warrior, not caring to get into a discussion about Erestor.
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Mani Marte pt25

“I just don’t know what to do any more. I just can’t believe he lied to me,” Glorfindel said staring out the window. “The proof is down the hall but still, I can’t believe it. And then with the baby. For a moment…why did he choose that moment to cry?”

“Erestor has very cold hands as of late. Not to mention babies have been known to be extremely sensitive to emotions,” Celeborn replied.

“How bad is it really?”

“Even with the weakened condition Erestor was already in it will be a slow, wasting death. At the very least it will be months before he passes. It is why most take their lives while they still can.”

“Is there anything…I mean…”

“You underestimated your worth. With out you or the child depending on him Erestor continues to sink. The only acknowledgement he gives me is eating barely enough to sustain a small bird.”

“But why is he shacked?”
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Mani Marte pt26

Erestor gripped his chest in agony, feeling as though someone was cleaving his heart in two. He would have made a noise if he could and he was glad he was alone. Glorfindel still had not returned from whatever he went off to do. He sat up slowly as the feeling passed. It made his injured ribs child’s play.

Suddenly the door opened but instead of blond he saw silver hair. Celeborn walked in looking grim. Erestor pulled the sheets closer to him, afraid of what the other Elf would say and do. He could never be sure. Even Glorfindel… Erestor’s thoughts wandered to the anger he had seen on Glorfindel’s face and a vice gripped his heart yet again.

Celeborn rushed to his side and helped to support the Elf. “Just breathe through it, that’s it, like that.” Once the pain subsided Celeborn pulled out a small vial similar to the one Belgor had been forcing on him.

“Here, this will help to restore your voice,” Celeborn said, glad when Erestor did not struggle more and simply drank down the vial. Celeborn watched as Erestor attempted to say something. “Not that quickly, a few hours or so and you will be able to whisper. By tomorrow you should have full use of your voice. Just do not over use it.”
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Mani Marte pt27

Erestor woke to a strange tugging sensation. Opening his eyes he looked down to see his son pulling on his hair as if he indeed did want to wake him. Smiling as he lifted his son into his arms, the baby gurgled and drooled slightly and Erestor’s smile just increased, as he had no idea of the stress going on outside his doors.


“Elrond, we really…” Thranduil started entering the office.

“Not now Thranduil. I’m sorry…”

“But this is serious…”

“So is this. Erestor’s child is missing.”

“Who would take a baby?” Thranduil asked, surprised.

“That is the problem,” Elrond said as Figwit rushed back into the office.

“Melcer…Belgor…or whatever his name is, is still in his cell. He has no idea anything is amiss.”
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Mani Marte pt28

Glorfindel watched as Erestor slept, loath to wake him but they had an hour until the meeting or trial or whatever it was. Walking over to the bed he lightly touched Erestor’s shoulder.

“Erestor, you have to get up.”

“No,” the Elf mumbled and pulled the sheet over his head.

“Erestor, you must. You have to get ready.”

A Dwarvish curse and the sheet was pulled back as Erestor rubbed his eyes and looked up at Glorfindel.

“See?” he asked with a grin. “Was that so hard?”

“No but sitting up will be. Help me you oaf.”

“Oh, how I missed your lovely voice,” Glorfindel said and moved to help Erestor out of bed. “Hungry?”

“Yes,” Erestor said and walked into the bathroom.
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Mani Marte pt29

“Well, now that we are all here we can get started,” Elrond began. “Now Erestor, tell everyone you lied and where this lover of yours is really hiding so we can all go about our lives.”

The slap Galadriel landed on Elrond shocked them all.

“Clearly you can’t be trusted to lead this meeting. Have you forgotten the meaning of impartial?”

“You…you slapped me?” Elrond asked in shock as Glorfindel sniggered.

“I did. And if you speak again you will most likely cause me to strike you again,” Galadriel warned. Elrond opened his mouth to respond but decided against it. “Good.”

“Now Erestor, I need you to simply state what happened. No one will judge you…” Erestor cast a sharp look at Elrond. “I will deal with him, just speak freely.”

