Ah celebrations. Don't you just love them? They always bring out the best and the worst in people. Wouldn't you say? Especially in a small town like this one. This town, our town, a universe inside itself. We have everything you could possibly need. The millionaires, the sluts, the moderately rich, the dirt poor, the insanely beautiful, the insane.

Now I have been a lot of places in my life, don't even get me started but this town, these people they take the cake. You wouldn't believe the kind of things possible all in one place. The deception, the lies, the betrayal. The whole thing! Its enough to make one run screaming back to Paradise. But instead I'm here to share it with you. The life, lies, loves, losses, and lusts ;) of the people of Harmony Cove

By now you must be wondering who I am right. I know I would be. To them I am nobody, less important then a fly on the wall because at least they'd be interested in swatting the fly. To you I'll be you're conductor on this lovely journey. I'll help you keep track of everything and maybe reveal a few secrets I know. Don't worry by the end I'll let you in on my secret identity.

Where should we start? The beginning? But that is almost 35 years ago. We'll get to that soon enough. I know where this story started, but even I don't know where it will end. Let's go to the celebration happening now. Readers' first.

"Funaki! Move those boxes now!" The shrill voice of his bosses' daughter startled him so much he almost dropped the box he was already holding.

"Come on Steph relax," her slightly tipsy younger brother Randy said.

How can I relax? Its their 30th wedding anniversary! Everything has to be perfect. Where's Shane?"

"Right here," he said walking in with the rolled up banner. "Don't we have servants to do this kind of thing?"

"You think I'd trust Funaki with something this important? Maybe if he spoke more than six words of English I'd trust him."

"I think that's why dad hired him," Randy said leaning on his brother.

"Its not even two must you be drunk?"

"I was taste testing the wine. I'd go with the '85 seems like a good year," Randy said then stumbles off in the general direction of his rooms. Stephanie tosses her D&G purse in the direction her younger brother just went off in.

"Tell me again why we're not having this party at the club?"

"Raw Zone? I don't know could it be because they are spending all day there Shane?" Stephanie said retrieving her purse. "Come on we have a lot more to do.


"Ohhhh, Mr. McMahon harder…"

"So you like that huh?"

"Yes," he gasped as the hand was brought down on his backside yet again and even harder. He bit his lip to keep from crying out and tasted blood which made him even harder. He wiggled suggestively from his kneeling position.

"I don't think you're ready for all Mr. McMahon has to offer, but you're hired."

"I am?" Brian squeaked. This had to be the strangest interview he had ever been on. How did he end up kneeling on the floor being spanked?

"Yes I think you'll fit in just well with the clientele, you'll make a fine bartender at Raw Zone."

"Th…thank you…" Brian stammered getting to his feet shakily. He pulled on his pants and walked out taking out his cell phone.

"Yes he fell for it hook line and sinker," he says to the voice on the other end. "Yes I'm working at the Raw Zone. Alright…okay…of course they don't call me Spanky for nothing, bye."

Brian walked over to the bar of the empty club and had the nagging feeling he was being watched. He looked up and sure enough the other owner of Raw Zone was staring at him from the skybox type office of the club. He was on the phone but he didn't pay it much mind and went back to orienting himself with the bar.

"You can't do this to me, not now. Do you want money? I'll give you anything they can't find out about it."

"Sorry Ric baby but daddy's coming to town." Click Ric listened to the dead silence on the other end of the phone for a few minutes. He looked down at the fresh new bartender and instantly disliked him. Something told him that he was already getting to know Vince. Just one more thing to add to his list of problems.


"What do you think of this one pookie?"

Steven looked at his lovers skin tight PVC pants and matching tank top. He grinned madly and winked.

"Its great Vicky," He said pulling her to him for a kiss when a banging at their apartment door interrupted them and Steven opened to see his neighbor Ivory. "Hello Ivory."

"Hey Stevie, is that cute roommate of yours here?"

"She's getting dressed."

"Oh, does she have a date for the party?"

"How many times does she have to tell you she's not interested?"

"Look you're a guy so you wouldn't understand it. She's playing the nice little nun living with a boy like you. She needs someone to rock her world."

"Whatever I need to get ready."

"Unless there is something else going on here."

"Like what?" Steven asks nervously.

"Like she has a girlfriend and there's something up. What is she married? Underage? Come on it can't be that bad. I won't tell," Ivory says whispering to Steven.

"Its nothing like that."

"Man if I didn't know any better I'd swear you two were straight." Steven burst into nervous laughter.

"Oh yeah I love girls," Steven says trying to shut the door again.

"Well tell Vic, to save me a dance."

"Sure bye Ivory," Steven says shutting the door.

"She gone?" Victoria asks coming out of her hiding place. "I thought she would never leave."

"Yeah but, Victoria maybe this was a bad idea."

"No, we can make it work. New town, new people we can. To them we're just friends. Just make sure to dance with some guys tonight."

"And you dance with some girls," Steven added.

"God I hope I don't have to dance with Ivory she creeps me out."

"At least it safer than Andrew," Steven muttered.

Well its me again…interested yet? I'm sure you are. Did you notice something different about Harmony Cove? I bet you did. If you didn't two words. *Male Pregnancy* I told you they were different.

And me you must still be wondering about me right? Well a magician never reveals all his tricks.

Tune In Next time … when the party begins and mayhem ensues.

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