Beneath Angel’s Wings: Celebrations

An Alternate Universe Soap Opera Featuring the WWE in a world where Homosexuality is the norm, hetrosexuality is is looked down on, and MPREG is possible and happens.
This is the first Chapter/Episode.

Ah celebrations. Don’t you just love them? They always bring out the best and the worst in people. Wouldn’t you say? Especially in a small town like this one. This town, our town, a universe inside itself. We have everything you could possibly need. The millionaires, the sluts, the moderately rich, the dirt poor, the insanely beautiful, the insane.

Now I have been a lot of places in my life, don’t even get me started but this town, these people they take the cake. You wouldn’t believe the kind of things possible all in one place. The deception, the lies, the betrayal. The whole thing! Its enough to make one run screaming back to Paradise. But instead I’m here to share it with you. The life, lies, loves, losses, and lusts ;) of the people of Harmony CoveBy now you must be wondering who I am right. I know I would be. To them I am nobody, less important then a fly on the wall because at least they’d be interested in swatting the fly. To you I’ll be you’re conductor on this lovely journey. I’ll help you keep track of everything and maybe reveal a few secrets I know. Don’t worry by the end I’ll let you in on my secret identity.Where should we start? The beginning? But that is almost 35 years ago. We’ll get to that soon enough. I know where this story started, but even I don’t know where it will end. Let’s go to the celebration happening now. Readers’ first.
“Funaki! Move those boxes now!” The shrill voice of his bosses’ daughter startled him so much he almost dropped the box he was already holding.

“Come on Steph relax,” her slightly tipsy younger brother Randy said.

How can I relax? Its their 30th wedding anniversary! Everything has to be perfect. Where’s Shane?”

“Right here,” he said walking in with the rolled up banner. “Don’t we have servants to do this kind of thing?”
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Broken ((Sequel to The Awakening))

Title: Broken Part 1 (sequel to the Awakening)
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: NC 17
Pairings: Prince/Christian, Matt/Jason
Warnings: Foul language, rape, slash, murder, character death
Summary: The prince was never meant to be a hero. He takes but never gives, could there be a reason behind it all?
Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own Adam Copeland, he is property of the WWE and Alana and I guess himself. Nor do I own any other WWE superstars appearing in this fic or Adam’s ma. Every one else is a figment of my warped imagination.
The Prince walked the halls looking right and left as he walked. He knew his parents were on the other side of the palace but there were too many guards that loved to kiss their collective royal behinds every time he blinked wrong. He turned saw the hall to his room clear.

He walked to the door and was surprised to find it locked.

“Not good,” He mutters to himself as he starts using his telekinetic ability to turn the tumblers. The only problem was that he still hadn’t gotten the best control of it and he couldn’t get the lock to budge. He was focusing so hard that he didn’t hear as the guard turned the corner until a hand clamped on his shoulder.

“What are you doing?” He looked at the guard. New and wow violet eyes. He grinned then remembered he was still in commoner clothes.

“Um uh…I,” he froze she was coming. She would kill him. He ran behind a tapestry and stood the guard directly in front of him.
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Lost Part 1
Author: Blue Gold
Content: Foul language, rape, m/m, bondage,
Distribution: just ask
Disclaimer: I don’t own any WWE superstars and am not trying to imply anything about the lifestyles of those portrayed within.
**I think the POV’s are a little messy let me know if you can’t follow it and I’ll try to fix it in part 2*

I open my eyes, I’m lying in bed and that feeling of being watched comes from my left side. There’s some guy starring at me and my head is pounding. The room is filled with shadows as I sit up looking for something familiar. There is a pain radiating from my entire lower body. And breathing hurt like a bitch.

“You’re awake. Will you . . .”

“Are you a doctor?”

“What on earth are you babbling about? Don’t play games with me.”

“I’m not playing, what’s your name?”

“Adam . . .”

“Hi Adam, I’m . . . wait . . . I’m.”

“I’m not Adam you are!” He says standing and turning away.

“Oh,” I say not liking the fact that I can’t remember my own name.

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Title: Stopwatch
Author: Blue Gold originally written as “PJ”
Rating: NC 17
Pairings: Matt/Jeff, Matt/Stephanie, Jeff/Adam, Jeff/Gill, Jeff/Chris,
Warnings: Forced m/m, incest, consensual m/f, het, child abuse, suicide,
Summary: Jeff is his own worse enemy.
Disclaimer: I do not own Matt or Jeff Hardy or any other character mentioned within. They own themselves or are owned by the WWE

Jeff was sound asleep on his water bed. The battery in his alarm clock had just died five minutes before 6 and he didn’t hear the pounding on his room door. The door is kicked open and he’s dragged out of his bed by the hair. He’s fully awake when he gets dragged into the bathroom and thrown into the tub.

“You’re not making me late hurry up!”

Jeff stood, and looked around, he was gone. He peeled of the boxers he was wearing and turned on the tap. Good Morning to you too Matt. He showered quickly and then brushed. He went back into his room and looked at the dead alarm clock. He could have screamed. A stupid clock and now even breathing hurt. He put on some loose fitting clothes and grabbed his bag.

“Could you take any longer?” Is Jeff’s greeting as he enters his brother’s car. He doesn’t respond, any answer would get him smacked. He rested his head against the window. When had it gotten like this? Something just for Matt to beat on? And then there were the other things.

At some point he had fallen asleep to Matt’s pearl jam CD. They were at the arena. He climbed out of the car, Matt was gone. He hadn’t bothered to wake him up. Matt loved to do things at work, the second he was alone.
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The Awakening

The Awakening Part 1
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: NC 17
Content: Foul language, rape, slash, murder, character death
Distribution: just ask
Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own Adam Copeland/Edge, he is property of the WWE I guess himself. Nor do I own any other WWE superstars appearing in this fic or Adam’s ma. Every one else is a figment of my warped imagination.

All hallows eve 1673 . . .
“My Lord its not possible, in all these centuries never . . .”
“Are you saying my queen lies?!”
“No my lord but that would make him the first.”
“My son, prince of all that is pure, the first of the truly pure.”
“And if it is a girl?”
“She shall be a goddess among us.”
“My lord quickly now, it is a boy.”
The king and his advisor rush out of the throne room straight to his and the Queens private chambers. There the midwife was holding the screaming infant out to the king. He took it and sat besides his exhausted wife. She turned to look at her son who had already been cleaned.
“Our son,” She says than gasps. “Look, he has them already.” The king looked at his son and saw what had shocked his wife.

The prince of Pure breeds came of age in a time of war. Even more revered than a normal prince because of the miracle of his birth and his uncanny beauty. He had powers surpassing all the pure breeds and easily surpassing those of the halflings.

Like all pure breed vampires he could walk in day, unlike the others he didn’t feel like a mortal. He had a strength that surpassed all those around him easily, his enchanting of mortal women or men when the fancy suited him was unparallel. Even other vampire’s fell under his power though he was confined to vampire men lest he begot a child before being wedded properly. He had powers that no other vampire pure or half had ever seen. He could see into the minds of others most easily and would so lose himself sometimes as to not remember he and the other were different people.

He was standing at window of the south tower of the castle looking out. The sun was just starting to set and the halfling army would come out of hiding now. The leader of the haflings had been the one to start this war. What his true name was no one knew anymore or cared and he called himself King Strigoi. He had separated halflings from pure breeds, when at first it had been merely a term of identification, claming that halflings were the only true vampires and that they deserved to rule all their kind. There were many haflings that still fought on their side but Strigoi increased his hordes incessantly plucking mortals from their very beds and adding them to his cause.
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