Erestor stared at his hands for a moment, not sure where to begin. He glanced up and looked at Elladan who was paying total attention to him. Glorfindel’s hand slipped under the table and took his own.

“I didn’t even want to go to the celebration…in that ugly blue monstrosity none the less…I still don’t know why Elrond ordered me to.”
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Mani Marte pt30

Erestor stood at the door to Glorfindel’s room watching as the Elf slowly packed up his strange study, staring at each piece before putting them away into the crates for their move to ‘Lorien. Sighing, he moved to the window and simply stared.

It had been nearly three months now since the meeting, Arwen had returned home and they were planning on leaving when the ‘Lorien party departed in another few days. He thought Glorfindel had met his match in Haldir. Both were cheeky, stubborn and as childish as his own child at times.

But watching Glorfindel so distracted, as to not know he was even there, convinced him he couldn’t do this to the other. Leaving the room he headed for the Nursery and was not surprised to find a full house. Sitting in a circle on the floor Arwen, the Twins and Haldir were all playing with Calanmir, who found Haldir the most interesting with his silver hair. He was yanking on the strands as he had done with Celeborn.

“Your son has quite the grip,” Haldir said, wincing slightly.

“I know…” Erestor started but at the sound of his voice Calanmir turned.

“Ada Ada!” He cried, trying to get to his father and crawling straight for him. Erestor shoved his black robes out of the way and got down on his knees for easier access. Lifting his son who wrapped his arms around his neck. He still wondered why he caused such a reaction in the babe.
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Mani Marte pt31

“Calanmir! Please come down. Do not make me call your Ada,” Haldir said with a sigh. He had already dressed and did not want to climb up to fetch the three year old. Calanmir looked down at Haldir and pouted then got out of the tree by diving into the Haldir’s arms. “We have to get you cleaned up and dressed. We will go see your Da.”

“Why are Ada and Da in different Talans?” Calanmir asked as he was lead away from his home.

“It is part of the tradition for today; they will see each other at the ceremony.”

“Can we go see Ada next?”

“Yes. But you have to be dressed first and Glorfindel has your clothes.”

“Okay,” he said as they reached Haldir’s Talan. Climbing up they could already hear voices.

“Are you a warrior or not?”

“This is not battle! It is my binding ceremony.”
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Mani Marte pt32

Glorfindel shook his head as he slowly made his way out of the Talan. He felt like kicking himself. Of course Erestor would push himself to the brink this night. Erestor worried about the feelings of others long before he did his own. Glorfindel should have been the one to put a stop to it, knowing Erestor would have pretended to not to have been scared at all.

Making his way up to Haldir and his brothers’ Talan, Glorfindel was surprised to see only the light of a few candles. Looking at the couch he saw two forms entangled together. He couldn’t see who they were as there was a curtain of silver and black shielding their faces.

Glorfindel was about to make his presence known when Elladan darted into the room. “It’s not a bush but I suppose we can accept,” Elladan said nodding to his partner in crime: Orophin.

“Elladan!” Elrohir exclaimed, blushing. “Glorfindel?!” The blond shrugged.

“You’re late,” Haldir remarked, entering the room last, smirking at his blushing little brother.

“I had to take a cold bath, very cold,” Glorfindel murmured.

“Well, I hate to tell you this but Erestor shares another’s bed,” Haldir said grinning.
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Mani Marte pt33

“Are you sure about this Erestor?”

“Yes. You said it yourself: I am hiding here. With the Twins returning at the end of the month and Amrun’s family returning to the Gray Havens, it is as good as a time as any before I have any other changes of heart or excuses.”

“He does not deserve you.”

“No, but lucky for him he will have me anyway.”

“We will miss you but I wish you luck. When will you depart?”

“With the Twins.”

“They leave in a few weeks. I will add Haldir to their escort.”

“Add Rumil as well,” Erestor said softly and Celeborn grinned.

