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Regret and False Pretense pt03


Clark woke slowly as his body cried out for pain medication. Blinking in what could only be early morning light he wondered where Lex had gone. He was trying to see where Lex was when he saw a woman staring at him from across the room.

“Hello?” Clark asked attempting to sit up to greet the older woman and wincing.

“Hello, now don’t move I was looking for Mr. Luthor. I’m Carla Henry I’m to be your nurse.”

“Clark Kent. Hmm, he was here, at least when I fell asleep,” Clark said not noticing the arch of Carla’s brow.

Lex chose that moment to exit the bathroom wet pajama bottoms clinging to his legs as he looked at Carla. “Yes?”

“It’s seven, well ten after now. I wanted to discuss my duties and what I expect from you.”

“Let me get dressed. How did you get in here?”

“Your body guard sent me right in.”
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Regret and False Pretense pt02


Lex looked around their new location. The Manhattan penthouse looked out over Central Park west and was two floors of towering glass, with a rooftop garden, pool and hot tub. Multiple bedrooms an office, and small in house gym made it one of Lex’s more accommodating dwellings. There was no balcony here though there were floor to ceiling glass windows in some rooms.

Clark having still been sedated had gone through the transport with the least amount of difficulty. His bedroom in this penthouse was almost a mirror duplicate of the one in Metropolis.

“Sir, he is awake,” Mercy said entering the living room.

“And?” Lex asked looking down at the city refusing to be afraid.

“He’s asking for you. He’s disoriented; he wants to make sure you’re alright.”


“Yes sir.”
“Did he know who you were?”

“Yes sir. His exact words were; Mercy is Lex ok? Can I talk to him?”
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Regret and False Pretense pt01

Title: Regret and False Pretense 1/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: midnightscribbles.com
Pairings: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Clark’s been a little sick. His memory is a little fuzzy, but he remembers the important things, like how to be a hero.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not own any of the characters in this story
Spoilers: General, All Episodes
Warnings: Future fic
Authors Notes: Incorporates aspects of the DCU.

Lois stared at her partner in consternation. “Clark, I know you’ve been sick but how could you forget who Superman is? Or that he’s been missing all this time? Did you lose your mind along with your glasses?”

“Glasses? I don’t know, Lois. Everything is a bit fuzzy. Like I’m forgetting things,” Clark mumbled. Today was his first day back at work and he felt blank. Little things just were not making connections in his mind. Things like why Lois and not Chloe was his partner.

“Oh, just what I need,” Lois growled as a shadow fell over their table.

“Good afternoon to you, too, Ms. Lane,” Lex said though his eyes never left Clark.

Clark perked up at the familiar voice. “Lex!” He greeted, his face breaking out into a beaming grin.
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