“He has already asked for a temporary leave to travel to Imladris. I have the feeling I will be loosing three great warriors.”
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Remember Me pt01

Title: Remember Me 1/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: bluegold@surfy.net
Beta: Chesyuli
Pairings: Legolas/?, Elladan/Elrohir, Aragorn/Eowyn, Turin/Laieth, Eowyn/Faramir
Rating: NC-17
Summary: After a life in bondage can Legolas be the king the Mirkwood people need him to be or is his enslavement just beginning?
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warnings: Angst, Incest, Character Death, minor het
Authors Notes: Don’t worry the ? is a good thing it’s a surprise! So is the CD I swear! A few more Evanescence lyrics may be sprinkled about. And a smidge of Josh Groban. This is the sequel to ‘Bound’ and makes a lot more sense if you read that first.

Frozen inside without your touch,
Without your love, darling,
Only you are the life among the dead.

Opening his eyes, his mind was muddled and confused. The one thing he was sure about was that he had to keep following the music; it was faint but he could still hear it. And he knew he just had to follow.

Walking blindly, his ears were his guide turning to where the music was the clearest. Silence was his greatest fear; He simply had to continue to follow the sound, continue to hear the music and all will be well. Everything would be all right again and he would be where he belonged.


Elladan, Elrohir, Turin and Laieth all rode alongside Legolas who was starting to worry them. He hadn’t spoken a word since Thranduil fell. The only time they had not seen him was when Elrond had taken him and given him a package that hung on his horse, the contents hidden away from prying eyes.

The twins had declined joining their father, though they had made their choice clear. They wanted to remain among the first born. They would simply sail at a later date. Fear was a driving factor in that, they were not sure if they would be able to face their mother or the Valar. Continue reading

Remember Me pt02

The trees sang they were so glad. Shadow was departing, and their herders had awoken again. The darkness in their brother’s and sister’s were past and those that stolen away the trees they had called friend had been crushed beneath their roots.

He learned all this as he walked the whispers of the trees aiding to heal his broken mind as he moved. The music was faint at the moment a mere whisper and he had to pause constantly to hear. But the trees aided him. They knew what called and in those moments fell silent.

A whispering, a calling that allowed for no rest, no stopping no end to the music as he feared any long pause would draw it away even as he worked to come nearer. But all would be worth the pain, and the cold as the music would make him warm and whole again. A spike in the sound and his pace quickened as the music sharpened.
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Slash 100 – LotR

Pairing: Erestor/Thranduil
Rating: G to NC-17 depending on story.
Summary: 100 stories based on the big damn table prompts about the relationship between Erestor and Thranduil within the same AU as Tangled Web.

Stories I, II, III need to be read in sequence.

001. Beginnings (1)
002. Middles.
003. Ends.
004. Insides.
005. Outsides.
006. Hours.
007. Days.
008. Weeks.
009. Months.
010. Years. (6)III
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Slash 100 – LotR – (1)

Title: First Encounter
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters: Thranduil, Erestor
Prompt: #1 Beginnings
Word Count: 737
Rating: G
Summary: Two elves meet for the first time and change both their lives.
Author’s Notes: Anyone who’s read Tangled Web will recognize the universe but it is not necessary to read it to understand the fic. Also the ages for Erestor and Thranduil are 3 and 5 respectively.

Erestor watched as the guard pulled the prince away and started to follow. He approached the doors as fast as his little legs could carry him only to have them slammed in his face. He stood back a moment wondering what he could do to get inside and help that elf. Continue reading

Slash 100 – LotR – (2)

Erestor was standing by the library when Thranduil approached him muttering to himself and not noticing his friend for a moment. He walked past Erestor paused, glanced back at the elf grabbed his arms and started dragging him towards his chambers.

“Thranduil do you know how long I was waiting for you? Where were you? And why are you dragging me down the hall I can walk. Thranduil are you listening to me?”

“Come on!” He hissed dragging his friend into his room and shut the door behind him.

“What is going on?” Continue reading

Slash 100 – LotR – (3)

Oropher watched as Erestor ate or more accurately didn’t eat. He kept slipping things into his lap as Thranduil devoured his food completely oblivious. Erestor would have lunch with them about every week since that fateful day and Oropher had finally begun to notice despite the large amounts of food on Erestor’s plate, more than Oropher could ever eat the child’s plate was empty by dessert.

He watched as Erestor slipped rolls and whole cuts of meat into his lap. Curious Oropher wondered how he never noticed this once Erestor stood. It would be quite the impressive stash. It also made him wonder seeing as it had been three months and he had yet to meet Erestor’s parents. Most parents would have tried to worm their way to Oropher by using their child to get to Thranduil.

Sadly, it was why Thranduil had few friends, for once the parents learned they would get nothing more than casual play groups with Oropher popping in for a brief greeting they stopped bringing their child to play with the prince. Erestor was the only child whose parent seemed to be avoiding him completely.

The child would vanish shortly after lunch and usually return few minutes later very pleased with himself. Continue reading

Slash 100 – LotR – (4)I

Oropher opened the door to Thranduil’s room and froze. The boys had finished weapons training and as usual retreated to Thranduil’s room until their afternoon lessons. And now he knew why, sprawled out on his stomach and half atop Thranduil was an asleep and clearly naked Erestor; he watched as the sheet they had been sharing was slid more off their bare chests and rode up Erestor’s naked leg as the younger elf shifted curling up more against Thranduil.

Oropher slammed the door and watched as Erestor was the first to stir. He sat up rubbing his eyes and looked towards Oropher. The king simply crossed his arms and glared.

“Thran,” Erestor whispered shaking the blond.

“It can’t be time yet, let me sleep,” Thranduil muttered.

“Thran!” Erestor hissed, “You did something.”


“He’s your ada, what did you do?”
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Slash 100 – LotR – (5)II

Erestor coughed himself awake and glanced at his father, whose gaze finally seemed vacant. He attempted to slip out of the bed.

“And where do you think you are going?”

“The bathroom ada, go to sleep.”

“I’m not tired.”

“I feel better…I”

“So I imagined that cough just now.” Erestor sighed but did not put up a struggle as he was carried into the bath. “Your fever has already broken. You will be fine in another day.”

“Another day?”

“Yes, don’t give me that look.”

“We should give Thran back his room.”

“I’m fine, except ada snores.” Thranduil said popping his head into the room. “You know the storm stopped, but everything is really muddy.”
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Slash 100 – LotR – (6)III

Having given up on the box and assuming that the healers had enough time to work without him being in the way like his son and Erestor already were, he put it aside and headed to the healing rooms.

Nithron was in the bed, Erestor curled up in a tiny ball besides him, Thranduil in a chair near the bed one hand in Erestor’s hair as he drifted in an exhausted sleep. Oropher approached the sleeping trio and lifted Thranduil first, despite the fact that his son was likely too large and too old to be carried. Glancing at Erestor he wondered if he could carry the smaller elf at the same time.

“Leave him, he will fear for me if he wakes anywhere else,” Nithron said and Oropher started. Continue reading

Slash 100 – LotR – (7)

It was raining and Erestor was bored. He kept casting glances at Thranduil who was sitting across from him remembering what they had done just a few days before. The feeling of Thranduil rocking above him had brought forth feelings he didn’t know he had.

They were both sitting in the Library and all he wanted to do was drag Thranduil back into his chambers for a repeat performance. Almost as if he was reading his mind Thranduil looked up at Erestor and smirked before returning to his book.

Blushing and feeling all kinds of embarrassed, Erestor fled to the shelves to compose himself. His erection throbbing painfully as all he could think about was his best friend, and how much better that would feel naked. Continue reading

Slash 100 – LotR – (8)

“Are you sure about this son?” Nithron asked watching Erestor methodically take apart his chamber.

“Ada, I can’t stay here,” Erestor whispered. “He’s getting married and all on the council thought me to be his pet whore anyway.”


“Besides with you as an Advisor what does he need me for?”


“I like her, why did I have to like her? Why couldn’t she be some kind of bitch like the others?” Erestor asked his father.
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Slash 100 – LotR – (9)

” But its green,” Thranduil whined for the third time in as many minutes.

“You are prince of Greenwood of course its green,” the tailor pointed out.

“But its GREEN.”

“Thran shut up or we’ll never go play,” Erestor snapped and the prince stared at his friend.

“If I hear the word green out of your mouth one more time I will do violence against your person.”

“I’ll tell Ada,” Thranduil said. Continue reading

Tangled Web pt01

Elrond and Erestor stood side by side, the Lord and his shadow, as the party from Mirkwood approached. Thranduil was the first to dismount, a wriggling bundle of muddy green in his arms. It wasn’t until he placed it down that they recognized it was a child, most likely Legolas, Thranduil’s son. Though they were surprised that Thranduil would take such a young child on such a journey.

Erestor barely noticed the child as he felt a tingling sensation in his arm. He shook his arm but the feeling did not pass. “My Lord…my arm it…”

“Do not even finish that statement,” Elrond hissed, feeling as if he were scolding a child instead of his Chief Advisor.

“Yes my Lord. Ow!’” Erestor exclaimed, smacking his arm and feeling a strange wetness. He lifted his sleeve and a small spider carcass fell out, leaving a bit of slime on his arm.
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Tangled Web pt02

Erestor looked at the dinner plate and bile rose up in him. He pushed the plate away, shut his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Erestor?” Glorfindel asked.

“I don’t feel well,” Erestor said to his lover.

“Don’t you dare…” Elrond growled.

“Don’t feel ill?” Erestor asked, confused.

“You are a walking exaggeration. If you cut your finger on a parchment you are sure it’s going to fall off.”

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Tangled Web pt03

Melpomaen watched avidly as Erestor groaned before blinking slowly. He turned his head to the side to look at Melpomaen. “M…mm…”

“Here,” he said quickly pouring a glass of water for Erestor. Sipping slowly Erestor smiled faintly then put a hand to his stomach. “Something wrong?”

“I have to relieve myself,” Erestor whispered.

“Let me help you,” Erestor nodded slightly, clutching the sheet close and Melpomaen smiled at the modesty that was for his benefit. Erestor was simply *not* shy. Helping Erestor to his feet they slowly moved away from the bed when a splashing sound was heard and Erestor sagged against him. Looking down he saw a pink tinged puddle. Its scent was strong, but not of urine. Melpomean lifted Erestor into his arms marvelling at how light the Elf was.
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Tangled Web pt04

Erestor woke slowly wrapped up in Glorfindel’s arms. He looked up at his lover’s face and sighed sadly. Traces of tears could still be seen on his face and Erestor knew it was all his fault.

“I’m so sorry Fin,” Erestor whispered burying his face in the other’s chest. “I never wanted to do this to you. After the last few years…I thought it was over. I never wanted to do this to you. This is so much easier with you asleep. Valar I know how you hate lies,” Erestor mumbled snuggling deeper into his lover’s chest.

“Erestor,” Glorfindel snarled in a dangerous whisper and Erestor flinched. Wanting to cover his ears for the tirade that was sure to follow. “How long did you know?”

“All my life,” Erestor whispered.
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Tangled Web pt05

“Legolas?” Elrohir whispered from where he was on the other side of Erestor his brother stirring behind him.

“Yes?” He whispered back.

“You feel better now?”

“Yes, I thought E’stor would be so mad.”

“E’stor’s nice he doesn’t yell at little elfs.”

“What about big ones?”

“E’stor makes big elfs cry. If they make him mad he’ll yell at them and if he gets really mad he’ll throw a book.”
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Tangled Web pt06

Glorfindel stood at the door watching Erestor work. It had been nearly a month since Erestor had lost their chills and just as long since they had been intimate, in conversation or physically. Erestor was pulling away from him and he did not know how to stop him.

And his love seemed to be changing in smaller ways. Erestor had never been one for bright colors, usually sticking to darker tones, of blue, green, and browns. But it had been weeks since he had seen Erestor in anything besides black or dark gray robes.

He spent less time with the twins and the visiting Legolas and more in the office and the only good that came of it was that Elrond came to have an excess of time on his hands and was more often found strolling with Celebrian or playing with the twins.
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Tangled Web pt07

Glorfindel was alert as he patrolled the borders. There had been rumors of a pack of wargs that were nearing the valley and with the warming weather foul beasts tended to travel farther than they normally would. And with wargs usually came orcs. The fact that there was a thunderstorm coming did not calm his nerves one bit. The darkening sky simply meant the sun fearing beasts would be out and about all the sooner.

He was the first to hear the hoof beats of the quickly approaching horse. On high alert he steered his horse to intercept the other, while making a series of short bird calls to position his guards in the right place.

What he saw had him draw his sword even as he spoke softly to the injured rider. “What happed?” He asked even as he took note of the claw marks on the horses flank and the blood on the elf’s tunic.
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Tangled Web pt08

Glorfindel went after Erestor and found the elf in their chamber sitting at the window staring out towards the Misty Mountains. It was a very empty Erestor that he saw.


“I…” Erestor shook his head and let out a whimper.

“I’m sorry Erestor…I should have…”

“Glorfindel I know you did everything you could. No matter the elf you would have. But he’s always been there…why did he have to come? He spent ages surrounded by the most deadly woods in all of Arda and was taken down within reach of a safe haven. It’s my fault, I should have never sent that letter,” Erestor sobbed tears falling down his face.
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The Garden

Title: The Garden
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: bluegold@surfy.net
Beta: Beckyboo
Archive: http://goldshowers.bravepages.com
Pairings: Erestor/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian (implied),
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Glorfindel plans a picnic and Erestor has other plans. And is that the Lord of the Valley in the bushes?
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warnings: Voyeurism, PWP (though a plot is worming its way in)
Authors Notes: *Sequel* of sorts to The Library, same universe different day.
Glorfindel entered Erestor’s study and paused to watch his lover work. Erestor’s desk was surrounded by other Elves and he stood behind it, delegating to the lower Elves. The expression on Erestor’s face was unreadable as he addressed each Elf.

A light tap on Glorfindel’s shoulder caused him to turn. “Planning a repeat?” Elrond asked and Glorfindel grinned.

“You enjoyed it then?”

“I doubt Erestor would approve,” Elrond said avoiding the question.

“Let me worry about what he approves of. I was planning on stealing him away for lunch. There is a nice picnic waiting for us in the garden. You can join us, publicly that is. I have no plans for debauching my love.”

“I will think on it,” Elrond said as all the Elves were dismissed by Erestor. They bowed to Elrond and Glorfindel as they made their way to the various tasks that they had been assigned. Glorfindel strolled into the room first looking down at his now seated lover who did not look up from the parchment he had just started to read.

“Yes Glorfindel?”

“How did…”
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The Library

Title: The Library
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: bluegold@surfy.net
Beta: Beckyboo
Archive: http://goldshowers.bravepages.com
Pairings: Erestor/ Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian (implied),
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Elrond is sad, Glorfindel cheers him up and Erestor is dragged along for the ride.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Authors Note: hmm seems to be my first PWP. This is dedicated to Anestel and SayAye. And it just proves to me I should never be allowed to play with Erestor and Glorfindel.
Feedback: sure its always fun

Elrond sat in the darkened library and sighed. It was 50 years to the day since Celebrian had sailed, telling him to love again. But all he had done is mope. The door creaked open and Glorfindel strolled in. He watched the Balrog slayer stroll in with two glasses of wine.

“Love? Are you hiding in here?”

“It’s just me,” Elrond mumbled.

“Oh. Hmm, something wrong?”

“No,” Elrond said with a sigh. “Go find Erestor. Don’t let me keep you.”

Glorfindel looked at Elrond and frowned. Everyone knew what was bothering him. He moped every time the anniversary of Celebrian’s departure came around. The twins wiped Orcs off the face of middle earth, Arwen spent time with Galadriel, and Elrond moped.

“Elrond, here,” Glorfindel said handing Elrond a glass of wine. “I want you to be very quiet when I come back.” Continue reading

The List

Title: The List
Author (including email): Blue Gold bluegold@surfy.net
Pairings: L/E, L/E/E, L/B, L/H, L/F, A/A (implied)
Rating: R
Summary: Aragorn muses on Legolas’ adventures with the fellowship and what is going on in the prince’s mind.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters involved and I’m making no profit from this.
Warnings: none
Authors Note: Well I wrote this yesterday on the train and decided to share. It’s all in Aragorn’s point of view. It hasn’t been beta read so please excuse my mistakes. Also excuse any canon error it’s been about three years since I’ve touched ROTK. As always feedback is welcome

In Mirkwood you were all business. I hadn’t even known you were a prince. You took the strange creature under your personal watch. I was in such a rush I never realized what it truly meant. I knew you had stolen my heart in that brief moment but what was a ranger to do? I was just another face to you. Little did I know you knew me, my line, my rank, and my soul.

In Rivendell you arrived alone and everyone paid you the utmost respect and I watched in awe. They were all so polite but it wasn’t until Ada called you Prince that I realized what it meant. That night I wanted to speak to you. I searched for you and there you were. At one of the secluded waterfalls bathing in the moonlight. You were standing waist deep in the water. Your back was turned to me and you were wringing excess water from your hair.

I was building my courage to approach you when it happened. He was the first, my brother. He had just come back from hunting Orcs with Elladan. He stared at you unashamedly. I was surprised you didn’t turn. But then you surprised me. Elrohir had been pulling at all the ties and clasps to his armor as he approached the pool and now when you stepped out of the water and I could no longer breathe, your fingers barely seemed to touch him but the armor and clothing fell off.
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To Be Claimed pt01

Legolas leaned against a tree and wondered about what he had done earlier that day. His father had sent him to inform Lord Elrond of the escape of that Gollum creature. Would he really want him on such a dangerous quest? He was surprised he had even let him go at all even with all his pleading. If it hadn’t been for his brother…

“Saes Ada…”

“Legolas! Dina!” His mouth clamped shut instantly this wasn’t what he had planned. He had wanted to show his father that he was mature enough to take on such a task. Not whine like a baby but his father didn’t even consider his request.

“Legolas…” Legolas rolled his eyes and turned to his brother. Crown prince and the carbon copy of his father and such a goody goody pain in the arse.

“Forget I asked…” Legolas mumbles not interested in fighting with the both of them. He stomps out of the throne room not caring how much of a child it made him seem.

“Father…I think … you should let Legolas go.”

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To Be Claimed pt02

Elrond found them like that the next morning, his sons forming a prince sandwich. He smiled marveling at how young all three elves look in their sleep. He smiled locking eyes with his youngest son.

“Morning Ada,” Elrohir whispers.

“How is he?” Elrond said as he kneeled next to Elrohir.

“He cried himself to sleep…”

“Do you think it was wise then to share a bed with him?”

“He asked us to; he said he used to do it with his Nana and Ada.”

“Well he wouldn’t be the first elfling to share his parents’ bed.”

“Ada,” Elrohir moaned and Legolas stired waking along with Elladan. The prince sat up looking at Elrond.

“How are you feeling this morning?”

“Fine,” Legolas said blushing.
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To Be Claimed pt03

Aragorn swore the chatter between his brothers and Merry and Pippin would drive him mad. They had found their hobbit equivalents. Now they were singing to each other.

“Oh oh! I have one,” Elladan exclaims.

“Aggy and ‘Wren sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G…”

“Elladan for the love of-“

“Arwen? I mean really not only is she a girl, she’s our sister,” he says making a face.

“You don’t like girls?” Pippin asks. Elladan winks.

“Legolas could you come here?” Legolas who had been walking silently behind Gandalf, Frodo, and Sam dropped behind. Continue reading

To Be Claimed pt04

Elladan looked around the dark dank mine bored. Gandalf had made them set up a makeshift camp as he tried to remember the way through the mines. Elrohir was in an open space teaching the Hobbits some basic sword moves.

Gimli was sitting silently with Aragorn probably sad about the bodies they had found of the dwarves that used to live in the mine. He looked over at Legolas and his breath caught. The elf was sitting across from him polishing his bow. Legolas was oblivious to the effect he was having on Elladan.

For a few moments he just watched Legolas’ hand move up and down on the shaft, then stick out his tongue in concentration. That was the last straw. He looked up at Elrohir and saw his brother was still occupied.

“Legolas,” he whispered standing and walking the short distance to the other elf.

“Yes?” Legolas asked looking up at him with a small smile.
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